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Compared to the information collected by Tianjing, the information Zhao Yimo had gathered on the members of the Tianjing squadron was more comprehensive. It had even included extremely obscure information like their match against Adolf, the Prodigy Society, Saint Judgement, with not one bit missing.

He had linked all of the information about Tianjing from the start of the match between the Prodigy Society and Saint Judgement till now without a single seam out of place.

Frankly speaking, whether it was the match against Saint Judgement or the one against Adolf, in the eyes of the Divine Dragon Academy, the standard of those fights was considerably low. Even the weakest of their substitutes alone could easily sweep the entire 5 men main lineup of Tianjing. Nonetheless, everyone in the Divine Dragon squadron paid considerable attention and maintained their seriousness as they watched the video. There was not a single person who spoke out to distract any other people, with all of them not letting go of any detail present in the information before them.

Other than possessing absolute strength, the reason why experts were able to stand tall without falling, was due to them not underestimating any opponents they faced.

A faint smile appeared on Zhao Zimo's face. Their Divine Dragon Academy would never repeat Bella Dean's mistake. Naturally, he was also glad that Bella Dean had forced out the real identity of All Mouthy King, Wang Zhong, and the actual level of strength Grai possessed. Otherwise, any S rank squadron which got matched up against Tianjing would run the risk of unexpected failure.

"This a squadron with considerable potential, while possessing an extremely astonishing rate of progress." with the video coming to an end, Zhao Zimo's voice proceeded to ring out. "In a mere span of half a year, seemingly every single member of their squadron has undergone earthshattering changes. Such changes are very likely to continue as the competition goes on. In fact, even the standard they've shown during their victory of Bella Dean cannot be considered as their final strength. About a 20% increase in their current strength would be a reliable estimation to make."

This was the tradition of the Divine Dragon Academy, as well as Zhao Zimo's habit. It's always better to give higher estimates for one's enemies than lower ones.

"The first point to pay attention to will be their heavy soldier, Barran. Indeed, his fundamentals are extremely poor, he has insufficient combat experience, and he will not be able to even match up against the main line up of an A rank squadron under normal circumstances. However, the point to take note of is that he's considered to be the rather emotional type of soldier. The explosive S rank attack he unleashed during the elimination rounds is proof of this. The strength he has shown against the Bierlia Academy is just a normal eruption. Against Bella Dean, his weakness in his fundamentals was exploited. However, we cannot overlook his eruption of strength. When his emotions are bottled up until it reaches an extreme point, it will become an unpredictable factor that has the possibility of creating an unexpected outcome." Zhao Zimo paused slightly before continuing. "If matched against him, we must definitely not think along the lines of embarrassing or suppressing him. As long as the opportunity presents itself, we have to control him and beat him to the ground. We cannot give him any possibility of pulling off a reversal."

"Their backlines are controlled by Scarlet, who uses her accuracy and ice attribute special ability to lock her opponents down. Milami from the Apollo Family uses a cannon to provide heavy firepower backup. If the two of them are split up, their individual strength can barely be evaluated as . However, they are the types that lean towards group battle cooperation and have an extremely tacit understanding between each other, and their coordination is tight." said Zhao Zimo with a smile. "Regardless of the fact that we don't prepare for group battles, we still have to make preparations on the off chance that it happens. If one of them comes up for the individual duel, make sure to dispose of them at first opportunity!"

"Their main assassin Emily is rumoured to have completed the Assassin Family's assassin training during the holidays. The information gathered from the previous competitions she had participated in can no longer be used to judge her strength. Even with her performance in the elimination rounds, I feel that she has yet to use her entire strength, which should be about rank. However, assassins from the Assassin Family are generally more solid in their fundamentals. If anyone bumps into her, be careful and vigilant. It'll be fine to treat her as an opponent on the same level as us."

"Next up is Grai. That's a person we definitely have to pay attention to that person. I've checked his background. He's the adopted son of a small family and is talented, yet he was pushed aside and sent to Tianjing." Zhao Zimo's expression grew much more serious than before.

What was there to say about this? Zhao Zimo had always felt that the background of such an expert was like the plot of a storybook.

"He's the true lynchpin of the Tianjing squadron. Settling him would be equivalent to settling Tianjing. He has yet to reveal his full strength in the duel against Gaden. In our match against Tianjing, there's an 80 to 90% chance that he'll be their vanguard. Therefore, we have to take care of him no matter what. Fifth bro, you have to be careful!"

"Youngest bro." Zhao Tianlong raised his eyebrows upon hearing Zhao Zimo's warning. Admittedly, with him being evaluated as one of the five great Mo's List heavy soldiers, there was no need for any explanation of his strength. What's more, his arrogance was also first class. Zhao Zimo was the only person who dared to say such words to him. If it were any other person, Zhao Tianlong would have already beaten the person until they started to question their life.

"It's just a prediction, but I've said earlier that we have to overestimate our opponents by 20%. I'm just reminding fifth bro to not get careless, that's all to it. He will be your opponent." said Zhao Zimo with a smile as he gave an ambiguous explanation.

However, there was a matter that Zhao Zimo did not mention, which was that Grai had a rather fatal weakness.

That was the benefit of useful information and intelligence. In Zhao Zimo's eyes, his opponent's strongest point had become his most significant weakness.

He had already made arrangements for all possible outcomes. However, neither Zhao Tianlong nor his captain Zhao Yilong needed to know it. This was his personal objective. Zhao Yilong's existence represented the radiance of the Zhao Family, while he represented the other face of it. To him, the only thing he cared about was results.

In everyone's eyes, Zhao Zimo was sinister and despicable. On the contrary, Zhao Tianlong and the others were radiant and hot-blooded. Zhao Zimo did not have adverse reactions to enforcing these impressions, though he did not want Zhao Yilong and Zhao Tianlong to become like himself.

If a family wanted to become strong and sturdy, their underhanded methods needed to be sufficiently vicious and cruel. However, the brilliance and splendour in the public arena must also not be lacking in any way.

They were brothers, with Zhao Yilong being the 3rd bro, Zhao Tianlong being the 5th brother, Zhao Wuying being the 7th sis, and him being the youngest. They were the Zhao Family's direct line of descendants, unlike Zhao Zhancheng and Zhao Zixin, who had the Zhao surname bestowed upon them. The four of them were the spiritual soul and backbone of this Divine Dragon squadron.

Although there were many types of styles present within the Zhao Family, there was one point that was always reinforced: one's ambitions could not be used against members of the family, if not one would not be tolerated by everyone else. This was also the reason why the Zhao Family could constantly pressure the upper five families.

"The final point is their captain, Wang Zhong." Reaching here, Zhao Zimo had instead turned relatively relaxed. Towards this All Mouthy King, who had been praised by countless fans within the Federation to a god-like status, he did not have too many good things to say. To him, everything had already been displayed out in a relatively clear fashion with no need for him to analyse.

The ever so quiet Zhao Yilong took off the white towel draped over his head and gave a light squeeze, causing the sweat soaked in the towel to gurgle and drip down like a tap.

A flash of radiance burst forth from his eyes, appearing just like the gaze of a god shooting across tens of thousands of metres. "The cross wheels that got rid of Divian… haha, let me destroy him!"

That sentence from Zhao Yilong was more than enough. Zhao Zimo was rather clear that among the ten great soldiers on the Mo's List, Zhao Yilong was the most overbearing among them, while also possessing the greatest offense! Once he really got serious, there might be no one in the entire world who could obstruct him!

However, this was not enough!

A faint smile appeared on Zhao Zimo's face. Admittedly, although the fighting on the stage was the responsibility of 3rd bro and the others, the stage outside of the competition grounds was his. Even though they possessed suppressive levels of strength, he would absolutely not let go of any opportunity to attack his opponents! A lion must also go all out when hunting a rabbit. This is Zhao Zimo's creed.

He had already prepared some small tidbits for Tianjing to enjoy. As of now, it was noon, time for lunch, and this tidbit should be on its way to be served.

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