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Chapter 43.2 : The Picnic of The Elf And A Cat

Aria who wore a snow white blouse and black plated skirt―― The legendary “Virgin Killer Attire” is smiling at Tama.
Clasping certain clothes in her hand.

A few minutes later――

「……..Ya~n! Super cute! ! 」
「Nya~T^T(S-Such disgraceful attire)…….」

Tama is purring with a listless voice in response to Aria’s excited voice. Currently, Tama is wearing a set of clothes for cats.
With pale blue base, it’s a gothic type clothes for cats with white frills.

Though he’s supposed to be a proud knight inside, he’s currently wearing a gothic dress for a female cat……. Tama was utterly humiliated by such attire.
Alas. Tama’s cuteness coupled with the dress’s cuteness is ultimate combination.
Moreover, Aria’s using quite a sum of her saving to purchase this order-made dress from a store in the city.
And then, the look on Aria’s face when she saw the completed product was pure bliss. Tama who saw such an expression on her face…… Ended up not putting up any resistance when she forced him to “Crossdress”.

Aria hugged Tama between her melons and went out of the inn with a jovial mood.

「AH, It’s raspberry! 」

A little away from their destination, Aria found ripe raspberries .

「Right. Let’s hunt for our dessert.」
「Nya~n! 」

In hearing that it’s the time for lunch, Tama who was originally feeling depressed wearing a gothic dress for female cats returned to his normal mood. Aria harvested some of those raspberries and then stowed them into the basket that she brought along. Inside of the basket were sandwiches given by the inn mistress.

「Now Tama, a~n.」

Aria presented one of the sandwiches to Tama. Tama opened his small mouth and then, bite! He took mouthful of the sandwich.

(Ooh, so delicious! This is soooo good!)

Tama golden pupils opened wide. The ingrendients of the sandwich are smoked chicken, fresh lettuce, moreover there was some sort of special made sauce added.
The superb combination of sweet vegetables, umami of the meat, and slightly spicy sauce forced Tama to keep taking bite after bite of that sandwich.

「Fufu, eat well Tama♪」

Aria is smiling a lovely smile while watching Tama eating the sandwich, and then she eats her share with her other hand.

(Uhm? Master, there’s sauce left on your lips. …….. I guess I have no choice.)

Tama notices leftover sauce on the edge of Aria lips from when she ate her sandwich.


With a light jump, Tama easily landed on her shoulder.

「What’s matter, Tama? 」

Aria feels curious when Tama suddenly jumps on her shoulder. Her small lips………… And Tama’s were―― Touching each other.
Tama became an overly protective cat in this one month in which Aria was at her weakest. He ensures to make everything easier for Aria like carrying the towel when it’s about the time for her to wipe her face.
Even today, he was being tactful and grooming her appearance.

「Uhm, Thank you very much. You really are kind after all, Tama. But I really can’t express my gratitude even though you saved my life once―― Or twice already………」

Though she knows that he licked the sauce on her lips, she says those words with a light chuckle.
The first time was when he saved her from the mage goblin inside the labyrinth. And then, when he went and defeated an Earth Dragon to got its eyes which was the main ingredient for the antidote to the poison that afflicted her body.
And that’s why she said at least once―― Since there’s no proof that Tama was the one who killed that Earth Dragon,

(That is the same for me. Since If master didn’t save the wounded me from inside the labyrinth back then, I definitely won’t survive.)

Tama also feels a deep sense of gratitude for Aria. Because the one who saved him who was on the verge of dying due to his first battle with the Earth Dragon was none other than Aria herself.
That’s why he made an oath to become her knight(Pet).

「Nya~n! 」
「Kyaa, that’s ticklish, Tama.」

Feeling a deep sense of gratitude, Tama rubs his head on Aria cheek. And despite saying it’s ticklish, Aria gently pets Tama’s head.

The girl and her cat deepened their bonds today as well.

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