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Chapter 644: 644

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Circular Force --- Space Shatterer!

The white cylindrical aura received Wang Zhong's attack from above, causing a depression to appear . However, its sides started to inflate outwards like an exceedingly tough balloon . Although the gargantuan force continued to bear down upon it, it continued to expand in size . This spectacle seemed to come to a halt, as the pressure and the Circular Force aura entered a stalemate in their opposing forces .  

One side wanted to break through, using his power to break all defences! The other side wanted to bank on malleability to counter the incoming destructive force! 

The massive opposing forces continued to expand in all directions . Just the remnants of the force alone were already able to shake the entire stadium .

If Mo Wen had used any other move to defend against Wang Zhong's attack, he would have already been smashed apart by the continuing collision of opposing forces . Instead, his Circular Force was able to endure without giving any leeway .

The spectacle on the stage appeared to have frozen . However, invisible to the naked eye, the Circular Force aura was continuing to take in all of the force bearing down on it . As this happened, those forces started to get devoured, accumulated and turned into new power within the Circular Force Aura . In the beginning, it was a showdown between equally opposing forces . However, one side was now in decline, while the other was continuing to grow stronger .

All of a sudden, the white Circular Force air currents that were originally in a silent state started to tip the equilibrium of power, while a circular air current rippled upwards from the base .

The silent Circular Force aura immediately started to twist around, along with the air currents . As this happened, a force burst forth from the bottom like a rocket, rising up before exploding out from Mo Wen's palms .

During a collision between powers of this magnitude, when one side was suppressed, it would almost always result in a destructive impact .

Wang Zhong's downwards rush was instantly dispelled . As this happened, the squashed Circular Force aura rebounded forcefully, sending all of its power into the revolution of the rising air current, shooting Wang Zhong right back into the air .

Utterly no one, whether it was the audience in the stadium or the high-speed cameras, was able to see where Wang Zhong was shot out towards! They were only able to see the defensive barrier, which had already suffered multiple impacts, flash once again, followed by a fierce tremor rippling through the entire stadium .


The defensive barrier blossomed with a blinding light, before turning incomparably dim . This lasted for a second before its depleted energy was refilled . This was why the Federation did not host public competitions for Heroic Soul Stage soldiers, as their energy barrier technology wasn't powerful enough to handle the power shockwaves from any Heroic Soul Stage freaks who were at the peak . However, the Federation would never have expected their defensive barrier to have been shattered in the Casted Soul Stage match .  

Wang Zhong bent his knees slightly . Mo Wen had launched him 30 meters into the air! Even though he did not use any power, the force of his landing was akin to a cannonball smashing into the ground .

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The pitiful stage suffered a beating once again . Just like soft tofu, it split into multiple parts, as all of the accumulated power within Wang Zhong was dispersed across the ground . Standing up, he stretched his body, before a sliver of a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, "Warm up complete" .

Seeing this, a similar smile appeared at the corner of Mo Wen's mouth . Clearly, the earlier attacks they had landed on each other were just a sizing-up test . After completing the tests, it was time to pull out all stops . After doing all that just to determine each other's strengths, everyone could now see that both of them were satisfied with their findings .

However, this had left the dozen "Heaven-gifted sons and daughters" feeling exceedingly helpless . These 2 really . . . weren't giving them any face at all! They weren't acting, yet their actions were more than sufficient to shove people into despair!

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The counterattack made using the force accumulated from Wang Zhong's unbelievably strong attack was more than enough to shatter the defensive barrier meant for peak Heroic Soul Stage soldiers, yet that fellow was not injured at all?

Was there any law of the land? Was there any humanity left? Was there any justice?

Everyone could see the faint smile that displayed Wang Zhong's true feelings, as well as the desire to continue fighting appearing on Mo Wen's face, despite usually being stingy with his words . All of these continued to pound at the self-esteem and confidence of every expert present in the participant viewing gallery .

That's right! They had lost! Nevertheless, they didn't lose by too much .

Their unintended pretentiousness was the most eye-catching of all!

The organising committee hastily activated a 2nd rank defensive barrier . As the new runic array barrier enveloped the stage, everyone could see from the light flowing within the seemingly corporeal runes that this barrier was much tougher than the earlier one, causing the audience beside the stage to feel a tad bit safer . If not, they really wouldn't dare to stand right beside the stage . If no new defensive barrier had been erected, they wouldn't even be able to realise how they died if any of the remnant shockwaves from the stage were to ripple their way .

Unlike the other top experts, Gui Hao was not present in this stadium, as he was unable to meet the peculiar expressions others would have thrown his way . Nevertheless, he was watching the duel alone via Skylink . Despite being in a spacious presidential suite, he wasn't feeling well at all, especially after seeing the performances those 2 bastards were giving on stage . At this moment, a malevolent expression covered his face, as he really wanted murder them! Once they were dead, he would definitely have a chance to regain his former glory!

Compared to Gui Hao's rage and hatred, Sharmie and Laura were incomparably excited from the development on stage . Unlike others, these 2 girls didn't have such an intense competitive spirit . This was especially so for Laura, who appeared to have completely immersed herself into the duel . Indeed, he truly was worthy of being the man she had fallen in love with! 

Seeing Laura's expression, Sharmie could not continue watching on anymore . "Oi! Lovestruck idiot . Oi, oi! Calm down! He hasn't won yet!"

"Tsk, you're the lovestruck idiot! I'm just analyzing the combat situation!"

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"Show off . Come on, continue showing off! However, those 2 fellows are really making everyone else despair, especially Wang Zhong . In the beginning, he absolutely wasn't this strong . However, his growth has skyrocketed during the past few months . Did you notice that the transformation that he has achieved within just a few short days, appears just like someone who has consumed some kind of miracle drug? That's simply too frightening! Your Potter Family must be really pulling all the stops to support him!"

"You're going off course . " replied Laura . Of course, she knew what Sharmie was implying . However, Wang Zhong wasn't a person who would be bound by fetters . He would do everything by his own free will, and that was the Wang Zhong that Laura had fallen in love with .

The only ones who were able to maintain their calm was the group of people from the Mo Family . At this moment, they were still chatting away merrily, appearing absolutely carefree . Even if Mo Ling were to lose, it would be completely unable to affect their mood . This wasn't the case for just a few individuals; every single member of the Mo Family was like that!

They were strong not because of their combat strength, but because of their mental fortitude and self-confidence .

An eyebrow was raised on Mo Wen's robot-like face, seemingly in reply to Wang Zhong's "challenge" . At the same time, he bent his knees to make a horse stance . Patting his hands together, the countless air current remnants surrounding him came together, reforming into a gentle air spiral that enveloped him .

As this happened, he pressed his palms down slowly, causing the spiraling air currents to come to a stop, sending the rock chips and dust carried within the air currents to fall to the ground . As they landed, they formed a perfect circle approximately 2 meters around Mo Wen .

Mo School --- Circular Force!

From the beginning to the end, the cycle returns to the start, with the end being the beginning . Receiving an attack equated to unleashing an attack, with no one being able to break this cycle! This was the combat technique renowned as the king of all combat techniques!

However, it was a pity that Mo Ling was still unable to fully comprehend the mysteries behind this combat technique . If not, a Circular Force-imbued Mo Ling would serve as the insurmountable shield of the Heaven's Fate squadron! Even Grai with his Blood Race bloodline would be unable to defeat him . Naturally, this wasn't the case .

Although the spectacle around Mo Wen seemed to have quietened down, even a blind man would be able to sense the amount of power that he had accumulated within his body . Placing his right hand behind his back, he stretched his left palm out, before taunting Wang Zhong by waving his fingers .

Was this a taunt? Even Mo Wen would taunt his opponent?

After all, that was All Mouthy King! Only All Mouthy King was capable of causing Mo Wen to do something that betrayed his normal state . Countless people proceeded to look towards Wang Zhong . At this moment, someone as strong as All Mouthy King would definitely take up this challenge!

Upon seeing Mo Wen's actions, Wang Zhong pursed his lips . Deep down, Mo Wen was still rather proud of himself . The Circular Force he was displayed was a top-notch combat technique in defending and counter-attacking . Simply speaking, it wasn't a combat technique that could be broken with brute strength . Mo Wen was basically luring him into a trap . Only real idiots would assume that Mo Wen was an honest and straightforward soldier, as it was utterly impossible for those people to reach the height Mo Wen had reached . This person definitely was extremely smart .

Waving his hands, the silvery Soul Power around Wang Zhong immediately formed a spiraling air current that seemed similar to the one Mo Wen had displayed! In the next moment, Wang Zhong pressed his palms downwards . . .


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The rock chips and dust landed on the ground, forming another perfect circle, this time around Wang Zhong .

This? Was that Circular Force?

The entire stadium turned silent once again . That was utterly impossible! Even within the Mo Family, only a handful of members within each generation were able to master the Circular Force! Yet, Wang Zhong was actually able to display it?

Although the Mo Family's Circular Force was well known under the heavens, with many being able to mimic its outward appearance, no one outside of the Mo Family was able to copy the essence of this move . Furthermore, this combat technique was only taught within the Mo Family and never transmitted outside of the family . Yet, even the martial arts talent Mo Ling was still unable to pick it up . How was Wang Zhong able to display it? That was merely a circle, and not the genuine Circular Force!

As for those actions as well as forming that spiraling air current, the greater half of the people present within the participant viewing gallery were capable of accomplishing that feat .

Perhaps, he was just doing so just to piss Mo Wen off?

However, upon seeing Wang Zhong's display, Mo Wen's actions came to a halt . Only he knew that his opponent was using the genuine Circular Force! This was Wang Zhong's reply, showing his own self-confidence and pride!

In a fight, it was a gamble to take action first . Just now, with his Circular Force, Mo Wen had gained the advantage . In that moment, Wang Zhong was unable to break his technique, resulting in Mo Wen continuing with his offense . Now, after displaying the Circular Force, Wang Zhong had shown his hand . Now, it was time for Mo Wen to take action . This wasn't just some messy brawl happening in the alley! This was the understanding and seal of approval that top-notch experts would tacitly set up during a showdown between one another .

Now, Mo Wen really wanted to find out whether Wang Zhong had genuinely comprehended the mysteries behind the Circular Force!

Turning his extended left palm into a fist, Mo Wen expanded the aura radiating from him . In the next instant, the Circular Force stored within his body appeared to gush into his fist, while he made a tap with his foot .


The distance the 2 stood from each other appeared to be non-existent; with a flash, Mo Wen had already appeared before Wang Zhong . With any fanciness, his pent up fist intent blasted out . Long prepared for it, Wang Zhong waved his hands in a circular manner . Unlike the pure softness in the actions Mo Wen had displayed earlier, Wang Zhong moved his left hand rapidly while slowly moving his right hand . With his left hand being the driving force and his right being the soft one, 2 different, yet complementary forces proceeded to form . As they chased after each other, they formed a spiral, before forming a cylindrical pillar than enveloped a space of 3 meters .

Immediately, Mo Wen felt as though his fist had entered into a massive pool of mud . This mud was dense, heavy, incredibly sticky and possessed an extremely powerful suction force, making it difficult for him to pull his fist free . At the same time, the back of a palm had already swung out . Following the air currents, it easily slapped Mo Wen's fist off its intended path .

This was just like deja vu . However, this time, the attacker and defender were switched .

It was Circular Force; yet it also wasn't Circular Force!

At the instant of contact, Mo Wen was already able to tell the difference . Inconceivable! Nevertheless, he was delightfully surprised by Wang Zhong's slap . Indeed, Wang Zhong's move possessed the essence of Circular Force, though it was not utilised in the same way . It appeared as though there was something else mixed into it . This feeling of delight was simply too incredible! When people reached the realm Mo Wen was in, the thing they were most frightened of was loneliness!

This feeling would get stronger they became stronger!

Unlike the slow counter-attack that Mo Wen had used for his defence, Wang Zhong's counter-attack was fast and rapid . After unleashing that backhanded slap, with Mo Wen being tied down by his soft push, Wang Zhong's heavy fist had already rumbled over .


Mo Wen's palm came slapping over . Both of their punches were knocked off course by the other, before both of them switched to their left hands to defence and right hand for offence . Their strength was on the same level . In fact, even their level of awareness was very close to the other's .

Completely identical thought processes and decision-making . After changing offence and defence from one hand to the other, the 2 clashed once again .

Bang Bang~~

Their attacks were knocked off course by each other once again, with their fist intent being absorbed by the cylindrical air currents that surrounded the other person . The air currents increased in size with each absorbed attack .  

Bang bang bang . . .

The expanded cylindrical pillars collided into each other . One spun clockwise, while the other spun counter-clockwise . The sound of the winds and forces colliding rang out, as both Circular Forces lunged at each other, both unable to suppress the other .

Fluttering sounds rang out, like paper flapping in the wind, as the berserk air currents from both cylindrical pillars spread out, spiraling about as they continued in a deadlock against one another . This was an unprecedented confrontation between the most powerful combat techniques in the Casted Soul Stage! Mo Wen's attack was being pushed away by Wang Zhong's "Circular Force" . Gaining the upper hand, Wang Zhong immediately counter attacked . However, upon unleashing his attack, he was knocked back by Mo Wen's Circular Force . This wasn't just some simple to-and-fro exchange; the power that was exchanged was simply outrageous! There was a first-ever exchange between 2 users of Circular Force! Every single attack was accumulated by the other combatant and unleashed as a counterattack, while the terrifying Soul Power visibly radiating from the two of them started to get completely encased by the Circular Force surrounding their bodies, completely unable to expand outwards at all! 

Everyone felt as though they were watching a massive ticking time-bomb . Once it reached its limit, the 2 on stage would definitely end up in a miserable situation!

The high degree of attacks and the continuous output of Soul Power caused the 2 cylindrical pillars of air currents to grow until they were 7-8 meters wide, while the ground continued to crack and shatter apart . The expressions of the 2 grew increasingly solemn, though both sides weren't able to do anything about the other . With their similar levels of Soul Power and comprehension towards combat techniques, the 2 were truly in a deadlock . The continuously rising Soul Power was being pressed equally from both sides, while both sides continued to accumulate power . Just a sliver of an advantage would be sufficient to break the equilibrium, and send all of the force rumbling to the disadvantaged party .

Hum Hum Hum Hum~~

The collisions between the 2 spiralling air currents continued to grow louder and louder, and so did the humming . Their speeds grew faster and faster, and gradually, people were no longer able to see the 2 figures present within the massive air columns . Instead, what they saw were 2 massive tornados brewing on the stage, growing more and more berserk by the second! Appearing to break through space and time, Soul Power lightning started to form in the tornadoes, a sign of impending collapse .

Despite being unable to see the 2 within the tornadoes, everyone had already held their breath, as they could feel that the situation had already reached its breaking point .

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