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### Chapter 106 - God made women to be loved by men

A woman's soft and soft boneless body was pressed against his sturdy waist. It should have been a beautiful scene, but Feng Xinglang instead felt a deep chill. It came out of somewhere in his heart and flowed all the way to his fist.

It was as if his heavy punch could hit a woman at any time!

Although Feng Xinglang didn't have the same tender feelings for the fairer sex as his assistant Ye Xiaonian, he still wouldn't use such violent means against a woman.

Towards women, Feng Xinglang still pitied them!

In his view, God created women to be loved by men.

But Lan Youyou was an exception!

Because what Lan Youyou had done was completely linked to 'viciousness' and 'the heart of the snake and the scorpion'! No matter how delicate, poignant, and pitiful she was at the moment, she could not change Feng Xinglang's opinion of her!

Feng Xinglang knew very well that Lan Youyou was a woman who could instantly disguise herself as anything!

The more beautiful something was, the stronger its poison would be! Lan Youyou was such a beautiful woman with extremely strong poisons!

With Feng Xinglang's current state of mind, he really wanted to go back and strangle this woman, then bring her before his big brother Feng Lixin and have her kowtow in atonement.

Feng Xinglang had thought of many ways to deal with Lan Youyou. But none of them would be what she wanted now: hug her!

This woman was hugging him with her hands that were dyed her big brother's blood!

His handsome eyebrows slowly tightened, signalling that the anger in Feng Xinglang's body was slowly accumulating. And then it exploded at a point on the verge of unstoppable.

"Ah Lang... I know you hate me. When I found out that Feng Lixin was your big brother, I knew that it was already over between us … I don't ask you to forgive me. Because I'm already unforgivable in your mind, right? However, this doesn't stop me from liking you so much! Ah Lang... "

The woman sobbed softly, not knowing which of her words were true and which were false.

The only thing he could feel was that the woman's arms around his waist had never relaxed.

She held him tightly, just like that summer, that sunny afternoon. She hugged him just like that as she stared fearlessly at those people …

Slowly, Feng Xinglang released the hand that was tightly grabbing onto the collar of his assistant Ye Xiaonian; then, he slowly turned around and tenderly lifted the woman's chin so that she could look him in the eye.

He was in no hurry to ask the woman who the mastermind was. Instead, he carefully examined her face, using the tip of his thumb to wipe away the blood stains and dust on Lan Youyou's beautiful face.

"Look at your face, it's not beautiful anymore! Have you forgotten that Ah Lang likes the clean and fragrant Princess Youyou? "

Feng Xinglang's actions were so gentle that it was as if one could pinch water from a pinch. The look he gave Lan Youyou with his eyes was similarly tender and gentle like water.

It was as if at this moment, they were like two lovers who had fallen in love, staring deeply at each other.

A flash of absent-mindedness passed through Lan Youyou's eyes: It seems that time can really go back to the past. Her first encounter with him had been bloody and romantic.

Could she and him really go back to that time? Of course, Lan Youyou hoped that she and Feng Xinglang could return to the past. That starting point where nothing happened. Therefore, she stared deeply into the man's eyes, wanting to read some information from them.

"Darling, tell Ah Lang, who was the person who ordered you to do this?"

Feng Xinglang's patience did not seem to be enough, after just a few caresses, he could not wait to find out who the mastermind was from Lan Youyou.

It could be seen that he did not like being too close to Lan Youyou.

How could he bear to coax a woman whose hands were stained with the blood of his elder brother?

Especially since Lan Youyou was such a meticulous woman.

For a split-second, she could read the hatred under the man's eyes. Thus, she immediately recovered from her previous trance and deep feeling. So the tenderness of a man was just a means for him to reach his goal.

It was just that this feeling was too short! It was so short that before Lan Youyou could sink into his gentle trap, he had already begun to pull back his net.

If it was just a little bit longer, just a little bit more deep in love, Lan Youyou felt that he might really be stuck inside.

This man had such charm! Every time she looked at him, she felt as happy as a flower.

Even though the man's eyes were filled with rage! It couldn't stop the illusion Lan Youyou had of this man.

She really hoped that one day, she would be able to put on a pure white wedding dress and walk into the marriage hall with this man. She wanted to give him many children, surround him by his knees, and continuously call him 'Daddy' …

That scene was so sweet that it made her intoxicated!

However, the cruel reality forced Lan Youyou to return to his senses. She was the one who had indirectly killed his big brother Feng Lixin, how could he let this malicious woman go! He must hate him!

Lan Youyou was smiling, smiling in such a bright and beautiful manner, even though he was trapped, he was still as noble as a princess of the royal family.

"Ah Lang, you haven't hugged me yet, why do you want to ask me a question? It's not that cheap! "

Lan Youyou was still laughing. He was smiling so innocently. It was impossible to associate her with a venomous woman.

Suddenly, Feng Xinglang tightened both of her arms, and she sank deep into his embrace. He was hugged so tightly that even breathing was no longer easy.

"Are you satisfied with this hug?"

Feng Xinglang was also laughing. His smile was filled with hostility. It was as if she would use violence to strangle this woman the very next second.

"So tight... Too violent! I can't even breathe! " Lan Youyou buried his head deep into Feng Xinglang's Hunchback as he smiled bashfully.

"Then what about it?" Feng Xinglang loosened his arms slightly.

"Um... But it's not enough. Because I haven't heard the sound of your heart beating faster! "

Lan Youyou raised her head, and pressed her cheek against the spot where Feng Xinglang's heart was, she was deeply disappointed and sorrowful. She asked with a soft and weeping voice: "Feng Xinglang, do you still have heart?"

"Tell me quickly... "Who is that person?" Feng Xinglang was starting to get impatient.

What he was doing now was undoubtedly to get news of that person from the woman's mouth. He completely ignored the feelings of a woman who loved him, and he had no interest in reading them.

Using Feng Lixin's words: Besides hatred, Feng Xinglang's soul could no longer contain anything else. Besides revenge, it was also revenge.

"That person... It's me! " Lan Youyou laughed out loud. It was as clear and clean as an oriole.

"Lan Youyou, are you f * * king messing with me?"

Feng Xinglang grabbed Lan Youyou's long hair and pulled her beautiful face back.

"Tell me, who is that person? Otherwise, laozi would really kill you! "

"I've already said it, that person is me, Lan Youyou! Kill me! "

Lan Youyou clearly knew: If he told Feng Xinglang this, it would be equivalent to sending him on a road of no return. But she wanted him to live. Thus, even if she died, she couldn't say it out loud.

"Do you really think I won't kill you?" Feng Xinglang grabbed Lan Youyou's neck, almost lifting her up from the ground.

With his breath cut off, Lan Youyou could only bear the pain; she even forgot to struggle.

She stared deeply at the man's face that was twisted due to his anger, and let out a mournful smile. Smile all the time.

Lan Youyou thought: Even if I die, I have to leave a beautiful face in front of this man's eyes.

"Brother Lang, let go of me now … "Let go!" The moment when Lan Youyou's energy was running thin, he mustered his courage and rushed over, "Brother Lang, only with her alive can Brother Lixin have any hope of being cured!"

It was unknown what words Ye Xiaonian had said that moved Feng Xinglang, but in the end, Feng Xinglang released his hand. Maybe it was just as Ye Xiaonian had said, the most pressing matter right now was to send big brother Feng Lixin to America for further treatment.

If he wasn't willing to go, or wasn't willing to cooperate, then no matter how good his medical skills were, it would be useless.

I have to take my life back from Feng Xinglang's hands again? Lan Youyou was not sad because of the torture just now.

Even though he was coughing and panting heavily …

"Feng Xinglang, I knew you wouldn't want to kill me! You like me, don't you? " After being able to breathe on his own, Lan Youyou once again started to provoke Feng Xinglang's bottom line.

"Is that so..." Feng Xinglang stretched his voice, slightly bowing his tall and straight body, he said leisurely: "But this time you are really wrong! It's true that I don't want to kill you, but that's not because I like it! "It's that I don't want you to die so easily!"

"Words are not true!" Lan Youyou smiled shyly.

She was always able to quickly change between the cool elegance of a noble and the innocence of a pure person.

But there were times when she was real. For example, just now:

When she was hugging Feng Xinglang tightly …

When she was listening to Feng Xinglang's heartbeat with her face pressed against his;

When she said 'But these don't stop me from liking you so much' …

"You'll know soon enough whether or not it's true that words don't mean what they say!" Feng Xinglang took the towel that Ye Xiaonian handed over to him and wiped away the dirt on his hand.

Then, he threw the towel on Lan Youyou's body. It was as if he was expressing his stance: In my eyes, you, Lan Youyou, are just like this dirty towel! It's only a matter of time before I abandon you!

Feng Xinglang turned around, as if he was not even willing to take a single glance at Lan Youyou who had collapsed on the ground.

As she watched the man leave the GK Corporation's underground storage room, Lan Youyou's crystal clear tears finally rolled down her doll-like face.

Ah Lang, if the one who replaced you to die was not your brother Feng Lixin, but me, Lan Youyou, would you also remember me like how you remembered your brother Feng Lixin?

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