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Chapter 56 – Grai

"Behave yourselves!" Ma Dong shouted, his eyes turning into slits. "Grai hid such an ace up his sleeve. When did he hire such a fan group? How much did it cost?"

"As if he needs to buy one. What a president, he doesn't even understand his members," Emily said as she shot a look at Ma Dong. "Grai is currently the king of popularity among the first years. This is the mysterious prince on a white horse!"

"President, Grai has also donated an entire library's worth of books to the academy," added Barran.

Ma Dong's brain subconsciously calculated the costs. A new library's worth of books for a heroic soul academy… he thought about it and then cursed. Fuck, how much is that!? Is this brat… actually one of those tall, handsome, and rich fellows?

"Why didn't you say so earlier!?" shouted Ma Dong suddenly as he stomped his feet and hammered his chest. "I miscalculated. If I'd known this earlier, then I would've asked Grai to read that Heavenly Dragon Ice Room advertisement! This president would've doubled his earnings!"

"Pretty boy, if you don't want to die, then just lie down and surrender," Adams said contemptuously. For those of the soldier department, the most bothersome sort of people were fellows who grandstand. They were even more hated than Ma Dong.

This person wore a full set of armour and was armed to the teeth with weapons. His hands held a roughly two-meter-long great sword that emanated a domineering air. He proceeded to stab the weapon into the ground, creating a loud roar that shook the entire arena.

"Who is this ugly monster?" The girls at the stands didn't like Adams.

"Sob sob sob sob. My heart's in pain. My most handsome Grai is actually going to fight against an ugly monster!"

"Careful Grai, it would be too disgusting if his dirty hands touched you!"

The entire arena was filled with the voices and comments of women, causing all of the men to abruptly stop in their tracks.

Dammit, pretty boys were surely the most disgusting!

What Grai? Since he's only a freshman, he can go and die!

At this moment, everyone else stood on Adams' side. They were anticipating his great sword wreaking havoc on that pretty boy's face. How great would that feel!?

A Great Sword Heavy Soldier!

A faint smile of satisfaction appeared on Lu Zhan Tian's lips. Adams was his right hand man and also one of the top five heavy soldiers in the soldier department. He couldn't instruct Reeves' subordinates, but his own men had already received his orders. They were to viciously oppress these fellows. He wanted to take this rare opportunity to build up his own prestige!

"In the end, can this guy handle this fight?" Ma Dong was secretly sweating. "I know about Adams; he's a representative of the highest standard of our academy."

The reason why Tianjing Academy had declined was due to their special ability soldiers being too weak. On the other hand, the standards of their soldiers was still considered adequate.

But in the end, Emily was a member of the Assassin clan while Grai could definitely be titled a 'mere nobody'. Although his talents was considered excellent, training him would still require some time.

Furthermore, from the look of his thin stature, Grai was more or less walking the path of an assassin, focusing on agility. When faced with a great sword heavy soldier that was both armed and fully equipped…

This was a freshman versus a third-year. Even if both were of the same standard, an assassin would just be asking to be oppressed when faced with a great sword heavy soldier in an arena like this one!

In actual fact, it wasn't only Ma Dong who thought this, but all of the spectators in the entire arena more or less agreed with this. All except Wang Zhong.

"Let's see what happens," said Wang Zhong as he laughed. He was quite confident about Grai. "In my opinion, this fight wouldn't take too much time."

"Please guide me, senior," said Grai as he bowed respectfully.

"Such an awesome temperament!"

"He's too handsome!"

"I'll only love you for all eternity!"

Adams couldn't endure it any longer. Any ordinary young man wouldn't be able to endure such a thing. Adams wanted to wreck this pretty boy up!

"Where's your weapon?" Adams asked in a deep voice.

Grai smiled faintly and said, "My two hands are my weapons."

These pair of hands were white and slender, akin to the hands of a pianist or artist.

Instantly, all of the girls in the arena let out cries that battered everyone like a surging tide. Grai was just too handsome!

This time around, not even Ma Dong could continue to watch this play out. This bastard was just too pretentious and even more shameless than he. Just look at his fully armed opponent. Would he even be able to break through that defense if Adams just stood there and let Grai smack him all day?

Adams revealed a fiendish grin as he knew what game this brat was playing. This brat actually wanted him to show mercy because he wasn't using any weapons. This was just asking for death!

With a cold snort, he kicked off lightly and pulled his great sword out of the arena floor. A large chunk of the floor was broken off as he did so.

When the two-meter-long great sword was held in Adams' hands, it seemed as light as a wooden toy sword!

He lightly tapped the point of the sword against the ground and pried up a chunk of the arena floor. The pieces of debris was then shot at Grai's face.

At the same time, the great sword rushed forward with an explosive burst. Like an arrow, this irresistible force was chopped down at Grai's head.


This sword strike was filled with the mountainous pressure of a heavy soldier's attack. It was also mixed with countless pieces of debris, making it even harder to see clearly!

"Dodge it! Did you turn stupid!?" Ma Dong shouted. When faced with this kind of attack, anyone would've given up and dodged it.

A heavy soldier would only showcase his explosive speed in a charging attack. This was a tempered defensive and counterattack lethal technique. While it was instinctive, one should never look at a heavy soldier's defense and use it to measure their instantaneous speed.

Yet, it seemed as though Grai was so frightened that he'd turned dumb and couldn't move a single ince!

Pretty boys should have the intuitions of pretty boys. Being pretentious in the arena was the same as asking for death!

Of course, Adams wouldn't dare to kill him. He had no qualms, however, for beating Grai and inflicting serious injuries on him.

Everyone turned dumbfounded, and even those girls who'd been shouting fiercely had now quieted down due to their fright. There were even a few who closed their eyes.


Yet, contrary to their imagination, a violent collision didn't happen.

What rang out was a faint sound, and the screen pointing at the arena was fixed on a scene.

Adams was holding up his two-meter-long great sword high in the air, looking as though he were a lumberjack.

And beneath his huge body, Grai's own was covered up, making him barely visible.

A finger had pierced the gap between Adam's head and breastplate. Adam's neck now looked extremely weak and frail.

Grai withdrew his hand and retreated a few steps, standing straight.


Adams collapsed to the ground with a crash. When that heavy armour collided with the arena floor, it created a loud bang!

Complete silence filled the arena as they all thought, Would Adams stand up?

It almost seemed like a duck's egg could be stuffed in Ma Dong's mouth. What the fuck was this all about!?

A strange glow flickered across Wang Zhong's eyes as he thought, Interesting. Very interesting. A lethal strike at a weak point.

Grai had stepped forward one step during the instant Adams was about to reach him. Although this step looked slow and soft, it was in fact so fast that it created an afterimage. After that, an impossibly accurate finger strike had pierced through all of Adams' defenses.

The point below the adam's apple was an absolute weak point. This was an Achilles Heel not only for one's body, but also for one's defense. Without even mention him just collapsing, a bit more force and that would've been lethal.

Wang Zhong could sense that Adams, laying on the ground, was still breathing had only fainted. This showed that Grai had a frightening level of control over his strength and was also capable of assessing the capabilities of his opponent.

From the looks of it, Grai didn't seem to suffer from any harm. He looked extremely relaxed and even showed a faint smile on his face. Silence filled the entire arena for just a moment before a deafening roar erupted in an instant.


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