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Alasi appeared to have disregarded both his visual and auditory senses, completely relying on his so-called 6th sense. And yet, in this instant, Grai was able to feel a lethal danger bearing down on him.

After continuously evading for a while, Grai's actions became repetitive, and his opponent's bullets came raining over once again.

It was a purely subconscious action, as he brought the little round shield before his body, placing it in the direction of the incoming danger.


At the very instant his shield appeared before his body, a massive impact came smashing over. It felt as though a high-speed armoured tank had run into him, causing his entire arm to turn numb. With his Soul Power support, the little round runic shield was sufficient to defend against strong and heavy attacks. However, cracks had now appeared on its surface, while the massive force sent Grai flying 7 to 8 metres backwards!

Mogren's Guns were just like any other runic gun; they had runic arrays engraved within their internal constructs, which increased their firepower and the penetrative capabilities of its shots. Other than ordinary attacks, their wielder could also utilise those runic arrays to accumulate power before launching 4 explosive attacks. This wasn't much of a secret, and Alasi specialised in this aspect. His Soul Power possessed extremely powerful penetrative effects, which, alongside the Mogren's Guns, could be said to be a match made in heaven.

The shrieks of girls and the hum of voices seemed to disappear instantly.

Everyone had seen Grai's fight against another Mo's List range soldier, Galen. In fact, they had even seen the powerful showdown between Grai and a Mo's List heavy soldier, Zhao Yilong! Other than possessing strong defence and strength, this slender looking male student was definitely capable of obtaining everyone's acknowledgement to be at the same level as those on the Mo's List. However, no one expected for just a mere shot to do such a thing to him!

The little round shield was about to shatter apart, while the force penetrating through it sent Grai flying!

It was at this moment did the sounds of gunfire ring out into everyone's ears. The speed of his bullets had broken the sound barrier!

What kind of strength was this!

Most of the time, hot weapons were the common representation of high efficiency and low killing power. After all, they had mechanized parts, and were created for the sake of allowing ordinary soldiers to become proficient at shooting in an easier manner.

However, the Mogren's Guns were clearly an exception. They were a pair of divine weapons inherited from the dark era. After various modifications, they had become the representation of murder in the Federation's mechanized gun history. Without a doubt, it had already revealed its might as a divine weapon in Alasi's hands.

The corner of Noriba's mouth curled up. He especially detested ranged soldiers; he believed that those with genuine skill and used blades and spears to fight, and those people would naturally have no interest in an effeminate person like Grai. The only in his mind right now was how to have a duel against Wang Zhong, to see who was the fiercer one between them. Therefore, he had sneaked over to the arena by himself. Only by watching in person would it be interesting, right? With Torres's strength, Wang Zhong would definitely need to unleash a big move to deal with them.

However, before the audience in the arena could come back to their senses from the shock they had received, the second shot had already been unleashed!

The runic patterns on the gun sparkled with a peculiar radiance, appearing to glow with a bewitching red, while Alasi's body swung back slightly. Anyone who had used the Mogren's Guns before would know that they had massive recoil. In the entire CHF, Alasi was the only person who could use them, as the absolute majority of the ranged soldiers would give up after giving them a try. They were hard to control, and consumed massive amounts of Soul Power. Furthermore, it was extremely difficult to fire accurately when using them. Ignoring Alasi and his outstanding perceptive capabilities, only outstanding experts in the Heroic Soul Stage would be willing to choose such weapons.

Having just recovered from the massive impact from blocking the first shot, Grai could already feel the danger from the second shot bearing down on him.

This shot was even more powerful than the earlier one, and contained even more penetrative and destructive capabilities!

With cracks present on its surface, his small round shield was clearly not the best choice to deal with an attack with such terrifying penetrative might. However, there frankly were not many options left for Grai.

Grai's eyes flashed with brilliance. In what seemed like an instant, boundless Soul Power gushed out from his body, surging right into his round shield. Immediately, a dense white glow proceeded to surround the little round shield!


What a terrifying attack, what a frightening impact!

With the connection of Soul Power, Grai was able to feel every sliver of transformation in the power from the incoming impact.

The Soul Power-covered round shield wasn't just something as simple as the input of Soul Power. Similar to the 100-fold Compounding Strike, layer upon layer of Soul Power was stacked on top of one another, before being fiercely compacted and tightened! A centimetre-thick layer of paper would easily be broken through. However, if a thousand pieces of paper were compressed into a thickness of 1 centimetre, its strength would rival that of steel!

Ordinary hot weapons would absolutely be unable to lay a single scratch on such a Soul Power defence.

However, it was still useless.

The spiralling bullet unleashed by the Morgen's Gun was just like the most meticulous of killers. Not only was it a pure explosion of brute power, the strength of its rotation had also started to twist the many compressed layers of Soul Power, quickly ripping through layer after layer!

In what seemed like an instant, it had already gone through the greater half of the layers!

A solemn expression appeared on Grai's face, before Soul Power gushed out frantically from his body!

In the world, the thing with the fastest speed wasn't a human's movements or reaction speed, but the speed with which Soul Power was extruded!

The problem was that there was no use in the pure emission of Soul Power. Soldiers had to form "directions" for their Soul Power via their thoughts, and thereby forming effects they desired. This was the hardest step to accomplish.

Grai imbuing his shield would Soul Power was a form of directional control. From this, one could see the perfect level of control Grai had over his own Soul Power.


Grai's shield exploded apart. Alasi's confidence in his abilities wasn't for show. If one were able to utilise Mogren's Guns properly, they would definitely be the number one weapon for ranged soldiers in the Casted Soul Stage!

Of the 5 great Mo's List ranged soldiers, Galen, had walked down the wretched path, and had combined his 2 special abilities together. Sharmie was walked down the path of firepower, and was well known for her mindless middle range firepower bombardment. Karkel was the closed combat ranged soldier. One could just picture Karkel as an arrow shooting assassin. Rennes Stuart was an unorthodox ranged soldier and was more of an all-rounded soldier. Only Alasi truly embodied what a pure ranged soldier should really be like: unleash the most lethal attack from the greatest distance!

This was not the limit for the power behind a bullet!


It was Grai's runic sword! Brimming with Soul Power, his runic sword was already placed right behind his round shield. Despite it being unable to match up with the defensive capability of his shield, the power of the bullet was already used up, allowing Grai to successfully block it.

However, there wasn't time to celebrate.

The hearts of countless Tianjing and Grai supporters had already risen to their throats.

What a perverted attack! Despite being a Mo's List ranker, Alasi's firepower was on a completely different level from Galen! The power behind this bullet was close to catching up to brother King's cross wheels!

It was only 2 bullets, yet his only defensive equipment, his runic shield, had already been broken! Now, Grai was only left with his runic sword! Furthermore, with him currently tumbling backwards on the ground, how would he defend against a 3rd bullet?

Not only could the audience see this clearly, even the experts present in the arena also had solemn expressions on their faces. Alasi seemed to have pushed the meaning of a ranged soldier to its extreme. In such an era where ranged soldiers were constantly trying to close the gap, Alasi seemed to be strongly entrenched in the essence of what it meant to be a ranged soldier, which was to widen the gap and rely on their greatest firepower to finish off the opponents. This was the the true essence of a ranged soldier!

When a ranged soldier was able to maintain their accuracy, speed and firepower, they would really turn into a frightening opponent. Grai's judgement was correct. If he had used the Ghostly Steps to try to pull off feints, there was a possibility that he would already be defeated.

Alasi truly was worthy of being the inheritor of the Morgen's Guns, the apex hot weapons of the dark era! The might of their firepower had indeed left people dumbfounded. However, that was also the fatal flaw of Morgen's Guns: each of them only held 4 bullets in their cylinders!

On the Skylink, the people who were rooting for Grai were completely shaken by Alasi's shooting skills. He was basically the incarnation of a god of guns! However, only a portion of the people knew that these combined bullets could only be launched 4 times, while the time required to prepare them was too long. In a duel, they would undoubtedly be lethal.

Nevertheless, Alasi wasn't hasty in pushing an offensive. Instead, he continued to cast a leisurely gaze at Grai. Despite being separated by such a far distance, Grai had unexpectedly not made a single move after stabilising himself! He didn't show any intention of advancing forward! On the contrary, he proceeded to stabilise his breathing, causing everyone in the arena to feel a suffocating atmosphere descending onto them.

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