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Chapter 54 – Main Force and the Substitute

The entire arena exploded into applause. No one expected Emily to possess such assassin skills. They had all assumed she was specially recruited for her fire ability.

Actually, those with better eyes would realize that Colby hadn't taken any lethal action. This was the proper style and character a third-year should possess.

"You waste!" scolded Lu Zhan Tian. His eyes seemed about to spurt flames. As the leading fighter sent by Holy Judgement, how could he actually lose to a first-year loli?

"What the hell did you eat? You can't even beat a little loli, yet you still want to be the vanguard of the core lineup!?"

Colby shot a cold glare at Lu Zhan Tian, quietly wonder why the president used such a guy. "My position as the vanguard was decided by the president, not you."

After he finished, he turned around and left. He'd requested this fight in order to experience the combat techniques of the Assassin clan.

Any combat technique would have flaws during its moment of execution, yet he'd never expected that Emily would remain so calm. It had to be said that those trained by the Assassin clan were truly extraordinary. There were some whose skills had been learnt from young, which would then evolve into a form of instinct. This granted them superiority when they grew up.

On the other side, Emily received the welcome of a hero from the Prodigy Society.

Wang Zhong was currently helping her wrap bandages around her injuries. That's right, Wang Zhong was the caretaker of the Prodigy Society.

"So painful, so painful!" cried Emily as tears almost dripped down. The current her was like a completely different person when compared to the one on stage. "Brother Wang Zhong, it's so painful!"

"It's not painful, not painful! Be good. Puff puff. Your cousin will help blow on you!" Ma Dong panicked as he tried to help.

"Ma Dong Dong, you go and stand to one side! You're too clumsy and making me feel more pain!" Emily shouted as she slapped Ma Dong away.

"I have a good heart you know!" Ma Dong complained with a face filled with resentment. "These are times when I suspect you have relations with next-door's Old Wang family!"

Black Bear Terrence!

He was a substitute heavy soldier of Holy Judgement. To be able to achieve the role of a substitute within a strong society like Holy Judgement and beat out all of the other heavy soldiers, all of this was testament to Black Bear's strength.

With a physique that seemed slightly larger than Barran's, he had a darker skin tone and looked more solidly built. His body was equipped with an extremely thick set of heavy armour that weight at least over a hundred pounds, yet he wore it as lightly as if it were a t-shirt.

He threw the shield in his hand aside and clenched his fists before hammering them together.


The sound that was generated by the enormous strength from his fists colliding cause the entire arena to vibrate and ring. After he did that, he stared provocatively at the members of the Prodigy Society.

This action didn't faze Grai, but Ma Dong looked left and right, avoiding his gaze. He wouldn't ever fight against such a monster. Seeing this, Wang Zhong smiled. "Barran, it's your turn."

"Yes, Senior!" Barran exclaimed with some slight panic in his manner, yet he still exuded an ample amount of courage.

Terrence contemptuously said, "Come on, little fellow. I'll let you attack first. If you make me move, then it'll be your win!"

A sea of laughter spread among the audience as they all felt that this damned Black Bear was truly arrogant. He was giving the other party hope before humiliating them.

"Fuck, do we still even have a chance?" asked Ma Dong. Wang Zhong had said Emily would win, and she did indeed win as predicted. This led to Ma Dong's fighting spirit igniting.

A man must always dream. What if he really did win?

Hadn't Wang Zhong taught something extremely powerful to Barran? This Black Bear was now courting death by giving them this condition; would Barran become the ultimate dark horse?

Ma Dong could already feel countless beauties hugging his legs, crying as they pleaded for him to allow them to enter the Prodigy Society.

Contrary to his expectations, Wang Zhong didn't reply and just shook his head.

It could clearly be seen that Barran, standing in the arena, felt very nervous.

This was Black Bear Terrence… he'd once taught as a substitute teacher for the first-year class. Over twenty freshman heavy soldiers had charged at him simultaneously, yet they'd all been tossed away like playful monkeys. One of them had even been Barran. He'd felt like a ragdoll being thrown aside.

"Barran!" Ma Dong shouted from outside the arena. "This is your fight! All you need to do is fight with all you have. Remember, you're a part of our core lineup!"

Core lineup? Substitute?

Back Bear Terrence gawked as his face turned black. The fuck, you want to compete like this?

Yet, due to that statement, Barran's eyes began to light up.

Yes, he was a part of the core lineup of the Prodigy Society! Core Lineup! Core lineup!

Senior expected much from him, and he'd even taught him a unique technique for his own use. He was no longer the same as that person from the past.

Barran's gaze became firmer, and he suddenly took large strides forward until he stood a meter before Terrence. He stood tall and straight.

Laughter rang out from all directions as the audience didn't have a single shred of anticipation. He was definitely a freshman; does this guy even know the concept of increasing force through a charge?

Even Terrence started laughing: "You can stand a bit further back and rely on…"

Before the word 'running' left his mouth, Terrence noticed the instant change in Barran's gaze.

This was a gaze akin to that of a wild beast, one that was completely overbearing and filled with savagery!

"This brat…"

Terrence felt faintly surprised. He then felt an earth-breaking, world-shaking power erupt from Barran's body.


Barran had seemingly turned into a savage and powerful rhino!

An entire week! He'd trained this technique every single day and was now familiar with the intricacies of how to exert his strength. Although he still wasn't able to completely replicate how Wang Zhong resisted that rebound force, his collision strength was still in a completely different league when compared to a week ago!

When he sensed the violent energy erupting from the other party's technique, Terrence's facial expression changed. He felt that he'd underestimated his opponent.

His reaction, however, was still very quick. He instantly placed his body into a half-crouching position, his soul power erupting.


A massive explosion resounded throughout the entire arena. A thick cloud of dust enveloped the area, created by the violent air currents that formed due to the collision.

It wasn't only until their vision was unobstructed by the dust cloud that…

Ma Dong clutched his face.

The only person who stood in the arena was Terrence. He hadn't moved from his position in the slightest, his feet still in the same spot.

Instead, Barran was currently missing at this moment.

Where was he?

Everyone turned their head around and looked at the huge shadow found lying flat in the seats outside the viewing gallery.

"Whew, that collision scared the hell out of me. I'd thought he was some sort of dark horse."

"Haha! To be rebounded so far, in the end Black Bear is still the strongest!"

"Brat, you can't be a heavy soldier just by being physically large—you're still too tender!"

"As I've said earlier, the reason why they managed to win the first fight was because Colby wasn't willing to bully little girls."

Wang Zhong walked over and helped Barran up. This fellow had been smashed until he was dizzy and lightheaded. With a beet-red face, he said, "Senior, I'm sorry… I…"

A black line appeared on Barran's forehead as he felt completely disgraced due to the ridicule from the surrounding audience.

"Achieving victory isn't that important. Your performance wasn't bad; you just need some more training," Wang Zhong said. He patted Barran's soldier and could feel that this fellow hadn't been hurt at all. Learning to utilise one's strength, however, required more time and comprehension.

He'd never expected Barran to win. The fight had only been allowed so that he could have a training opportunity.

Yet, no one noticed that Black Bear's calves were trembling faintly as he left the arena. And as he exited, there were two deep imprints left on the floor of the arena!

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