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As Laura moved about in the flames, a bunch of "foolish men" were drunk by the spectacle they were witnessing, as they were truly stunned by the possibility of her engaging in close combat with that body of hers. The majority of girls who possessed a fire attribute special ability over a certain level would also possess bodies that would cause the countless men to fall head over heels. Sharmie had made a sensible decision to focus on being a ranged soldier. However, being a member of the Potter Family, Laura did not have the luxury of such a choice.

While the audience was bustling with incomparable excitement and liveliness, the ongoing fight in the stage appeared rather meaningless in the eyes of the group of experts. That's because the two people currently duking it out weren't considered to be top class experts like Karkel. Both of them were overly reliant on their talents. Or in other words, their weaknesses were exceedingly obvious.

A slight frown appeared on Wang Zhong's forehead as a feeling of something being slightly amiss appeared in his heart. It has been quite a while since Laura had comprehended her Wind attribute special ability. Furthermore, with her understanding towards the synergy of wind and fire, she shouldn't still be displaying such low-level moves. With Laura's intelligence, there was only one possible reason for doing so, which was that she was not planning on revealing her full strength in her fight against Papada

At this moment, Papada was starting to push his advantage into a suppression, as he was now getting somewhat worried. Her opponent only had one effective move in the form of her Explosive Bear, while close combat was useless against him. Now, what he needed to do was to summon his strength and push forth, and not allow his opponent to get too many chances to drag this fight on.

As Soul Power surged out crazily from him, the fires around him turned into an inferno, and Papada appeared as imposing as a flaming god of war. Coupled with his Blazing Angel's Time, the range of his flaming whip doubled, while its speed suddenly increased to another level. At this moment, he gave the impression of a judge from hell. Faced against him. Now, Laura was unable to drag this fight out any longer. The only thing left for her to do was to retract her Soul Power and unleash her full strength.

Papada rapidly inserted his fire attribute special ability into his flaming whip, a considerably practical fusion of special ability and combat technique.

This was the absolute peak in the comprehension of fire!

The ferocious blaze caused Laura to turn into a pitiful girl getting tormented by Papada's flaming whip, while the entire arena turned silent in the face of the scene unfolding before their eyes. With her being forced into such a pitiful state, anyone who set their eyes on her would feel somewhat unable to deal a heavy hand against her.

On the contrary, the corner of Sharmie's mouth was currently twitching. Why was there no one who would pity her during her match against Gui Wulie? That fella onstage really liked to act cute! Was being smaller really that impressive?

Looking over towards the bunch of men beside her who were revealing longing expressions, Sharmie gave a vicious stamp to Mario's feet. This caused all of his hair to stand up. Looking towards Sharmie, he cried out. "Why?"

When the second stamp came hurtling down on his feet, Mario immediately stopped asking any more whys.

Like a god descending to the mortal realm, Papada sent a chop towards Laura. The flames gushing out from this chop was definitely sufficient to blow away all of her defences!

Being overly condensed with energy, the flaming sword force caused sparks to fly as it cleaved through the air. This was a sign of having too much blazing energy present in that attack, and a clear indication of its lethality. Was Laura about to be blown to smithereens?

Faced against the incoming attack, rays of light started to blossom from the struggling Laura. Instead of retreating, she proceeded to advance, heading straight towards the blazing sword force! Swing her palms forward, they clapped together at an incomparably accurate timing, sandwiching the incoming blade between them!

Bare naked grab!

What praiseworthy courage! However, wasn't she being too ignorant towards the might of Papada's flames!

It's over? …??

The Blazing Angel's Sword, which contained more than sufficient flaming energy, had unexpectedly not exploded?

Everyone proceeded to focus on Laura's hands, which was now glowing with a white, gem-like lustre. That came from a pair of white silvery silk-like gloves constructed from an unknown material. She had worn it in the split second before executing the Bare Naked Grab, and from the looks of it, she was not one bit worried about the Angel's Sword's sharpness!

"No wonder! So she's using Chilla's Hands!" Ruo Zhi exclaimed out with an emotional tone. "We're very lucky to have the opportunity to see an extremely practical divine weapon! Hailing from the dark era, this magnum opus is one of the secret treasures of the Potter Family! The originator for this weapon is a legendary figure within the Potter Family -- Chilla Potter! It's said to be manufactured from the silk of the 9th rank dimensional life form, the 9 Rotation Ice Silkworm, and is impregnable to the elements, and impervious to swords and spears! It's absolutely formidable when paired with the Potter Family's fist techniques! I remember that the last time I've seen the Chilla's Hands was when they were worn by Laura's brother, Molton Potter! Leading Copperfield, in the previous CHF, he had brought them to the final match, before losing to Stuart at the end!"

Having suppressed the Blazing Angel's Sword, Laura proceeded to show her might. Despite not fearing her in close combat, Papada was now facing a completely different Laura. Having activated her Wind attribute special ability, Laura's speed had clearly risen by quite a bit, while also engaging in a much more ferocious stance. Coupled with the Flaming Void Fist, she immediately forced Papada into a miserable state.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them exchanged a dozen blows, 6 of which Papada ate head on. The feeling of Laura's Flaming Void Fist really wasn't something nice to endure. What's more, Papada had never expected Laura to actually be able to comprehend a Wind attribute special ability. This was something that completely absent in the pre-information!

The entire arena surged with excitement, as everyone was cheering and shouting their support for Laura. This caused Papada to grow more infuriated. Being a citizen of a city that worshipped a god, how could he endure such humiliation!

Eating a clean punch from Laura, he relied on the impact to widen the gap between them. Spitting out a mouthful of blood as he spun in the air, he quickly retreated backwards, while a slight twitch appeared on his handsome face.

Wang Zhong was considerably engrossed by the fight. Since their fight in the OP, Papada had made massive progress. Nonetheless, it was a pity that the battlefield wasn't too suitable for him. If the fight was held at the entrance of a volcano, Laura might truly be unable to defeat him. Furthermore, Laura was also showing a surprising performance. Her comprehension towards the wind elements was definitely more than what she was currently showing. However, she had still chosen to use the Chillas' Hands. From the looks of it, Copperfield was still showing much ambition in this CHF.

Truthfully speaking, anyone who has set higher goals within this CHF would not reveal their trump card just to obtain an easy victory in a match.

To Laura, this current fight was undoubtedly the best chance to temper herself before the quarterfinals.

"I'll let you all see the talent that you can only dream for but never obtain! This is God's gift!"

A halo of fire suddenly surged from his body, before his speed skyrocketed. Unlike the ordinary speed increase from the activation of one's fire attribute special ability, a pair of fiery wings suddenly sprouted out from Papada's back, before he starting floating in the air!

Wings of the Blazing Angel!

This was an ability he had showcased during his fight against All Mouthy King. At that time, he wasn't able to use them to fly. However, now, he was actually able to hover and fly with that pair of fiery wings!

Hovering in the air, Papada narrowed his eyes. A halo of flames proceeded to surge out from him, before he grabbed the Blazing Angel's Sword with both hands!

The Blazing Angel's Sword started to get engulfed with flames, fueled by an all-out torrential gush of Soul Power and energy from his special ability, while countless blazes started to appear and fill the skies. Like fireflies flying in the air, they covered the air above the stage, causing the arena's temperature to surge up!

A berserk aura blasted out from Papada, hiding the sky and covering the earth, while countless fire elements danced and cheered in happiness around him.

This was the ability he had comprehended! He had broken through after his match against All Mouthy King! This was his faith, a blaze that burned everything!

Even All Mouthy King was merely an apostle sent by God to guide him! Papada was the gifted son of God! He, is, the King of the Blazing Angels!

Standing pridefully in the air, an upward curl appeared at the corner of Papada's mouth. The reason he had gone to see Wang Zhong's match wasn't for the sake of worshipping the latter, but to worship God… and himself.

This was a pair of wings bestowed by God! How mighty it was! How powerful it was! How beautiful it was!

In the next instant, those tightly shut eyes suddenly sprung open, before shocking changes appeared on the Angel's Sword in his hands. The blaze engulfing the sword started to turn substantial, before the berserk, dazzlingly red flames suddenly turned white!

Papada held his sword high into the sky. Although his flaming whip appeared to have progressed from something incorporeal to something substantial, it contained a denser amount of energy within it! At this moment, the slender Angel's Sword had turned into something like a divine weapon. Awe-inspiring power radiated from it, igniting all the air in contact with it, causing a long plume of smoke to rise from its tip!

Flame's Fury!

He wanted to end this fight with a cleave that sliced anything in its path!

The reasons lied with his confidence in his move, as well as the understanding he had gained from his previous exchanges against Laura.

In this instant, his sword intent had fused with his will, causing an incomparably gigantic shade of a sword to appear behind his upgraded Angel's Sword! There's simply nothing that could stand in its way!

Everything would be decided with this slash!

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