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Chapter 601: 601

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At this instant, Mo Wen's left hand had blood dripping from it as a result from clutching the edge of the runic sword . This was coupled with the blood that was dripping out from the wound on his chest!

However, despite these 2 wounds, Carolyn did not have any feeling of gaining an advantage in this duel . This person's truly frightening! When faced with a lethal attack, most people would immediately come up with dodging or evasive moves in response . However, in the face of her attack, one would definitely die as if one makes that decision . No only could evade in the face of her light sword's speed . However, Mo Wen made to decision to only deal with the "life-threatening" aspect of her attack! The blood spilling from the wounds was only due to superficial injuries resulting from him using his muscles as well as his palm to clamp onto her sword .

Frankly speaking, Carolyn could not help but to sigh in admiration . Mo Wen might be the only person within her realm to play that small of a price when faced with her all out Flashing Light 108 Sword Formation! Furthermore, he had done so while being unarmed!

As the light gradually dissipated, the audience by the side of the stage slowly opened their eyes to see the 2 on stage standing absolutely still, with Carolyn's sword still embedded in Mo Wen's chest and grasped by his hand .

Hum hum hum hum hum . . .

A low hum that appeared to be formed by the vibrations from an invisible source of energy surfaced between the 2 on stage . A circular, rotating blast of air started to form, spinning around the 2 with the sword and their hands being the sources . Although they appeared to be in a standstill, 2 waves of Soul Power had already started to brew from with them!

Their peak 200 grassos Soul Power output smashed against each other, a clear indication that their fight had never once came to a stop . The rotation between offense and defence, between the clash and consumption of Soul Power were always present . Furthermore, the most terrifying part was that their Soul Powers weren't constantly trying to suppress each other, but were smashing against each other like ocean waves . As long as a weakness shows itself, the opposing side would be destroyed by the resulting surge of momentum .

Frankly speaking, in the eyes of knowledgeable experts, even people like Gui Hao and his so-called firmament the peak output and consumption would burn out after 10 seconds at best! That's because their continuous output was serious too high! These 2 were absolute freaks!

In accordance to this train of thought, Mo Wen should hold the advantage in this fight . However, in reality, Carolyn appeared to be slightly more relaxed . Her light attribute special ability gave her a natural advantage in fight where Soul Power output stamina mattered . In fact, like darkness's devouring, the light attribute special ability possessed the power to "assimilate"!

 Only Mo Wen with his intense self awareness and firm Soul Power that allowed him to assimilate it directly to his strength allowed him to be in just a slightly disadvantageous position against her . In fact, without this assimilation power of hers, Carolyn's definitely not any bit inferior to Mo Wen in terms of toughness . After all, being Stuart's princess and the person within the Federation that has access to the greatest amount of resources, god knows how many heavenly treasures she had consumed since her birth!

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The scales of equilibrium between their Soul Power started to tip, with Carolyn unexpected being the one that was starting to suppress Mo Wen . This left the entire stadium with their mouths agape and countless people watching on Skylink dumbfounded . Every single person watching out there knew how terrifying Mo Wen was . However, at this moment, he's the one being suppressed by the tender and delicate Carolyn! Oh my god! Was this a fake CHF?

On the sole aspect of Soul Power consumption, Mo Wen was basically unable to display any combat techniques that would shift this fight to his advantage! Any attempt of a forceful extrication might result in a lethal berserk backlash due to miscalculation of Soul Power output!

Could it be that someone as strong as Mo Wen was about to fall?

Mo Wen's defeat would be an incomparably big blow for the Mo Family! That's right! Heaven's Fate still has Mo Ling, who had defeated Divian, within their ranks, and thus would not be helpless against the last remaining member from Stuart . However, the Mo Family would have already lose their honour and glory if they really required him to obtain victory in this match!

Suppress, suppress, suppress some more!

Restrain, restrain, restrain some more!

Everyone could feel the passivity from Mo Wen . However, not a single person seated in the Mo Family's preparatory area showed any expression of worry .

Hu… .

A strange sound, one that sounded like Mo Wen exhaling rang out, though he had clearly not opened his mouth to do so . Nevertheless, as the sound rang out, Mo Wen's Soul Power started to transform . With his incomparably acute sensitivity to Soul Power frequencies, Wang Zhong could clearly sense the Soul Power within Mo Wen changing from a stable peak output to an intensely undulating one!

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This was a sharp and intense undulation! Up down up down! If one was to draw this frequency on a piece of paper, one would be able to see a band made up of countless spikes!

A surge of power appeared on his body!


In the next moment, his Soul Power frequency changed once again! This time,however, it was much more calm than the intense spike that happened earlier . The frequency proceeded to change into that of small whirlpools, each one of it brimming with life force and vitality!


Yet again, his Soul Power change! This time, they surged and ebbed just like the massive waves that would smash against the coast during a storm!


This was immediately followed up by a berserk and massive rise . This wasn't the intense surge that happened earlier, but one that did not follow any trend at all! Furthermore, it brought about an intense wave of killing intent along with it!


Finally, the Soul Power frequency returned back to its calm and steady output, with no waves at all, appearing just like the stable Mount Tai was .

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Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth!

 5 different kinds of Soul Power frequencies, 5 different styles, 5 completely different traits! Yet all of them had strangely managed to fuse together in perfect unity .

An incomprehensible surge exploded forth from Mo Wen's body .


A terrifying level of strength, a suppressive level of might! In their face, the so-called superiority that Carolyn possessed appeared so minute that it could even be treated as a joke! As her runic sword hummed, Carolyn was sent flying back over 10 metres, her blood pumping frantically as her chest heaved up and down . She was almost injured just from that surge of power blasting out from Mo Wen's body!

Even Carolyn could not help but to show a sliver of seriousness on that unchanging face of hers .

This . . .

After blowing Carolyn away, Mo Wen stood up, though not showing any intent of immediately pursuing up for a counter attack . The explosion caused by the 5 different Soul Power frequencies was immediately followed up by a calm output . Nevertheless, it did not diminish in strength . Instead, it started to circulate around the exterior of his body, 5 different colours sparkling about before fusion together!

5 State Body!

Upon seeing that, quite a few people could not help but to shout out the name of this move in astonishment . Without talking about them, even those bigshots seated high up in the VIP podium could not help but to reveal expressions of shock and astonishment in their eyes . Indeed, every expert requires a sufficiently strong body constitution to support their strength!

Mo Wen, an infinitesimally rare existence that suppressed that of Carolyn's light attribute body constitution!

Among the special abilities of the 5 elemental attributes, fire and water holds the greatest majority . Dual elements like Karl who controls winds and fire and are able to fuse them together are extremely rare . As for possessing all 5 elements, those were the stuff of legends!

After all, the 5 elements were thought to be tied to the 5 major organs of the human body, namely the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys . Every single human out there possessed every one of these aspects, and thereby possessed some bit of these 5 elements . However, it had been known that 2 elements was the limit, as there's basically no records of any human with 3 element! The only other exception were Heavenly Stage experts who were able to breakthrough nature's restraints and thereby possessed unlimited control over their bodies!

Wanting to control all 5 elements while being in the Casted Soul Stage! That's truly an arabian night story… a fairy tale!

However, Mo Wen's actually able to do it?!

Without talking about the all-rounded support it would have on one's body, including the exponential growth of one's Soul Power, the 5-state body would grant one with immunity to all kinds of poisons and toxins, physical damage, while having various kinds of peculiar benefits!

Hua hua hua hua . . .

Just like the sound of countless gurgling streams, the stab wound on Mo Wen's chest started to close up . . . the healing attribute of water . . . has been naturally activated . This kind of self-healing was on a realm that no ordinary water attribute special ability user would be on!

What's more frightening was the mutual empowerment of the 5 elements! The 5 state body's basically omnipotent, while also possessing a certain fundamental orientation . However, Mo Wen basically have access to all 5 elements, especially on the aspect of mutual empowerment . . . he's basically a freak, a BUG!

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