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Crazed thoughts filled his head as he forced his body to descend. However, at the instant when his feet touched the ground, clad in golden light, the cross wheels had already returned to make their third pass at him. To make matters worse, instead of one, both of them were now present!

Having accumulated the momentum all the way to the third pass, the energy present in the cross wheels have already reached a terrifying level.

Dooley, who had lost some of his thought processing capability, and had forcefully descended from the air, had utterly no possibility of evading the incoming cross wheels.

Instantly, Soul Power surged from his entire body, while his sole dagger turned into two, shielding his body from the front!

"Roar!" Dooley's eyes turned scarlet red as Soul Power exploded forth!

Soul Power visible to the naked eye surfaced, circling his body like gusts of gentle wind!

A tremendous power surged forth into his arms, as ear-piercing sounds rang out from the collision of the daggers against the cross wheels, causing everyone to cover their eyes in pain!

An assassin had achieved a feat that's usually done by a soldier! Using the weakest amount of strength to erupt with such powerful might!

However, it was a pity that he was faced against a pair of cross wheels, what more being Wang Zhong's cross wheels!

Crack! Crack! Bang!

The sounds of the daggers cracking were as ear-piercing as striking a bell! Regardless of the cross wheel attack being negated and sent flying back, Dooley was shoved back a dozen metres by the terrifying force, flying back all the way till his butt landed on the ground!


Dooley spurted a mouthful of blood as he clutched his chest with one hand, while the other pressed on the ground in an attempt to stand up. However, the devastating damage to his internal organs caused intense pain to rack through his entire body! His foot suddenly slipped and he fell to the ground. In the next instant, one could only hear deep and laboured breathing coming from him!

That's on an different magnitude!!!

Due to Du brothers assuming that they could block the attacks coming from the cross wheels, they had fallen into the trap Wang Zhong had laid! Wang Zhong wasn't afraid of them rushing in head-on. Instead, he was afraid of them keeping their distance and avoiding a head-on confrontation. Therefore, he did not imbue much "power" into his first 2 cross wheel attacks! This misjudgment caused a misconception to surface in the minds of the Du brothers, causing them to assume that they could become famous in this fight after defeating the so-called All Mouthy King!

Even people like them would not want to forsake such an opportunity, to appear even more outstanding than their captain and vice-captain Gaden!

He shot a look from the corner of his eyes towards the Tianjing captain, before noticing that Wang Zhong's gaze was one of calmness and indifference, and did not even rest on him for even a second...

The entire audience present in the competition grounds was dumbfounded.

What the hell is this? In an instant after entering a dash, with not even 1 minute having elapsed since the start of the group battle, the 2 great assassins from Bella Dean have already collapsed on the ground?!

The change in rhythm in that instant of the exchange was genuinely too quick! What's more, the countless minute details present were simple unnoticable by the average layman. It seemed like a fleeting moment, but it was all that was required for the two pompous, great assassins who had blocked the cross wheels and dodged the gun and cannon fire to collapse on the ground.

"That barrage launched by that vice-captain of Tianjing is quite dense and concentrated."

"The eruption of that heavy cannon seems a bit high. Was it an instantaneous 7 successive shots?"

"What's her name? Milami Apollo? Fuck, isn't that the surname of our ball queen?"

"Go check the information yourself! She's Sharmie's older cousin! Oh my fucking god, what kind of family is this! This inheritance, tsk tsk...I want to be the groom for Apollo! I've no issue in entering their family!"

"Fuck! Are you guys only looking the girls? Brother King! Brother King, yo! That usage of the cross wheel, my god! 2 days ago, Dicaprio's performance really made him look like brother King. However, after seeing captain Wang Zhong's cross wheels, I feel that there's absolutely no need to continue comparing! That explosive power is so much higher than Dicaprio's! What's more, the revolution speed's even greater! That's the genuine seamless linking!"

While the Tianjing audience was instantly blown away in astonishment, the Bella Dean supporters were dumbstruck in horror.

Nevertheless, the fight was still ongoing!

At the instant when the two assassins collapsed on the ground, Bella Dean's heavy soldier, Paulista, had already rushed before the Tianjing backline!

At this moment, Paulista was beyond furious. Being a heavy soldier and the core of his squadron's formation in a group battle, his position offered the best vision on the positions of his squadron members. What's more, he was also the initiator for offensive and defensive switches for their group battle formation.

Ever since the sudden change where the two initiated a high-speed dash, Paulista could already feel that their situation was turning bad. Having practiced their formations countless times, he knew that the Du brothers would obviously not make such a basic mistake as peeling away from their formation like that. From that, he deduced that their opponent's weak-looking suppressive fire as well as Wang Zhong's cross wheel attacks had lured them away from the formation they were supposed to maintain.

He wanted to remind the two brothers. However, in that split second, he was simply unable to do so before they fell into their opponent's trap...

Before stepping on the stage, captain Adam Galen had ordered them to destroy Tianjing quickly, as the might of Bella Dean could not be stained by others. However, from the looks of it now, not only were they unable to deal with Tianjing quickly, but the first two people to have fallen were their own...

Not only was this a stain to the Bella Dean name, but it was also utterly ridiculous that Dufan had been defeated by 2 girls! Even though it was all due to their opponent's strategical arrangements, this was an embarrassment to the entire Bella Dean squadron!

This shame could only be washed off by drawing fresh blood!

Paulista's eyes were filled with flames of fury.

His opponents were able to unleash extremely powerful barrages of fire. Additionally, Wang Zhong's cross wheels have already accumulated a certain amount of momentum and power. Being extremely clear about Dooley's capabilities, an attack that could inflict severe injuries on him and cause internal damage just from blocking it would be exceedingly powerful!

Nonetheless, the price for such firepower was a complete disregard of defence. As long as he could endure the attack, Gaden, who was positioned behind him, could reduce their opponent's formation into slags!

Furthermore, his defensive strength was leagues above an assassin like Dooley!

Without talking about a single barrage, even if he was faced with a dozen barrages from the trio of ranged soldiers, Paulista was confident that he could completely block all of them!

As he executed his high-speed dash, Paulista's large shield was already locked before his body. A sparkling layer of golden radiance was present on the surface of his shield and body, causing him to appear as though he was encased in a layer of golden plate armor!

The gun and cannon fire were already one step ahead of him, as peals of bullets and cannonballs came rumbling over. Smashing against his large shield, metallic clangs rang out. Nonetheless, the strength of his defense compared to the two assassins was like night and day!

Even Milami's heavy cannon fire seemed to have lost its effectiveness; Paulista maintained his high-speed charge despite forcefully resisting the torrent of cannon fire!

"There's still 20 meters left! Although Tianjing's strategies have bagged them incredible results, their double ranged backline appears to be totally unreactive to a top class heavy soldier! Now, there's basically no chance left for them to do anything! The advantage a range soldier has over a shield-carrying heavy soldier is the ability to kite. However, one would have to be at the same level as the heavy soldier to do so! Clearly, this twin flower backline of Tianjing is unable to achieve such feats. Perhaps their captain Wang Zhong might be able to do so. However, with him being tied down by 3 girls, there's utterly no possibility to carry out any kiting strategies! Now, Tianjing has already lost the momentum, with their formation advantage and luck being completely used up against Bella Dean's twin assassins! Now's the time for them to pay their dues. Once a tank as powerful as Paulista rushes into the lineup of Tianjing, with the support from Gaden in the backline, it would be just like a tiger rushing into a flock of sheep, causing utter devastation to everyone!" 

15 metres!

"Knight's Dash!"

"Roar!" Paulista's eyes turned scarlet red. Giving gave a furious roar, he completely ignored the combined fire coming from Tianjing!

With a furious increase in speed, his figure appeared just like a locomotive hurtling down the tracks at high speed!

The muscles throughout his body expanded out, while a faint golden glow surrounded him. Like a crazed demon, he rushed forwards! At this moment, anything that appears before him would be smashed into a pulp!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Just at this instant, two eye-catching golden glows had already made their revolutions and came back. Holding his large shield with both hands, Paulista shoved it forwards with all his might. The gigantic shield allowed him to disregard attacks from any direction. Not only did he want to defend, but he also wanted to smash the trajectory flying orbits of the cross wheels into disarray!

Having done their research about the cross wheels, the Bella Dean squadron knew that a blow with sufficient force had the possibility of sending the trajectory of the cross wheels into disarray. Without talking about stopping their spin, he wanted it to be hazardous for their wielder to get them back into his hands!

This was the double edge sword of the cross wheel.

The violent force jarred his hands. Nonetheless, it had also sent the cross wheels flying off in a brutal manner!

It had to be said that sensation he felt was just like a collision against a high-speed armored locomotive. Nonetheless, he had resisted them!

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