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His feet that were in contact with the ground instantly turned numb from the vibrations coming from the Soul Power! His legs, and even his entire body had turned stiff in that instant!

It was precisely at this moment that the two large hands extended over, grasping around Zhao Zixin's neck in a manner just like how a human would grab a little chick.

The pair of eyes that caused Zhao Zixin to feel danger had already appeared right before his eyes!

Without a pause, the terrifying crushing force instantly caused Zhao Zixin to suffocate, before his entire being was held high up into the air!

The entire arena turned silent.

The ramrod straight figure, sparkling in the sunlight as he hoisted his opponent, appeared incomparably burly and reliable. At this instant, everyone's eyes had converged on this figure, and he appeared to have taken over as the centre of the world!

Wildness, gratification and tears filled Barran's eyes, with honour, glory present too; even though it was short-lived, it was glorious!


With a downward swing of his arms, Soul Power gushed out, alongside a terrifying penetrative force!


The frightening strength contained in his arms instantly smashed a giant pit in the rock-hard ground. With the giant pit as the centre, ten giant fractures continued to spread out across the granite, extending to all directions to form a radius dozens of metres wide!

As for Zhao Zixin, his entire body had already been half submerged into the ground! In an instant, not a single breathing sound could be heard from him!

Within the arena and Skylink, everyone watching the match had struck dumb by the spectacle that had unfolded before their eyes.

As sunlight filtered in, it caused the bloodsoaked figure to sparkle fainting in a golden hue.

Within the stage, Barran was still maintaining his stance with his hands pressed down, firmly holding down the body of the already unconscious Zhao Zixin. As he did so, the brilliance within his eyes was rapidly fading away like fireworks in the night sky.

Senior, when was the time that you felt the most fortunate and blissful?

To me, this is the moment!

His burly figure appeared just like the statue of a god of war. Enduring the gaze of millions of people, standing erect, never to fall!

Fourth duel. Tianjing, victory!

At this instant, the last bunch of persisting Tianjing fans felt hot tears swirling within their eyes, be it males or females!

After the passing of the briefest moment of silence, the entire arena "bubbled and boiled". Despite a surge of roars from only 4 to 5 thousand people, their crazed and frenzied shouts of celebrations alongside their cries appeared incomparably ear-piercing throughout the gigantic and spacious arena!

As for the Skylink, everything had completely exploded!

Countless flowers filled the screen. Unlike the usual slogans scrolling across the screen, one would need to spend credits to purchase those flowers. Nonetheless, all the fans were willing to do so!


"Barran! Barran! Barran!"

The first voice rang out, before followed suit by tens of thousands and even millions of people!

Those Tianjing fans who had already left the arena and were on their way back had also received this latest piece of news from their Skylink. Those who had just cursed and sworn exchanged glances with each other, before their embarrassment quickly turned into a dizzying craze.

The voices who had been cursing non-stop had swallowed all those words back into their mouths, with not a single one raising the earlier issue again.

"Ticket! Check your tickets!"

"Who still has their tickets! I've ripped mine after exiting! Go help me search for it on the ground!"

"Those without tickets are not allowed to enter the arena!"

"Fuck you! I've bought a ticket and have just gone out to use the toilet, and you motherfucking dare to block my way? Brothers, lets rush in!"

"Pushing is prohibited! Stealing is prohibited! Where're your tickets! Where're your tickets!"

People were going mad trying to rush back into the arena. The security guards standing at the arena entrances which were shouting out for the inspection of tickets sounded exceedingly weak and pale in comparison to the voices coming from the returning tide of humans. Even the 100-over security guards rushing over as reinforcements were unable to stop this utterly mad crowd of people! The sea of audience members had returned, gushing back into the arena. Among them, there were even some people that did not buy any tickets in the first place, and previously gathered outside of the arena to enjoy the atmosphere.

The entire arena had gone completely chaotic!

"Ladies and gentlemen in the audience! Ladies and gentlemen in the audience! The berserk returning crowd is causing a considerable mess in this arena! Our promptly dispatched security team isn't able to obstruct this berserk wave of people!" Chen Yu'er and her camera crew required the full powered guard from ten fully dressed soldiers just to keep their feet planted and carry out live reporting from within the mass of humans. "There is a considerable portion of people who are returning back due to the miracle-like reversal pulled off by Tianjing. However, there are quite a few ticket jumpers mixed within the crowd. The guards dispatched by the organizing committee are currently providing emergency support, and are sending out an appeal to everyone via Skylink, hoping that everyone will keep their calm! At this moment, the organizing committee isn't chasing the problem of the ticket jumpers, but appealing for everyone to pay attention to their safety! Please take special notice of little kids, to avoid any tragic trampling incidents from occurring!"

Within the chaotic arena, the sparse and unpopulated Tianjing supporter area was quickly packed with people once again. At this moment, the large screens were broadcasting the replayed footage of Barran's eruption, causing the Tianjing fans to shriek emotionally in response!

"The chaos within the arena is expected. Although those in the audience that had left just now had done so due to anger towards Tianjing, in the end, they are the fans and supporters of Tianjing, with their hearts rooting for their squadron! With such an inconceivable finishing counterattack, it'll be strange if one hasn't gone crazy!" Ruo Zhi's voice promptly rang out. "The big screens are now playing back the instant of Barran's earth-rending counter attack! What a violent smash! That's basically as terrifying as a Soul Domination ability! Additionally, it also brought along a thunder-like rumble!"

"This is an absolutely unexpected victory! Under the extraordinarily staunch and resolute splendour of Tianjing's heavy soldier Barran, Zhao Zixin had lost all reason and proceeded attack wantonly. His reckless attacks were grabbed by Barran! However, everyone, please take notice of Barran's breakthrough! He has already reached the peak of the Casted Soul Stage! Not only that, his final strength definitely has a Soul Domination effect! If I'm correct, it also has the additional effect similar to a lightning explosion! This is too miraculous, a miraculous soldier! Naturally, Tianjing is a miraculous squadron, to be able to pull out even a sliver of hope in the face of absolute impossibility." Feelings of ease and happiness surged within Ruo Zhi's heart. Other than the hot-bloodedness brought about by Barran's performance, he frankly didn't want to see All Mouthy King leaving the CHF quietly without leaving his mark. Tianjing's main lineup had been completely decimated; although they had already lost the qualifications for their group battle, at the very least, as All Mouthy King, he should have an ending that was worthy of his fame and reputation. "Now, the current score is 3:1! With Tianjing having escaped from the jaws of death, they have one more chance to bring this match into the group battle phase!"

By his side, Wind God acted tactfully by choosing not to utter any words at all. As of now, the entire arena and Skylink were filled with cheers and emotional shouts. If he dared to stand up and speak rubbish, he would be guaranteed a horrible death.

Nonetheless, the feelings present in his heart were torn between tear-jerking sadness and bitter laughter. Frankly speaking, Tianjing was a squadron that was extremely hard to predict. Although their initial actions could be guessed, trying to do the same for their middle plays and endings was an impossible feat.

While this was happening, Barran had already been stretchered to the side of the stage. The emergency treatment by the medical squad had allowed him to regain his consciousness. Nonetheless, the injuries that covered his body were extremely severe. The only good piece of news was that his Soul Sea had remained as resilient as ever. Even after that heavy, life-threatening blow, which had landed on his head, his Soul Sea had not shattered. It was simply a miracle.

There were over 20 fractures present across his entire body! The charred skin from the lightning strike burns had exceeded 40% of his body's surface area! There was intense electrocution damage dealt with his abdomen by the electrical currents from the lightning strikes running through his body. Although he was no longer in a life-threatening state due to the prompt emergency medical treatment, actually being able to come around was something extremely incredulous in the eyes of the medical squad.

The entire Tianjing squadron had already gathered around Barran, with Ma Dong among them. Nevertheless, he had apparently been tossed all the way to the back. Nonetheless, there was not a shred of a guilty expression present on his face. On the contrary, he appeared exceedingly lively as he continued to extend his head towards Barran.

After much difficulty, they were able to slip in during a temporary pause in actions from the medical squad. By then, tears have already flowed down Hymin's eyes.

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