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Chapter 607: 607

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Within a sealed room, the figure of a person flashed across Mo Wen's mind .

Wang Zhong .

This fellow was a person that walked on the same path as him . If he was able to fight against the latter, he might be able to gain enlightenment that would allow him to make a massive leap on his path towards ultimate strength! However, everyone at the peak of his age group was improving themselves every single day . How good would it be if Wang Zhong had been born one year earlier! Now, Wang Zhong would need to pass the obstruction that was Vladimir before they could stand on equal footing!

It wouldn't be easy to get past Vladimir, as Vladimir was just like him, a person that was able to stay composed at any given moment . Anyone being who was able to do that would be much more frightening in combat that those people with superb fame and reputation for their strength .  

Clearly, Mo Wen wasn't the only one with such thoughts, as quite a large number of people have placed their attention on the 2nd semifinal match that was set to take place tomorrow .

Tianjing VS Grozny .

Frankly speaking, both Tianjing and Vasilyevich were not one bit inferior in popularity to Heaven's Fate and Stuart . The terrifying Divinized Ice attribute special ability Vasilyevich's Ice Prince displayed against Divian had already been hailed as the most terrifying defensive combat move ever used in this CHF, and had been given the nickname of "Wall of Admiration", as anyone tossing attacks out could only sigh in failure in its face!

As for Tianjing, nothing more was needed to be said about them . All Mouthy King's strength and power had long taken over the hearts of the masses, so much so that it borderlined on unadulterated worship! If anyone starts proclaiming that brother King was able to destroy an entire company of soldiers by himself, the absolute majority of people out there would not doubt it for one single bit! This was no longer the issue of strength, as for his fans, there was only one word capable of describing their All Mouthy King; invincible!

No matter who his opponent was . . . he would be able to do so!

Obviously, these were the thoughts of some of the fanatical All Mouthy King's fans . People with greater rationality, various experts from the aristocratic families, and especially the members of the squadrons that have participated in this CHF knew that Tianjing didn't have a high likelihood of achieving victory .

"It isn't as simple as saying the stronger side will be the eventual winner . Tianjing defeating Martial Ghost Divine Emperor was largely reliant on issues related to Gui Hao . If Grozny plans rationally and give up fighting Wang Zhong and defeat Grai in a duel, while allowing 3 of their mainstays to fight in the group battle, it will be extremely hard for Tianjing to pull of a win .

"Vladimir is well known for being exceedingly calm and cold-hearted in combat, so he will definitely not make the same mistakes the other squadrons have . I feel that Grai will be Tianjing's vanguard for tomorrow's match . If that happens, Noriba will definitely have an advantage should he be Grozny's vanguard . After all, he is an offensive-type heavy soldier that's not lacking in speed . "

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"There's the possibility of Vladimir going up as the vanguard . As long as they squeeze the point away from Grai, it will be easy to throw a point away to remove Wang Zhong from the equation . There's basically no need for them to engage in a head-on fight against Tianjing . With the strength of the other Tianjing's mainstays, it is absolutely impossible for them to bring the match into the group battle phase . "

"Do you think that Tianjing will not come up with counters to prevent that kind of situation from happening? Sending Grai up for the first duel? I bet they'll send you up first!"

"Is there any use in changing their strategy? If Tianjing loses the first duel, they will lose the selection advantage . In the end, Grai still has to go up . By maintaining the selection advantage, Grozny will be able to perfectly counter any of Tianjing's selections, and thereby completely suppress them . "

"There's also the possibility that Wang Zhong will snatch the position of the vanguard, right? As long as he wins, Tianjing will be able to save Grai as well as gain the selection advantage…"

"You are thinking too much into it . If Tianjing really does this, don't you think that Grozny will send an ordinary mainstay to negate Wang Zhong's might? Before talking about whether Tianjing's strategy will succeed or not, wouldn't it be better to guess who will lose the first duel? The squadron who loses will definitely be in a death-like disadvantage!"

Various arguments as such had already flooded the Skylink as many people engaged in an intense debate over the possible happenings for tomorrow's match, with the anticipation being the greatest motivating factor . Naturally, everyone hoped for a showdown between Vladimir and Wang Zhong . However, as far as thoughts go, the plausibility of that happening wasn't great .

If Vasilyevich had learnt anything from Martial Ghost Divine Emperor's mistakes, there was a possibility for them to waste Wang Zhong combat prowess away with a dud win . After all, the Ice Prince was well known to stay calm in any combat situation he was placed in, and have yet to deviate from that . The most important factor for them to use such a plan would be the matchup against Heaven's Fate in the finals . That would absolutely be the most difficult of showdowns they would have in this CHF! Just the sole goal of preserving strength for that would make this choice rank high up in the possible moves to use .

Clearly, the members of the various powerhouse squadrons were endorsing this choice .

At this moment, a few squadrons have just so happened to have gathered together in a great hall of a luxurious hotel . If one was to take a closer look, one would be able to notice that the majority of the people present here were stars of this CHF!

The Asuna Ocean Goddess squadron, Blazing Angels squadron, Mammoth squadron, Highland Knights squadron and many others . It appeared as though all of the top 32, top 16 and even the quarter-finalists were all present .

The gentle sounds of piano music played in the background . Although this was a relatively luxurious place, everyone was dressed in their casual outfits, causing them to appear somewhat under-dressed . However, there was no other way, as most of them were comprised of students that weren't rich at all . A good example would be the Mammoth squadron hailing from Giant Elephant City . God knows how many people from that city would die each year to starvation! When that was taken into account, would anyone still hope for them to wear any outfit more formal than what they were currently wearing?

Everyone chatted along with relative intimacy as they ate and drank . There was no presence of any shadows formed after their elimination from this CHF . On the contrary, everyone appeared to be filled with excitement as they discussed about the match between Stuart and Heaven's Fate and sharing their predictions of the upcoming one between Grozny and Tianjing . From some point of view, this was a form of relief from the stress of the competition; the semifinalists for this CHF were simply too disgustingly powerful . At the very least, their loss wasn't unjust, and that they wouldn't be scolded upon their return to their respective academies and cities .  

A considerable number of people present here have rather acute sights, completely unlike those blind fans that flood the Skylink . The majority of them were obviously inclined towards Grozny, as they possessed overwhelming superiority in their combined strength of their mainstays, as well as being able to learn from the mistakes Martial Ghost Divine Emperor had made . With the level of respect and acknowledgment Vladimir had displayed towards Wang Zhong, everyone knew that he would definitely treat Tianjing with the utmost respect . Therefore, they would definitely employ tactics and strategies aimed to counter the strengths of Tianjing . In fact, it wasn't impossible for them to do waste Wang Zhong's strength in order to obtain an easier way towards victory .

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Naturally, even if Wang Zhong was to really bump into Vladimir in the duelling phase, it would not be easy for All Mouthy King to surpass Vladimir . The latter was on the same tier as Mo Wen and Carolyn . In contrast, All Mouthy King's victory over Gui Hao was somewhat considered as a fluke . In the face of Vladimir's terrifying Divinized Ice Attribute special ability, even Wang Zhong would lose some skin if he would even be able to pull of a victory . This would definitely result in him not being in optimal condition when it comes to the group battle, where he would face against the ferocious reply from the iron-blooded men of the Northern Regions!

At this moment, Divian was having a rather spirited discussion with a few squadron captains as a sweet smile hung on her face . She was the organizer of this gathering, with her goal being to make new friends among the elite of this CHF . However, Divian clearly didn't go through so much trouble just to make friends, as the main reason was due to her family starting to feel pressure coming from the might Stuart, Martial Ghost Divine Emperor and the other upper 5 families of the Federation had displayed in this CHF .

The Seer Family wanted to grow stronger, as it had become clear that it was insufficient to rely on the growth of their own . With the future resting on the shoulders of today's youths, the Seer Family was already incapable of contending against Stuart . Therefore, pulling those outstanding elites possessing and outstanding future ahead was an exceedingly important task they had to accomplish .

Truthfully speaking, it really wasn't hard for Divian to accomplish this task . Admittedly, there were many squadrons present here that were considered to be flying under the banner of the Federation's Parliament, which were in conflict with the aristocratic families . However, in the eyes and status of the youths present in this hall, that fight was too, too far away for them to care . To them, their future was definitely the most important factor for them .

If they were to follow under the banner of the Parliament, their future would be almost completely fixed to a standardized path . They would definitely be recruited into the Federation's Mechanized Battalion to undergo training, before gaining an officer ranking in the armed forces . However, they would need to be among the cream of the crop in there if their aim was to join the inner sanctum of the Parliament, and that possibility was really too slim! After all, there were so many outstanding people out there, yet exceedingly little seats present, while equality and fairness being the traits they lived by .

In contrast, their future would be completely different if they were to join the Seer Family . By being their subordinates, they would be able to obtain large amounts of resources to aid in their cultivation and training, while also not worrying about any competition with anyone else . If they wanted to join the armed forces, they would also be able to obtain the aid and recommendations from Seer, allowing them to rise much faster in the ranks that what the Parliament's meritocracy system would allow . After all, compared to the situation of their hometowns, squadrons like Mammoth would be completely unable to come up with any negative impact in making that choice!

At this moment, the Mammoth squadron captain, Vicido, had placed his massive 2 metre over tall frame before Divian with a rather humble and modest stance . This was an inconceivable thing for a successor of the Golden Mammoth bloodline, who were known to be prideful and arrogant!

The other squadron captains present here had also placed this matter with great importance, with them weighing the situation as the continued to discuss about the upcoming match . Although the majority of the people present were extremely interested about the possible prospect of joining with a great aristocratic family like Seer, they were not so impatient to make their decision . Only simple minded people like Vicido, who had remained for the majority of his life in Giant Elephant City, would make such a quick decision . In contrast to him, the others knew that the Seer Family was definitely not the only aristocratic family out there that were interested in them . Therefore, waiting for better offers would be the best choice for them .

Their choices weren't wrong, as in fact, Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, Torress and the other great aristocratic families were already prepared to show their interest towards these elites . People like Gui Xinying, Alasi, and Adam Galen were all waiting in preparation . In fact, even the Parliament was deliberating on raising the benefits in order to keep these elites under their ward . The Seer Family's gathering was just the start of this recruitment drive .

This was also one of the resource allocations that the CHF played, human talents . With the competition reaching its end, those sharp-eyed people were already going out to reap the benefits provided by this CHF .

Naturally, there also those that did not care about these resources at all . Dicaprio was one good example . His path was different from the developmental path provided by the aristocratic families, so he would naturally not participate in these recruitments . Despite being a captain, Laura also did not participate in the so-called resources grab . On the contrary, she was currently having dinner with another girl .

A very "fierce" girl, Sharmie .

If their fans on Skylink were to know that their ball queens, who had always been in conflict against each other, were currently sitting across each other and having a meal, they would definitely go crazy with madness over a scene that would surpass even the words of beautiful and perfection!

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Sharmie was having this meal uninvited, as she was originally planning to lurk around at the Tianjing side . However, at this moment, they were making some last minute preparations for tomorrow's match, which was a firm reason to not get disturbed . Therefore, she had simply ran to her next choice, which was Laura .

Frankly speaking, they weren't considered as just aquantanances or rivals, as they would frequently bicker and argue with each other . However, despite that, they viewed each other in high regard .

This became more and more pronounced after their visits to Tianjing, as they proceeded to have increasingly frequent private conversations . Naturally, it clearly wasn't possible for them to chat like besties do, with the majority of their conversations being insults tossed around .

"You aristocratic family missus really lead extravagant lifestyles, huh . Even after coming this far for the CHF, you actually imported beef all the way over from your hometown . " said Sharmie as she stuffed herself steak . The snowy-fluffy texture from a 5A grade steak hailing from cows reared in the highlands of Copperfield was perfection on another level! "Corruption, rotten, and extreme extravagance! You don't even know the pain and suffering commoners have to endure! I really look down on you guys . "

"And yet, you're enjoying so much while eating . " replied Laura with a roll of her eyes .

"I'm putting an end to your evil deeds for you!" Sharmie snapped back while devouring a huge chunk of steak . That succulence, that flavour! For beef to actually have such awesome taste! Those extravagant fellows, disgusting Copperfield, evil Laura!

Feeling speechless to Sharmie's reactions, Laura grumbled back, "My family's lacking a milk cow!"

"So you're still paying much heed about this, huh . " said Sharmie with a smile . "No problem! Although you're small than me, yours should suffice . "

Laura felt a wave of dizziness upon hearing that reply . Whenever they were together, Sharmie would almost always bring up the issue of their bust sizes into their conversations, as though that was the most confidence-giving matter she had in the face of Laura . However, she truly didn't feel that anyone should have confidence issues over this aspect! Nevertheless, she could continue talking about this topic with Sharmie . If not, she would really be unable to extricate herself from the latter's gloating .

However, before she could change the topic, Sharmie had already done so . "Oi, I've heard that you've gotten together with Wang Zhong? And also gone on a date? So, have you guys done it?"

Laura almost spurt out the mouthful of fruit juice she was sipping on . What the hell was with this change of topic! Finally, she managed to reply after coughing a few times, "What the hell's with that done it?"

"Are you trying to act dumb?" Sharmie immediately clapped her hands together, making "papapa" sounds while having a smug look on her face, her eyes brimming with an incomparably curious glow . "I've seen Wang Zhong via the OP fights, and I must say that he really has a pretty good body . You would be losing out, you now!"


A flash shot by as a bowl flew past Sharmie .

"I've done nothing with Wang Zhong, so can you please not make wild guesses!"

"Okay . " all of a sudden, Sharmie appeared to have seen the light as she nodded her head, before saying in a deadpan voice, "Didn't I say that you cannot trust the words of people like Ma Dong? I believe you! Looks like I can put my worries down . "

"Worries?" Laura felt something wrong with Sharmie's words .

With a grin, Sharmie replied, "Before your reply, I was afraid that stealing your "boyfriend" will hurt my little sister's heart . Since Wang Zhong's not your boyfriend, I can feel reassured to invite him out for a date if he wins tomorrow's match . So be at ease! We girls from the Blazing City aren't delicate! As long as I wish for it, I'll make sure it'll happen!"

A dumbfounded expression instantly appeared on Laura's face as her jaw turned slack . Who said that Sharmie was a dumb big bust girl? It's just that she had used that overbearingly big brain in the absolutely wrong aspects!

Frankly speaking, if city cultures were compared, there really wasn't any similarities between Copperfield and Blazing City . The girls of Blazing City were famed throughout the Federation for their seduction, if that was the word to describe them . Naturally, it was more towards acting out what they had said .

It took a good long while before Laura regained her senses enough to make a reply . "Aren't you having a leg with Mario…"

Only after seeing the evil smile on Sharmie's face did Laura notice that the former was teasing her, causing her to burst out into laughter .

That's why people would often say that a lovestruck girl is a dumb girl . Before meeting Sharmie, she had never met anyone that could win her in a war of words before . That's the power of matters that concerned the heart .

   . . . . . .

All kinds of questions and topics were being brought up for discussion .

Among the noisy din, the celebratory noises, the maddened shouts and roars, cries of misery, or those holed up in the corner, and even those that chatted merrily along .

Be it the ordinary audience, ordinary fans, Divian, Laura, Sharmie, or even those aristocratic families hidden deep within the city .

Everyone other there had their own stories, every place out there had its unique splendour .

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