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A black shadow shot swiftly towards Wang Zhong once again!

With some difficulty, he could finally get a clear view of his opponent's actions. Spreading his hands out, Wang Zhong's speed of retreat increased explosively. Appearing to possess springs in his feet, he let Galen rush past him, before extending his hands out to their limits to give a grab.


It felt as though he had managed to grab his opponent's neck. However, due to his opponent moving too quickly, Wang Zhong was unable to pull him in despite using his full strength. The extreme chafing caused a burning sensation to sear through Wang Zhong's palms while leaving behind just a torn sleeve!

At this same instant, Galen's right hand and bone claws pierced into the ground, forcibly halting his high-speed rush instantly. The tremendous momentum he possessed was transformed into inertia, allowing for him to make an abrupt turn. The bone claws of his right hand proceeded to draw a perfect arc in the air, just like a giant axe, as it chopped down from the sky!


By then, Wang Zhong had already retreated hastily. Nonetheless, he was still slow by just a heartbeat, causing four more bloody gashes to appear on his chest.

What speed!

With a thought, Wang Zhong gave a furious stamp. As all of his Soul Power condensed in his feet, he instantly made multiple afterimages across the stage. Ghostly Steps Confusion!

As if his vision had gone blur, Galen wasn't able to identify exactly which one of the many afterimages was the real Wang Zhong.

Since that's the case, I'll get rid of every single one!

No one could see either one of them clearly on the big screens or Skylink. The only visible figure was a black shadow weaving and speeding across the stage, piercing through all of Wang Zhong's afterimages. Crossing back and forth, he made a dozen rounds of the stage in a split second!

Faster, faster, faster! Even faster!

The limits of one's capabilities could only be broken in the most extreme of situations. At this moment, Wang Zhong's figures seemed to grow faster and faster. However, despite his increase in speed, Galen was also somehow always faster!

What's more, other than becoming quicker, his actions were getting more and more polished!

Standing on all four limbs, along with his bone spikes and unusually inhuman movements, Galen simply did not follow conventional mechanics! Movements like these were the most disgusting that everyone had ever seen. The more powerful the expert, the higher their innate understanding and analysis of their opponents. If they had to go up against the weird and strange moves Galen was executing, any hesitation in judgement would spell trouble!

Zeng Zeng Zeng Zeng!

It was only a span of a few seconds. Although the two figures were still travelling at speeds that appeared blurry to people, the blood flying and splattering across the entire stage were clear indications that injuries were definitely being inflicted! And those injuries weren't just light ones!

The black shadow rushed forwards once again. At this instant, Wang Zhong's feet moved a tad bit slower.


The sound of knives cutting into flesh rang out as a bloody glow flashed out. In an instant, the high-speed afterimages disappeared; Wang Zhong had been pierced right through the chest with three of those horrifying bone spikes!

Wang Zhong gave a muffled groan, before furiously channelling his strength through his arms to grab hold of the arm that was right in front of his chest. At the very least, he finally managed grab onto this fellow!

With a furious pull, he twisted his body and gave a tug! All of the strength in his body was condensed within the leg that he had sent kicking back into the sky!


A sound akin to the boom of thunder was accompanied by the clear sound of fracturing bones, as Galen's body was sent flying viciously backwards over a dozen metres away, his entire lower jaw having been crushed and shattered!

However, all of this only lasted for a split second, as Galen had already flipped himself up from his ground. As this happened, his crushed lower jaw started to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye!

Even this wasn't a problem for him?! What a ridiculous level of regeneration!

Everyone proceeded to turn their eyes towards Wang Zhong. Although he had remained in the same position after the last kick, it was only after he had stopped moving that everyone noticed that his entire body was drenched in blood!

The sparkling Tianjing Academy uniform had long been torn up to the point of it no longer looking like a piece of clothing. Blood was still flowing continuously from the three holes in his chest, a ghastly sight for everyone present!

Having recovered, Galen gave a wide-toothed grin, before licking the blood on his bone spikes. At this moment, his eyes were turning increasingly red, with the smile on his face becoming more and more malevolent. Even his body had begun to shake and tremble in uncontrollable excitement! He appeared to be so excited to the extent he had lost all rational thought!

"This isn't any body morphing special ability!" Karl made his judgement only after much hesitation. "It's a bloodline! A werewolf bloodline!"

Not only him, Divian, Mo Xingchen, Laura, and many of the other core members of the aristocratic families finally caught on to this. Everyone was slightly shocked by this discovery, leaving all of them speechless.

In fact, such an apparent detail should have long been discovered by them. Yet, all of them had not done so because the thought was just too unbelievable! In fact, it could be said that they did not dare to develop that thought!

When the Bella Deans were at their prime, they had obtained a corpse from a 9th rank dimensional beast by themselves! Like the fortunate Seer Family, they had used ancient techniques to inherit the bloodline of this 9th rank beast, leading to them possessing a werewolf bloodline that was once invincible throughout the world!


The most powerful strength, the fastest speed, and an undying regenerative capability! The terrifying werewolf bloodline had a combat capability that was ranked even higher than the dragon bloodline of the Seer Family! Fortunately, it wasn't easy for such a bloodline to be inherited. Furthermore, it had rather obvious flaws, namely, the bloodthirst and the irritability! Upon entering a berserk state, the inheritor would grow increasingly strong, and increasingly irrational! Even the Bella Dean Family found it hard to control! In the end, it resulted in several massacres and quite a lot of miserable matters sprouting up. Due to this, the Bella Deans personally eliminated the remaining members with the werewolf bloodlines. Although there were definitely still carriers of the bloodline within the family, it had not appeared in recent generations.

However, it had finally appeared once again!

After getting a clear understanding of his nature, everyone finally understood why Adam's personality had fragmented, as the fusion of bloodlines probably had some undesirable aftereffects. Even the earlier experiments regarding bloodline inheritances had these problems, much less this recent one with the werewolf bloodline, which has been eliminated. What's more, less attention was paid to the bloodthirsty trait that came along with it would be ignored during the dark era, as people's lives were worthless during that time. However, it would definitely be an issue in the current age. Therefore, there was still a need for a "normal" Adam to act as a cover during ordinary moments, and a need for a Galen to endure the endless rebounding of the bloodline!

This was definitely the result of the manipulations conducted by the Bella Dean Family. If the need arised, and the personality of Galen went utterly crazy from the bloodline's backlash, it was certain that they would definitely come up with a plan to fragment and form a 3rd personality!

A frown appeared on Carolyn's forehead. At this moment, the thoughts lingering in her mind were no longer just about the competition, as she looked at Gaden, before looking at Adam Galen. Clearly, the Bella Dean Family weren't willing to go quietly into hiding. They seemed to have found a way to control the werewolf bloodline!

"....even a family successor has been used for such an experiment…" Carolyn gave a silent sigh. Regardless of how crazy the Bella Dean Family had always been, she did not expect that they would push it this far! Wang Zhong should take the chance and admit defeat while Adam Galen was still able to hold on to his rationality. If he really lost control, he would no longer give a damn about the rules of the competition!

At this moment, the supporters of Tianjing Academy had already turned silent, while smiles of confidence appeared once again on those from the Bella Dean Academy!

Frankly speaking, Wang Zhong was pretty strong! Being able to defeat the Mo's List assassin, Eddie, was more than sufficient to prove this point! However, the Bella Dean captain was even stronger!

Even the layman knew that bloodlines were the motherload of the dark era. Although the abilities of those existences with intrinsically unique talents like Laforgue could not be inherited, bloodlines had a stable degree of inheritance. For people who possessed bloodlines, remaining weak was as difficult for them as ordinary people trying to be experts. Take Divian, for example. Even if she were to do nothing, the natural growth of her strength would be just as astonishing.

The werewolf bloodline was a combat type bloodline, just like the dragon bloodline.

Wind God's voice regained its strength. The entire flow of events for this match was simply too heart-clenching, with quite a few times where it felt as if he had been slapped in the face. Even at the last instant, he still did not dare to make any definitive statements. However, the final outcome was decided. Just a while ago, Wang Zhong had already erupted with all of his strength, and had not shown any mercy. Despite that, he was still unable to match Galen in terms of speed. Regardless of how powerful the skill or technique he executed was, they were useless even if they went tit-fot-tat! Galen's regenerative capabilities had left everyone in despair!

Never did he expect that the supposedly extinct werewolf bloodline had actually been revived! This is definitely a piece of good news for the entire federation. Ordinary laymen would not know about the small negative traits that came along with the bloodline; they only knew its strength, as recorded in the history books.

"You can't continue to put up an act! Have you turned into an idiot this time?!" Wind God entered a "high" once again, though scolding Wang Zhong was no longer his main goal. At this moment, Tianjing should start to bid farewell plead with everyone, while he had to grab hold of this last opportunity to incite a wave of hatred against them the latter. The viewership of this match on Skylink had already broken 7 million, and was still r! Under such circumstances, scolding such an expert in such a sad predicament would likely double the attention he would get in Skylink tomorrow! In any case, just scolding a few sentences wouldn't cause Tianjing any more harm. Having comprehended the true meaning on how to be popular, a conscience was something that was not needed. At the very least, it . The goal of him standing on stage was to provoke the nerves of the audience from time to time. If not, it'll just be better for everyone to quietly watch the competition without any interruption. "Do you really think that the S rank's fake? Wang Zhong's self-confidence has caused him to swallow the bitter fruit! Just as what I've said before the start of this duel, there's basically no need for him to take personally take action! Originally, Tianjing had the opportunity to force this match into the group battle phase. However, all of that has now come to an end! It's Wang Zhong's arrogance and brashness which has harmed himself, and the entire Tianjing squadron!"

"Such strength is absolutely worthy of being one of the ten great experts on the Mo's List! The Mo's List that was previously announced isn't exhaustive, as there are some people who have hidden their strength and powers extremely deeply, or have too little fame or reputation. Therefore, they can't be used as a generalization! Of course, being able to appear on the Mo's List is representative of them possessing that qualification, though it does not mean that there's no one else that does!"

"I believe that if the Mo Family's were to refresh the Mo's List now, the list for the 10 great soldiers would change due to the addition of captain Adam Galen Bella Dean! As for Tianjing's Wang Zhong, perhaps he might have the chance to be ranked as one of the 5 great assassins. After all, he had obtained victory over Eddie. However, he's still lacking the qualifications to be ranked on the most important list of the ten great soldiers! From what I can see, this duel's about to end! It's best for captain Wang Zhong to admit defeat as soon as possible, if not there will be more injuries for him to bandage when he leaves the stage! Although the three bloody holes on his chest did not pierce his heart, just the loss of blood is enough to cause him to bleed to death!

Wind God's rhythm of casting was one of considerable speed, causing his words to appear like beans spilling out of a overturned sack.

In any other situation, Ma Dong would have already started to curse and swear at Wind God. However, at this moment, everyone of the Tianjing squadron had their hearts filled with worry for Wang Zhong, while being bound by the miserable scenes present on the stage. They couldn't care less about those words of madness being spouted by that crazy lady!

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