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"Your majesty, the Minister of the Left is too presumptuous not to show up early in the morning. Please punish him!" He had just ascended to the morning court when he heard someone impeaching Huan Mo Che. Shang Wuxin, who was originally a little drowsy, instantly became spirited. This person, after giving them three days of good days, they had already forgotten his surname.

Now that the Qing government had eliminated the royal family, the imperial court was bound to be in trouble for a few days. Everyone was hiding their selfishness in their hearts. Moreover, everyone wanted to climb up to the top of the imperial court, so there was always someone who wanted to pull them down.

His daughter came to the palace to visit him from time to time, and even brought food. Although it could be said that the emperor of a country did not lack any food, but it was just his daughter's wish. The emperor was in a good mood all day, so he did not expect the morning assembly to start today with a son-in-law.

"Minister Zuo, you are not feeling well. I will allow you all any objections." Emperor Shang glanced at his daughter, who was standing right in front of him. His daughter looked displeased. It seemed that he got up early in the morning. Now that he had heard this, the emperor felt that this official was in for a ride of misfortune.

"Your majesty, this official thinks ¡­" The officer kneeled down, and Shang carelessly took a look at him and realized he was probably Shang An Cang's man. Initially, she had not planned to make a move so quickly, but these people always pushed her to kill them, and her men were still lying on the floor.

"So noisy!" The Crown Prince had been talking very little these days. When everyone found out that the Crown Prince was in a bad temper due to the early rising, they didn't expect the Crown Prince to speak up today. For some reason, everyone felt a chill in their hearts.

"I ask you, I was the one who allowed the Minister for the Left to fail to attend the assembly for many days. Even if he didn't come earlier, the Minister for the Left wouldn't have come earlier today!" Arrogant! Offensive side! Shang unwittingly's words surprised many people, they felt that the crown prince had condoned the Left Premier, but most of them felt that he had to admit his shamelessness.

The officials kneeled on the ground, not towards the emperor but towards the crown prince. At present, the emperor seemed to be sitting at the highest position in the imperial court, but everyone was well aware that as long as the crown prince didn't interfere with the emperor's plans, the State of Shang would in fact be in the hands of the crown prince long ago.

"Yes sir!" The official answered.

"Someone, take off your official uniform!" With a slight wave of his hand, Shang Wuxin saw the two maids entering the palace from outside. They immediately stripped off their official's uniform and were carried out by the imperial guards, not even giving them the chance to plead for mercy.

Don't drag it out, but you can still hear it in the main hall, "The crown prince has no virtue, the country of Shang is going to die!" Every word was a curse as well as a loyalty. Every single word caused the faces of everyone in the hall to change, even Emperor Shang, who was in the upper echelons, turned cold.

"Ha!" With a chuckle, Shang then ordered Dauntless, "My garden has lost its fresh blood and my flowers are blooming abnormally. Go, send this loyal official to my garden!" With a single sentence, he had taken the life of a hall official.

In the silence, Shang unconsciously yawned. There were so many debts to be dealt with every day, and the Crown Prince had to wake up early in the morning. Everyone in the Crown Prince's Palace had been waiting on him carefully recently, and everyone knew how angry he was.

"Withdraw!" With a wave of his hand, the morning assembly came to an end. The world was much bigger than the daughter. If it was before, the King of Shang would still have a lot of things going on in his heart, but now, he was just a father to a daughter, who would do whatever she wanted to his daughter.

Shang didn't have the heart to linger around the royal study. He then saw the emperor reading the imperial reports while the crown prince was taking a nap in the royal study.

When he opened his eyes, it was almost noon. Seeing that his daughter had woken up, Emperor Shang immediately ordered for the meal to be brought to the royal study. Emperor Shang put down the paper in his hand and asked: "Are you awake? "Diet?" The appearance of this girl was getting deeper and deeper. Even Eunuch Xu was surprised when he looked back. He felt that his beloved daughter was getting deeper and deeper every day.

"Tsk, tsk. Imperial Father, it's not boring for you to read through the imperial study all day. Do you want this son to choose some concubines for you?" Shang said jokingly. In the past, the Shang Emperor might have been angered, feeling that his love for the Empress had been played around with. But now, hearing his daughter's expression, he had gotten used to it.

"Father doesn't have the heart to choose a wife. As long as you quickly become a biological child, father's life would be complete!" Right now, what the Shang Emperor was most interested in was not the national affairs of the State of Shang, but the stomach of his daughter, wishing for a golden grandson to appear one day.

Shang was not in the mood to savor the meal, his voice casual, "It seems that father still has some time to wait, I still don't wish to have children!" Moreover, this was not the best time to consider the sudden appearance of a blood-related person in Shang's life.

"Don't want to?" If his daughter had a child, it would be much easier for her to have a child even if her identity was revealed. Thinking of a soft child calling him grandpa, the emperor was excited.

"What do you think of Shang An Cang father?" Shang didn't want to change the topic, fearing that the emperor would actually send him to the rooms of the few men in the mansion. This was definitely not a thought that Shang didn't have, because a few days ago, Emperor Shang invited Ye Yizhi into the palace. Only later did Shang found out that the Emperor gave Ye Yizhi a great amount of male nourishment.

As expected, when this topic was brought up, Emperor Shang's excited expression turned cold. After thinking for a while, he looked at Shang Wuxin and asked, "What will Xin Er do?" No matter how displeased he was to ignore the princes, was there really no feeling of fatherhood? No, there was still a choice. Compared to Shang, the Emperor knew what to choose. As the Emperor, he knew how important a choice was.

"If he is in his duty, then I will definitely not harm his life!" This was a guarantee, and it was rare for Shang to do so based on his unintentional character. After all, Shang An Cang was a hidden danger, but his father was not willing to show kindness for this matter. But would Shang Xinghe really be honest? They both knew how attractive that position was. Shang Wuxin seemed to be giving in, but he was also notifying them.

Shang was not in the mood to walk out of the palace, it was already afternoon, the Crown Prince's Palace's carriage could barge into the palace, the moment the carriage left the palace it would be welcomed by a luxurious carriage, the path was not wide, the carriage opposite did not give way, both carriages stopped.

"Who is on the other side?" Wu Ji placed his right hand on the sword at his waist and asked with a loud voice. This was also a reminder to the crown prince. Shang had brought fearlessness with him when he entered the palace today, so he was extremely cautious at the moment.

A pair of hands pushed aside the curtains, revealing an exquisite and beautiful face. Qiu Rongrong wore pink colored clothes, and as she descended from the carriage, the corners of her skirt blossomed like a lotus flower. She wore a jasmine flower in her hair, as if it carried a fragrant aroma.

"Crown Prince!" Rongrong has come to repay the crown prince for saving her life! " Qiu Rongrong wanted to get closer to the carriage, but she was stopped by fearlessness. She was extremely disgusted by the fact that this woman was always surrounding the crown prince like a weakling. She looked grateful, but was actually a venomous snake.

Actually, Qiu Rongrong did not want to see Shang by herself at all, but it just so happened that something did not seem right after their mother and Shang had met. For example, her mother had packed her things and prepared to leave, not wanting her to come to Shang again. Why? She could go wherever she wanted. Her mother doted on her so much that she would never do such a thing, so it must be done by Prince Shang. But with her mother's status, why would she listen to Prince Shang?

"It seems that your mother did not take my words to heart!" His words caused Qiu Rongrong's expression to change. Indeed, her mother was watching him at the moment, and if not for him sneaking out today, she would not have come here.

Seeing that there was no one around, Qiu Rongrong came to the carriage of the crown prince's residence. Her voice was no longer sweet, but rather somewhat gloomy, "Shang Wuxin, just who are you? What did you say to my mother? " Any gaze should be his, any love should be his. She would not let Shang to be careless and take away anything.

"What did he say? Heh heh heh, why don't you guess what I did to your mother? After all, your mother is a rare beauty! " Shang's careless tone carried a tinge of reminiscence, but his expression in the carriage was extremely cold. Indeed, some people were just bored.

The fearless person outside the carriage almost fell off. Crown Prince, that's your mother, is it really okay for you to say such vague words? Looking at Qiu Rongrong's pale and flushed face, he was even a bit impressed by the crown prince's shamelessness at times.

"You bastard!" Qiu Rongrong cursed. However, at this moment, a woman wearing a veil walked over. She glanced at the crown prince's residence's carriage, then immediately pulled Qiu Rongrong behind her to protect her. With a slightly fawning voice, she said, "Crown Prince Shang, I'll bring my daughter back now!"

Now, she knew that her daughter was even more cold-blooded than she had imagined. Although she was sad that her own daughter was not close to her, but compared to the life and death of her little daughter, she could not gamble.

"Mother, what are you afraid of? "At most, I'll just let ¡­" In all these years, she had never been at a disadvantage anywhere. Furthermore, no one was more noble than her. Even the royal palace of Mist Country was the same. However, why should he give way to a Crown Prince of Shang Country?

"Go back!" Qiuyi Yi and Qiu Rongrong got onto the carriage and left the place. Within the carriage, Qiuyi clothes lifted the curtains, revealing a gaze that was unwilling to part with the crown prince's residence's carriage, but the crown prince's mansion's carriage never opened, and Qiuyi clothes's seemingly hurt gaze caused the hand that was holding onto the sword to tighten, feeling that this woman was indeed disgusting enough.

In the carriage, Qiu Rongrong angrily ignored her mother. She hugged her daughter and said in a loving voice, "Rongrong, it's not that mother doesn't love you, it's just that Crown Prince Shang is very ruthless. Mother fears you will suffer!"

Qiu Rongrong asked with red eyes, "Really? But Rongrong felt that her mother seemed to really like that Prince Shang! " It was clearly an overbearing tone, but Qiu Rongrong actually asked in a spoiled manner. Her pitiful appearance caused Qiu Chuanyi to feel a pang in her heart, and she was even more dissatisfied with Shang's unintentional actions.

"Why would Mother like that Prince Shang? Mother doesn't like people that Rongrong doesn't like either! " Look, this is my own daughter. She is so well-behaved, innocent and kind. How can my daughter be so ruthless?

The corner of Qiu Rongrong's mouth flashed with pride, then she continued to ask, "Then, what if Crown Prince Shang hurts Rongrong? I think Prince Shang seems to hate Rongrong. I've heard that Prince Shang kills people without batting an eye. If one day ¡­ Mother, Rongrong is so afraid! "

"No, Mother won't let her hurt Rongrong. If she does, Mother won't let her off!" The same goes for Qiuyi, who feels that his youngest daughter is too kind and that his eldest daughter is a demon.

"Mother is so good to Rongrong!"

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