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Chapter 894 - Challenge Great Devil

Not just him, all the members of the ninth team s, other than Larry, were this ferocious.

Including Fado, all of them were like killing machines, carrying two steel blades and rushing into the demon in red armour's tides, slashing everything in their way, killing in and out, with no one able to stop them.

Qin Chao could totally create an army of 3000 people to slaughter Para's fortress into a river of blood.

But he did not do so, because he did not want to expose this ability of his in front of Larry.

As long as he was still in the Mammon army, he would have a chance to create such an Undying Legion.

Luo De was right, three thousand of ghost army was indeed a good thing.

"How is this possible?!"

All the living and dead demon in red armour s had such a thought flash through their minds. It was obviously a group of commoner demons, plus two low stage demon s, how could they have such powerful strength?

How were they ordinary demons? They were simply a group of Great Devil s who had barged into the army!

All the attacks were useless against them. No matter if it was a blade or an arrow, it couldn't harm them.

Even if their arms were chopped off, their legs were chopped off, and even their heads were chopped off, soon, another one would appear.

Of course, and Larry were exceptions.

Fado was still alive and had two Rakshasi stand beside her to protect her.

As for Larry, it all depended on his luck. Fortunately, Larry was not stupid and followed behind him resolutely. He seemed to notice that the newbies had become so brave all of a sudden, and that they had something to do with Qin Chao. As for Qin Chao, she was also protecting his little lover, Fake.

Thus, as long as he followed Fake, he wouldn't be in any danger.

"Have the offering of Gaint Devil!"

Men long looked at ninth team, who was beneath him as a wolf entered a flock of sheep, and grinded his teeth in hatred, "Even if Para's fortress is destroyed, I will still kill these few people!"

"Yes sir!"

The messenger immediately passed down the order, and the priests picked up the skeletons in their hands and began to chant an incantation.

Qin Chao and a few Rakshasi were fighting happily amongst the soldiers of the demon in red armour.

Suddenly, the expressions of all those demon in red armour s changed. One by one, they threw away the weapons in their hands and ran.

Qin Chao felt that something was wrong, he turned around and saw a gigantic beast that was almost 20 metres tall. It lifted its thick right leg and stomped it down towards him.

If he stomped this foot to the ground, Qin Chao and the Rakshasi beside him would turn into meat paste.

The soldiers of the Beelzebub Empire indeed thought so.

Sometimes, however, things are unexpected.


That mountain-like foot descended, but no matter what, it could not step on the ground.

Because Qin Chao stood below, holding up one of his arms, and using the power of one hand, he stopped the foot of the Gaint Devil.

All of the demons' eyeballs nearly flew out of their sockets.

F * ck me, what the hell is this thing!

Was he the incarnation of a giant dragon? That was the foot of a giant, and he was actually holding it up with one of his arms?

This, this is not a joke right!

Larry, who was standing at the side, had a mouth as big as a thief's.

F * ck, using inborn divine strength to describe this guy seemed to be far from enough! How was this innate divine strength? It was as if Titan was in this world!


Qin Chao's arm pushed, and actually pushed the Gaint Devil's leg away.

The twenty-meter-tall Gaint Devil tilted its body and almost fell to the ground.

Taking advantage of this gap, Qin Chao flapped his wings and flew up.

He dodged the hands of the Gaint Devil, and in the blink of an eye, he was already in front of his eyes.

This Gaint Devil had one eye, it was terrifyingly big, like a wall.


Qin Chao first flung out the steel blade in his hand, instantly blinding the Gaint Devil's eyes.

The Gaint Devil roared, covering its eyes in pain and retreated far away from Larry and the others.

Qin Chao continued to fly up, and when he reached the head of the Gaint Devil, he heavily smashed his fists down at it.


The Gaint Devil wailed as its entire body fell to the ground with a loud thud. His head smashed quite a few meters into the ground.

A large cloud of dust rose, covering everyone's terrified eyes.

At this time, a Gaint Devil at the side brandished a gigantic axe in Qin Chao's hand.

Qin Chao then flashed his body and kicked away the opponent's fist, then he snatched the 10 metre long and 6 metre wide axe back, spinning it to the ground, cutting off the head of the Gaint Devil that was just about to get up.

This was the true river of blood …

The black blood was like a fountain, quickly turning into a small lake in the Para's fortress.

"Go to hell!"

Qin Chao killed a Gaint Devil and also absorbed its soul.

This enormous being was actually a great help to Qin Chao's vitality, causing him to feel that the shackles around him had loosened a little.

In his excitement, he waved his giant axe, and his entire body transformed into a whirlwind, cutting into the group of Gaint Devil.

The Gaint Devil s that were about to attack were instantly cut open and laid on the ground while wailing in pain.

"This person can act as one of the ten Golem Demon's armies …"

Larry looked at the sky and could not help but exclaim.

"Damned Mammon army dog!"

Men long saw Beelzebub's personally crafted Gaint Devil get killed one by one like this, and in an instant, his anger burned.

"I will kill you with my own hands!"

With that, he leaped up and flew towards Qin Chao.

Qin Chao looked at Great Devil, who had the same appearance as a human, and flung out his giant axe.


With a wave of his hand, he activated his willpower and threw the giant axe that was spinning towards him to the side, and cut into the city wall with a dang sound.

"Go to hell!"

After using his willpower to finish off the huge axe, Men long was prepared to strike the iron while it was hot.

Who would've thought that the willpower that he'd been able to bring to bear had no effect at all?

He continued to smile coldly as he floated in the air, looking at himself.

"No …" he is not the low stage demon … "

Men long suddenly thought of something, "He should be a Great Devil who is in a state of transformation! That's right! Damn it, Solomon actually sent a Great Devil to attack the army, count him as vicious! "

The Great Devil was an existence that was absolutely extraordinary in the Infernal Realm.

In the Infernal Realm, although there were many high rank devil, there were very few existences that were at the Great Devil level. They were practically rare items.

There were only two or three such weapons in a country, and they were all like treasures, the country's most powerful military weapon.

Legend has it that the country with the most Great Devil is the Astros Empire. Other than the Left and Right Hands Barr and Mephisto, it was said that there were two or three ordinary Great Devil s under the command of the former Moon Goddess.

Ordinary Great Devil s were already very abnormal, and Barr and Mephisto were even more so, an extreme Great Devil. Even seven devil gods s of the Infernal Realm did not dare to look down on them.

And this guy in front of him, his level of abnormal, was absolutely at the Great Devil level!

In Mroundsn Empire, when did such a person appear!?

He had obviously seen the two Great Devil s under the Mammon before.

Damn, this is too unexpected!

"Dark Shock!"

After entering the high rank devil, he started to learn dark magic.

As for Men long, she was no exception. He held a ball of black light in each hand and threw it towards Qin Chao.

Qin Chao dodged a black ball of light, which smashed onto the wall behind him, causing a large portion of the wall to collapse.

The other was even faster, and directly crashed into Qin Chao's body.


The ball of light transformed into an intense shock wave, charging towards Qin Chao's body, and immediately sent his body flying. After that, it smashed into the city wall, and his entire body was carved into it.

"Die!" Dark Dragon Spear! "

Men long summoned out a three meter long black spear, and threw it towards Qin Chao who was inside the city wall.

That black spear cut through the air with a roar, and instantly appeared in front of Qin Chao.


Fado who was below the city walls could not help but let out a surprised cry.


Unexpectedly, before the dragon spear could pierce Qin Chao's body, it was firmly grasped by the black palm that had been extending from his body all this time.

"Not bad, looks like this is the power of the Great Devil."

Qin Chao laughed, his body relaxed and easily pulled out from the city walls.

The black arm returned to his body and he caught the black dragon spear. With a wave of his hand, he cut a large section of the wall into pieces.

"How is this possible!"

Great Devil Men long watched the safe and sound Qin Chao in fear.

He did not believe that he would still be able to stand here safe and sound even after suffering from his dark attacks.

This man, where did he come from!

"How can I be distracted during a battle?"

Just as Men long was in a state of shock, an ice-cold voice suddenly appeared behind him.

Men long hurriedly turned his head, and just as he saw the figure clearly, he felt a sharp pain from his shoulder.


With a miserable scream, Qin Chao waved the Dark Dragon Spear on his right shoulder, and cut off his entire right arm.


At the same time, Men long fell from the sky and fell together with his arm.


And before he could even stand up, Qin Chao's figure instantly fell. At the same time, the Dark Dragon Spear pierced into his lower abdomen, penetrating his body and nailing him to the ground.


Men long screamed yet again, both his eyes bloodshot.

A mouthful of fresh blood sprayed out.

"What the f * ck..."

Larry felt his body turn cold., the marshal of the empire, who had given the Mroundsn Empire such a headache, had actually been killed by a new recruit who had not even been in the army for a day?

If this were to spread out, who the hell would believe it!?

"The courtesy is …"

Qin Chao looked at Men long who was nailed to the ground by the Dark Dragon Spear, and laughed: "Furthermore, I hate owing favors, the things that you gave me, I will return them to you now. Hmm... However, I will still accept your soul. "

As he said that, he extended his hand out towards Men long's head.

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