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Chapter 625: Barbarian Valley, The Life and Death of Seven Color City (2)

Inside the Barbarian Valley, Chu Tianlin rode on his black Warbeast Mo Ye quickly on the slope.

The entire slop was filled with leopard species corpses. Fresh blood flowed like a river, flowing off the slope. Looking at this scene, Chu Tianlin's heart was filled with extreme shock.

Past the slope, the mountain path ahead was spacious and the warm scenery of a valley appeared.

However, this valley that was filled with level green grass and short plants was flowing with blood like a river. There were so many corpses it was difficult to count. In such a short amount of time, they had unexpectedly killed so many leopards. 

Following the trail of corpses, Chu Tianlin was still unable to find Chu Mu's traces. 

""Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!!!!"

Suddenly, a thunderous sound rang out ahead causing the entire valley to tremble!!

This unexpectedly wasn't a creature's roar, but the angry roar of a group of creatures!

Chu Tianlin was astonished and hastily rode on his Warbeast Mo Ye in that direction. The further they ran, the more they discovered a black mass of objects surging forward into the valley from three sides.

Chu Tianlin was too far away and was unable to clearly see what they were. The black mass of objects resembled a black cloud descending on the ground, before filling the center of the valley from above the precipitous mountain range!

The mountain range was tall and precipitous, but was completely covered by the black cloud mass. This scene looked shocking!

Gradually, after the black cloud had surged down, Chu Tianheng finally saw the scene carefully. It was the countless population of the leopard species legion angrily surging down to the center of the valley from their nest!

The majesty they emanated was boundless. Chu Tianlin was standing on the side of the valley where there were no creatures, but he still felt he was about to be devoured by the leopard legion tide!

Finally, the majority of the leopard species had congregated in the center!

"Hong hong hong hong!!!!!!!!"

The loud sound of a landslide and earthquake rang out!

Enormous fissures began to suddenly appear in the valley in front of Chu Tianlin. Looking on, he abruptly discovered an incomparably large sinkhole in front of him!

This sinkhole was a trap that was sprung when the leopards attacked. Watching from far away, Chu Tianlin saw the tide of leopards funnel into the sinkhole!

Immediately after, a terrifying miserable scream rang out of the valley. The sound travelled to the clouds and out of the valley, even reaching the distant part of the mountain range! 

This was the screams of innumerable of leopards before their deaths!

The sinkhole was an enormous trap. Every one of the leopards that fell into it were killed by the rampant python-like pavilion wood roots inside. Their corpses began to pile up and their blood formed a lake, spilling into the tens of thousands of leopards.

Chu Tianlin was stunned in place. Watching such an enormous leopard species be obliterated so quickly, he even forgot that he had come here to tell Chu Mu and the others about the leopard tribe communication information. But now, he was watching the leopard legion that was surging and imposing like an an ocean be completely silenced in such a short period! 

A long while later, Chu Tianlin finally reacted. He hastily urged his Warbeast Mo Ye to run towards the large trap.

The sinkhole was enormous, and was like a small lake. Chu Tianlin ran along the side of the sinkhole, looking at the pile of leopard corpses quickly flowing out of there. His heart couldn't help but slightly palpitate.

"Second uncle has come!" on the other side of the enormous sinkhole, Chu He watched Chu Tianlin rush over along the side of the sinkhole.

Chu Xian's face was pale as she crouched next to Chu Mu. In front of her were corpses that were slowly piling up. She had already thrown up many times, and was now retching. 

Her mental fortitude was slightly lacking, and the scene of countless corpses piling up in a trap was too bloody. Even Chu Lang and Chu He weren't even willing to look at it. 

Jian Shang and Guo Li were better off, and didn't react at such a savage scene. However, their expressions still showed that they hadn't quite recovered from the shock of this enormous technique. 

Such a terrifying group massacre. It was something only an emperor should have been able to do. They found it very hard to believe therefore that a peak monarch rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier was able to create such astonishing destructive power. 

The remaining parts of the panther tribe were barely a threat. Chu Xian, Chu Lang, Chu He, Jian Shang and Guo Li's soul pets all cleaned up while Chu Mu summoned the Ghost King to stuff the plethora of beats corpses. 

The smell of blood would easily attract numerous soul pet communities over. Therefore, after such a large scale massacre, they had to leave. If they didn't, they would have to immediately bury them. Moreover, if too many corpses were piled up, it would be easy for a plague to emerge.

"Second uncle, what's the matter?" Chu Mu was calm as if everything was normal. He glanced at Chu Tianlin arriving. 

Chu Tianlin finally reacted to this question and hastily said: "The leopard tribe has already mobilized and is already heading towards Barbarian Valley. They will probably arrive in under two hours!"

Chu Mu creased his brows. The appearance of the leopard tribe was much faster than Chu Mu imagined. It seemed that he didn't have a chance to rest and could only continue fighting!

"You guys stay here and continue clearing up the rest of the community. I will head out and have them begin to migrate in." said Chu Mu.

"Then what about the many corpses?"asked Chu He, confused. 

"After everyone enters, have a thousand people with servant rank soul pets clean up the battlefield. Soul cores, soul crystals and inner crystals are all food for soul pets. If the Western Marsh tribe arrives, we will have to stay a long time in the valley." said Chu Mu. 

"Then what about the blood. Not many people will be willing to clean up…" softly said Chu Lang.

"No worries, once they get used to it they will be fine." Chu Mu didn't say anything further. He immediately brought the Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier, as well as the pitiful appearance small Mo Xie out of the valley.

Jian Shang looked at the enormous lake of blood and flesh. He said: "They are all about to die anyways. How can they afford to care about it being disgusting or not. Truly…" 


Chu Mu's movements were very quick. When he reached the outside of the valley, it had only been about half an hour since the news had arrived.

In other words, the Seven Color City people had an hour and a half to reach the valley. It probably wouldn't be that difficult for thirty thousand people to enter the valley in this time.

"There are still a few remaining leopards in the valley that I was unable to kill off. If you enter the valley now and encounter a leopard, just kill it." Chu Mu said to Chu Tianlin. 

"There are still leopards? Then aren't we entering a valley of leopards?" asked the Chu Family main member who had delivered the information earlier. 

He had originally gone to take a look at the situation, however, the leopard tribe had mobilized and would arrive in an hour or so. There was nowhere to flee even if he wanted to flee so there was no need to scout. 

"All of the remaining ones together don't even surpass the number in a third rank community. You guys can enter." said Chu Mu.

The entire valley wasn't small and if all of the remaining panthers were gathered together, they didn't surpass a third rank species. This was of no threat to everyone. Upon hearing this news, Chu Tianheng and the other Chu Family main members found it slightly hard to believe.

One had to know that inside the valley was a ninth rank community. This was equivalent to the disaster that had attacked Seven Color City over the past few days.

The ninth rank community disaster had lasted for a few days from morning to night so a few civilians had packed their bags and planned on staying outside the valley overnight. 

However, not long after the sun had set, Chu Mu unexpectedly had massacred the ninth rank community to a third rank community. How strong was he to accomplish this?!

"Chu Mu, you really cleared the valley?" Chu Tianheng's face was full of both worry but also moreso of excitement. 

Chu Tianheng was already in a state of half despair. There was only about an hour until the tribe arrived, but Chu Mu's words had ignited his hope again!

"Yes, let's not talk anymore. Have everyone get up and immediately enter the valley. The slope isn't very wide and if thirty thousand people are to all enter, it will take about an hour." Chu Mu seriously said. 

Chu Tianheng didn't dare hesitate and immediately condensed his soul remembrance into a voice, having every Seven Color City civilian enter the valley. 

Chu Tianheng understood that the valley path was limited in size and they couldn't all enter at once. Therefore, regardless if the civilians believed or not if the Barbarian Valley had been cleared, he forcibly had everyone enter the valley.

At the beginning, numerous civilians were nervous. After all, the Barbarian Valley was essentially purgatory to them humans.

The first group of people to enter quickly discovered the leopard corpses all over the ground. They were so scared they didn't dare continue forward. This caused a not small wave of commotion. 

However, quickly, people discovered that aside from the corpses on the slope, there were no living creatures. Under the protection of the Chu Family members, they began to quickly enter the valley. 

Of course, because the scene was so bloody, many people threw up as they walked. They all had pale faces.

"This is too slow. The people at the back will definitely be obliterated by the leopards." Chu Tianheng watched the long group of people entering the valley and his brows creased.

Chu Mu also stood at a higher spot. Right now, he could feel the ground and mountain trembling. Clearly, the leopard tribe was just behind this mountain and would arrive here soon.

"Look, what is that!!" 

"Look at the top of the mountain and at the side of the mountain. The moving black objects. Could it be you guys can't see that?!!"

"Heavens, it's the leopard tribe! They've arrived!!!"

Suddenly, a terrified cry rang out from the civilians in the back!

The shock immediately caused them to cry out. The several thousand people in the back could all see it. Not far away, the brownish-yellow mountain range was gradually covered by black figures. They were rapidly rushing towards them!

It was the leopard tribe!!

The leopard tribe that had enveloped the entire mountain range emitted a beast aura that covered the heaven and earth. Underneath the sunset, they looked hair-raising and painted a terrifying scene that made people's feet tremble!!

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