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Chapter 634: 634

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With a slight wave, the Cloud Smashing Spear pierced through the air, Soul Power gushing from it .

Humm humm humm humm . . .

As a sharp cry rang out from the spear tip, Grai's figure flashed, before he took action!

Shooting out like a bolt of lightning flashing across the stage!

Right across Grai, a surge of Soul Power blasted out from Mo Ling's body the same moment Grai took action . The aura that he had been accumulating within his body blasted out, surging from the quiet depths of the majestic mountain, instantly erupting to its highest point .

Without a shred of indication, the first beastial spirit appeared behind his back . This was closely followed by the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th!

Bear! Leopard! Eagle! Tortoise!

It only took an instant for the Soul Beasts to appeared, before they rushed crazily into Mo Ling's body .

ROAR . . .

An aura akin to that of a gigantic beast from the great antiquity seeped out from Mo Ling . In an instant, the Soul Power surging out of him doubled in might, and so did the size of his body .

4 Beasts Fusion Body!

The ultimate move he had used to deal with Divian was unexpectedly unleashed at the start of this duel! This left many people watching with dumbfounded shock . The memories of the duel between Mo Ling and Divian was still fresh in many people's minds . The might of Mo Ling's 4 Beasts Fusion Body was clear for all to see . Even Divian, with her famed Dragon Bloodline, was still unable to deal with it! Was Mo Ling planning to end this duel in a quick and decisive manner, seeing that he had gone all out at the very beginning? Or, did he treat Grai with greater regard than Divian?


Without any delay, Mo Ling tapped his feet the instant he transformed, while using one foot to kick up the 9 rings monk's staff that was embedded into the ground .


A cannonball-like rush was unleashed, while the 9 rings monk staff shot out, heading right towards the tip of Grai's spear! A massive force surged through; BANG!

The spear tip and staff collided into each other, creating an intense impact!

The force of the spear was instantly dispelled, while the terrifying power unleashed by the staff caused Grai to retreat 7 to 8 steps back . As this happened, the 9 rings monk staff flew backwards, landing right in Mo Ling's hands .


With a twist of his wrists, the rebounding force from the staff was instantly dispelled . As the power was transmitted through, the holder for the 9 rings started to shake crazily, sending out rattling sounds as it did so .

Ding ding ding ding ding!

Although the rattling wasn't loud, it appeared to possess some kind of tempo . Faintly, people could even discern that there was some kind of rhythm to the rattling, shaking people's heads and confusing their minds . In fact, quite a few of the audience nearest to the stage had started involuntarily tap along with the tempo of the rattling .

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Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump… .

4 Beasts Fusion Body, Chanting Demonic Music! The laymen in the audience started to involuntarily tap to the rhythm, silently increasing the might of this rhythmic cadence!

Despite all that was going on around him, there was no change to Grai's expressions . To him, this ongoing rhythm was just a disturbance . Although it might be effective against people with weaker willpower, it was merely a background noise to him .

However, he could still feel the danger radiating from his opponent .

It took only a split second after Mo Ling caught his 9 rings monk staff to reach his optimal fighting power . The ancient beastial aura surging out from his body gushed out so fast it appeared to be out of control! This truly was a sign of him going all out against Grai!

A flash of brilliance blossomed in Mo Ling's eyes .


As a frightening aura rippled out, Mo Ling stamped his feet and shot forwards . In the next second, he arrived right before Grai, who was still in the process of retreating!

Raising the 9 rings monk staff high into the air, he smashed it downwards . The resulting pressure caused ripples of power visible to the naked eye to expand outwards, showing a level of might akin to that of a mountain collapsing down on Grai!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Having yet to regain his stability, Grai forcefully twisted his body, landing a hard tap with the tip of his foot . With a half-rotation, the rebounding force of the earlier collision was instantly reduced by half . At the same time, Soul Power blasted out from him as he raised the Cloud Smashing Spear to erect a defence .


The staff and spear collided once again, sending a ripple of power expanding out in all directions .

A frightening power surged out from the staff, causing the exquisitely forged Cloud Smashing Spear to bend 90 degrees backwards in an instant after the collision! 

It only took half a second for the 9 rings monk staff to possess a suppressive level of strength!


What a powerful strike!

A ripple of power exploded out, while Grai was sent retreating back once again by the massive rebounding force .

However, like a shadow, Mo Ling proceeded to chase after Grai, moving at a speed even faster than the speed Grai was retreating at!

The 2nd smash!


In an instant, the incomparable massive mountain appeared to have transformed into a dragon king from the ancient antiquity, or a Tao Tie that wanted to consume everything in its path!

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Even faster than before! Even stronger than before!

The air was smashed apart by the staff! At the instant when it smashed down, everything 2-3 metres around Grai was immediately smashed down by the air descending upon it!


It was utterly impossible to easily defend against absolute power!

Grai was sent flying once again! This was closely followed by the third smash!

Mo Ling continued his chase! At this moment, his eyes had already turned scarlet red!

Having entered an all-out offensive stance, Mo Ling's eruption of might was truly too powerful! Regardless of power or speed, Mo Ling, with his 4 Beasts Fusion Body, had clearly obtained the absolute superiority!

In a showdown between experts, there was a possibility of it dragging on for ages, or it could be decided within a few seconds .

This explosion from the starting line had allowed Mo Ling to completely suppress his opponent! If Grai wasn't able to turn the momentum around, there was a possibility of him being crushed by just a single set of attacks!

Nevertheless, despite this, not a shred of terror was present in Grai's eyes . On the contrary, his emotions seemed to be stimulated, as his eyes glistened with anticipation .

Although his eruption of power wasn't as quick as Mo Ling's 4 Beasts Fusion Body, a sliver of aura had already been condensed since the first smash his opponent had unleashed! Now, he was still accumulating his power!

Once again, Grai raised his Cloud Smashing Spear . However, this time, it drew an illusionary arc in the air, appearing as though a myriad of spear shades had been unleashed into the air! 

Hundred-Fold Spears!

Being just a method to use one's strength, Grai had already gained mastery over the essence of this combat technique . Compared to the Hundred-Fold Palms, using this combat technique with a weapon, especially an overbearing one like a spear, would clearly cause its might to become even more tyrannical!


The muffled bang of the 3rd weapon collision rang out, shaking through the entire world! The bang was so loud that many among the audience could not help but to cover their ears in pain .

Both sides were not about to give even an inch!

Countless snake-like sparks shot out in all directions as the 2 weapons in contact twisted and wriggled about, with both sides unleashing equal amounts of power! 

In the next instant, a massive rebounding force surged through both weapons, sending their wielders retreating backwards .

However, even though both of them experienced the same rebounding force and speed, the tip of Grai's spear flicked back slightly in the air, before the massive rebounding force was rerouted into momentum . Once again, spear shades drew long streaking tails in the air as the spear tip suddenly drew an arc before stabbing out from underneath Grai's arm .


Knowing that he wouldn't be able to change his move in time, Mo Ling instantly turned his back around . As this happened, a greenish phantom of a tortoiseshell had already condensed on his back .

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The Cloud Smashing Spear smashed heavily on the tortoiseshell, causing it to tremble, while light rippled across its surface .

However, this was closely followed up by 2 loud bangs . Relying on the incoming force on his back, Mo Ling stamped his feet fiercely into the ground .

2 large holes were instantly created by the massive force of his stamps . The 4 Beasts Fusion Body allowed Mo Ling to completely ignore the rebounding force from the stomps, reducing it to a mere slight bending of his knees! In the next instant, his entire body had already launched forwards, with the 9 rings monk staff leading with a sneak attack .

The Cloud Smashing Spear collided once again with the 9 rings monk staff, while the eyes of their wielders surged with fighting intent .


A long spear swept out across the stage, creating afterimages as it streaked through the air . The sounds of weapons colliding against one another rang out successively, as sonic ripples of power visible to the naked eye expanded out continuously between the 2 fighters .

Of the 2, Mo Ling possessed more strength, and was also faster in speed . Without talking about the other unique traits of his 4 Beasts Fusion Body, just the amplification of his physical traits was more than sufficient to rival that of tyrannical bloodlines!

Grai, on the other hand, was unleashing more marvellous moves and combat techniques . The essence of his Hundred-Fold Palms fused together with his spear arts was able to make up for the strength deficit he had compared to Mo Ling . Even more frightening was the astonishing fundamentals of his spear arts!

Other than the fusion of the Hundred-Fold Palms' essence, he had only unleashed the most basic of spear moves: the raise, tap and stab . Despite that, he was able to make them appear as though they were divine techniques, causing them to feel like they had returned to being one with the spear! Every single move of his spear would always strike the weakest areas of Mo Ling's defences without fail . Despite his superiority in speed, Mo Ling was unable to display it to its full effect, increasing the difficulty in unleashing counter attacks . Unexpectedly, he was being forced into passivity in all aspects! Of every 10 moves exchanged, at least 7 of them were used in a completely defensive manner! 

Divian was unable to take her eyes off the stage, while her forehead grew increasingly furrowed . Being an expert in the spear, she was able to identify that, in the area of spear arts, Grai had achieved the level of "lifting something heavy as though it was light"! This showed that he was definitely at the same level as a grandmaster in spear arts . In fact, she could feel that he was even stronger in spear arts than the sword and dagger arts he had displayed in the earlier stages of this CHF . There was absolutely no exaggeration of this point! Only Divian, who had crossed hands with Mo Ling, could tell exactly how strong his fundamentals were . However, even after unleashing his 4 Beasts Fusion Body, he was unexpectedly being suppressed by Grai purely through his spear arts . Grai's mastery of the spear was truly too astonishing!


As these thoughts filled Divian's mind . . .

The spear and staff smashed against each other, creating a loud bang once again, before the 2 figures in the air separated from one another .

Pa! Pa! Both of them landed simultaneously on the ground .


Grai stabbed his Cloud Smashing Spear fiercely into the ground while blasting his Soul Power with full force, causing an invisible wave of air to expand furiously from his body . Boundless Soul Power surged out from his body, appearing just like waves of air, sending his clothes rippling from the winds formed . His originally tied up hair started to flutter about . At this instance, he appeared to be rooted into the ground, with his hair blotting the skies as they fluttered about, projecting an image of might and prestige for all to see!

Not only was Soul Power blasting out from him, a more frightening feeling, akin to a blade being unsheathed, started to explode from his body! At this moment, Grai's gaze was astonishingly sharp, while his eyes were filled with fighting intent! This made people feel as though they were standing in a battlefield filled with thousands of troops and horses rushing at each other, with the smell of gunpowder and the sounds of weapons clashing filling all of their senses!

Mo Ling felt a shiver upon seeing this . Although the Soul Power unleashed by his opponent was at the peak of the Casted Soul Stage, something common for the experts in this CHF, the frightening fighting intent radiating from Grai was completely unlike the anger that those naive and weak Federation students would display . Instead, it was filled with the decisiveness only found in those ready for a life or death fight, causing an imposing fear to appear in their opponent's hearts . Mo Ling had seen such a gaze before! This gaze was only found on people who had experienced living on the edge of death! Even so, he had never seen it in the Mo Family members, nor did he see it among those hailing from the northern regions, despite the cruel trainings both parties would experience .

Without experiencing the baptism of cruel and vicious battles, without experiencing the tempering one would endure at the edge of death, no one would ever possess that kind of fighting spirit!

With his young age, just what kind of a person was Grai?

However, being in a fight, his opponent would never give him a chance to regain his senses .

At the instant his surging intent blasted out, Grai sent out a kick, with boundless Soul Power gushing of his leg sending the Cloud Smashing Spear piercing out .


With a fierce stamp, the ground shattered as Grai exploded forwards . Extending his hands to grab onto the end of the flying spear, the momentum from his rush caused the spear to accelerate . At this moment, man and spear instantly melded into one, with no one being able to distinguish the two!

At this instant, it appeared as though a god of war had took possession of Grai's body! No longer did he appeared lively and spirited, and no longer did he just display his speed and power . Now, he radiated an invincible aura, one capable of sweeping away all obstacles in his part, and causing even the heavens to want to find a hole to hide in!

Grai wanted to win this duel! This was the first time he had felt such intense thirst for victory! He wanted to win!

The cycle of life and death --- Blazing Hundred Strike!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Frightening sounds of air being smashed and pierced through rang out with such a ear-piercing volume that people covered their ears in pain! At this moment, Grai and his Cloud Smashing Spear appeared of have disappeared from view, leaving only streaks of silver light shooting towards Mo Ling like raindrops in a rain .

A genuine laser-like barrage of attacks, filled with a slaughtering fighting spirit that hid the skies and covered the earth, wishing to destroy everything in its path!

Nevertheless, their target was Mo Ling from the Mo Family . If any other person was in his shoes, they would have already been scared shitless by the incoming barrage of attacks . He was not frightened by the cruel atmosphere and overbearing attacks heading his way, as he had seen such fighting intent and spirit before . Although he was shocked and amazed by Grai's display, he did not fluster or panic . In fact, he did not even feel that it was something that had exceeded his expectations! 

This was the CHF finals! The Mo Family had long suspected that Grai might very well be hiding his true strength, resulting in them arranging Mo Ling to deal with him, while having thought of all plausible scenarios that might happen . After all, Tianjing had broken all convention to reach the climax of this CHF! Using the most greatest estimation of their strength, the Mo Family had predicted that Grai very likely still possessed some trump cards up his sleeve . That was because he seemed to have never reached the limits of his desire for combat throughout this entire CHF . This was something incomparably different from his other squadron members . Although they did not know why, this meant that Grai possessed to potential rise to a higher level .

Mo Ling really appreciated that Grai was such a genuine soldier, as this was much more important than dignity . However, the Mo Family always had a foolproof plan!

Faced against a genuine soldier like Grai, the best response was not to launch an attack, but to defend, endure, remain calm and never underestimate him . The reason behind the Mo Family's might was due to their overwhelming knowledge . They would know everything that everyone knew, and then even more after that! Regardless of what Grai did, it would not be beyond Mo Ling's expectations .

Hum hum hum hum hum . . . .

The golden hoop holding the 9 rings rang, its unique rhythm and cadence slightly reducing the force from Grai's barrage of attacks . Although it wasn't completely effective, Mo Ling's will remained as solid as granite, and was absolutely unhindered .

Golden light blossomed in the next instant, as his 4 Beast Fusion Body turned into a completely defensive stance .

Bang bang bang bang . . .

With the Cloud Smashing Spear fusing with Grai, united as one, Grai's spear thrusts had reached more than a level higher than the basic spear moves he had unleashed earlier . The successive attacks launched by him flooded the air like mercury flowing through the skies . However, the greatest difference was the determination and will he exuded . Although Grai appeared elegant and graceful while fighting in the earlier matches, he was lacking the thirst for victory . Now, everyone one could see what Grai was feeling deep down in his heart! He really wanted to clinch victory in this duel!

Earth-shattering roars and shouts rang out from all of the supporters in the stadium . This duel was just way too important! Not only was it important for Grai, it was also important for Tianjing . After all, everything would be lost if the championship slips out of their hands! All of the Tianjing Academy students clenched their fists tightly, their eyes so wide open that they appeared just like globes, as they focused all of their attention on Grai . At this moment, all of them were feeling proud for being a member of Tianjing!

Go go, Grai!

As if he had felt the fervent support coming from all around him, Grai continued to unleash attack after attack, while Mo Ling continued to wave his 9 rings monk staff in desperation against Grai's Cloud Smashing Spear . It was gradually getting harder and harder for him to defend against incoming attacks, as Grai had completely sunk into a zone . On the aspect of speed, grandmasters of the spear were able to make minute transformations of their spear movement to create surging vibrations within the spear that were immensely difficult to defend against . Even a defensive specialist like Mo Ling was gradually being pushed to the edge of the cliff . Nevertheless, the tyrannical fleshly body granted to him by the 4 Beasts Fusion Body was able to passively tolerate the forces of the incoming attacks, allowing him to continue hanging on .

Mo Ling's green tortoiseshell continued to supplement the gaps in Mo Ling's defence, either in ferocity or head-on defence . A combination defence was formed by his blocks and fleshly body, showing a level of coolheadedness to formulate plans, so calm that it caused people's scalps to turn numb . The defence he had erected caused him to appear as stable as Mount Tai! At any one point in time, if any instantaneous movements created massive gaps in his defence, Mo Ling would use his fleshly body to absorb the incoming attack! Furthermore, he was able to precisely calculate the effect any incoming attack had on him!

A genuine heavy soldier was not only a fusion of a powerful fleshly body and powerful willpower, but also needed to possess a brain!

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