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So what if Wang Zhong was All Mouthy King? However, Ma Dong had almost forgotten that All Mouthy King was only a human, while Galen was basically a freak! How could humans match up to such a monster?

"Wang Zhong!" Ma Dong felt incomparably anxious. While he had happily hopped along with the Tianjing squadron, and enjoyed the many cheers and celebrations, all of those had been obtained by Wang Zhong and Grai, with him contributing absolutely nothing. However, at his present moment, with Tianjing being trapped, and Wang Zhong facing despair, despite being his brother, there was nothing Ma Dong could do to change this situation around!

Yes, there was simply nothing he could do.

Ask Wang Zhong to quickly admit defeat? Ma Dong was unable to help him make such a decision. Cheer for Wang Zhong? Wouldn't that be the same as forcing him to stay on the stage longer, just for something worse to happen?!

Ma Dong's heart was in utter chaos!

This wasn't a fair match, as the opponent wasn't the original captain Adam of the Bella Dean squadron!

Ever since he was young, he had experienced the feeling of life-or-death situations way too many times. Therefore, Wang Zhong had long discarded the concept of fear. Only by facing such a opponent would he be able to feel excitement surging within his heart!

He shot a look towards Scarlet from the corner of his eye, who was gripping a white towel tightly in her hands, sending a calming gaze towards her. Wiping the blood on his face, he turned his eyes and shot an earnest look at his opponent, before revealing a smile. At times like this, there was nothing more effective at calming the hearts of the masses than a smile like that.

"Captain Wang Zhong!" upon seeing the smile, the supporters of Tianjing watching via Skylink instantly regained their spirits!

If Wang Zhong was merely stubborn and not willing to admit defeat, all of them would feel pain in their hearts. However, just a single look at his eyes was enough for them to know that he was definitely not just an empty vessel. At this moment, the confident smile on his face captured the hearts of many fans!

There was still hope!

No one wished for the squadron they supported to be defeated!

Scarlet could also feel it, and everyone else from the Tianjing squadron also felt it!

There was nothing she could do, except to howl and cheer within her heart.

"Go, captain!" All of a sudden, Hymin pumped her fists as she shouted out loudly.

"Go, Wang Zhong!"

"Go, brother Wang Zhong!"

"We believe in you, senior!"

"It's all up to you, brother! Smash that freak!" everyone started to shout crazily. Since Wang Zhong had made his decision, everyone had decided to believe in him, all the way until the end!

Hearing those cheers, a faint smile appeared on Wang Zhong's face.


He tore off his leftover clothing, which was already in tatters, revealing an upper torso that was covered in blood.

Blood no longer flowed from the three open holes in his chest, most likely having been forcibly sealed using Soul Power. Such a method clearly couldn't be maintained for too long. From this, everyone could see that it did not leave Wang Zhong much time to carry out a counter-attack.

However, the audience wasn't focusing their attention on the bloody holes, which had been temporarily sealed up.

Instead, they were taking in Wang Zhong's mesmerizing upper torso. Other than the injuries caused by Galen's bone spikes, what appeared before everyone's eyes was a set of muscles that could be classified as a work of art!

Although he was lean, his muscles appeared to have been hammered out of steel! Not one bit bulky looking, and not one bit skinny looking! Although not he wasn't exceptionally handsome, the wild appearance created by the blood on his body coupled with his face caused him to glow with masculinity and virility.

"Why do I feel that captain Wang Zhong's so sexy… I'm conflicted! It's Grai that I love!"

"Such utterly perfect musculature! That's why the explosion of his hand to hand combat is that powerful!"

"Speaking of which, don't you guys feel that his physique is so similar to All Mouthy King! Both of them don't have an overly built musculature, yet have incomparably strong and sturdy flowing muscle lines. They basically appear to have been made from the same mold!"

"Could this captain from Tianjing really be All Mouthy King?!"

This hot topic instantly started to take over the Skylink and the viewing gallery once again.

"Looks like captain Wang Zhong isn't planning on giving up." Wind God was caught by surprise. Although he had always been roasting Tianjing, he honestly still had a considerable amount of respect for Wang Zhong. Regardless of how talented Wang Zhong was, it was hard to imagine exactly what kind of price a commoner like him had to pay to be able to reach such a level of strength; talent alone could not have brought him this far. What's more, his resolute and stubborn nature had made Wind God feel reverence towards him. Nonetheless, he could not mix his emotions with his job. "This is a decision that's worthy of respect, and also an extremely foolish one! The early exchanges have clearly exposed his limits! There's absolutely no soldier in the Casted Soul Stage who can match up to Galen's speed! I've just obtained new information, sorry for the miscommunication earlier. The power that Galen has exhibited clearly exceeds the boundaries of special abilities. He possesses the werewolf bloodline! That's the super bloodline the allowed the Bella Dean Family to climb to the top during the dark era! Frankly speaking, there's utterly no meaning behind Wang Zhong's resolution to continue fighting in the face of this bloodline. Perhaps, the only ending for him would be an early death!"


Wang Zhong took his stance, a stance that caused everyone to become dumbfounded.

It was the most stable of stances, with a bow-arrow leg position, his left hand forming a fist and placed before him, while his right forming a fist at his waist.

The orthodox stance!

People weren't shocked due to this stance being too hard to recognize, but because it was commonly known! This was the entry-level hand-to-hand combat art taught by every Heroic Soul Academy! Any casual click in the Skylink or videos about entry-level fighting techniques would allow one to see this stance!

Without talking about those experts in hand to hand combat, even the most ordinary of laymen would be able to recognize this stance. They would also be able to pull off a few moves and defenses from it!

Therefore, everyone was dumbfounded by what they saw, with the cheers erupting from the Tianjing side being involuntarily stifled.

This was the finishing move that Wang Zhong planned to use against the berserk Galen? Was this the source of his confidence?

"Why do I feel so cheated!" Wind God's remark was exceedingly apt in addressing the question that had popped up in the hearts of many.

Seeing Wang Zhong taking his stance, a sneer curled up at the corner of Galen's mouth. Even with remnants of his intelligence, he was able to recognize this stance, something that caused much disappointment to surface in his heart.

This duel had already dragged for too long. If it continued on, Galen was worried that he would soon lose all control.

End him!


As the explosive bang of his feet stamping on the ground rang out, his figure launched forward like a bolt of lightning, shooting straight towards his target!

At this moment, all of Wang Zhong's concentration had already been focused. The injuries that he had sustained weren't all for naught; at the very least, they allowed his eyes to adapt to his opponent's movements.

Trying to compete with this freak in speed would be completely unrealistic. Without considering the weird and strange movements of his opponent, just the power contained within that body had far exceeded people in the same realm as him!

If Wang Zhong followed along with Galen's rhythm, it would be useless against even if he were to ramp up his speed by a notch! There was only one way for him to break this stranglehold his opponent had trapped him in!

Wang Zhong's heart followed his eyes, while his fist followed his thoughts. A layer of golden Soul Power enveloped his fist. The right fist kept at his waist was pushed out. Regardless of Galen's movements or attacks, he sent his fist rumbling out in a straight line!


A strange and terrifying power rushed forwards. Even though the fist would do no harm to Galen at all, he could sense a danger deep in his gut that caused him to tremble!


Piercing the ground with his bone claws, he turned his body around. Faster than the crack of thunder, Galen evaded the fist winds! In a flash, he appeared on the left of Wang Zhong, before sending out his attack! 

However, Wang Zhong did not even waste any energy to turn his body!


Without even turning around to see, Wang Zhong's fist had already come hurtling from the left. It appeared to be travelling slowly through the air, yet it coincidentally arrived when Galen was about 3 to 4 metres away from him!

A tremendous sense of imminent danger enveloped Galen once again. The more berserk he became, the less rational he was, but the innate senses in a living being grew even stronger!

Bam Bam!

Galen slammed his claws into the ground, changing his direction in another attempt to evade.

This time, it came from the back! Yet, Wang Zhong did not turn his head to look, and did not even turn his body?

Wang Zhong did not turn around at all. As though he had eyes on the back of his head, his body leaned forward slightly, before sending an elbow swinging back!

The seemingly slow moments chased up to Galen's action in a seemingly inconceivable manner. Just as his bone claws were about to slice up Wang Zhong's throat, Wang Zhong's heavy elbow had already found its target.


Galen was sent shooting back violently like a cannonball, smashing fiercely into the ground a dozen metres away. As he crawled up from the ground, his neck was twisted 180 degrees, with his face having completely flipped towards the back of his body! 


If this was any other opponent, with their necks being snapped in such a manner, wouldn't they already be dead?!

However, this was Galen!

Extending his hands out to forcibly give his head a twist, heart-shuddering cracks rang out, before his neck was twisted back to its original position.

Nonetheless, Wang Zhong's strike was definitely quite unpleasant for him.

There were still limits to his regenerative capability, and injuries would lead to the consumption of his strength. Once his strength was completely consumed, it would also extinguish all remaining rationality that he possessed!

Galen's rough and heavy breaths grew louder and more forceful, while his eyes grew even more bloodshot!

As all of that was happening, Wang Zhong stood quietly as he watched Galen, showing the same motionless and carefree attitude as usual!

Regardless of the viewing gallery or in the Skylink chat feed, everyone had already turned dumbfounded and speechless.

Frankly speaking, the spectacle that had unfolded on stage had utterly exceeded the limits of understanding for the ordinary audience. Previously, despite moving that quickly, Wang Zhong was still being played around by his opponent, with him not even able to make contact with the latter. However, what seemed like slow actions made by him in the last exchange had unexpectedly struck home?!

Using silence to suppress action!

Mo Xingchen's eyes lit up upon seeing this. The Mo Family was the representative of ancient martial arts, having fused the body techniques and skills from the ancient civilizations with the Soul Power system during the dark era. This had cemented the might and reputation of the Mo Family, causing them to become the representative of the ancient martial art schools! Being their successor, Mo Xingchen's eye for such detail was absolutely more than sufficient!

The key wasn't his orthodox stance, as that was just a method to bear the weight of his strikes.

The critical point was Wang Zhong's cultivation of his techniques and skills!

When the word "cultivation" was mentioned, it had already exceeded the boundaries of moves and strength. It was a kind of understanding towards the martial Dao, an all-embracing concept of returning to the simplest essence of things! Even without using the orthodox stance, the current Wang Zhong would probably still be able to accomplish the same feat in regardless of the position he started in!

Frankly speaking, Wang Zhong's realm in the martial Dao is considerably high. Even within the Mo Family, there were very few people who were able to reach the same level of mastery! What's more, this comparison included not just the younger generation, but also some of the experts from the older generation of the Mo Family!

Losing in the high-speed exchange earlier was admittedly due to Wang Zhong's wrong choice in technique. However, if not for the acclimitisation from that earlier bout, his eyes would not have been able to keep track of his opponent's actions. The slightest difference would equate to a considerable loss. Naturally, without having adapted to his opponent, his usage of silence to suppress action would be useless. However, at this moment...

There was no certainty that he would win, but Wang Zhong had made the most accurate judgment!

"Roar!" At this point, Galen had almost become completely berserk, with his remaining intelligence being gradually eroded by the injuries that he had just suffered. He was trying his best to suppress the strength of his bloodlines, due to his inability to fully control it with his current condition. However, his drive to win was stronger. He absolutely couldn't lose! Everything his family had sacrificed and all that he had borne wasn't just so that he could lose! Clenching his teeth, he growled out. "This is the choice you've made, huh! Alright, I'll use your heart as a sacrifice to my werewolf bloodline!"

As he said those words, his eyes turned completely scarlet-red, while all his teeth grew out into wolf-like fangs. As a heart-stopping Soul Power enveloped the entire stage, his expression turned into one of complete insanity!

With a giant howl, he launched his assault once again!

Galen's speed had increased yet again ,as he continued to revolve and dash towards Wang Zhong. Every single missed attack by him would cause the ground to shatter and split. Galen's berserk rushes caused heart-rending fear to appear in the everyone's hearts. The terrifying explosion of power from his muscles, the unblockable sharp claws, his agility, and his attacks, left one nowhere to escape or defend from. A bloodthirsty, berserk wolf. This was the might of a bloodline. Even the laymen in the audience could tell that Galen had already lost his intelligence, yet the strength he possessed was even more tyrannical than before. 

At this moment, soldiers from the military were already present around the competition stage. What's more, 2 middle-aged males from the Bella Dean family had also appeared, with caution showing in their eyes as they locked their gazes on Galen. The earlier transformation was within their expectations, as he would need to break through his limits in order to control the strength he possessed. However, no one had expected for this to happen under such circumstances.

Once the power of the bloodline was ignited, Galen would need to consume all of that power before he would be able to regain his intelligence. Ordinary people in his age group would definitely have been torn into shreds in the face of the berserk rage of his werewolf bloodline, coupled with his tyrannical regenerative capability and fleshly body. Even Divian wasn't able to match up to him in those aspects.

Just like that, he felt as though he could smack Wang Zhong to death at any moment with a single swipe of his claws, yet Wang Zhong still remained as stable as Mount Tai.

Regardless of how crazily he swiped or attacked from any direction, what welcomed Galen at every turn was Wang Zhong's fist, brimming with power, obstructing him from dealing lethal damage to Wang Zhong. Despite acting nonchalant and not even turning around to look at all, Wang Zhong's injuries were getting increasingly severe as time passed. Even after entering a berserk state, Galen wasn't simply unleashing brainless attacks at Wang Zhong. Unlike ordinary berserk rages where the berserker would lose all of their intelligence, the berserk wolf state allowed the inheritor to boost his talent in hunting and gain an even higher power. At this moment, his attacks were targeting his opponent's heart and neck!

In an instant, the two exchanged yet another dozen moves.

Silence filled the entire competition grounds. Even the Skylink chat feed, which usually have all sorts of bullshit bring spouted at any moment, had also turned silent, as everyone was stunned and shocked by the bloody spectacle happening on the stage. The people of this era weren't flowers growing in a greenhouse, as dangers were ever so present at everywhere they went. Therefore, all of them could feel the power and might Adam Galen Bella Dean possessed. They could also imagine how terrifying such power would be if present if it were in the wilderness; the wielder would basically become an overlord. As for Wang Zhong, he was just an ordinary person at this moment, being forced to struggle for his life.

Wang Zhong had indeed been completely suppressed in the current phase of the duel. If he were to just reveal a slight opening, he would be ripped into shreds. Having clashed all the way through this duel, all of a sudden, it had turned into a life-or-death battle. Such a flow was not rare in the CHF, as it was very common for duels between similarly matched opponent to become a battle like this. The only exception would be for one side to take the initiative and give up. However, anyone who did that would basically be unable to cross this mental barrier, causing a psychological shadow to remain in their hearts. What's more, if this were to happen to members of aristocratic families, they would definitely be expelled from their families, as such actions would do a great deal of damage to the honor and dignity of their families.

While Wang Zhong's defense appeared precarious, it was actually exceedingly stable. On the other side, in his werewolf state, Galen was getting increasingly excited, while his muscles bulged with strength, brimming with soul-palpitating power. Wang Zhong's tenacity had incited an increase in the hidden power within his bloodline. An expert out of his league would suppress the ignition of his bloodline, while a weak opponent would be incapable of triggering the excitement hiding in the depths of his soul. Only in this CHF would he be able to bump into opponents capable of meeting the criteria he needed, the goal that Galen had come here for. Ever since the beginning, he has always been in pursuit of more strength and power. However, never did he imagine that he would be able to do so in just the second round of the final competition.

However, this was more than sufficient for him.


All of a sudden, Galen gave a furious stamp with his feet, before raising his head and releasing a loud howl!

Frightening soundwaves brimming with a strange power instantly radiated across the entire stage!

Not only was it ear-piercing, upon hearing the howl, the members of the two squadrons beside the stage, Wind God on the casting podium, and the audience seated at the viewing gallery, all felt as though an explosion had been set off in their heads! Their hearts clenched furiously, as though an invisible hand was giving it a violent squeeze, seemingly wanting everyone to suffocate!

"Ahhh!" miserable shrieks rang out from the audience, including Wind God, who gave an exaggerated one into the microphone.

Bloodline special ability -- Wolf Soul Heart Rending Howl! 

Galen had gone completely berserk! His eyes glowed scarlet red, while his bone claws swiped around in madness. With just a small swing during his high-speed rushes, the few sharp visible blades of winds arcing out from his claw instantly tore fissures in the surface of the stage!

Berserk sounds fused with the terrifying howl, appearing to sweep up anything in their path!

Berserk Wolf's Dance!

His bone claws swept about in the air, while his howl radiated across the entire stage!

Bam Bam!

Two sounds rang out before everything came to a halt!

After stewing for so long, Wang Zhong had waited for this exact moment!

Regardless of his current state, there was absolutely no one who could avoid an attack coming at the precise instant when one's guard was down immediately after executing a sure-kill move. The more berserk one was, the more obvious this flaw is. Of course, that would depend on Wang Zhong being able to block the Wolf Soul Heart Rending howl. This howl had many effects against others. However, for Wang Zhong and his powerful spiritual soul, it merely sounded like a dry cry. What's more... it sounded extremely awful!

Two palms glowing faintly with the radiance of golden Soul Power held on tightly to Galen's wrist. Galen proceeded to loosen his joints, instantly beginning to escape the hold. However, having prepared for so long, how would Wang Zhong give him such an opportunity?

A simple knee rushing towards the sky had already been launched since the start of the hold!


A tremendous force instantly smashed into Galen's undefended lower jaw. Having his head receive the impact, everyone one could clearly see signs of Galen's mind turning hazy appearing in his scarlet red eyes.

That was immediately followed by a whip-like kick smashing down from the sky like a whirlwind!

Wang Zhong's entire body spun a round in the air, while Galen's head was smashed inwards like a soccer ball after being struck by Wang Zhong's kick! Under the tremendous force, his entire body smashed uncontrollably into the ground.


The werewolf's regenerative capability was nothing to scoff at. Although the two successive attacks had caused severe injuries, it had also caused his berserk state to expand significantly! Smashing his clawed hands into the ground, Galen attempted to flip himself up. However, in the next second, a weight akin to a mountain smashed down onto his back!

Fall of a thousand dragons!

Wang Zhong's knees smashed downwards in a violent manner, pressing right onto Galen's back. Pushing his left hand right on the back of Galen's head, he smashed it back down into the ground!


A faint smile appeared on Wang Zhong's face, as his boxing glove-sized fist rose into the air.


A Second Drive filled with Soul Power smashed down ferociously!

A terrifying wave of air radiated out from the place where Wang Zhong's fist and the back of Galen's head made contact. Rapidly expanding out, it swept out quickly across the entire viewing gallery, causing the audience sitting at the far edges to feel a gust of wind blowing across their faces!

"Roar!" Galen gave a wild roar of fury. Although his head was spinning from Wang Zhong's punch, his immense vitality and regenerative capabilities caused him to feel no fear towards an injury like this. Unexpectedly, the powerful Second Drive had been completely defended against!

Flipping his arms abruptly, he sent his bone spikes lunging fiercely at Wang Zhong!

However, in the next second, his attacks were neutralized, as two feet smashed onto his palms with exceptional accuracy, before a butt came sitting down on his lower back! That left hand retain a firm grip on the back of his head, preventing him from using any of the bone spikes on his back!

Regardless of his powerful fleshly body and his strange transformations, his spine was unable to avoid the deadly lock from Wang Zhong. The spine was the centre pillar of the human body, causing it to be the most critical, yet weakest spot in the human body!

Galen could feel all of his bodily strength being sapped by the hateful arm that was locking his spine up. Of his entire strength, he could now only exert less that 30% of it! The bone spurs on his fingers clawed about madly. However, they were being stepped on by his opponent's feet. Other than forming even deeper holes on the rock-hard ground, they were completely useless in his attempt to free himself!

If a single punch wasn't able to settle him, let's send another one out!

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