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The entire stadium watched quietly as Napier Mo made bows in all directions while waving his hands about in the air. However, this time, there was no one making any fun of him for doing that. Who possessed the qualifications to do so?

Please say, who has the right to ridicule him?

That's the Mo Family's Heaven's Fate squadron! Even their mascot was able to instkill other squadrons!

2nd duel, Heaven's Fate squadron, victory!

After a momentary silence, the stadium erupted into an intense ovation. At this moment, everyone was convinced of the strength the Heaven's Fate squadron and Mo Family possessed. All of the fame and reputation they possessed had finally undergone the guarantee of strength. People with strength would never, ever be afraid of being overlooked!

"Regardless of skill or willpower, Jormungar's truly worthy of the title as one of the 5 Great Heavy Soldiers, and is sufficient to force his opponents into a bitter fight of attrition. Clearly, the Heaven's Fate squadron did not wish for that to happen, and therefore had sent Napier Mo up."

"That's right. The advantages a heavy soldier have over an assassin within the same realm are hard to break and overcome. However, all defences are just layers of paper in the face of Napier Mo's Spiritual Soul combat techniques."

"The Mo Family's too strong! I've really not expected that the someone as strong as the Seer squadron would be beaten in such fashion! There are times where one wouldn't know what one is dealing with before a fight, resulting in a fright when that happens."

Countless people let off emotional sighs, as the Seer Family has now become the best supporting character for the Mo Family. Truthfully speaking, the various great families kept an extremely low profile of their struggles that happened on various levels. After all, no one wanted to start a direct battle with others. However, being the CHF, a direct fight was inevitable in a competition. The strong will always act strongly. However, the slightly weaker side would end up in a really miserable spot. This the ever so present cruel reality in mankind's conflicts. There really was no such thing as mutual victory, even more so when both parties were on the same level.

In the Mo Family, be it Spiritual Soul or Dimensional combat techniques, all of them were just ordinary techniques, and nothing god-like about them. Only proper control of the flow of combat fused with the flexible usage of combat technique would result in the most frightening of soldiers. Just looking at the calm looking members of the Heaven's Fate squadron caused everyone to feel a heavy weight bearing down on their hearts.

The had lost 2 successive duels, what's more in the duels participated by their 2 strongest members. Now, they still have to face a mountain Tai like Mo Wen later on! A cloud of despair had already set over the Seer squadron. Such feelings were present even more deeply in the hearts of their fans. As of now, it was already not an issue of them losing, as there was no possibility of Seer being Heaven's Fate. The only issue now was how miserable would they would lose. Would they lose to the point of them losing their underwear? Everyone was utterly unable to see any indication of Seer's high standard, as though Heaven's Fate was on a totally different level.

At this moment, Karl stood up. An extremely calm expression was present on his face, as though he had already accepted the outcome Seer was in. "Leave this duel to me."

Divian's face was still extremely pale, especially in the instant when Jormungar was defeated. Nevertheless, she was aware of the entire situation of this match. "Sorry."

Hearing that, Karl smiled and replied, "You've already done very well. All the way, you've been shouldering everything on your shoulders. Speaking about that, I'm should be the guilty one."

Karl Seer. Being a member of the Seer Family, he enjoyed walking the path of the Martial Dao, while similarly enjoying the freedom of life. He wasn't willing in being restricted by his family, as he felt that with human's lifespan being so short, what's the use for all that honour and glory? Therefore, the Seer Family was completely resting on the shoulders of Divian. Due to his undisciplined sense of freedom, Divian had borne all of the pressure. Truthfully speaking, Divian could enjoy even greater freedom and more carefree life, though she had shouldered the responsibilities that Karl should have bore. This was something that Karl knew, as Divian truly wasn't too interested in the operations of her family.

Seeing Karl walk onto the stage, the stadium instantly turned lively once again. Was the Seer Family completely giving up on this match???

Being one of the 10 great families and having walked this far in this CHF, shouldn't they struggle all the way till the end?

Truthfully speaking, everyone did not have any particularly bad impression of Karl, but his level of strength was utterly unsuitable for this level of competition. The Seer Family has really given up.

Walking up to the stage, Karl proceeded to walk towards the side of the Heaven's Fate squadron, with everyone focusing their eyes on him.

"What's that joke trying to do? He can't be planning on provoking Mo Wen, right? So cool!" Noriba said with a happy tone. Clearly, he really liked the former's style, in that even though he couldn't defeat Mo Wen, maintaining one's grandeur was still needed.

"That's why you guys are known as the CHF's 3 Great Jokes. You guys really are alike." said Pomo with a laugh. Noriba, Karl, and Napier Mo were considered to have a different kind of fame from the other famous participants. However, with that earlier duel, Napier Mo looks to have washed his name clean from that list.

"Oi, blind man, why are you still sitting there? Wanna come up and have a go?" said Karl with a smile as he crouched down at the side of the stage,

Clamouring noises instantly filled the entire stadium. He really was asking for his death! Slightly solemn expressions appeared on the faces of the Heaven's Fate squadron, as Mo Wen's reputation among them was extremely high. Although the Mo Family always have a good temper, that did not mean that they would just take such provocation lying down.

However, compared to them, Mo Wen gave a smile. Standing up, he put his hands out to stop his other squadron members before saying, "Karl Seer, the most talented soldier from the Seer Family since the last 50 years. I've been waiting for a very long time."

The entire stadium exploded. What?

Are our ears spoiled?

Karl, that joke, was the most talented soldier from the Seer Family since the last 50 years? What the fuck! How the hell???

Karl gave a grin in reply, appearing, to not only bit amazed by Mo Wen's praise of himself. Although he was not interested in maintaining one's vanity like other people do, at this moment, he needed to fight for people like Divian and Jormungar who had given their all for this match.

All in all, the blood of the Seer Family flowed in his veins. They could look down, ridicule and even frame him, and he would not care. To him, one had to enjoy one's life when one was in their prime. However, the Seer Family could not!

Mo Wen proceeded to walk up the stage. Unlike the earlier matches, this time, Mo Wen was truly interested.

In the past, the only person Mo Wen had expressed interest to fight was Tianjing squadron's Wang Zhong. Even people like Carolyn and Gui Hao did not qualify for such special treatment from him.

"Is this Karl very strong?" even Laura was dumbfounded by Mo Wen's actions. Frankly speaking, she always felt that this Karl was there just for the purpose of making up the numbers, with his standard not even reaching S rank.

"He's very strong. I've seen him take action before. Even Mo Wen might not have an easy time dealing with him." Karkel suddenly chimed in, dumbfounding all of the Copperfield squadron members. Truthfully speaking, all of them had already known that Karkel was a person from a different world from theirs, with his combat prowess too being on a completely different level. For him to say that meant that Karl Seer was also in the same world as him.

Why were there so many freaks in this CHF!

Karl's right hand was grasping onto a weapon wrapped in white cloth. Upon seeing Mo Wen walk up the stage, he slowly undid the cloth, revealing what seemed like an extremely ordinary, and even slightly worn large blade...blade, a weapon that aristocratic family members don't often use. In some ways, it was easier to learn the ways of the blade as compared to a sword. The sword was more "ruler-ish" way, while the blade was more of a weapon meant for bandits and thieves. Furthermore, runic blades were the symbol of the Federation's low ranking armed forces. 


As the white cloth fluttered as he descended to the ground, Karl, with the long blade in his hand still appeared as frivolous and carefree as ever. However, for some reason, something doesn't feel quite right about the feeling that people got from seeing him.

Compared to him, Mo Wen was even more down-to-earth and fanciless. Truthfully speaking, with his blindfold on, if his name wasn't Mo Wen, people would definitely feel that a stupid blind person had just walked up the stage.

"Why do you use a blade?" not in a hurry to take action, Mo Wen posed a question to Karl. To him, every single fight was there for him to increase his comprehension. To him, he had already crossed the realm of the pure pursuit of victory.

Karl smiled in response, revealing his pearly white teeth, before replying. "That's simple. Don't you feel that how better life would be if everything simpler?"

That answer wasn't wrong. It was indeed easy to get good at the blade. However, the problem that experts all know was that it was too difficult to master it. How many years have passed without a single mention of any blade-wielding expert.

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