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It had to be said that the supporters of the other squadron instantly felt their hearts sink to rock-bottom.

All of them instantly felt depressed. Before the other 4 captains could appear, all of them would already have been matched up against an S+ ranked opponent. That basically ruled out all chances for good luck!

"Copperfield Academy, Laura!"

Despite there being no chances left of getting a lucky ballot, the charm of an idol was boundless. When the ball queen graced the stage, the resulting commotion was even greater than the earlier four captains.

The Federation's ball fans were admittedly loyal fans, though it was still insufficient to make their ball queen rise to the apex. It was the empires' citizens that had really pushed Laura's fame to an overwhelming level. One could imagine just how terrifying this massive group of fans was. They did not care who the hell Carolyn, Gui Hao, Mo Wen, or Vladimir were! To them, those youths appeared extremely normal and ordinary! Fuck them all! There was even a blind man amongst their ranks!

However, the ball queen was absolutely different from them!

Frankly speaking, even in the Kaiser Empire, with their slightly better quality of life, it was extremely rare to find a woman with such voluptuous assets! That magnificent view was able to instantly cause a hormonal rush in their bodies! To all of the single males in the empires, all of them knew this sensation to be true love!

There was no lack of obscenities and vulgarities in the berserk Skylink live feed chat. This was a textbook example of a bare naked appreciation of beauty! It was so terrible, even open-minded ball fans were blushing in embarrassment.

Laura had pulled out the number 4.

Vladimir instantly sent a faint smile towards her. For his Grozny Academy, the Copperfield squadron was definitely a good match up. Although Copperfield wasn't weak, the remaining three squadrons, Seer, Tianjing, and Giant God Peak, were even harder to deal with. This was especially true for Tianjing, as the existence known as All Mouthy King had caused even the four great powerhouse S+ ranked squadrons to feel the pressure. Even though Vladimir didn't believe that he would lose, there was a possibility of paying a substantial price in order to move that tough stone out of the way. That would definitely be bad news for anyone who was gunning for the CHF championship.

"Seer squadron! Divian!"

Dressing in a suit of silvery armour, Divian was the sixth captain to grace the stage.

Beauties would always be able to enjoy a greater level of applause than others. With her nickname as the Spear Goddess, as well as her being one of the 4 princesses of the Federation, she had a great following and fanbase. Furthermore, for the past few months, her name had frequently been associated with another name, All Mouthy King. Although she had been relegated to being a supporting character, this had still caused Divian's fame and reputation to rise to a higher level, especially among the commoner circles. At this moment, her fame was not inferior to even Carolyn and Gui Hao.

The order in which the captains had appeared on stage was in accordance with the brand new evaluation done by the officials. Originally, the Seer squadron had been ranked above Copperfield. However, the outstanding performance displayed by the super ranged soldier Karkel had far exceeded the standards of his age group. Coupled with the improvement shown by Laura, Anlor and the entire squadron, this had propelled Copperfield to overtake Seer.

Nevertheless, Divian did not care much about this ranking. The reason her Seer squadron was underestimated was due to the disqualification of that idiot Karl.

Amidst the cheers, she calmly walked towards the balloting box.

"Number 2! The Seer Academy will be facing the Heaven's Fate Armed Forces led by captain Mo Wen!" announced Ruo Zhi with a smile, before his tone changed. "I believe that everyone's been waiting for the next person to grace the stage."

As he said that statement, Ruo Zhi started to feel extremely emotional. Since the start of the CHF, he was still unable to believe that such a person actually existed in this world. Before he could announce the name of the next captain, the arena and Skylink erupted into complete chaos. At this instant, the fame and support shown had, in fact, exceeded everyone else. Upon his appearance, everyone seemed to become mere supporting characters. It was impossible to imagine that the outstanding youths hailing from the 10 great families, which had dominated the world all this time, had been actually suppressed by him.

"Now, let us welcome the creator of legends, the idol of the masses, I included: All Mouthy King-Wang Zhong!"

As Ruo Zhi's resounding voice boomed out, what seemed like an explosion of applause and shouts rushed towards the skies. Wang Zhong had only walked out. Yet, countless people felt as if they could no longer hold themselves back. Indeed, this was the existence of a legend.

The strongest, the most reliable!

Tianjing was still extremely imbalanced, with loads of weaknesses. Perhaps, their journey would end at the quarterfinals?

So what? So what about it?

This was All Mouthy King!

"You're our captain! You're our big bro! You made us believe in miracles! Invincible Tianjing! All Mouthy King, the sovereign has descended upon this world!"

In the Skylink, the most devout All Mouthy fan groups had already flooded the chat with their unstoppable madness.

Without mentioning them, there were even many committee members who were dumbfounded by the audience's reactions. It wasn't to say that Wang Zhong's performance wasn't good, as he was indeed extremely brilliant. However, this was just the quarterfinals! The 4 great S+ squadrons had yet to reveal their true strength! Yet, Wang Zhong's popularity had already reached this realm, something that was utterly inconceivable to them.

Such a trend wasn't only present on Skylink. At this moment, there were even some fans who were starting to faint due to overexertion and excitement, and had to be carried over the heads of the audience to the emergency squads stationed nearby.

Step by step, Wang Zhong walked towards the stage, while the people standing on top looked down at him. There were familiar faces, and there were unfamiliar faces. He noticed Carolyn, who was still as beautiful as he remembered. Perhaps, she was even more beautiful than before. However, underneath that beautiful appearance, the sensation that had previously caused Wang Zhong's heart to race had disappeared. Therefore, Wang Zhong simply gave a smile in return.

A slightly complicated feeling arose in Carolyn's heart. Being as smart as she was, she was instantly able to feel the free and easy feelings he had behind that smile... as well as the disregard he had. That wasn't a nice feeling to her at all. Nevertheless, her expression became calmer, appearing just like the pride and arrogance possessed by a princess.

"There are only 2 choices left for captain Wang Zhong. He will either face Martial Ghost Divine Emperor, or Stuart."

"Admittedly, the 4 great S+ powerhouses are the hot favourites to clinch the CHF championship. However, I can tell that for today, they aren't the most popular ones. Just taking into account how hot the discussions are in the Skylink, Tianjing has tossed the second-placed Stuart far, far in their wake. They're the undisputed leader. What's interesting is that supporters for the other squadrons are generally hoping for their squadron to not get matched up against any of the S+ powerhouse squadrons. Even though it can't be attributed to fear or dread, it's best to be able to conserve strength for their later matches, for the championship fight. Compared to them, Tianjing's fans are rather interesting. Yesterday, I've found an extremely weird poll for Tianjing's possible opponents for the quarterfinals. In that poll, over 70% of Tianjing fans actually hope for their squadron to go up against one of the 4 S+ powerhouse squadrons! I have to say that it's a result that's difficult for people to wrap their heads around. The thoughts of the Tianjing fans are just like the thoughts of All Mouthy King when he chooses what weapon to use: it's extremely hard to predict."

"How hard can it be! If Tianjing doesn't fight against those S+ powerhouses, do you expect our brother King to bully our beloved ball queen?"

Immediately, fans watching via Skylink immediately started to forcefully impose their pretentiousness upon others. There were only 2 choices left anyway, with both of them being S+ powerhouses, so they couldn't lose out in terms of attitude!

To these fans who had been influenced by brother King, being pretentious was something that was as easy as the flip of a hand.

"Ball queen's innocent!"

"Picking Seer is still better than any of the S+ powerhouses, right?"

"Can you endure letting brother King step over our pitiful younger sister Divian?"

"Whoosh! I feel that picking Giant God Peak is better!"

"Brother, they're both from the same roots! There's no need to destroy each other before the finale!"

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