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Chapter 592

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Gui Xinying wasn't trying to tear the Gui Family apart, nor was she someone that would wallow in regret . People who cannot face defeat would never, ever become experts . Now, the problem was placed in the hands of the Grozny squadron . Unlike Laura's point of view, Gui Xinying felt that this Ice Prince hailing from the northern regions were as frightening as the Wang Zhong sitting beside her . In fact, he might even be harder to deal with than Mo Wen .

With the Gui Family's information network and ambition, Gui Xinying clearly had a much better understanding of Vladimir than Wang Zhong . "Vladimir had most likely not even used his true strength to deal with Laura in their fight . In our generation's Casted Soul Stage, Vladimir might very well be the strongest in terms of special abilities . Ice and fire are 2 extremely common attributes seen in special abilities . However, its a completely different story when they are divinized . At the very least, he is able to extinguish my hellish flames with ease . "

Wang Zhong had never underestimated any opponent he met . However, Vladimir's strength might cause him to not have any opportunity to display his strength .

"Have you come up with any countermeasures?" all of a sudden, Gui Xinying discovered that she was being extremely open when she was speaking with Wang Zhong, and that also translated to her talkativeness . A large part of the reason was due to Wang Zhong having defeated her . She was an extremely prideful person at heart, with defeating her being the only way for her to show respect towards one .

Wang Zhong swirled his glass about . Indeed, this Highland Park was a nice drink, and was extremely easy to absorb for anyone with a soldier's constitution . "That's something that has to wait for the fight to know . I really, really want to experience his extreme Ice attribute special ability . "

Looking at his expression, Gui Xinying immediately knew that Wang Zhong was feeling confident towards the upcoming fight . This was also true in her fight against him, where he had always been the one replying to her moves . This was indicative of him possessing sufficient confidence to deal with any reversals that might occur when trump cards were played . There was only one person who had commonly done so before the appearance of Wang Zhong, and that was Mo Wen .

Truthfully speaking, there were many people within the higher levels of the Federation that were suspecting Mo Wen to be All Mouthy King when the latter had appeared into the scene . That's because only Mo Wen had the style and character to accomplish the feats the latter had done so . However, with their styles, both Mo Wen and the Mo Family would not do such a thing . Nevertheless, not in their wildest dreams did they expect for there to be another person with such level of strength behind the moniker of All Mouthy King .

Yet, such a person had appeared .

"Oh right, do you also have a space-time constitution?" asked Gui Xinying . Honestly, she was extremely presumptuous with her question, yet had asked in an extremely calm manner .

Shaking his head, Wang Zhong replied, " I don't know about any space-time constitution, but I feel that I too am extremely sensitive towards dimensional energies . The only thing I'm lacking is in the combat department . I've really acquired and learnt all from you guys in this CHF . "

All of a sudden, Gui Xinying felt slightly ashamed of herself . There's a terrifying strong person before her, yet still wanted to continue learning from others . Really…

"In the past, I believed that Mo Wen's the most frightening person out there . Now, that fellow finally has a contender . Naturally, that's after you cross the hurdle that is Vladimir . "

"Er, did Vladimir and Mo Wen cross hands before?"

"Nope, though the 2 most likely have the thought of having a match together . However, they would probably not gain much comprehension even if they were to do so, as the 2 of them are walking down 2 different paths . Vladimir's walking down to the path towards the epitome of special ability, while Mo Wen's doing in on the path of the soldier . Therefore, you and Mo Wen crossing hands will definitely result in the greatest fireworks, something that a lot of people are looking forward to watch . "

Even Gui Xinying wasn't able to imagine what kind of fight these 2 would show to the world . Ever since the end of the dark era, there have never been 2 of such heaven-sent miraculous geniuses that have appeared at the same time in history . Most crucially, they weren't much far apart in age!

Having gained comprehension and direction towards the martial Dao had caused Gui Xinying to feel much happier, while letting her loosen a lot of the fetters she was bounded by . All of a sudden, she understood what she really wanted . Since she wasn't willing to participate in those power struggles, why force herself too?

There would definitely be chances for her .

Wang Zhong also had a bountiful harvest, as he had gained an understanding of the life of Vladimir . He loved to listen to people talk and getting to understand them . Naturally, despite Gui Xinying being unable to represent the Gui Family, he was clear about the grudges and grievance he had with people . With the brevity of one's existence in this world, one really needed to be delighted in seeking vengeance!

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   . . . . . .

The 7 days given to touch upon the various matters quietly elapsed . While the atmosphere in the outside world had reached earth shattering heights, the Tianjing squadron's villa continued to exist within peace and tranquillity . Naturally, the same kind of atmosphere was present within the other 3 great squadrons . Having already reached the most critical phase in this CHF, there was no more need for them to go along with public opinion . Of course, they would definitely gain the most popular if they were to go alongside public opinion, as this CHF could be said to be the greatest event that the Federation had hosted, with its magnitude being even bigger than the event known as the Olympics held in the Radiant Era . The reason for this was due to this era's modes of entertainment being less abundant than the Radiant Era . Furthermore, with the rise of aristocratic families, the age of the CHF had begun, with this current one breaking all records within this era .

Finally, the day of the semifinals had arrived, with the first match being the Heaven's Fate squadron VS Stuart!

A match that received worldwide attention!

The entire Federation was now focusing their attention to this luxurious city, with the city having entered a frenzy celebratory state since last night . The streets were filled with the propaganda videos of the 4 semifinalists, which had been continuously rolling for god knows how many times . Through the various camera angles of these videos, even the most obscure of substitutes from these 4 squadrons have already become to most familiar of stars among the general public . Although their performances and strength weren't that great, so much so that they weren't able to be ranked within this CHF, people like Tianjing's Milami, Lily and Colby were able to rely on the popularity of their squadron to enjoy a moment of a star's life, enjoying the glory and honour that came along with it . At the same time, they were also held with various kinds of esteem in association with it . Clearly, their families had too enjoyed various kinds of benefits from the city, which was part and parcel of the Federation's rules and regulations . There was no need to mention about Barran's parents, who had now been promoted to the lowest official ranking of a Federation citizen . As for Hymin's family, they have now become great stars within Tianjing, while gaining some long lost relative connections as a result .

Stuart City was covered will bright and colourful lights, with the insignias of the 4 great semifinalist squadrons emblazoned on large balloons that floated in the skies, making the city appear submerged in a sea of balloons and coloured lights .

The entire city was in a feverish state, with various kinds of cameras present at all angles of the city . People walked around the streets in a celebratory mode, with the roads, alleys and streets other than the never-ending armoured railway being already in a paralyzed state . Various kinds of large screens plastered in all corners of the city, with all of them showing the same image, which was the Stuart Dimensional stadium!

The camera angle was shot from the sky down, showing the sea of humans both inside and outside of the Dimensional Stadium .

The camera angle slowly brought nearer, allowing everyone to see the VIP podium within the stadium, where countless powerful figures in the highest echelons now seat!

The speaker of the Federation, leaders of the various great families, the elders of the Federation's Institute of Sciences, high ranking officials and generals of the Federation's Armed Forces . . . even those figures that would shake up the Federation wherever they appear had now arrived and gather at the same place . Sitting side by side, they were chatting and making merry talk . This scene was an unprecedented one within the CHF's long history! No, nothing in the Federation's history could rival this!

Long Mei'er and the other 4 head judges were all working on the front lines . Today, all of them were present to referee for the upcoming match, as nothing must go wrong in this semifinal . In any case . only a handful of people within the organizing committee would not have jelly-legs in the face of so many big figures present in the audience .

At this moment, the people seated at the front few roles within the VIP podium were receiving the utmost attention from the media .

Elites from various different societies, aristocratic families as, high ranking officials and new stars of the political world, with no lacking of media stars like the queen Lola . It wasn't an exaggeration to say that more than half of all of the Federation's elites were currently gathered here . A stone tossed in any direction within there would absolutely be able to strike a scarily powerful great figure .

As for their surroundings, the ordinary members of the public that made up the audience have already appeared in oceanic proportions . The fans of the 4 great semifinalists have caused the entire Dimensional Stadium to be flooded to the brim . Only Stuart City had the capability and capacity to be the venue for such a competition . Furthermore, they did not deliberately suppress the general public just to do so . On the contrary, the family had taken the opportunity to show various kinds of preferential treatment to them, giving out things discounts for the armoured railway and transport, thereby stimulating the city's economical situation .

"Restore Heaven's Fate! The Ancient Generals will shock and awe the heavens! Invincible captain Mo Wen!"

"All hail the rulers, Stuart, all hail her mighty highness, Carolyn!"

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding . . .

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa . . .

Applause, drums, cheers and shouts mixed together chaotically within the stadium, with not a single break present . Countless spotlights swept across the viewing galleries across the stadium, showing images of fans holding hands on the various larges screens, all of them hollering out slogans, creating a wave-like beautiful scene .

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"Everyone can see how lively and passionate the fans present in the stadium are! The audience is showing an extremely high level of support for their squadrons, be it Heaven's Fate or Stuart! However, everyone can see that the Stuart fans dressed in their sliver outfits appear to be in the majority!" Ruo Zhi's voiced sounded considerably fervent, as being able to cast a match like that was an incomparable honour and glory for any commentator out there . "After all, this is Stuart's home ground! Being the universally most valuable squadron in the CHF, they have already taken home 19 CHF championships since its creation! That's close to 19% of the total number of championships that the CHF has had! That's a frightening record, as well an astonishing number . This makes them the undisputed kings of the CHF! The squadron that is unanimously predicted to take home this CHF's championship!"

Chen Yu'er was also rather emotional, to the point of her face being covered with a reddish blush even before the match had started . Half a year ago, she was just an obscure Skylink commentator . Therefore, being able to cast a match like this was something akin to a dream for her . "Carolyn's everyone's goddess . However, their current opponents, the Heaven 's Fate squadron, are no pushovers . Although they have only obtained 6 CHF championships, we have to know that they have only participated 8 times in the CHF great competition! That means that the Heaven's Fate squadron had only let the championship slip by them 2 times in all of the CHFs they had participated in! This is even higher than the undisputed champions Stuart, who had obtained the championship 1 out of every 3 times they had participated in! Furthermore, they have the renowned number 1 powerhouse, Mo Wen leading their squadron, Heaven's

"This is undoubtedly true! Despite having a slightly lesser number of fans present, both sides are extremely close in the supporter count on Skylink! As of now, there are already 79836024 people participating in the polls for this match! Of them, 50 . 3% of the people are rooting for Stuart, with the remaining 49 . 7% rooting for Heaven's Fate, basically equal odds! At the same time, there are already over 2 million people tuning in via the Skylink live broadcast, and is still increasing at a steady pace!"

"This is a match that's truly recieving the attention of the entire world! No matter who wins, be it Heaven's Fate or Stuart, they will definitely show everyone an outcome that would leave our jaws hanging open for eternity! Today's match will not only be a show of strength, but also mental fortitude, and, luck! The further one wants to walk towards the championship, the more risks, hard work and determination one would need to show to obtain their goals!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, the match is about to begin! The chairwoman of the CHF organizing committee, Long Mei'er will personally be the main referee for today's match! She will also be reading out the participating members for both squadrons, and annouce the start of the match! Let us give our hands together for chairwoman Long Mei'er!"

At this moment, Long Mei'er was already standing before the annoucer's podium . Seeing her raise her hand, the propaganda films, explosive rumbling music and shouts from the audience instantly turned silent .

Taking a deep bow towards the VIP podium, Long Mei'er proceeded to take control over the stadium and annouced the names of the participanting members .

"Stuart squadron, Carolyn . "

Alongside Long Mei'er voice, Carolyn appeared appeared in the stadium . Dressed in a swordsman garb with a long and wavy cloak and her hand on her sheathed sword, it flowed alongside her luxiourous hair, causing her to glow with heroism and dominance, yet not hiding any of her beauty . In an instant, the large screens were now displaying the various statistics and past images of her in the earlier stages of the CHF .

Being the famous rising star of the Federation's government, the fame that Carolyn had built far within and outside of the Federation far surpassed anyone participating within this CHF could manage . It definitely wasn't just the power of the Stuart Family that allowed her to have such success in life . There were many people within the VIP podium that were paying attention to the girl that had just walked into the arena . Frankly speaking, the matches of the CHF were at most at the level of "elegant" or "graceful" to the great elders present within there . Perhaps the future would be in the hands of these youths . However, Carolyn was the only one that possessed sufficient qualifications for them to treat her on the same level as them .

Whispers rang about within the VIP podium, while the other viewing galleries immediately turned exceedingly passionate, with their cheers and applause pouring out in layers . Reverberating across the stadium, the formed the backstage of Carolyn as she walked towards the stage, causing her to appear just like a queen that had descended from the heavens!

"Rennes, Wu Li, Yi Luo, Borash!"

The main force of the Stuart squadron quickly gathered and walked behind Carolyn, with each of their appearance being accompanied by frenzied shrieks and roars, ones that were also echoed within the Skylink .

Being the squadron with the most CHF championships and having 4 members ranking on the Mo's Lis, they were existences that caused despair in others . Only Stuart had the most likely possbility to assemble a full star studded squadron like the one standing before everyone .

At this moment, there were stars from the various squadrons that have already been eliminated from this CHF, as well as heaven-gifted sons and daughters seated within the various viewing galleries present in this stadium . However, truth to be told, they weren't even able to make it to the main lineup if they were be drafted into the Stuart squadron .

"The Stuart lineup this year really brings about despair in people . " Bobo Torres sighed as he shook his head . The knot in his heart had long dissipated away since the defeat of Martial Ghost Divine Emperor in the hands of Tianjing . The 4 semifinalists were really really stronger than them, and had also made more througher preparations for their matches . Furthermore, they seemed to have not revealed all of their trump cards out! There's really nothing to do but to respect their strength .

"Ah . Who doesn't agree to that? Having a rising powerhouse within one's family would already been equated to being blessed by the heavens, what more 2? Rennes and Yi Luo were part of the main force that had helped Stuart clinch the last CHF championship, and have already rising to heaven-defying levels since a few years ago . What about now?"

"Even people like them could only only serve as assistants to Carolyn! Does anyone else have any chances against her?"

"We're born in the wrong times . There are truly too many freaks participanting in this CHF . If we were participating in the past CHF, we would definitely have the chance to stand at the finals . However, there's nothing we can grieve about for our elimination . "

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"Only a squadron like Heaven's Fate can contend against them . "

"Heaven's Fate squadron, Mo Wen!" Long Mei'er's voice rang out once again .

Heaven's Fate was now gracing the stage .

Being the number one contender for the strongest participant this year's CHF, Mo Wen had not only displayed the strength benefiting of that title, but had also other miraculous titles that gave more credibility to his title . He was the youngest ever instructor for the Federation's mechanized battalion, and was hailed as the genius that could truly display the genuine might of ancient martial arts .  Mo Wen's strength have long seeped into the hearts of people .

Only legendary figures would be qualified to have equally legendary nicknames . Despite here being Staurt's home turf, the cheers and applaused Mo Wen received upon walking on the stage did not pale to what Carolyned had received earlier .

However, the following name read out by Long Mei'er wasn't Mo Ling, nor was it Napier Mo .

"Mo Xingchen!"

When Long Mei'er read that name out, the incomparably lively and exuberant stadium instantly turned slightly quieter .

Mo Xingchen? Wasn't she part of the Heaven's Fate cheerleading squad? The name list being read out was for the participants of today's match! This . . .

The petite looking Mo Xingchen walked out towards the stage . Dressed in a long white dress, her perfect features and untaintable aura caused people to associate her with that of a scared goddess .

The eyes of quite a few people within the VIP podium lit up . Nevertheless, there was basically no use thinking about it, as Mo Xingchen would definitely be matchmaked to someone within the Mo Family . The Heaven's Fate Master would definitely not be marry with outsiders .  Naturally, this could be annulled if she wished for .

Mo Xinying was not lacking in facking fame within the international circles as compared to Carolyn, as there were truly too many people that were interested in her . Unlike Carolyn's governance and power she controlled in her hand, Mo Xingchen's position was a transcendant one .

"This little miss is the Mo Family's current Heaven's Fate Master? Has she done any accurate predictions before?"

"Ha ha! The Heaven's Fate Master's going to personally take action and engage in combat? I remember that the last time a Heaven's Fate Master took action was close to 30 years ago! This really is a rare sight to behold . "

The great figures within the VIP podium whispered to one another as interest brewed within them, much less the ordinary laymen in the audience . Naturally, they did not believe that a Heaven's Fate Master would serve any use in this match, as a Heaven's Fate Master would need to ignite their Heavenly Soul Stage to be abel to make any big prediction or judgement .

Being one of the Federation's 4 great princesses,

Howwever, why did Mo Xingchen's name appear in the Heaven's Fate's namelist? Could it be that she was really participating in this match?

After a brief moment of silence, an explosive wave of cheers, shouts, shrieks and whistles burst out from the audience, so powerful that it appeared to consume the entire Dimensional stadium within the noises produced .

Being able to see 7 Mo's List experts, 2 of the so called number 1 participant in the CHF, 2 past champions, as well as 2 of the Federation's 4 great princesses standing on the same stage . . . if one was to compared how star studded this match was, this would absolutely be the greatest within this CHF!

"Mo Ling, Napier Mo , Mo Xiang!" Long Mei'er read the remaining names out within a single breath, before all of the Heaven's Fate members appeared on the stage .

Like Stuart, Heaven's Fate had an similarly extravagant lineup . Mo Xingchen's addition had caused this star filled sqaudron to be filled with even more mysticality and greater anticipation in the hearts of the audience .

The current atmosphere was hyped up again and again . At this moment, no longer were the ordinary laymen in the audience the only ones shouting and cheer their idols' names out . Now, there were many of the eliminated CHF participants present within the audience . There were differences between stars too, and to them, people like Mo Wen, Carolyn and Mo Xingchen were also the idols and goals present within their hearts .

"I annouce that official start of the CHF semi finals!"

"HO HO HO! Go! Heaven's Fate squadron!{"

"Stuart will definitely prevail! The monarch descends from the heavens!"

Following Long Mei'er's annoucement, the atmosphere within the stadium was pushed to its climax, causing the entire area to be completely drowned by the countless shouts from the audience!

Wang Zhong was currently seated in the viewing gallery below the VIP podium . Despite not being the main characters for today's match, they still given the best seats within the stadium . Taking up the front row seats, they were similarly the focal points of people's attention, as their seats were naturally diffferent from the others present here .

Wang Zhong and Vladimir were current seated side by side, with not much of a seperation between them . From the looks of it, they were seated right next to each other . Regardless of whether this was a deliberate ploy or not, both parties did not show any intent of moving . Compared to the overbearingness of the Gui Family, Vladimir appeared much more calmer . Furthermore, he did not show any signs of hostility . Instead, he had taken the initative move to the left of his seat, making him nearer to Wang Zhong, who was seated on the right . These were the differences in the breadth of mind and confidence .

It had to be said that this prince hailing from the Northern Regions possessed an attitude and grace that made people hard to dislike him . Furthermore, the faint smile that always hung on his face always caused people to feel that life wasn't as hard as it appeared after all .

"Ah . If every single member from the Heaven's Fate's squadron are heaven-defying in their fundamentals, Stuart would be heaven-defying in their talent . These 2 squadrons have very different styles, so it extremely hard to say who would be the other's counter . " Vladimir took the initiative to start speaking .

"The rhythm of the fight will be of the uptmost importance . " replied Wang Zhong with a smile as he looked towards the handsome male beside him . Indeed, Vladimir appeared slightly dazzling . Grai's mostly likely the only person that could put up a fight with him, though the latter lacked the aura of nobility that the former possessed .

"I do feel the same way . " said Vladimir with a faint smile, speaking with the self confidence that was unique to nobility . " Stuart will send out Yi Luo . "

"The Mo Family will send out Mo Xingchen . " if not for countering against Yi Luo's unique special ability, there was really no need for Mo Xingchen to grace this match . Dimensional plants were the hardest life forms for Soul Beast Masters to control, while Yi Luo having shown the the greatest range and control within this CHF . Those special abilities possessed by Stuart were so powerful they would basically counter any of their opponents .

Astonished gasps rang out from the entire stadium as both squadrons sent out their vanguards! Yi Luo VS Mo Xingchen!

The Tianjing and Vasilyevich members were all dumbfounded by what they saw . These 2 people really were freaks! Although they had their own guesses, how could they guess the choices of Stuart and Heaven's Fate???

The stadium and Skylink completely erupted into a chaotic whirlpool of voices, as this was a truly inconcievable desicision to the eyes of many people . How could Mo Xingchen fight! What's more, against a fierce and cruel Yi Luo?

Once the latter goes crazy, her opponent wouldn't come out in a pretty shape!

"Oh my god! How is this possible! Why is Mo Xingchen the vanguard?!"

"Could the big miss be doing what Tianjing's Ma Dong had done earlier and walk off the stage like a mascot? Can the Heaven's Fate Master really fight?"

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