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Li Yao and Guo Chunfeng breathed heavily, utterly shocked by the dreadful future.

Lu Zui's smile was becoming more and more brilliant. He suddenly thought of something and patted his head. "Right. There are still the reactions of the Blood Demon Sector.

"The demons of the Blood Demon Sector never wanted peace in the first peace. They only conceded because of the heavy casualties they suffered, their internal strife recently, and Jin Tuyi's insistence.

"Jin Tuyi was so impatient because he is a patient of the terminal disease 'cerebral sclerosis'. He wanted to reach a truce before his brain completely collapsed.

"However, if dozens of towns of the Blood Demon Sector are demolished by the federal army, will the demons still believe in Jin Tuyi's bullsh*t and his so-called 'peace'?

"It's impossible. Once the federal army attacks the Blood Demon Sector on a large scale, Jin Tuyi's peace plan will be sabotaged. Not a single demon emperor will ever listen to Jin Tuyi's command. Jin Tuyi and Jin Xinyue will be ripped apart by the angry demons as the greatest traitors in the history of the Blood Demon Sector!

"Under such circumstances, even if some of the demons in the Blood Demon Sector still long for peace, they will still choose to fight because they don't know whether or not the Heaven's Origin Sector really wants peace.

"By the same logic, even if some of the fools in the Heaven's Origin Sector seek peace, how can they know the real attitude of the Blood Demon Sector?

"Hehe. Li Yao, you brought the 'chain of suspicion' and the Dark Forest Theory from the Flying Star Sector. Right now, we are faced with the most classic chain of suspicion and dark forest, aren't we?"

Li Yao was so angry that he clenched his fists, his fingertips pushing hard into his palm.

Lu Zui smiled. With weird brilliance beaming out of his face, he extended his hawk nose over with an enticing voice. "You have felt the strength of fury. It is magnificent, isn't it? Don't suppress it. Just let it out. Kill me. Come on. Kill me!"

Staring at his nose for a long time, Li Yao took a deep breath and loosened his hands one joint after another. "Lu Zui, you've been possessed. You took advantage of the hatred and anger of your compatriots at first and the comradeship between the soldiers of the federal army later! To achieve your goals, you are stomping on the most precious feelings!"

"I admitted nothing," Lu Zui replied casually. "I can only say that, even if the Patriots Partnership does have such a backup plan, we would never plan to use it in the beginning.

"Such a desperate attempt involves too many unexpected factors. At the very least, the first echelon of the troops to march into the Blood Demon Sector is basically committing suicide, which is a huge loss for the federation.

"Believe me. Unless it is absolutely necessary, I would never want to see such a backup plan be implemented. We could've arranged everything more carefully and thoroughly. When the Demon God Virus is more mature, and when the army and the Cultivators are all ready, we could've pushed forward openly and swept away all our foes. With the tiniest price, the Blood Demon Sector would have been conquered.

"Now, the blood of more innocent people will be shed on the land of the Blood Demon Sector for nothing, all because of the cleverness of you and Guo Chunfeng!"

Li Yao grabbed his neck and spurted saliva onto his face. "Listen up, scumbag. Not a drop of blood that shouldn't be shed will be shed for nothing. Your plan will not work out. I will definitely stop Zhou Hengdao! Even if he jumps to the sky, I will still snatch his leg and drag him down!"

Lu Zui was picked up by Li Yao, but he did not struggle at all. Shaking like a puppet whose string was cut off, he was as calm as ever and continued smiling. "Then, you'd better hurry. If there is really such a desperate plan, Zhou Hengdao must've taken action already.

"You don't have much time, Li Yao. Good luck!"

Li Yao sniffed and threw him to the side. Then, he turned around.

"Brother Guo, we have to wake up the Speaker now. I have to bring the 'ultimate order' to the Grand Desolate Plateau and call back the troops!"

Guo Chunfeng hesitated. "Your crystal suit hasn't been repaired, and your wounds are not entirely healed yet. We have to gather more experts!"

"There's no time!" Li Yao gnashed his teeth. "Zhou Hengdao will march into the Blood Demon Sector at any moment. I'll go first and try to stall them. You can follow up later!

"You don't need to say anything. I'm the best candidate. Many people on Burning Prairie know me. Luo Xingzi, the leader of the Cultivators from the Flying Star Sector, is an old friend of mine. Only I can stop them!"

In the north of the Grand Desolate Plateau, at the edge of the Dark Desolate Domain, a rarely-seen super thunderstorm was sweeping across the entire place!

The sky was a battlefield of lightning, and the earth became a kingdom of swamps. The black rainwater contaminated the sky and the earth like ink. When the lightning struck, one could see that there was a pale white valley around, but when the lightning was gone, all they could see was the absolutely darkness in which even their own fingers were obscure.

Boom! Crack!


Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

The sounds of wind, rain and thunder seemed to suggest that ten thousand ferocious beasts were fighting in the air fiercely, with no winners or losers.

At the end of the valley was a small communication base made of twelve spiritual towers. Several signalmen, with anti-water rune arrays unfolded around them, were busy repairing the spiritual towers that had been broken by the lightning in the pouring rain.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Sparks were dancing everywhere. The spiritual waves were very chaotic. Some deep blue electric arcs even flowed out and circled the signalmen like sordid vipers.

Thankfully, the signalmen were all wearing thick insulative clothes and were not scared of the electricity.

Three signalmen worked hard for a long time, sweating. Finally, after a cluster of brilliant sparks burst out, the circuits of the spiritual towers were all repaired.

Glamorous brilliance emanated from the spiritual towers in the darkness, illuminating the deep valley.

"Excellent. We can receive messages from the rear now!"

The three signalmen were all overjoyed.

However, with the momentary brilliance when the spiritual towers connected, they vaguely saw that several fully-armed heavy shuttles were flying toward them in silence under the cover of the black rain.

In the lightning, the badge of the federal army in front of the shuttles seemed rather creepy.

Before the three signalmen realized what was going on, another five signalmen who were responsible for guarding the spiritual towers crawled out quickly from the half-underground fort nearby. Their cries struck the sky together with the lightning.

"Enemy incoming! Enemy incoming! Enemy incoming!"

The three signalmen had no idea what was going on, but their daily harsh training allowed them to react intuitionally. They jumped down from the spiritual towers and picked up their storm bolters!

Leaning against the spiritual towers, the eight signalmen established a defense formation. They breathed hastily in the pouring rain.

On their opposite side, twelve federal soldiers in Mystic Skeleton Battlesuits flew out of the armed shuttle and surrounded them in midair. The machine guns in their hands, which were at least three times larger than the storm bolters in the signalmen's hands in terms of caliber, were pointed at their critical parts!

Storm bolters versus machine guns!

Federal soldiers versus federal soldiers!

Huala! Huala! Huala!

Streaks of lightning burst out one after another, illuminating the twenty soldiers in the dark night who appeared to be made of iron!

"This is a military area. Nobody is to come close without a password! What's the password!" the commander of the signalmen shouted, only to get a mouthful of rainwater.

"This is the No. 1 Special Force of the Dragon Horse Legion. With the written order of Iron Commander Zhou Hengdao, we are here to take over the 2233 communication base! Follow our instructions and change your defense area immediately.

"Step back! Step back!"

The commander was not moved and continued pointing at the newcomers with his storm bolters. "This is the No. 55 Legion of the No. 24 Regiment. We are not under the command of the Dragon Horse Legion! Our mission is to defend the 2233 communication base until the last moment! We need the order of our direct official to retreat! Please clarify your order, or we will open fire!"

A young signalman was rather anxious because of the intense atmosphere against his comrades. He managed to clutch his weapon and asked a veteran near him in a low voice, "What—what's happening?"

"I don't know. The commander just received a few messages from the rear. Then, he went crazy!"

Under the lightning, the veteran's face was pale, too, but his hands that were holding the weapon did not shake at all. "This is bad. F*ck. This is bad!"

"I repeat. The situation is urgent. Follow our instructions and retreat immediately!"

The twelve soldiers who were wearing crystal suits were becoming more and more aggressive. Their auras were bouncing like flames despite the pouring rain. "Those who disobey the order of the Iron Commander shall be executed immediately!

"I don't know the Iron Commander. All I know is the password! Password! Password!" the commander roared and loaded his weapon!

The noise triggered a chain reaction. Clicking noises were echoing nonstop in the darkness. The endless fury in the soldiers' hands was about to be unleashed!

"Sergeant, do not put up a futile resistance!" The voice from the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was no longer cold. It was anxious, even mixed with a hint if begging. "There are only eight of you without crystal suits. You are definitely no match for us. You won't even cause any damage to us! Drop your weapons! For your brothers, drop your weapon!"

"No!" The sergeant raised his weapon, his eyes as bright as those of a ferocious animal. "We are federal soldiers! We will not surrender until we die!"

"Drop your weapon!"

"Back off! Back off! We will shoot if you don't!"

"Those who hinder military operations shall be executed!"

"Those who barge into the forbidden area shall be executed!"

"Don't be silly. We don't want to open fire to brothers!"

"Then back off now. Back off!"

In the pouring rain, the twenty soldiers were roaring, screaming, and showing their sharp paws and teeth like twenty beasts.

"There's no time. Prepare the anesthetic ammo and finish the quickly!"

The soldier in the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit spoke to his companions quickly.

However, before he concluded his sentence—

Boom! Crack!

A clap of thunder suddenly burst out right above their heads.

The rookie who was most anxious among the signalmen suddenly pulled his trigger because of the shock. A bullet rushed out and hit the breastplate of a Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit precisely.

The glittering firewall burnt everybody's eyes instantly.

Da! Da! Da! Da! Da! Da! Da!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There was no telling who opened fire in the next, but both squads were enveloped in fire and bullets the following second!

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