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Chapter 959: Delivering himself to their door

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Regarding this matter, Lin Fan was quite displeased. However, some things don’t always go your way.

There were rules over at Haojiang. They could be broken but you had to have the ability to do so.

After talking to Yun Xue Yao for so long, he understood one thing.

This was a business that was connected between clans. Even the big shots over in Haojiang were involved in it. It was a rather complicated relationship.

In the past, when there hadn’t been any control, anyone could gamble if they had money. If they lost, all they had to do was pay the principal amount.

And regardless of whether the person had the means to repay the debt, money lenders would lend them money.

Later on, lives started to be lost as a result and the casinos started to implement rules to control it. They stopped allowing private money lenders into the casino. In the end, the entire business became connected.

Also, after the rules were implemented, they started to perform checks on the borrowers’ identities to see if they had the means to repay their debts. Moreover, they would stop lending money over a certain limit.

For example, Wang Wen had claimed to be the son of the famous director, Wang Ke Hao. Naturally, they had to verify that and take his ID and passport before lending him the money.

With Wang Ke Hao’s standing in society and financial power, repaying the debt naturally wouldn’t be a problem.

Lin Fan gave an ‘Mmm’ response every once in a while as he listened to Yun Xue Yao explain this.

Yun Xue Yao really didn’t know what to do. These things were not moral. Her environment had already decided all this for her.

But when she faced Lin Fan, she was more mindful. If it had been anyone else, she wouldn’t have explained this much.

As for the chopping of hands and such, these were just threats. They were scare tactics used against the gamblers by the money lenders.

Lin Fan really didn’t mind all this. To him, there were three types of people in the world that were the scariest.

First, there were those with mental disorders, because they didn’t know what they were doing themselves.

Second, there were drug addicts as they wouldn’t even care about their own relatives.

The last type of people was gambling addicts. These people wouldn’t even care about their relatives and on top of that, they were capable of doing all sorts of crazy things when they reached a severe stage.

These people were not worthy of sympathy. It was only when something really went wrong that they would wake up from their stupidity.

For example, the North and South Gambling Kings that Lin Fan had met previously. At their peak, they wouldn’t have stopped even if you told them to. Perhaps they might even think you were crazy for getting in the way of their wealth.

But after experiencing despair, they didn’t need anyone to warn them anymore. They naturally awoke from it.

To tackle this kind of dark business was just a dream. For true gamblers, even if you closed down one avenue of gambling, they would find another. This was a business that could never be stopped.

“Alright. These are your rules over at Haojiang and they’re not something you can change by yourself,” said Lin Fan. If this had been before, he might have thought rashly that he was a god in this world who could change the world into a just and righteous place.

But now, he felt that justice wasn’t something that could happen just by talking about it or even doing something about it. Some things couldn’t be changed even if one spent his or her whole life on it.

As for these people who borrowed money, they clearly knew that it was a disastrous path, yet they kept on going without remorse. Unless God descended from the heavens to stop it, these people could not be saved.

Clinging on to luck or a fluke was the most delusional thing to do.

As Wang Ke Hao and the rest listened from their seats, they felt that the person talking to Master Lin on the phone was probably not an average person. Moreover, that person seemed to respect Master Lin greatly. It was as if that person didn’t want to leave a bad impression on Master Lin just because of this incident.

Just thinking about it was a little scary.

Li Meng Hua and Zheng Long both had high standings in society but they had been powerless to help. But now, a call from Master Lin had been enough to allow Wang Ke Hao’s son to escape.

And the money hadn’t even been paid.

For them to not even care about the money anymore, what kind of relationship did Master Lin have with that person?

Li Meng Hua and Zheng Long, in particular, gained a new level of respect for Master Lin. They felt that he was really exceptional. They started to wonder just how big Master Lin’s network of relations was.

At that moment, Wang Ke Hao spoke, “Master Lin, could you ask that person to capture my kid again?”

Lin Fan was startled. He told Yun Xue Yao to wait before asking, “Director Wang, what do you mean?”

Wang Ke Hao sighed. “It can’t be helped. My d*mned brat is addicted to gambling and he goes over to Haojiang every once in a while. This time, he was saved thanks to you but I believe that he still hasn’t learned his lesson, so I hope that Master Lin can ask the person you’re calling to capture him and make him suffer a little. I hope that would teach him a lesson.”

Lin Fan asked, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” said Wang Ke Hao firmly. He had already decided. Since there was such a good opportunity, he couldn’t let it slip by lest he regrets it in future. Especially now that he was so busy every day, he didn’t have much time to watch over his son.

If this kind of thing were to happen again in future, he wouldn’t want to trouble Master Lin again.

Lin Fan carried on talking to Yun Xue Yao. To Yun Xue Yao, this was just a small task.

Wang Wen left Wynn Casino and instantly felt as if God was too good to him. He had no idea what had happened. Why did they suddenly release me?

Then, he suddenly understood. Could it be that my old man asked some kind of important person to get me out?

Thinking about that, he couldn’t help but laugh. Looks like my old man didn’t work so hard for nothing .

Even outside, so many people respect him. This feels pretty good.

Then, he reached into his pocket and immediately started cursing in his heart.

His ID and passport were both still with those people. Without those things, he wouldn’t be able to stay in a hotel, nor would he be able to leave Haojiang.

Since my old man has already settled things, I’ll go back to retrieve my things.

After Yun Xue Yao hung up, she called Brother Jun and his men over. She told them the situation and ordered them to get the kid back.

“Miss, he has left for quite some time now. It might take some time to find him.” Brother Jun didn’t know what the young lady had gone through but he didn’t dare to ask.

It was best not to ask what shouldn’t be asked. Knowing too much was not good either.

Moreover, there were many conflicts in the Yun family. It wasn’t good to get too involved.

“Go and find him.” Yun Xue Yao didn’t want to say much. If it hadn’t been for this person, this definitely wouldn’t have happened.

Suddenly, a subordinate rushed over.

“Miss, Brother Jun, that Wang Wen came back.”

When Brother Jun heard that, he instantly smiled. It seemed that he could save his efforts.

Wang Wen was brought over by a subordinate. “My dear brothers, please excuse me. My passport and ID are still with you. Could you return them to me?”

To Wang Wen, his old man must have found an important person to back him. He didn’t have to be afraid anymore.

But suddenly.

The situation didn’t seem right.

Brother Jun said, “Grab him and lock him up.”

Wang Wen’s expression changed drastically. He was dumbfounded. “What are you…”

Brother Jun said, “We released you mistakenly.”

Wang Wen’s eyes widened in disbelief. Doesn’t that mean that I was asking for death by coming back?

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