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Frankly speaking, there were even times where Grai would feel pressured. The god-like talent Wang Zhong possessed made it extremely hard for people to catch up to him.

The exquisite and gorgeous golden runes took only 1 to 2 seconds to fully complete, before revealing its complete appearance for all to see.

A solid construct composed of countless golden runic pathways interweaved together was formed, possessing an empty and spacious interior, with the opening expanding out in all directions. It appeared slightly similar to the move Grai had pulled out to deal with Gui Wulie, yet it appeared much larger, and much stronger, and much more...complete!

No one knew exactly how powerful it was. However, other than Gui Hao, the faces of everyone from the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, including the audience by the side of the stadium, instantly changed shades. In contrast, the Tianjing fans instantly broke out in intense enthusiasm and excitement!

Wang Zhong and Grai maintained their stance with their arms raised. In the next instant, a sound rang out simultaneously from their mouths, right in concert with each other!



It was only a single noise, but the ring upon ring of runes started to furiously blossom with light, before every circle and every layer proceeded to vibrate!

As energy was transmitted into it, the entire runic array vibrated, just as though it was accumulating energy, storing and not yet releasing any out!



The 2nd tone quickly followed suit.

As energy continued to follow into it, the might accumulated within it became increasingly clear!

The entire outward expanding runic array suddenly expanded to twice its size, with the largest ring already covering half of the entire stage!

The slightly overflowing sonic ripples that radiated out from the stage caused everyone other than Gui Xinying to turn dizzy. Wilhelma attempted to force and attack out, though his fierce shot was immediately dissipated by the incoming sonic waves, resulting in it utterly unable to come within 5 metres from the 2.

The 2 sounds made possessed an extremely powerful defensive effect. As the invisible sound waves lorded over the entire stage, the changes that happened caused the group of Gui Family members to sink in despair.

At this moment, Gui Hao was still shaking in anger and madness. Clearly, his mind was in a drunken and collapsing state. The usage of the drug had caused an abnormally huge decrease in his reaction speed, while causing him to sink into a chronically slow speed in thought processes. However, time around him continued to flow as usual. If he had immediately taken action upon the start of the group battle, it definitely wasn't impossible to disrupt their construction, abet it being a difficult task to accomplish. However, every single person from the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor squadron were waiting for Gui Hao's order, with no one daring to make any move on their own. Although the audience might not be able to spot this out, the participants present in the stadium could see this as clear as day. At this moment, the plans Gui Hao had made over all these years have crumbled and collapsed apart, so much so that even Zhao Zimo could not help but spit twice on the ground. This motherfucker!

"Form up!" Gui Xinying's loud voice rang out fiercely as she grasped hold of Gui Hao's neck.

At this moment, there was already no time for her to care about Gui Hao's face. Now, Martial Ghost Divine Emperor's already at the precipice of extreme danger! Therefore, it needs someone to step up and take control! Since Gui Hao's unable to do so, she needed to do it!

There's nowhere to hide on the stage, as Grai had more than sufficiently proven this during his match against Gui Wulie. Even with the latter's speed and acute power of sight, he was still unable to evade the ultrasonic attacks. Compared to him, the quasi mainstays and substitutes they had fielded for this group battle, including the mentally deranged Gui Hao, had no possibility of evading the incoming attack.

Raising his shield, Rassen advanced forwards. Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, who was revered in their offense, never ever had the position of a heavy soldier in their lineups. They did not even have a single one in their substitute lineups. However, even if this was the case, Martial Ghost Divine Emperor still had a defensive formation prepared for when the need arises.

This wasn't just some average heavy shield! A crystalline earthern glow radiated from the entire shield, while its entire surface was covered with countless runes engraved throughout every inch. Furthermore, one could faintly make out the markings of a heavy soldier.

Guardian of Skoda!

One of the most illustrious divine weapons of Federation!

The Gui Family had pulled it out from their city before arriving here, all for the sake of defending against Wang Zhong's cross wheels. Though, at this moment, it was being used for another purpose.

Everyone gathered behind Rassen's shield in an instant, with Gui Hao being carried over by Gui Xinying. The 4 people raised their hands and pressed onto Rassen's back, before proceeding to pour their Soul Power into him, and thereby transmitting it into the heavy shield! This was a Soul Power quantity that far exceeded the limits of a Casted Soul Stage, causing the Guardian of Skoda to radiate with a gentle and holy radiance. 

Upon making contact with the face of the Guardian of Skoda, the incoming sonic waves were immediately dispelled by its powerful defensive ability, allowing the people hiding behind it to remain completely unharmed.

However, that was just a sliver of power that was overflowing from the runic array before them.

In the blink of an eye, the 3rd sound rang out!

Everyone could see the 3-dimensional runic array spring to life, with every single rune present in its construct vibrating to their limits, creating a humming noise coupled with a loud hum as they did so.

All of a sudden, Wang Zhong and Grai leapt into the air, adjusting the angle of their runic array to overlook the entire stage from above!

The 2 leapt to the same height, with both of them doing identical actions.

Soul Power surged forth furiously, as a resounding sound rang out simultaneously from their mouths.


Rumble rumble rumble...

The entire runic array instantly expanded in size, before quickly contracting. In a blink of an eye, it expanded once against, sending all of the energy it had accumulated into one shot, before shooting it out!

A sonic wave visible to the naked eye rippled out, appearing like a transparent tsunami as it rumbled out. The massive recoil from the runic array as a result of launching that sonic wave immediately sent Wang Zhong and Grai high into the air.


The sound wave exploded out, rumbling straight out towards the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor squadron. A massive ripple formed in space as the completely transparent sonic cannon ball shook the surrounding stretch of dimensional space so much so that people could see the cracks that formed as a result. If one was to look at another dimension, one would be able to see the countless lightning arcs travelling around those cracks!

In the face of this, the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor defensive formation collapsed and shattered apart in an instant!


An eye-piercing white light blossomed, blinding out everything on the stage. After the initial impact, it took the audience quite a while before adjusting their eyes to the intense rays of light. By that time, the stage had already turned in chaos.

The 4 corners of the stage appeared just like a chopping board that had been ravaged from countless knife chops, while the centre had collapsed into rubble. Fortunately, due to the replenishment of energy, the runic energy barrier was barely able to endure the intense vibrations. If not, god knows what would be the outcome. The might of this attack had far surpassed anything a Casted Soul Stage could unleash, and over anything a divine weapon could endure. Everyone watching had turned into a daze. There were geniuses, there were experts. However, they amounted to nothing before these 2 fellows, with a chasm of disparity present between them!

Wang Zhong and Grai! Exactly how these 2 freaks of nature have created such a frightening weapons!

Without talking about Carolyn and Vladimir, even Joseph, who had never shown any astonishment throughout the entire CHF, was now showing a deep feeling of respect within his eyes.

Being an assassin with a legendary status, and a core member of the Parliament, it was extremely rare for Joseph to reveal such an expression, even more so to show such respect to 2 youths! It wasn't towards their current strength, but for their potential and future! As long as they're able to continue living, they would become the future pillars of the Federation!

Even the known limits a Casted Soul Stage could achieve, like the Firmament Soul Sea, Divinized Special Ability, Invincible combat techniques. Even if one possesses all of them, it was still impossible for one to achieve such an effect in combat!

Furthermore, they were able to expand the effect of their runic imprints to such a large area of effect, and wasn't the type with an absolute threshold...

To the Federation, and for those who was cultivating their soul, result it was able to have, was basically equivalent to a revolution!

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