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"Could he be as outstanding of an assassin as Emily? With his age and the Assassin Family's strict requirements placed on their members, I think that Ma Dong might be another one of Tianjing's trump cards!"

"That's a possibility!" Ruo Zhi said while nodding his head. "One can feel his level of confidence just from the calm and unperturbed expression he has on his face! He's about to face the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor's mainstay soldier, yet he's not showing the slightest bit of dread or worry! Only with sufficient confidence will one be able to maintain their coolheadedness!"

Ruo Zhi's earnest analysis had almost caused the Tianjing preparatory area and the students in Tianjing Academy to laugh their bellies out. Everyone was all too clear about the extent of Ma Dong's abilities, as he was a famous figure in their academy even before the CHF.

"The great general Ma has graced the stage!"

"The great Ma, huh? Hahaha! Brothers, keep your eyes wide open; our academy's mascot is gracing the stage!"

"There's really no one that can rival the pretentiousness of our president! Only those who don't know would not fear him!"

On the stage, Rassen's expression gradually turned solemn, while he started to quietly make preparations. Ever since he had locked onto his would-be opponent, he had not felt any threat from the latter at all.

However, it was in the absence of threats that the danger was at its greatest!

Just like Mo Wen, Wang Zhong and Grai... all of them had treated the concealment of their true abilities as their way of life. That wasn't a feat that any random expert could accomplish! On the contrary, those who meticulously kept up a false front were extremely easy to read. However, this Ma Dong...

He couldn't be read, nor seen through!

Frankly speaking, it was an extremely simple task for Martial Ghost Divine Emperor to analyze Ma Dong from the information that was available about him. However, who in the right mind would have expected this leader to suddenly appear on stage as one of Tianjing's main fighters? They basically hadn't bothered researching Ma Dong's abilities in detail.

The Rassen on stage was completely different from before. Faced a fellow whose information has never been taken note of by his family, it would be completely false to say that he didn't have any dread present in his heart.

Perhaps, this would be a rather difficult fight... However, regardless of that, he definitely needed to win!

Rassen took a deep breath, before cautiously raising his runic sword before his chest.

Match begin!

However, before Rassen could rush forward, the other party had already opened his mouth.

"How are you." Ma Dong sounded rather calm and gentle. There was not a sliver of antagonistic intent radiating from him. Instead, he felt like a senior that was preparing to inquire about something from a freshman.

Rassen's expression turned slightly stiff, as he started to ponder whether or not he should reply. He had rushed straight into combat, yet his opponent's mysterious actions have caused dread to form in his heart. Nevertheless, it was this instant of hesitation that made him unable to take one more step forwards, resulting in him looking over towards Ma Dong with vigilance, with the intention of hearing what the latter has prepared for himself.

However, the great president Ma's following sentence caused everyone to develop the impulsion to vomit blood.

"The greeting's been said." Ma Dong gave a slight smile. "Now, goodbye. Hi referee, I've not slept well yesterday, so I'll surrender."


Rassen felt slightly dumbfounded. Not only him, the countless fans in the audience who were cheering for him in anticipation were also dumbfounded by his words, causing the enthusiastic and passionate atmosphere to rapidly turn cold.

What was that?

"What do I mean? Is it really hard to understand? Take my words at straight value! I surrender!" with a carefree and confidence turn, Ma Dong hopped out of the stage in the next instant. When he had walked up onto the stage, he was afraid that his legs weren't able to carry him out of the stage fast enough, even though just a single step was enough for that.

Sur, surrender? What's more, what's with that inevitable appearance! Wasn't that too shameless?!

Shameless? Shame your mother! This is called the art of war!

The great president Ma was successfully in returning back, returning back to the evil clutches of Milami, who was on the brink of tears from all of her laughing.

Countless people had their jaws wide agape. The high hopes for this freshman turned into silence in an instant, before transforming into roaring laughter.

Frankly speaking, curses and abusive words would definitely appear if this was committed by another squadron. Despite it being Tianjing, if not for Wang Zhong and Grai's victory and shows of might, Ma Dong would definitely be cursed to death by everyone.

However, there was only amusement and laughter present in the hearts of the audience. At this point, Tianjing was already severely lacking in manpower, and were indeed left with their last options. Sending their captain Ma Dong up was a clear indication of how high they valued a victory in this match.

"This...I thought his was some hidden Boss! In the end, he turns out to be a joke! Look at how gaudy he had dressed up in! I assumed that he's like Napier Mo!"

"Ha. There's actually people like that in an assassin family like Assassin? Is he doing so specifically to throw away Assassin's face?"

"Where's the morality, where's the morality?"

"This is our great Tianjing, which will never head alone an ordinary path!"

Pomo was on the brink of tears as he roared out in laughter. "I've really never imagined that there would be anyone in the entire universe more shameless and thick-skinned than Noriba! That fellow's the ancestor of all jokes!"

"You're the joke! Your entire family's a joke!" Noriba gave a powerful counter-attack while rolling his eyes. That fellow had walked up onto the stage basically for the sake of showing off! He had immediately left the stage after surrendering! Why the need for such bombastic actions? The faces of the Gui Family members have already turned jet black. Not only did he surrender, he had also made sure to leave people hanging! That idiot Rassen! He didn't even have the ability to judge his opponent! He should have smashed that fellow to the brink of death!

In a distant place a thousand miles away, there were people fuming with anger from the earlier spectacle. That was precisely Ma Dong's 5th uncle, Asuma, who was on the brink of shouting. "What was that! Does he know that he is a member of the Assassin Family? That a deliberate attempt to shame our family! Why doesn't he let other people go up onto the stage! What exactly does he want to do!"

The loss he suffered in Tianjing had resulted in his nephew being given the complete cold shoulder by the old master. Not only did he lose his benefits, he had also lost the might and status he had within the family. Regardless of his superficial happiness for the family's rise in status, he obviously has negative and hostile feelings towards Ma Dong. Therefore, how would he not grab hold of any opportunity to vent his frustration towards the latter!

Frankly speaking, Asuma's roars weren't without any basis. Ma Dong's actions have indeed smeared their Assassin's name. They would still be able to claim the absence of any relationship if Ma Dong was just a branch member. However, at this very moment, he had control at least half of the most important project the Assassin Family was developing, their new city. With such a high status, anything he did in public would reflect on the entirety of the Assassin Family. Regardless of it being purely due to his actions, or was it due to jealousy, there were quite a few elders that have already made similar responses to Asuma.

However, compared to them, Tumo Assassin pressed his hand down lightly before saying in an indifferent voice. " If you're able to obtain a golden slab, or you can obtain the new territory at Tianjing for the family to develop, if you're able to make connections with an expert like the Fate Master, you can do whatever you want in public. I'll take up the responsibility to clean your asses."

With a faint smile, he swept his gaze across everyone around him, before resting it onto Asuna. "However, if you are unable to accomplish those, then you jolly well manage what you say. Assassin only needs one voice and absolute unity. Looks like it has been a while since the family discipline has been enforced, huh? Looks like all of you have forgotten about it!"

His indifferent tone caused everyone around him to turn silent in fear. Cold sweat surfaced on Asuna's forehead, as he lowered his head in obedience, while the shades of envy and fury present with his eyes gradually faded away!

Stopping to care about those around him, Tumo focused his attention back to that calm figure being shown on the Skylink, who appeared to be not satisfied with his victory in his duel. Was this really an ordinary youth from Tianjing?"

Even if he was beaten to death, Tumo would never believe that anyone who wasn't naive or new into the world would dare to be unafraid of the Gui Family. That Wang Zhong was precisely that, as he had a gaze and pride that was solely possessed by experts. This Wang Zhong definitely has an immeasurable influence standing behind him, something that their Assassin Family wanted. They wanted to escape the confines of being a mere assassin aristocratic family, only being able to shuttle through the underworld, never to show themselves in the light. They wanted to become famous! However, all of these would have a necessary requirement of having an absolute expert as their backer. However, these super experts would never be interested in a "little family" like their Assassins, with seemingly all of them either being monopolized by the 10 great families, or be general level existences within the Federation's armed forces. Tumo hoped for Wang Zhong to give Assassin this opportunity to break out, and all of his hopes rested on Ma Dong's back. That's because he was the most outstanding Assassin Family member in terms of creating friendships and maintaining trust. The wiser the person, the clearer they would see that flaunting one's cleverness in front of those experts would have the same effect as seeking death, If there were people within the family that could see this point, he wouldn't mind given the family a cleansing.

The gidst of this match have already been formed, with both squadrons tied at a 2:2 score. Now, everyone was already focusing on the start of the group battle, with there being not important use for the 5th duel.

If any other squadron was in Tianjing's shoes, they might give their all for the sake of showing their tenacity or for the face of their squadron. However, this was Tianjing, and they won't go out to do matters that held no meaning. There were some people who would let their members go up onto the stage even though the duel had no influence on the overall situation. Wang Zhong had evaluated the dangers present as well as the tempering a fight would bring for his members. However, for Colby and Ma Dong, there really was no need for them to risk their lives.

For the 5th duel, Colby was up against the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor's mainstay ranged soldier, resulting in him surrendering immediately without any delay. That's because he could really feel the thick murderous aura radiating from his opponent. As long as he drags on for a a little bit of time, even if he doesn't die, he would still suffer serious injuries at the very minimum. He did not have the slightest doubt towards the vicious nature of the Gui Family. After Gui Hao was defeated, the Gui Family have already turned irritated and violent.

Despite having lost 2 successive duels, not only were there no curses being hurled by fans, there was instead a wave of applause. Frankly speaking, this was the charm and charisma of brother King. To his genuine fans, even his fart would become nice smelling. Any decision he makes would be wholehearted supported by them . Furthermore, the truth could also be used to prove that Wang Zhong's decisions have basically never been wrong.

The final score for the duelling phase ended in a 3:2 lead for Martial Ghost Divine Emperor. Despite them having a small advantage, be it their fans in the audience or the squadron itself, all of them had black clouds looming over them, with solemn expressions present on their faces, appearing no different from having suffered a loss.

At this point in time, Gui Hao had already woken up. Nevertheless, his body was extremely weak, appearing as though his body endured the wastage of having stayed in space, while a void had replaced the glow present in his eyes.

Ever since birth, he had never, ever suffered a defeat on this magnitude. Regardless of the stage or place, he was held as an ruler like existence that everyone looked up to. Only he hand the qualifications to find people to step on! However, today, this had rebounded, with him being the one that was utterly stepped on.

His strength, dignity, pride, arrogance, and even his body, was stepped and squashed into a miserable state.

The fires of anger still burned within him. However, he appeared to have lost the oxygen required to keep the fire alive, causing the fire within him flip repeatedly between anger and one of torment.

Gui Hao's mind was completely blank, with him appeared to have lost his soul.

The stadium was now filled with the noisy buzz of discussions, as people were chatting excitedly for the upcoming grop battle. Those sharped eye people present in the majority of the squadrons present her have already made a clear judgement and verdict for it. This was especially true for Stuart, Vladimir and Heaven's Fate Academy, who had a rather clear understanding of Gui Hao.

That fellow was too prideful and too conceited. Ever since his appearance, his had never suffered such a blow before. Wang Zhong's suppression as well as the embarassing butt squash that ended the fight would make anyone believe the low probability of Gui Hao being able to stand up and participate for the upcoming group battle. Not only did he suffered injuries to his body, his entire world have definitely collapsed as a result.

Coupled with Gui Hao collapsing, the situation that Martial Ghost Divine Emperor was faced with would be Gui Xinying bringing along 2 substitutes and 2 mainstays to deal with Wang Zhong and Grai.

Was there any chance for victory? Naturally, there was a chance.

First of all, Tianjing's Scarlet and Emily were similarly unable to participate. Other that Wang Zhong and Grai, there really wasn't anyone else that could be of any threat to them.

Furthermore, the Gui Family was extremely proficient in group battle techniques. If they were able to come up with formation, they might be able to contain Wang Zhong up, and let Gui Xinying dispose of him. Being one of the 10 great Mo's List soldiers, she definitely possessed the strength to deal with Grai in a 1 on 1. After all, she had indeed displayed some god-like combat techniques earlier in this match. After Gui Hao's fight, everyone had came to a realization that gorgeous and exaggerated techniques were just for show. However, a good technique was one that was able to reap a life with a single strike.

However, all of these possiblities were only an idealistic dream. In reality, with the skill and strength level Wang Zhong and Grai possessed, it was extremely ,extremely difficult to split them apart in combat! Furthermore, what if Wang Zhong chooses to use the cross wheels? Would the Gui Family's substitutes have the chance to get close and surround him?

Why does it feel that the Gui Family would really have to kneel down in defeat this time around!

The various doubts and horrible situation have caused the Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fan regions to be filled with a pessimistic atmopshere that was unlike the spirited one that was present at the start of the match. These Martial Ghost Divine Emperor fans were already unable to hype themselves up. Just the thought of the process Tianjing had endured to walk all the way to here would cause even the most cautious to feel their hearts turn cold. Although they don't have the quantity of personnel like other squadrons, the combined strength of Wang Zhong and Grai cannot be matched. The only hope the Gui Family has was to use Gui Xinying's terrifying Dimensional Spiritual Soul combat techniques to flip the advantage to their side. However, all of these could only be theoratical possiblities in the face of Wang Zhong and Grai's combat prowess.

Time continued to tick by. While the Gui Family and their supporters were all feeling extremely tormented by the situation, Tianjing on the other hand was feeling much more calm, and were even filled with hope and anticipation. It was extremely rare for both Wang Zhong and Grai to remain in an extremely good state for the group battle. Naturally, the rest before the group battle was also extremely important, especially for Wang Zhong. Grai should have already rest enough. As for Wang Zhong, in his earlier intense battle against Gui Hao, everything he did, including the summon of his mysterious dimensional beast, would be rather taxing on his strength. Nevertheless, everyone believed that All Mouthy King's tenacity would result in the earlier fight not have too much of an effect in the group battle!

Finally, after much anticipation, the group battle was about to start. The lineup fielded by the Gui Family had unexpectedly included the half dead Gui Hao walking in the lead! It seemed that he had already made a complete recovery! Regardless of that, it had given their supporters sufficient confidence to start their cheering once again. Regardless of what method the Gui Family had done, a Gui Hao would cause the group battle to change entirely!

Gui Hao, would was limp and covered in a daze when he had left the stage earlier, had now retured with what seemed like a recovered form.

A gloomy expression blanketed the face that was filled with fury and murderous aura. Following behind him was Gui Xinying, Rassen, the mainstay ranged soldier Wilhelma, as well as the substitute assassin 18th Ghost.

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