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Chapter 637: 637

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No one knew who the first person was, who shouted out with a loud voice . "De, demon! A demon of the Blood Race! Burn him to death! Burn him to death!"

"Alien! Freak! Terrifying freak! Burn him to death!"

A few people proceeded to hop onto the bandwagon . Nevertheless, those voices sounded exceedingly solitary . Clearly, although Grai possessed the bloodline of the Blood Race, he did not exhibit any of the uncontrollable murderous tendencies that Blood Race members would present . In fact, there wasn't even too great of a change to his appearance! Due to the world heading into the glorious era, with mankind continuing to chase after power, they had also researched into bloodlines . In blunt terms, they had even done research into those "taboo" bloodlines, with experiments that would never see the light of day . However, the cries of "terrifying freak" in the stadium had reminded everyone, that compared to the other even more disgusting transformations that had appeared in this CHF, Grai had basically . . . evolved! 

There was no change to Grai's expressions despite the insults that were being tossed at him . Being a genuine member of the Blood Race, no one else would know more about the history of the Federation's eradication of aliens than him . Therefore, he had already expected such responses to be shown by people .

However, in the next instant, changes appeared .

"Burn your ass! What demon? Have you ever seen such a handsome demon before?"

A high octave screech from a woman rang out, before being closely followed by countless of similar responses .

"What kind of century is this to talk about aliens?"

"Fuck! How can he be considered an alien? What about those that have used their bloodline strength?"

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"That's right! That person from the Bella Dean Family had turned into a werewolf that scared the hell out of me! Take a look at Grai! Other than his red eyes, he looks no different from us!"

"Oh Blood Race prince! Oh my god! You're too cool!"

"My Grai! Even though you're a demon, I'll be eternally in love with you! I'll help you give birth to a cute mix-blooded baby!"

The sudden influx of voices quickly broke apart the silence within the stadium . Females dominated nearly 60 to 70% of the voices, with many of the male Tianjing fans shouting loudly to rectify the stance on the Blood Race .  

While the stadium had clearly sunk into chaos, the eyes of the bigshots in the VIP podium displayed their calm emotions . On the contrary, a few of the referees started to feel some doubts surfacing in their minds, with Zhou Mu looking over to Long Mei'er with a frown, his eyes asking her if this duel had to be stopped .

Long Mei'er did not give an immediate response . Instead, she continued to stare at Grai . Frankly speaking, the Federation's prosecution of the alien races was just part of their early policies, as the Federation then was too weak . Without inner stability maintained by heavy-handed policies, they would have already been overrun by the mutated beasts! Now, with the Federation growing increasingly formidable as the days went by, they were no longer deficient in the control they had over the inner sanctum like in the early days . Furthermore, the various great families were mutually keeping each other in check, while bloodline strength continued to gain prominence . Now, there wasn't anything needed to be said about completely stable bloodlines like Divian's Dragon Clan bloodline . In fact, no one from the Federation had stepped out to punish Bella Dean and his completely unstable Werewolf bloodline! From the looks of it, they were handling this matter with one eye closed .

Frankly speaking, the only thing Grai lacked was any support in the back . However, with this being the finals of the CHF, Long Mei'er quickly came to a decision . Regardless of anything, the match would continue!

Long Mei'er's verdict immediately garnered the cheers and support from the Tianjing and Grai fans . How would they be able to accept the classification of Grai as a freak? From appearance to character, people like Gui Hao were the real freaks in their eyes! Could it be that because Gui Hao was a member of an aristocratic family, and Grai was a commoner, the latter had to be deemed as a freak?

One had to know that there were countless people tuning in to the match through Skylink . Therefore, Grai couldn't be killed off with some ambiguous reason . Furthermore, the current Grai wasn't an ordinary student that could be trampled on!

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There wasn't any flow of Soul Power, nor was there any eruption of any special abilities . However, when Grai focused his eyes back onto the fight, a power that would cause one's knees to grow weak had already encapsulated the entire stage in an instant! This was a pressure originating for a higher-level life form, an evolution to the next level!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Mo Ling clenched his right fist tightly . At this moment, his palms were already drenched with sweat . This wasn't caused by terror, but by excitement!

Perhaps due to Mo Wen's influence, or perhaps he was just like that, Mo Ling's desire for combat would suppress all of his other thoughts when encountering powerful experts where an outcome was hard to determine .

Hu . . .

Exhaling deeply he pulled his right leg back with a slight bend, widening his stance . As the Soul Power of his 4 Beasts Fusion Body converged together, the set of scaled tortoiseshell around him immediately retracted, before being replaced by an even more berserk and unstoppable power and aura .

Since he was up against a member of the Blood Race, there was no further use for him to continue putting up a defensive stance . Just the mysterious blood fog that Grai had unleashed earlier was already sufficient to corrode through all of his defences .

Mo Ling would not show off when it was time to defend . However, when the time cames for him to attack, he would definitely not show any mercy .

. . . Ah .

The smile on Grai's faced retracted slightly, before, hum hum hum hum!

A bloody glow instantly blossomed from underneath his feet . Rushing up from the ground, it appeared just a red spiralling current of air, while Grai's casually fluttering silver hair instantly proceeded to straighten out .

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The blood-red eyes suddenly narrowed .


Without any pre-emptive sign, Grai's figure had already transformed into a ray of bloody light that shot forward with a speed akin to a comet!

Mo Ling's eyes contracted fiercely upon seeing this .

Too quick! At the instant his opponent had started to move, he was already able to sense how abnormally quick Grai was moving! It was so quick that he was utterly unable to finish executing any complicated combat techniques!

However, so what if that was the case? A complicated combat technique didn't mean that it would be a better combat technique . The key points of the Mo School were fundamentals, intent, as well as the desire for combat .


Mo Ling gave a ferocious roar as a vigorous blast of aura blossomed from his eyes . While the ancient beastial aura from his 4 Beasts Fusion Body exploded outwards without restraint, his entire figure shot forwards with a ferocious blast . In the next instant, 2 streaking comets hurtling towards each other appeared on the stage, taking only a blink of an eye before colliding into each other!


A massive bang that shook the heavens and earth exploded out, as the frightening shockwaves formed by the collision of 2 massive forces expanded out rapidly in all directions . Smashing into the defensive barrier like a wave of air, it shook the entire barrier till it turned slightly dimmer!

A series of tremors shook the entire stadium just like how an earthquake would, causing countless glass panels to shatter!

The 2 figures were sent barrelling backwards at the same time in opposite directions .

"Their power is about the same . " Gui Xinying said as her eyes lit up .

"No . " Carolyn's sight was more acute . "Mo Ling had retreated 2 steps further!"

Thump thump thump . . .

Mo Ling backpedalled fiercely upon landing, with deep grooves carved into the ground by his feet . The rebounding force was truly too powerful! The power was so unimaginably high that he was utterly incapable of using his feet to stop himself from retreating . At this moment, Grai had already managed to stop his retreat . A bloody glow flashed out, as Grai exploded forwards in another attack .

The unique ability of the Blood Race was to control blood . If their blood was to surge and flare up, their combat strength would grow stronger . In fact, the eruption of strength in humans was related to the qi and blood present in their bodies . The eruption of strength from willpower was, at a whole, weaker than the increase granted by a surge of one's qi and blood . This was why the Blood Race was so frightening . Grai was able to directly exert control over his own blood and qi! The reason why the Federation had unleashed such cruel prosecution in the past stemmed from their terror of the Blood Race .

The Blood Race bloodline was considered to be top-class among the various kinds of bloodline strengths .

At this moment, Grai was clearly in the zone, causing his speed to increase noticeably, while increasing the pressure created by his attacks . In fact, despite being separated by quite a distance, it was already capable of forcing Mo Ling to the brink of suffocation!

When rivals met on a narrow path, the braver one would win! At this moment, retreating another half a step would equate to death!

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