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Although others might not be able to quickly recover after such serious injuries, it was absolutely possible for the Gui Family. Their healers and stockpile of various kinds of miraculous medicines made it possible for one to recover within a short span of time. From the looks of it, the Gui Family's really going quite deep with this match. Nevertheless, Gui Hao now had to bear an extremely great amount of responsibility on his shoulders. His family had basically given up on any upcoming matches. However, one had to also consider that if he doesn't go onto the stage, he would have no more chances left to display himself.

Being the captain, and wishing to become the representative of the younger generation, it was necessary to have such overbearingness. At the very least, people would treat him with greater importance.

Carolyn gave a slight sigh. If he really was truly brave, he would definitely be able to stir people's hearts. However, the problem was that there was not a single trace of any bravery present on his face. Instead, it was filled to the brim with anger and hatred. At this moment, he's most likely thinking about how to get his face back. Clearly, the other members of the Gui Family were keeping their mouths shut in fear, a clear indication of what had happened in the resting room earlier. While Gui Hao can be polite and courteous at times, he would absolutely not give a damn when he's furious. He's the young master of the Gui Family!

"He actually used the Soul Explosion drug...he even dares to use such a forbidden drug. He truly doesn't value his life."Vladimir didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Using a drug like that while in the Casted Soul Stage would shave 5 to 6 years off one's lifespan. Don't look down on these 5 to 6 years, as they would have an extremely great influence over one's potential, especially so during the barrier into the realm of Heavenly Soul Stage.

Clearly, Gui Hao wasn't will to admit defeat. At this moment, he appeared just like a gambler who had lost to the point of tilting. This was merely a competition, with there being so long of a future waiting for him. However, he was not willing to wait. Truthfully speaking, he's decision making had made him appear inferior to the squadrons that have been eliminated earlier in this CHF. The only words that could be said were that he had been spoilt too much.

Divian looked towards Gui Hao, before looking at Wang Zhong. Truthfully speaking, if not for the difference in their birth, Wang Zhong would have far surpassed Gui Hao in all ways, as the disparity between them was too, too great. Possessing strength was one thing, though the most important trait of a man was their breadth of mind.

In fact, the Mo Family didn't care too much about Gui Hao. The more one was like that, the more one would appear strong, yet be weak in reality. It could be said that Martial Ghost Divine Emperor was already incapable of obstructing their advancement. Regardless of this match's result, they would come to a stop at the semifinals.

However, this view was only shared among Carolyn and a few other handfuls of people. The laymen that comprised of the majority in the audience weren't able to read that deeply just from Gui Hao's appearance. To them, since the latter had already walked up onto the stage, Martial Ghost Divine Emperor still possessed hope for victory!

The stadium resounded with the late applause and cheers from the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans, while the entire Tianjing fan region has their eyes focused on the little passageway located on the opposite side.

Alongside each other, 2 men walked out.

Wang Zhong, Grai.

Behind them, huh...there's, there's no one else?

All the way till Wang Zhong and Grai had already stood on the stage, there was not a single person present behind them.

What was this? 2 VS 5? Furthermore, the even stranger matter was that both of them had actually walked up without any weapons in their hands! Wang Zhong's even not using his signature cross wheels! This was an absolute bare-naked provocation!

The Skylink exploded up in response. It had to be said that when Wang Zhong and Grai had walked out alongside each other under the illumination of the spotlights, their handsome appearances caused countless girls to topple over from being lovestruck. There were even a few girls that instantly came up with a deep fairy tale in their minds, with their crushes holding their hands and flying alongside them into the skies...

The Skylink and stadium instantly erupted into a wave of fiery discussions. Expressions of anger and fury, while the Tianjing fans went batshit high.

If you wanna do it, do it in such a straightforward manner! There's basically no need for the rest to show their faces!

Faced against S+, these 2 fellows had gone all out with their showboating and walked up to the stage with no weapons! Furthermore, they proceeded to stand right before the 5 man formation from Martial Ghost Divine Emperor!

Thinking back to the pretentious attitude Gui Hao had first shown in the CHF, which lead to it becoming a trend. The trend was to purposely engage in combat with a numerical disadvantage. Although Tianjing was fighting 2 VS 5, the meaning doesn't differ much!

This attitude, such show! Furthermore, both are motherfucking unarmed!

That's basically going "pa pa pa" on the face of Martial Ghost Divine Emperor!

Gui Hao's face alternated between a pale and green shade. Even before the start of the fight, he was already tittering deeply between these 2 emotions. The hum of explosions going off in his mind, while he was so angry his entire body started to shake.

He was actually being provoked once again by people! With such bare-naked provocation!

Smash them! Give me the strength! Give me the strength!

A crazed voice roared within his heart, burning it so hot that his brain was on the brink of exploding! He had already given the death sentence to ignore the competition rules and kill them both! Naturally, everything else would be shouldered by the Gui Family!

Who would have guessed that Wang Zhong had actually managed to guess Gui Hao's true intentions! At this stage of the CHF, the rest of the squadron weren't able to offer much of any help in the group battle. On the contrary, that would allow his opponents the opportunity to grasp their weakness and tear a hole into their defences.

It was also at this moment, when Wang Zhong and Grai had already taken their positions beside each other. The 2 of them started to move their hands deftly about, with their actions and speed being completely in sync, before the golden glow of runes started to radiate out.

Countless rays of golden runic pathways formed in the next instant between the, appearing exceedingly mysterious. Only Wang Zhong and Grai knew how to use runic combat techniques in a fight. Could it be that they were...

Those golden runic pathways started to come together in layers, appearing as though they were construction materials for a structure. Regardless of how many times people had seen them, the process of this runic construction appeared just like a work of art being made. This was an intense feast for one's eyes, with the dense orbits of the runic pathways creating an extremely awesome sight to behold.

" a combination, runic array?"

"Impossible!" having done some research about runes, Rennes exclaimed as a frown appeared on his face. "How can the runic imprints from 2 people come together and fuse?"

"It's impossible for 2 people to have identical thoughts and awareness. Even after meticulous cooperation training, it is impossible for 2 people to have identical Soul Power frequencies or amplitudes…"

"Wang Zhong can change the frequency of his Soul Power. He should be the one that's making adjustments to himself to tune to Grai's Soul Power." Carolyn's eyes lit up like torches. In the past, she had always believed that Grai was the one that had taught Wang Zhong the runic shield technique. In her point of view, Grai was the focal point, with Wang Zhong merely being a bridge. However, never did she expect for...

"That's different! Making adjustments to one's Soul Power frequencies is just a saying. Truthfully speaking, the result of making those changes are a hit or miss! It's impossible for anyone to be able possess such detailed control over their Soul Power frequencies!"

"Have you forgotten about his fight against Zhao Yilong? This control over his Soul Power frequencies is an original strongpoint of his. This too frightening." Carolyn gave a sigh in reply. It was easy to change one's Soul Power amplitude. However, matching it with other people's frequencies was truly too hard a task to accomplish. Yet, Wang Zhong was not only able to accomplish that, he was also able to match with another person's Soul Power wave band. This was already sufficient to propel him to a terrifying realm.

Perfect control over his Soul Power, and having done the highest level of research in runes, Wang Zhong!

Being right next to him, Grai could get a clearer feel of the meticulous adjustments Wang Zhong had made to his Soul Power.

The more one understood runic imprints, the more one would know the difficulty required to pull that feat off. That difficult level was countless more times that what Carolyn and Rennes were thinking about.

When Wang Zhong had proposed a 2-man fusion runic array, his first response was also "That's impossible.". Even though he knew that Wang Zhong was able to adjust his Soul Power frequency and amplitude, this was a runic array! He would need to make adjustments for every single change and transformation, which happens every single second! Furthermore, one would need to match them completely to a tick! As long as there was just a slight deviation or slip-up, like a mismatch of frequency or amplitude, or a sliver of difference in their strength output, the entire runic array would collapse as a result.

However, Wang Zhong was able to accomplish that. During the entire process of constructing that big of a runic array, he had made not made even a slightest slip-up...

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