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Chapter 605

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No one has ever heard of any god worshipped by the Mo Family! Furthermore, there was no use praying to any god at this moment!


The Heart's Sword shot through the air!

There wasn't any sonic boom! In fact, there wasn't even any visible shadows formed! However, everyone could feel that this attack was able to reap any life it came into contact with, and it was rushing right towards Mo Wen!

In an instant, all of the sounds and lights coming from the stadium disappeared completely, as Mo Wen slowly pushed his clasped hands out . At this instant, the experts watching the fight could see waves of Soul Power blasting out from his hands akin to bolts of lightning!

It appeared somewhat like the Hundred-Fold Palms Grai had displayed . However, in reality, the Hundred-Fold Palms was just like child's play in the face of Mo Wen's move! Every single palm strike unleashed by him appeared hide the sky and cover the earth as they rumble out, countless shades merging together to form a Soul Layer that appeared to hold mass .

Seeing this, Carolyn clenched her teeth in response . Having no where else to retreat to, she sent her Heart's Sword stabbing towards Mo Wen .

Bang bang bang bang bang bang . . .

Spatial vibrations radiated out from every impact the Heart's Sword made against the incoming palm shades, with the successive vibrations sending everyone's 5 senses into chaos . It had to be said that Carolyn's Heart's Sword was exceedingly terrifying . Even Mo Wen and his terrifying strength that could bring a Heroic Soul Stage to their knees, was unable to stop the Heart's Sword's encroachment! This was the might of the Heart's Sword! In the next instant, every single Stuart supporter pumped their fists into the air as they chanted, Go Go Go!

Defeating Mo Wen would be equivalent to defeating the all of the academies throughout the entire Federation! Defeating Mo Wen would make one become the number one figure among the Federation's youths, and become the leader of leaders!

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However, Mo Wen's expression still remained as calm in the face of such an imposing Carolyn . Faced against the pressure of the Heart's Sword bearing down on him, he was still able to release an unimaginable level of power from his 5-element body .  

Layers and layers of terrifying palm shades towering over 10 metres started to condense together! This was purely due to the Soul Power unleashed by Mo Wen! It was so pure and so astonishing it appeared to be able to suppress even a Heroic Soul Stage! What destructive attack that was!

Mo's Arts---Thousand Buddha Palms!

His palm strikes were so frighteningly powerful they caused gales to sweep out! They even carved deep gouges across the rock-hard ground as they flew towards Carolyn's Heart's Sword!

The sword and the palm smashed into each other! 

Chi chi chi chi chi chi . . .

The Heart's Sword pierced right through the thick and massive palm shades! Nevertheless, its speed and power started to weaken as a result .

Collision, mutual contest, expenditure!

Carolyn's face started to grow increasingly pale . Nevertheless, she still continued to push forward without the slightest bit of dread! As long as her Heart's Sword sword existed, she would never retreat!

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Blood started to seep out from the corner of Carolyn's mouth as she unleashed her might to the utmost extreme she could do . In an instant, light blossomed from the Heart's Sword as it pierced through all of the palm shades to appear right before Mo Wen! Now, it was just a few centimetres away from his eyes!

Another 0 . 09 seconds more, it would pierce right through his head! No physical body could withstand such an attack! When that happens, there would be one less Mo Wen in this world, as well as a Carolyn who would become a legend!

However, 2 fingers shot out and grasped onto the incoming sword with impeccable accuracy, causing all of this to become a pipe dream!

The entire stadium turned silent once again, as all of the powerful auras blasting out of the stage instantly dissipated .  When Mo Wen's 2 fingers clamped onto the Heart's Sword, Carolyn was finally unable to suppress her surging Qi and blood as she spurted out a mouthful of blood .

Her Heart's Sword slowly turned faint, before vanishing from everyone's sight . Clearly, it had returned back to Carolyn's Soul Sea . In the end, Mo Wen had shown mercy . If he had continued with his attacks, Carolyn would definitely become handicapped as a result . Naturally, that would also result in him provoking the entire Stuart Family .

Once again, the entire stadium turned quiet . Regardless of one's level of understanding, everyone knew that Mo Wen was not only strong, but he was also able to suppress Carolyn! If he had barely scraped a victory off, Carolyn's Heart's Sword would have been destroyed . Instead, he had dissipated all of the energy present within it!

That Thousand Budda's Palms definitely possessed the might associated with Soul Domination combat techniques!

"Carolyn's Heart Sword hasn't matured sufficiently . "

"It must not have been born for a long time, thereby resulting in it still being somewhat weak . "

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"That Mo Family's brat really frightening! I'm afraid no one can contend against him in the near future . "

Whispers filled with various kinds of envy and jealousy started to ring out from the VIP podium, most of them towards the near otherworldly superiority that Mo Wen possessed . Although Mo Wen had the Mo Family protecting him ,he possessed both excellent intellect and breadth of mind . If not, he would just be a martial addict, and not the leader of the Mo Family as he was right now . In fact, his current status places him above that of Mo Xingchen .

Frankly speaking, Carolyn was amply strong to dominate the entire CHF . With her Soul Weapon and her Light attribute special ability, she was able to suppress every single one of the past CHF winners!

However, it was a pity that there was a terrifying existence in the form of Mo Wen in this CHF!

Carolyn's confident looking eyes finally started to turn dim . While other people were still in a loss to what had happened, she was clear that Mo Wen did not even open his eyes once during the entire fight! However, she still had obtained an extremely fruitful experience from this fight . Her Heart's Sword was invincible, with her immaturity being the only reason for her loss .

"I've lost . "

Clutching her chest, she stood up, revealing her pale face and bloodstained mouth for everyone to see . The invincible goddess had lost! Following her defeat, the honour and glory of Stuart had been shattered .

Other than the deathly silence that pervaded the stadium, the only noise present was the sounds of quiet sobbing, coming from the fans of Stuart . All of them had came here to witness the strength, might and splendour of Stuart, the number one family in the Federation! However, what they had witness was a match filled with despair and agony .

That's right, his legend had already been circulating within the Federation for a few years! There were people who doubted and questioned its validity . However, at this instant, there was only one single thought flowing through everyone's mind . His fame couldn't match while he displays in person, as it trumps all of his reputation!

The Federation's big bro Mo Wen, whose bite supersedes his bark!

Standing quietly in the middle of the stage, Mo Wen let the excitement coming from all across stadium flow right into his body . The kick Carolyn unleashed on him had allowed him to feel pain, a feeling that he had not felt for a very long time . However, this wasn't enough . . .

4th duel, Heaven's Fate, Mo Wen, Victory!

Deathly silence persisted across the stadium .

This was slowly replaced with sobbing sounds from the Stuart fans .

It has been over 200 years since Stuart City was constructed . Every single citizen living within held pride and honour on an indescribable level towards their city .

Be it their economical status, culture, technology, wealth and martial might, their city has always been the city to lead the Federation! Never, ever had a loss like that ever taken place before in their annals of history!

However, today, in the Stuart's Dimensional Arena Stadium, the strongest squadron in their hearts, their strongest leaders, had lost! Furthermore, in a complete 0:4 sweep!

They were unable to accept, and unable to believe it!

The sobbing sounds started to grow louder, starting from a soft sniffle to an all out bawl!

It spread from within the stadium to the outside!

However, in the instant, the misery-filled atmosphere was drown by crazed roars and cheers, as everyone had witnessed the birth of a super expert by the name of Mo Wen from this epic fight!

Rushing out from the waves of sobbing and crying noises, the berserk emotions of excitement filled the entire stadium, causing the entire atmosphere to surge sky high!

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