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"Shi Yan! You dare to come to Empty Land! You court death yourself! Haha, I will get your Power Upanishad Symbol Tower and refine a Lightning Original Symbol!"

Ferrell faced the sky and roared. His roar turned into blazing lightning winding around the city and activating barriers and restriction for defense.

This city of the Ancient Monster Tribe was bestowed to Ferrell by Beverly. Ferrell had strengthened it with his lightning power. At this moment, the entire city walls were filled with terrifying electricity. Each stone had the power of lightning. As he was bellowing, the city seemed to become a massive lightning beast in the earth-shaking thunder.


"Help our Master kill him!"

Hundreds of warriors of the Ancient Monster Tribe controlled the lightning, and surfed on the electric river, roaring and advancing.

All of them were members of the Ancient Monster Tribe under Ferrell's commands. They all cultivated Lightning power Upanishad. This city was changed by Ferrell, which was pretty suitable for them to stay and cultivate their power. In this place, a Third Sky of Incipient God Realm expert could have the power of a First Sky of Immortal Realm expert.

Boom! Boom! Rumble! Rumble!

Massive dark green lightning balls appeared with flashes. They shot out of the wall by Shi Yan and aimed at his chest.

The overbearing lightning and thunder power struck Shi Yan's body. The python-like electricity moved and nibbled inside him, attempting to smash his frame and pounding him into a dough or even ashes.

"Haha, I don't need to labor to find you. Thanks for saving me time and effort." Ferrell was excited and smiling. He stood imposingly like the only God in charge of Lightning and Thunder in this world. The entire lightning strikes and thunderclaps in the city followed his commands.

Boop! Boop! Boop! Boop!

Sounds of popping beans arose from Shi Yan's body. He was slightly shivering, but his face was strangely calm.

"Ferrell, you've made no progress. You think you can swagger around with your First Sky of Territory Ancestor Realm?" Shi Yan looked calm and casual. He moved and a brutal aura shot like a light column into the sky. Instantly, his body grew scale armor and bizarre spikes.

As all the members of the Ancient Monster Tribe were screaming, Shi Yan changed earth-shakingly. He swelled up into a fearsome giant whose head touched the sky and feet trampled the ground. The giant had eyes that were like red suns. His thick murderous aura made people in the cities nearby shiver and discolor.


The giant's hands ripped the city of the Ancient Monster Tribe as if they could actually tear the entire sky. His towering body was several times bigger than this city. He was using both hands and feet to crush the entire city quickly.

The weaving lightning and thunderclaps were like little mosquitoes that couldn't endure one attack. They couldn't even scratch him.

Ferrell looked at Shi Yan, the Giant from the ruins of his city. It was the first time he felt fear.

"Absolute Beginning body! Territory Ancestor Realm!"

He mumbled. Finally, he knew it wasn't his impetuous youth that made Shi Yan come here alone! Shi Yan was sure about his victory!

"Galaxy covers the sky! Sun and moon rotate!"

Roars that shook the sky arose from deep inside the clouds. The brilliant stars emerged one after another and created a vast galaxy. The suns, moons, and stars twirled. The scorching lights and cold beams shot together with meteors.

The Ancient Monster Tribe warriors vomited blood when they saw the mysterious galaxy.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

As Skyfall Star River covered them, their soul altars cracked without any signs. Then, their soul altars shattered and became ashes.


"Run for your life!"

The high-realm warriors of the Ancient Monster Tribe screamed ear-piercingly and tried to leave as fast as they could.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As soon as they wanted to leave, they found an invisible barrier that was a thick space wall blocking their exit.

Space energy rippled like waves and sealed the entire area.

Unless they had reached the Territory Ancestor Realm, no one could break that space seal. They were fixed at their spots.

"Sir Ferrell, help us!"

"Please help us!"

The six beautiful girls of the Ancient Monster Tribe cultivating Lightning power Upanishad had to move and duck all the time. They were flustered and disheveled as they tried to break the wall to run away. However, at their realms, they didn't have any hope.

The pretty girl that had laughed at Kelan was pathetic. She begged Ferrell to protect her.

"Shi Yan! If you attack me, you will have to face the entire Ancient Monster Tribe! You won't have a decent end!"

Ferrell roared. Lightning balls shelled from his territory. They moved in the sky and swelled into big continents with winding electricity. Altogether, they barged into Shi Yan's Absolute Beginning body.

The continents with the Essence of Lightning power Upanishad were intimidating and they were the nemesis of creatures in soul form. If Audrey was here, her brutal souls and ghosts from the Soul Refining Cauldron would burn to ashes.

Anyway, Shi Yan wasn't afraid. He used his body to receive the attack from the lightning continents.


Shi Yan was now a fearsome giant with a pair of mountain-like legs. He trampled the continents and smashed them into pieces.

Skyfall Star River hovered above his head. While his thoughts changed, it became a constellation of a massive bear. It was the star energy from Skyfall Star River. The giant bear roared, its voice echoing through Empty Land. Many warriors were shaken hard.

The giant beard made of stars pounded its chest and stomped its feet, turning into a jet of light that aimed at the lightning balls above Ferrell's head.


The earth-destroying explosions arose above Ferrell's head. All the lightning balls that contained Ferrell's pure Dark Energy exploded at once.

"The fortress of the Ancient Monster Tribe is in a war!"

"Absolute Beginning creature! It's an Absolute Beginning creature!"

"Gosh! What's going on?"

Warriors in different cities of different forces could feel the commotion of the great battle. After being dazed, the warriors who thought they were strong enough began to head to that area.

Many people who knew Shi Yan like Tu Shi Qi and his wife Ya Yun, Dragon Lizard, the White Bone Clan warriors and the Black Demon Clan warriors gathered on Empty Land and waited to join an important meeting. No one had ever imagined such a furious and destructive battle could happen on Empty Land. They were attracted and went to that area.

"It's a real Absolute Beginning creature! A real Absolute Beginning creature!" Forefather Dragon Lizard closed his eyes to sense for a while. He suddenly hissed in excitement. The energy fluctuated from that giant made him feel shame.

Only the real Absolute Beginning creatures could have such powerful bodies with extreme energy!

"Oh? Why do I feel like it's familiar?" Looking at the changing sky and feeling the aura of the sealing space, Ya Yun batted her eyelashes. After a while, she screamed hoarsely, "It's Shi Yan! It's Shi Yan's aura!"

Hearing her, Forefather Dragon Lizard and Tu Shi Qi were frightened. Looking at the giant whose head touching the sky, they felt that it was so unreal.

"Endless Darkness!"

Thick darkness expanded and covered Ferrell and the members of the Ancient Monster Tribe. Two figures stood imposingly in the dark. They were Shi Yan and the giant beard created by the stars. The giant beard was sparkling beautifully while roaring and stomping the ground. It had smashed the ruins of the city into stone powder.

The warriors of the Ancient Monster Tribe down there were crushed into bloody dough shortly after!

The darkness was filled with destructive, desperate, and corrosive energy. Slowly, Shi Yan's giant figure disappeared in the dark, leaving only the giant bear with a starlight chain in its paws. It was crazily chasing Ferrell and smashing his Thunder and Lightning Territory.

The warriors of the Ancient Monster Tribe and the six women who had exchanged their beauty for power Upanishads didn't have anything left.

Standing in between puddles of crushed bloody flesh, Kelan of the Phantom Clan regained some spirit. She looked at the young man and her puzzled eyes slowly brightened. "You… You are Shi Yan, Madam Mei Ji's man?"

Kelan suddenly found vitality filling her dying body. Her blurry consciousness slowly resumed. She was bewildered for a while. When she understood it, she kneeled and sobbed, "Thank you for saving my life. Kelan will never forget your grace."

"You shouldn't stay here. I'm going to take you away to somewhere safe first." Shi Yan nodded. In the thick darkness, he opened a bright passage and took Kelan out of here.

After Kelan had left, Shi Yan was like the spirit in the night and snorting. Suddenly, he had become thousands of himself like the sea of people filling the thick darkness. It was the ability of the Soul Control power Upanishad.

Ferrell was chased after by the giant bear and suddenly felt a chill. He saw many powerful shadows using different power Upanishads including Space, Star, Death, Life, Destruction, Despair, Corrosion, Chaos, and more. To make matters worse, they were coming towards him.

In this moment, Ferrell was petrified. He felt like several thousand Territory Ancestor Realm experts were attacking him at the same time. He had almost collapsed.

Those shadows had intimidating life energy with immense soul magnetic fields. At Ferrell's realm, he knew they were real experts and not just illusions.

The power Upanishads they were using were all powerful and mysterious with strong lethality. Ferrell felt helpless and powerless.

"Ferrell, you are going to die here today!"

Thousands of people were screaming at the same time from everywhere and hitting Ferrell deep in his soul. He was more restlessly insecure.

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