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With a smile, Grai replied, "This Yi Luo doesn't seem like an orthodox heavy soldier. I can sense a certain uniqueness about her."

Wang Zhong shot a glance a Grai as he replied. "Your nose really is sensitive."

"That's why I have a pollen allergy." said Grai as he shrugged , giving off an adorable look.

The fight had commenced!

Tashi Delek's 5 man group quickly made their move!

The five ranged soldiers quickly started moving around, proceeding to display their circling combat techniques while continuously firing their runic guns. Nonetheless, Yi Luo had completely embodied the terrifying defence a Mo's List heavy soldier should possess, as the bullets raining down on her were utterly unable to pierce even her skin, leaving behind slight bruises at best.

The Tashi Delek captain immediately noticed the rising problem. Nonetheless, with the arrow already notched in the bow, there was no choice but to fire it. Since they had already entered a circling formation, a sudden change in their formation would ultimately send them into the abyss of defeat.

"Pentagram destruction array!" making a resolute decision, the captain roared out loudly.

In an instant, the five ranged soldiers simultaneously took their positions in a pentagram shape, with Yi Luo located in the middle.



Runic bullet after runic bullet rushed towards Yi Luo.

Yi Luo brought her round shield up, blocking every single bullet heading her way. Nonetheless, the hailstorm of bullets seemed to be beginning to overwhelm her defences. Perhaps, explosiveness was indeed not her forte.

How would Yi Luo deal with this situation?

The Tashi Delek squadron was clear about her weakness. Therefore, they had adjusted their speed, and were not intending to immediately go all out in destroying Yi Luo. They wanted to fight a battle of attrition! With five people, there was no way they would get exhausted earlier than a stupid and clumsy girl who didn't know how to chase or run

The controlled actions that they had started off with were to guard against any spontaneous changes that their opponent might pull off. After all, being ranked on the Mo's List, Yi Lou definitely deserved the necessary respect. However, with not much changing after their successive barrages of fire, with their opponent only defending and not even taking the initiative to attack, the KD Tashi Delek squadron could no longer hold back.

"Use your special abilities! Her equipment isn't able to defend against special abilities! Destroy her!"

The runic guns of the five ranged soldiers started to glow with the radiance associated with special ability usage. As dazzling brilliance radiated out from the runic patterns, the two foremost ranged soldiers took a deep breath, before a scorching blaze spewed out from their runic guns like fountains of water.

On the other side, the special abilities used by the ranged soldiers there resulted in ice bullets forming icy cones as they rained down on Yi Luo. As for the two ranged soldiers unleashing this rapid hailstorm of bullets, dazzling light radiated out from them, a result of them in condensing their Soul Power with all their might. Clearly, they were going all out to deal with their opponent in a single move.

It was at this moment when the dumb-looking Yi Luo slammed her shield fiercely on the ground.

It seemed like just an instant!

BANG...intense vibrations shook the ground of the competition stage, sounding just like the rumbling noises caused by something digging at the earth beneath the stage. All of a sudden, five gigantic purple vines smashed their way out from the ground, each of them appearing right beside the five ranged soldiers. Dark wolf-like giant fangs covered the surface of the purple coloured vines as they continued to spiral while rising into the air, appearing just like mutated bugs filled with giant poisonous spikes!

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!....

As violent whipping sounds rang across the entire competition grounds, all of the five ranged soldiers were sent smacking flat on the ground before even a second had elapsed, with none of them able to muster even an ounce of resistance.

Dimensional plant: Soul Devouring Vine.

This... exactly what was she, a heavy soldier, or a soul beast master???

The Martial Ghost Divine Emperor and Stuart squadrons seemed to have used the same "arrogant and despotic" method to let the S ranks squadrons start a new wave of massacres. It had to be said that the S ranked squadrons maintained an extremely reserved attitude before the eruption of Tianjing and Giant God Peak. Before that, all of them felt that their thrones were unshakable, and they didn't feel the need to get serious. However, once they felt that their position was being challenged, their counterattack would be terrifying. 

When the Grozny squadron appeared in their allocated competition grounds, almost everyone was able to predict the upcoming event, a 5 vs 1 group battle.

As expected, Vladimir made the exact same proposal as the previous S ranked squadrons. Their opponents, the pitiful Doyle squadron, had no hesitation in accepting this "unfair" 5 vs 1 group battle.

There were many instances where weaklings didn't have the benefit of choice.

In the end, the Doyle squadron chose Noriba as their target. Truthfully speaking, if it were possible, they wished to select the ice prince, Vladimir, as their target. However, after thinking about his combat prowess, they felt that it was better to end this match while remaining in one piece.

Being all too familiar with the Grozny squadron, the Doyle squadron were extremely clear on why there was a "+" sign behind the S rank evaluation of the Grozny squadron. That was because even their substitutes possessed S ranked evaluations.

Those substitute members of theirs were in fact no weaker than their main lineup. The only reason behind them adopting the substitute position was due to the needs of their strategical arrangements.

Therefore, they would lose regardless of who they chose. Losing to Vladimir would undoubtedly result in the least shameful loss. However, the Doyle squadron did not dare to take the risk!

Therefore, the only choice left was one of the 5 great Mo's List heavy soldiers, Noriba. Compared to Pomo Vasilyevich, the 16-year-old Noriba didn't appear as fierce and vicious. At the very least, he wasn't a terror who would massacre people without a single word.

Giving a lazy stretch, Noriba yawned out before saying, "This really is troublesome. You have so many people to choose from. Why pick me?"

Before walking up the stage, Noriba did not forget to take a selfie to send to his girlfriend. "Babe, I'm going onto the stage now. Please remember to watch the live broadcast. Although my opponents aren't noobs, at the very least, it makes me appear extremely handsome. Attachment: A kiss to you!"

Upon witnessing this, a frown appeared on Pomo's forehead as he snorted out coldly. "Be more serious! You'll suffer if you don't win in a good manner!"

This fellow's always that stiff! Frankly speaking, although both of them were Mo's List heavy soldiers, Noriba's too... unlike the Grozny style.

"I know, I know! You'll never find a girlfriend if you always wear that stone face, big bro Pomo!" replied Noriba, not giving a care about what Pomo had said.

Flames of anger started spurting out from Pomo's eyes. Nonetheless, he forcibly restrained himself. Noriba's a 16-year-old kid, so he would not react with hard methods. The calm heart would naturally be tranquil. Boss said to be lenient with him… upon thinking about his boss Vladimir, the anger in Pomo's heart instantly quelled and diminished.

Extending his hand, Noriba retrieved the super gigantic axe he carried on his back, before climbing up onto the competition stage.

In front of him, the five men from the Doyle squadron had already arranged themselves into their formation. Two soldiers, one heavy soldier, with two ranged soldiers in the rear. Upon seeing Noriba climbing up onto the stage, as well as that giant axe in his hand, ugly expressions instantly clouded their faces!

"Don't think about anything, and just drag the time out!"

"Gu Nong, Noriba's the only freshman among Grozny's line up. Don't get flustered, and just do what we do best."

The entire Doyle squadron had already planned out what to do, which was to drag the time as much as possible. At the very least, they wanted to be able to display the style of their squadron. That was the reason why they had chosen Noriba. Being only 16 years of age, he didn't have an abundance of combat experience, which should give them an opportunity to showcase their strength.

With the blow of his whistle, the referee signalled the start of the fight!


Boom! The two soldiers stood by the sides of the heavy soldier, while the two ranged soldiers ran quickly to the opposing sides, trying their best to be as far as possible from Noriba.

As this happened, everyone noticed Noriba raising the super gigantic axe in his hand. To him, the gigantic axe appeared to be made of air, as he lifted it up with seemingly no strain at all. Looking at the movements of the Doyle squadron, his super gigantic axe suddenly tilted down to angle towards the ground, before his entire being started a fierce rush forwards!

Noriba's actions instantly caused the Doyle squadron's heavy soldier to turn flustered as he exclaimed, "So fast!"

"Heavy soldier, shield raise!"

Dragging his giant axe along as he travelled at a high speed, Noriba appeared just like a terrifying hunter.


The voice coming out of the Doyle squadron's heavy soldier became stuck at his throat, as Noriba was already standing right before him.

How could he be so quick! Even an assassin wasn't as fast as he, right? However, Noriba was a heavy soldier! What's more, was the super gigantic axe in his hand a fake? While towing along such a gigantic battle axe, how could he run as fast as an assassin!

Countless questions appeared in the heavy soldier's mind. Nonetheless, as this happened, Noriba's battle axe smashed fiercely into the ground.

"Spin, my axe!"

Heaven raising slash, the first move from the work of the gods. "Heavy cannon!" Noriba raised the corners of his mouth, while the laziness in his eyes turned into a chill. Due to him being the youngest, did they really think that he was the easiest to deal with?

Being an extremely hot-blooded youth and having an invincible talent, he had been scouted personally by the Grozny Academy's headmaster. Within Grozny Academy, with experts as numerous as the clouds in the sky, he had stirred up the hornet's nest. Using his fists to smash the his batch's representative and using his axe to suppress the student council president, he was so brutal he appeared to be invincible!

After that, Vladimir appeared...

There's always a higher mountain!

From then on, his world had changed! Now, he had a goal: Vladimir!!

Therefore, no other opponent could cause waves to form in his heart; all of the others only made him feel lethargic. Unless it was Vladimir!!!

Was there anyone that was worth his attention? Eh, other than his girlfriend, of course! There were only two people who radiated with brilliance within his world, his girlfriend and Vladimir!!!

The battle axe didn't move much, with the heavy soldier's shield placed right before it. However, in the next instant, a loud band rang out as it disintegrated into bits of pieces! Not stopping there, the explosive force continued to travel through the body of the heavy soldier. As the berserk power surged through, the heavy soldier felt as though he had been struck in the body by a cannonball, unable to put up any resistance. The so-called heavy armour he wore continued to crack and shatter, while his entire being was sent flying high into the air like a rag doll, before landing outside of the stage....

The two soldiers by the flanks were deathly pale... how are we going to keep our lives after that? Even their member with the strongest defences, their heavy soldier, was sent flying to paradise by a single swipe of the axe... would their defences amount to anything? As for offence? It wouldn't be enough even if they were given 10 leopard's gallbladders!


At the same time, Noriba's battle axe carved a return orbit akin to a white swan turning in the sky. Being hefted as though it was weightless, the gigantic battle axe was sent out in the next moment, and the two soldiers' armours shattered, with the two sent flying away.

Giant blade whirling dance!

Bang Bang Bang...

The two ranged soldier frantically unleashed all of their bullets. Although their strategy to drag the battle on had failed, the two of them were agility type shooters, and thus were still able to drag the battle on for a longer period of time.

However, they had just unleashed a barrage of fire before suddenly stopping...

That's because Noriba did equip any defenses, resulting in all of the incoming fire landing on his body. However, due to his tyrannical Soul Power, Noriba was completely able to ignore his opponent's attacks.


Noriba suddenly raised his battle axe up high, before smashing it on the ground with a loud bang.


Two bloody rays of light suddenly shot out from the battle axe. In an instant, they rumbled towards the two nimble shooters, sending them scuttling and jumping away. Nonetheless, their actions did not change the result, as the bloody rays smashed straight onto their bodies.

Having smashed his battle axe on the ground, Noriba did not even bother to look at his opponents. Instead, he pulled his Skylink out to give a call to his girlfriend. "Sorry babe. I've yet to show my handsomeness before the fight's over. There really is... not a single one who can fight."

The entire competition grounds took in his performance in silence. The 3 Emperor S rank squadrons had collaborated to dominate the second round of the CHF in an overbearing fashion.

The fight for the top 32 was over. It had to be said that there were constant surprises, constant wails of anguish and the tyrannical black horse had caused the entire competition to become unpredictable. In the beginning, everyone had assumed the CHF was merely a game played between the members of the 10 great families. However, all of a sudden, everyone discovered that it wasn't the case. The meteoric rise of Tianjing and Giant God Peak had given them hope, with "All Mouthy King" Wang Zhong and "King of the Peak" Dicaprio moving the hearts of countless commoners. So it turns out that miracles could be created even without the support of aristocratic families! Naturally, though, the aristocratic families had maintained the limelight on themsleves, just like what the various great families had hoped for. In the CHF, the 10 great families would rearrange the rankings based on the results, as regardless of what any of them possessed, strength was still the hard and fast rule to everything.

The Stuart, Vasilyevich and Gui Families were still as unstoppable as before. Although the Heaven's Fate squadron did not continue with the trend of the 1 vs 5 group battle, they had ended their match with an easy 4:0 victory. This was the style of Heaven's Fate. They did not need to use any overbearing method to showcase their strength. In fact, their style was not in harmony with this new era. After all, ever since the dark era, humanity needed to pursue strength and dominance to the very extreme. However, the Mo Family was able to depend on their tyrannical strength to forcefully hold on to their unorthodox style and make it their trademark. This went to show how the Mo Family was able to be domineering while keeping their low profile.

The great S+ squadrons were still unstoppable. As for the Zhao and Seer Families, they formed the second tier of the S ranked squadrons. Conforming with the norm, they had squashed their opponents in a 4:0 fashion. Even the weakest squadron, Copperfield, had displayed their powerful strength befitting of an S rank squadron. Never, ever underestimate the underlying might of a great family.

Outside of the S ranks, the Blazing City and Blazing Angel squadron had already displayed an S rank calibre. The tag team of the black magician Mario and ball queen Sharmie was quite terrifying, mainly due to Mario's freakish special ability coupled with the unmatched firepower of Sharmie, which had surely incited disgust in people's hearts. At the same time, the Blazing Angel squadron was now nicknamed as the battle-crazed squadron. With their rock-hard will and discipline, unsurmountable faith, fire attribute special abilities in all of their members, despite their individual strengths being uneven, every single member would turn as savage and cruel as demonic fiends upon entering in group battles.

After 2 rounds of matches, the Barbarian squadron hailing from the North West, the Plateau squadron hailing from the South West, the Asuna Ocean God squadron hailing from the extreme south near Inca City, as well as the Eye of the Storm squadron had distinguished themselves from the rest of the A ranked squadrons. The Barbarian squadron's hometown was Barbarian City, a Federation City that had the closest style to that of the empires, holding strength in reverence. Although the Federation had universal rules and regulations applied to all of its 100 cities, the various great cities had different customs and cultures present in each of them. Although their characters were always as tough as nails, the Barbarian squadrons from the past have always been very poor, due to the utter lack of cooperation within their squadrons. What's more, there was the constant internal conflicts, with no one willing to listen to anyone. However, this time, the Barbarian squadron had given birth to a super expert with the brazen nickname of "Barbarian King". Once the wild beasts had been herded and directed, their combat strength would no longer be the same as the before.

The main lineup of the Plateau squadron consisted of five powerful special ability users with attributes of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Each of them possessed an extremely powerful strength, with them obtaining their two victories in a 4:0 and 4:1 fashion. It was rumoured that their group battle prowess was even stronger than their individual combat prowess, causing them to be closely watched by the various powerful squadrons.

The Asuna Ocean God squadron originated from the Asuna City located near Inca City. The destruction of Inca City had hastened the progress and development of Asuna City through the intake of refugees as well as aid from the Federation. It was unknown whether it was due to the tsunami that devastated Inca City, but the standards of special ability users awakening in Asuna City had been growing higher and higher for the past couple of years, which also facilitated the rapid growth the Asuna squadron. 

Lastly, the Eye of the Storm squadron was a squadron of Soul Beast Masters. With five Soul Beast Masters, duels against them would equal to 2 against 1, and 10 against 5 in group battles. With outstanding members filling their ranks, one could see that there were many squadrons that were chasing the dream to defeat an S rank squadron.

The fight fo the top 16 had started. Mkaing it to the top 16 would result in one's academy receiving huge support from the Federation for the next five years. Not only that, they would leapfrog to become a first class academy of the Federation. This was the honour and glory brought about by the CHF.

It could be said that the next match would be the match that would establish the nature of one's academy, allowing the outstanding to reach towards excellence.

However, leader Ma Dong wanted to pick someone's pockets. Feeling slightly lucky, Ma Dong wanted to be the one to pick the ballot for the round-of-16. However, he had picked one of the four great kings within the middle pack of the S ranked squadrons, the Divine Dragon squadron.

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