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What happened? No one could believe their eyes.

The spear brimming with such a majestic aura appeared to be all bark and no bite! Upon piercing out, it had unexpectedly not raised even a splash before Zhao Yilong's entire being was sent flying?

This, was this Zhao Yilong? The same man known as the Overlord within the CHF?!

Wang Zhong's face was still one of calmness and indifference. He did not give pursuit, nor did he reveal any expressions of happiness. Instead, he placed his Overlord Spear horizontally beside him as he shot an indifferent look towards Zhao Yilong in the distance.

At this moment, silence had triumphed over noise!

The problem was that Wang Zhong did not say anything after his strike. This resulted in the ever so calm Ruo Zhi to finally turn "high". "Inverse Rippling Spear! This can be said to be the most technique-oriented fight since the start of the CHF! Precisely speaking, this should be a suppression where combat techniques play the greatest role. Zhao Yilong's Rippling Spear is astonishingly overbearing, as it was known as a Mo's List combat technique. However, Wang Zhong is clearly on a higher level than him in the understanding of Soul Power rippling. Being able to suppress his opponent completely using inverse ripples shows that Wang Zhong is capable of being Zhao Yilong's teacher on this aspect."

Ruo Zhi wasn't afraid of roasting people. What's more, he had mentioned a valid reason. There would definitely be countless analysis videos being made about this duel after it ended. Unless Zhao Yilong possessed another killing move, he would definitely be nailed on the loser's pillar of shame. Even if Divine Dragon were to win the group battle, it would not be able to mask Zhao Yilong's defeat.

Zhao Yilong could see the clear, unconcealed disgust radiating from Wang Zhong's eyes.

This was a gaze that he, who stood at the high ground, would usually send to people below. However, at this moment, he was actually now on the receiving end.


All of the blood in his body flared up, as the Rippling Spear formed once again!

Zhao Yilong did not what had happened! He knew what his opponent had just done, yet, could such an inconceivable level be just a coincidence?!

There was no such thing as coincidence.

When the inverse ripples came heading back his way, there was no need for him to cross hands, as Zhao Yilong could already tell what the outcome would be.

A ray of light shot out, with a greater devouring speed, and greater incoming impact!

Zhao Yilong was sent flying back at an even greater speed, rocketing back like a cannonball before smashing on the ground. The terrifying impact caused a large pit to form on the granite floor. Kneeling within the pit, the man known as the overlord had eyes filled with shock and disbelief!

As for his opponent, he did not even take a single step from where he stood!


Having remained quiet for quite some time, the audience in the arena and in the Skylink finally started to slowly regain their senses.

In an instant, everything exploded.

"This, is this really Zhao Yilong?'

"Fuck! Although I know that brother King is super extraordinary, is it really good to be this extraordinary?!"

"That's Zhao Yilong! Zhao Yilong, one of the 10 great Mo's List soldiers! A man at the apex of the CHF; the descent of the overlord, he's been beaten like a dog!"

"Could it be that it's a fake Zhao Yilong? How could he be so weak! I feel that even someone like me can go up there and beat him!"

"Zhao Yilong's finished." said Divian in a low voice. Upon seeing him unleashing the Rippling Spear, she had instantly thought of quite a few methods that Wang Zhong could use to deal with the former. However, none of her solutions had ended up with the same outcome that had occurred in the stage. That's because Wang Zhong had become an opponent that she did not wish to bump against. When his signature technique his had used to gain fame and reputation had been broken like that, Zhao Yilong heart had most likely died at that instant.

Completely inverse Soul power frequency, completely inverse Soul Power amplitudes, completely inverse method of unleashing power! Zhao Yilong's absolute kill move which he was so proud of had unexpectedly turned into a complete joke in the face of Wang Zhong!

He was actually capable of changing the amplitude and frequency of his Soul Power! What's more, it was just a simple change, but a clear show of a more intimate understanding and a greater level of control!

In a moment, Divian, Gui Hai, Vladimir, Mo Wen and the other people quietly watching this fight all turned silent. This was the first duel since the start of the CHF that all of them paid serious attention to.

All of them had assumed that defeating Adam Galen was already the best this commoner could do. However, not a single one of them had imagined this... this had already exceeded the boundaries of everyone's knowledge!

"Soul Power amplitude and frequency? They are not on the same level." Zhou Mu was one of the handful of people that had expected such an outcome before the start of this duel. Due to his pretty good relationship with the Federation's Institute of Sciences, he was privy to some of the inner details and news about the old Potter's development of living runes. If Zhao Yilong had known that the hottest research currently in the Institute of Sciences on the topic of living runes, was established and brought into reality by Wang Zhong's Soul Power frequency and amplitude manipulation capabilities, he would not have displayed his superficial skill before a true master. That brat's basically a marvel! It was worth it to protect him! It would be the greatest loss for the Federation if he was unable to participate in this match.

As for the Zhao Family, they should have to face setbacks from time to time to calm them down. Over the past few years of the CHF, the people that had crossed hands with them had either been killed or injured. In fact, there were already a lot of complaints coming from below. However, due to the Zhao Family walking on the edge of the competition's rules and regulations, the organising committee could only give them warnings at the very most. However, it was clear that they had tossed all these warnings to the wind.

At this moment, Scarlet had already returned to the Tianjing squadron preparation area, her wounds all bandaged up properly. She wanted to bear witness to Wang Zhong victory. All of those opponents of hers all felt they stood high above everyone else, with their world being absolutely unreachable by Wang Zhong. However, Scarlet believed that Wang Zhong's level had utterly exceeded theirs. There was no need to ask, as all of these stemmed from a woman's intuition.

If Wang Zhong was asked about who he would face the greatest difficulty in obtaining a victory from within his age group, it would definitely be his good friends he had made in the Hyperdimension, Aiolos and Mu Zi. Compared to these 2, the "Overlord" Zhao Yilong would have to contend to become a small kitten in front of these juggernauts.

After getting to know these two friends, Wang Zhong's mentality and view of the world had unknowingly been raised to a height unimaginable to ordinary people. It was this exact factor that allowed him to maintain his calm and cool-headedness in any situation he encountered.

Zhao Yilong was in complete disbelief as he knelt within the pit. He was truly unable to imagine exactly how strong and powerful his opponent was. This caused him to feel at a loss, though more of his heart was filled with fury and rage.

The rage and fury of being embarrassed by All Mouthy King, and the fury and rage towards himself! He was so furious that his body had unexpectedly started to tremble!

The copycat Overlord Spear was twirled around, before its tip pointed back towards Zhao Yilong, appearing to have already declared its ultimatum!

Upon this point, the atmosphere within the arena and Skylink appeared to have been completely set ablaze, while the halo suppressing their emotions about the Zhao Family being completely blown away!

"Fuck! Brother King's fucking awesome! I'm waiting for him to say just one phrase, who's left? Who's left!"

"That's Zhao Yilong! One of the 10 great Mo's List Soldiers, Zhao Yilong! He has been slaughtered like a dog!"

"Take a close look, idiots! This is the real king! What overlord, what wolfman! All of them are just slags!"

"It's my fault for blaming brother King! I'm absolutely not a human for doing so! I swear that if brother king farts on me, I'll still believe with all my heart that it'll be nice smelling!"

The arena descended into madness as crazed roars and shouts rang out. Even the bunch of "remnant soldiers" present in the Tianjing squadron preparation area were so emotional they could not control themselves! At this moment, Ma Dong was hugging Colby's head so tightly that it was close to exploding!

On the other side, Zhao Zimo had fallen limply back on his chair.

Ever since the start of the first duel between Zhao Tianlong and Grai, every single duel, every single step, and even every single detail had always been within his control, progressing in the way that was most beneficial for the Divine Dragon squadron. It was only just in the fourth duel -- Zhao Zixin against Barran, where a slight accident had occurred. It was just a small hiccup... At this moment, Zhao Zimo had the impulsion of wanting to pull Zhao Zixin from the hospital bed and choke him to the brink of death.

If only he was more careful in that duel! If only he had ended Barran in time! None of these fucked up matters would occur!

It's over!

Wang Zhong's too strong, strong to the point that it exceeded all expectations! Having a deep understanding of Zhao Yilong's capabilities, he knew how frightening the latter's Rippling Spear was! However, it was precisely due to this that he was able to understand exactly how frightening that Inverse Rippling Spear was!

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