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Published at 10th of October 2019 11:34:30 PM
Chapter 662
Chapter 662: Sent against his will (2 in 1)
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A frown continued to hang on Ma Dong’s face as he tossed and turned on his bed, unable to fall asleep with all those thoughts swimming in his head . Other than his parents, Wang Zhong was the most important person that he cared about in the whole wide world! From a certain perspective, even Milami was a lower priority . The more he thought about it, the more worried he felt . During this past few months, everything had been going too smoothly for him, to the point that it felt somewhat surreal . This overly smooth flow of events had caused his danger sense to become numb and obscured . However, upon being activated, it had sent an intense warning .

He stood up, before sitting down, standing up again and then sitting down again, repeating his restless actions until he finally climbed up and gave a call to Wang Zhong’s Skylink .

“Du, du, du… the user you’re calling cannot be reached…”

Looking at the time, he noticed that it was already 11 pm . As per military law, the various military districts would usually lock down all communication networks at night .

Ma Dong felt helpless .

Actually, what could he do even if he managed to contact Wang Zhong? Up till now, everything was based solely on his conjectures; therefore, he really hoped that nothing untoward would happen .

Within the luxurious city, Ma Dong wasn’t the only person who couldn’t fall asleep .

Within the tallest building of Stuart City stood Carolyn, surrounded by a 360-degree, unobstructed view provided by full-length glass panels, as she silently observed the brightly lit streets of the bustling city down below . As this happened, a sliver of emotion flashed ever so briefly across her eyes .

That brief moment she had experienced within that sweat-stained training room was just like being submerged in a hot spring, causing feelings of nostalgia to surface within her .

So it turned out that these feelings of nostalgia had always remained in her memories, becoming the most valuable and warm scene she had ever experienced .

That was why she had hoped that he wouldn’t come to the CHF . However, he had done exactly that . Furthermore, he wasn’t willing to remain mediocre, nor was he willing to be her friend . Therefore, he could only become her… enemy .

Placing the wineglass gently on the table, the sliver of nostalgia was rapidly replaced by indifference . Wang Zhong had offended way too many people; now, debts had to be settled . Nevertheless, even she had underestimated the determination of the Gui and Zhao Families, as they were willing to give up entirely on benefits, just for the sake of dealing with Wang Zhong . If he was willing to follow her, she and the Stuart Family would have been willing to use their strength to protect him . However, Wang Zhong had treated this matter too lightly, with his immediate rejection of her proposal .

This result had damaged Carolyn’s self-esteem; no one had ever rejected her before!

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The little bit of fame and reputation Wang Zhong had was utterly incapable of serving as a protective shield for him . Even Copperfield didn’t have the qualifications to serve that role for him! There was no one who was truly concerned about him, nor was there anyone who really cared about him .

He could kiss goodbye to any chance of entering the blessed lands in this life .

This was the road that Wang Zhong had chosen to walk down, so he would need to bear the outcome by himself .

Refilling her wine glass, she shook the red wine gently, filling the room with its fragrance .

It was time for this link to be severed, and a new journey to begin .

Although the reception by the armed forces wasn’t good, it wasn’t particularly bad . At the very least, it was clean and tidy .

Wang Zhong managed to get a pretty good rest . After taking a bath, he was planning to take a stroll around the army camp, as Lieutenant Will had mentioned that he might have to stay within the base for one or two days . However, before he could walk out, there was already someone knocking on the door .

Present were 2 army officials, both of them having the rank of Major . Unlike the logistics “elite” Lieutenant Will, these 2 radiated with powerful Heroic Soul Stage soldier auras, while exceedingly cold and callous expressions were present on their faces . Exuding an austere and desolate air similar to troops stationed at the frontlines, these 2 were fierce men who had definitely struggled among mountains of corpses and oceans of blood, further confirmed with the thick killing intent lingering around their bodies .

“Wang Zhong?” The army officer that had knocked on the door flashed his dimensional base station credentials before continuing . “Follow us . ”

Wang Zhong was stunned by the officer’s order . Although there was no issue with his identity, shouldn’t there be some military representative who would invite him for a discussion of some sort? Furthermore, even if he was following standard military protocol, this officer’s tone was too cold, right?

“Isn’t Mo Wen going along with me?”

“There will naturally be people going along with you . You won’t be alone . ” The army officer’s reply was as cold as ever . Clearly, he wasn’t a nice person to talk to, unlike Lieutenant Will who had escorted him yesterday . “You’re in a military camp . Stop asking questions and just follow orders! Don’t waste time!”

As he finished his words, he made a “please” gesture towards Wang Zhong, though his attitude remained rather harsh and impolite .

Although he felt as though something wasn’t quite right, Wang Zhong didn’t take much offence to the army officer’s rudeness . Perhaps, the latter was trying to emphasise the difference in rank; this was something that higher ranks in the military loved to do towards recruits . After all, he was no longer in the CHF anymore .

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Since the other party was representing the armed forces and had come over with an order, he had no reason to reject them . After all, he was in a military camp . Furthermore, if these 2 people had been sent to carry out some shady matters, Wang Zhong could take action at any time if he realised that they were heading in the wrong direction . Although they were radiating with pretty strong Heroic Soul auras, he did not fear them . If they were to create a mess in the army camp, others would definitely head over in response .

Wang Zhong did not respond, merely turning around and grabbing his bag .

There was a military vehicle with its windows down parked outside the guest rooms . After boarding the vehicle, it headed off in the rough direction Wang Zhong had come from yesterday, appearing to have no deviation from their intended destination . This continued until they reached the dimensional base station he had passed by yesterday . Clearly, this vehicle was a frequent visitor to this place, as the guards had let them in without any questions asked . The tightly shut metal doors opened up in accordance with the usual procedure .

As he got off the vehicle, the internal structure of the dimensional base station that was hidden behind the perimeter walls finally appeared before his eyes .

Present within a vast stretch of empty space was a structure that had 7 to 8 circular supporting struts, with each of their bases being made from titanium alloy that reflected a greyish glow to the surroundings . Furthermore, he could see countless faintly discernible runic engravings that sparkled on their surfaces .

As he looked closely, he could see a small circular platform at the summit of the structure that was approximately a few meters in diameter, that was able to fit quite a few people within it . This should be the transmission installation that could forcefully rip a hole through dimensions and create a passageway for humans to travel with their fleshly bodies to the Hyperdimension! This miraculous technological method would cause anyone who knew what kind of existence the Hyperdimension was to gasp in amazement .

At this moment, the circular podium was currently sparkling with a faint glow, with occasional flashes of light coming from the runic engravings present on the surface of the entire structure, seemingly in preparation for making another transmission .

The army officers brought Wang Zhong before the glowing structure . Standing behind him, they urged him to walk up the steps .

Pushing the outer doors of the circular base station open, he looked at the rather spacious circular area within . Present here was a small and narrow passageway that winded around, extending all the way to the top . Upon reaching the end, a small transmission platform appeared before his eyes .

At this moment, the transmission array spanning a few meters in diameter was currently in operation, with all of the runic engravings sparkling with brilliance, forming a silvery white pillar of light . Light flowed around on its surface, with snakes of lightning arcing and crackling about .

Looking within that silvery white transmission, he could faintly make out the figures of 4 people . One of them seemed to be trying to come out, extending its fingers to touch the glowing energy barrier surrounding the transmission array . However, upon contact, an intense electrical blast surged forth, knocking that figure’s fingers back .

Wang Zhong’s heart sank a bit .

This was followed up by a large figure in a white coat standing by the side of the control panel who waved towards Wang Zhong in an impatient manner . “What the hell! Why are you dilly-dallying around! There’s only you left!”

“This old lady’s innocent!”

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Before Wang Zhong could make any other response, the voice of a foul-mouthed woman rang out from the transmission . “There’s no law or justice here! Isn’t he just a broken aristocrat? And nothing happened to him! It was just a scare! Do you have to toss me to that place?”

“Shut up! Unruly behavior is forbidden in the transmission array!” The figure in the white coat shouted back in a cold voice .

“I don’t fucking care! Are you going to bite me? I want his motherfucking life, so why forbid me from shouting!” The woman appeared exceedingly plucky as she continued to curse and swear . “*** didn’t give me any money, so what’s the matter if I chopped him up! That wretched bastard deserved to be chopped up! And you guys want to banish me just because of that, is there any justice! So it’s alright in your eyes if this old lady’s the one being played?”

“Marvellous . What’s the point of talking to him?” An impeccably dressed middle-aged male spoke out in a deep voice: “Save your energy . You might even survive a few more days by doing so . ”

Appearing to have caused some kind of resonance, the voice of a little girl rang out among the sounds from the other 2, trembling as she said, “Uncle, I really haven’t killed anyone! Can you please release me? I’m willing to be your maid! I, I can do a lot of things!”

The soft and helpless voice rang out, causing the foul-mouth woman to shut up and look pitifully at her .

Unlike her, the figure in the white coat appeared entirely unmoved as he turned his head towards Wang Zhong . “Hand over your Skylink and go up there . Don’t waste our time . ”

Indeed, Wang Zhong had been set up . This was not the transmission for the blessed lands . It didn’t take a genius to figure that out by now .

The 7th Regiment… there wasn’t any issue with the identification of the 2 army officers . Furthermore, they were directly using the army’s dimensional base station . The higher-ups of the military were undeniably involved in this .

However, did they represent the entire 7th regiment, or just a certain faction? Or perhaps, this was the desire of the Parliament, or the various great aristocratic families?

“Where’s this transmission headed to?” Wang Zhong asked in an indifferent voice . A wave of Soul Power had already accumulated silently within his arms, while his Heart’s Eye was activated, encompassing all of his surroundings .

Right at the moment when his Heart’s Eye was activated, strange movements rang out from the ground beneath him, before concealed holes popped open from the surrounding walls . In the next instant, dozens of runic gun-barrels brimming with terrifying might were thrust out from within . At the same time, the 2 Heroic Soul Stage soldiers had made their moves, with their weapon tips gleaming with a chilling glint pressing right onto Wang Zhong’s back .

“You better behave yourself,” said the army officer coldly . “You’re a mere Casted Soul . Regardless of what you do, you will die over a thousand times before you can even move a single hair . ”

Wang Zhong remained silent, though the surveillance from his Heart’s Eye had confirmed that the other party wasn’t lying .

Without talking about the mortal danger he could feel from these chilling gun-barrels, even the 2 Heroic Soul Stage soldiers standing right behind him would definitely be able to kill him instantly before he could even unleash his strength!

After all, he was just a Casted Soul Stage . Despite how powerful his Dharma Idol was, without sufficient time and accumulation, he was incapable of instantly activating it .

These were the limits when condensing a Dharma Idol in the Casted Soul Stage . Although the peak of his combat strength might allow him to stand shoulder to shoulder with other super Heroic Soul Stage soldiers, there were many limits that he faced in other aspects .

The dagger pushed into his back . “This will be your training place . This is a direct order from the armed forces . What, are you scared? Do you think we should still treat you like some bigshot? Hurry up and hand over your Skylink! Don’t waste our time! After all, you won’t be able to use it over there . ”

Wang Zhong gawked upon hearing those words . Nevertheless, he decisively handed his Skylink over . “I’m just curious where this transmission is targeted . Could you tell me before sending me over?”

“Stop with your nonsense . You’ll naturally know when you reach there . ” Taking Wang Zhong’s Skylink, the army officer proceeded to give a fierce kick to his back, sending him reeling into the transmission array .

Despite it looking corporeal, Wang Zhong strangely did not feel anything at all when he was thrust into the transmission pillar, appearing as though it did not exist at all . However, upon completely entering it, a terrifying electrical current zapped his fingers as he made contact with the barrier from the inside, causing his entire body to turn numb .

“Yet another one that’s being trampled on . ” Completely devoid of pity, the foul-mouthed woman started talking once again . “Though it’s a pity for this tender little girl . ”

In the next instant, yet another arm-sized massive bolt of electricity came zapping over from the transmission array barrier, landing on Wang Zhong’s finger . Sparks instantly flew out, before a clump of charred skin appeared on his body, something that even divinized flames was unable to burn .

“Save your little bit of strength for when you get there . ” A bespectacled male standing within the transmission array reminded him . “The feeling of being transmitted isn’t too nice . ”

Hearing that, the guy in the white coat gave a hearty laugh while operating switches on the control panel . “Finally, a smart one . Have you gone to the Hyperdimension before?”

Since the bespectacled male did not reply, while the white lab coat figure did not care . Appearing to have completed the preparations for transmission, he nodded his head towards the 2 army officers that had escorted Wang Zhong . Subsequently, they threw some stuff into the transmission pillar .

These items were a few heavy and rather fully-packed backpacks . Furthermore, there seemed to be runic blades, swords, and shields of exquisite quality . There weren’t many, just sufficient for every person to have a single weapon .

“Perform well,” said the 2 in an emotionless voice . ” You might have the chance to start being a human again . ”

“Pui!” The foul-mouthed woman spat out, though her spittle was evaporated by the electrical currents flowing around the transmission array barrier, completely incapable of passing through it .

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