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Chapter 364: Protect this old lady!
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Ma Dong and the rest waiting outside were even more anxious. "Are you injured, Barran? Ah! How can he let us down at such a critical moment!"

"Fret not, Ma Dong. Barran will definitely be okay." consoled Scarlet.

"If I've known that he will be that nervous, it'll be much better to send Lilly instead." Hymin could not help but say it. "During crux moments, this brat always acts quite heroically. How can he be so terrified when it comes to tests? This is not good, this is really not good!"

Seeing Hymin's flustered look, everyone could not help but burst out in laughter. Ever since their return from the Chaotic Lake Region, Hymin had become the person that cared the most about Barran, and would even give him special treatment from time to time.

This hesitation from Barran was just right for the other people to start paying attention to him. Due to the terrifying performance made by him in the first test, he had caused feelings of enjoyment to rise in them.

"Looks like there will be a new record of the worst score in our competition zone."

"Since we don't have the best, it's still alright to have to worst. I feel that this fellow can be ranked in the TOP 5 jokes of the CHF."

"That's enough. That's enough. Don't make fun of other people's misfortune. It isn't hard for them to be able to come here."

The crowd that was initially about to disperse had their attention drawn by Barran. What should he do? Barran really wished to find a hole to bury himself up. He really should have let senior sister Lily participate in this arena.

"Hurry up, brother! Are you really waiting for the official to carry you up there? Haha!" some of the participants standing beside him could not help remind him.

Barran hastily walked forward. However, at this moment, his Skylink started to ring, causing him to subconsciously picking up.

"Barran, you better wake up your mind for this old lady, okay! Didn't you say that you were going to protect me! Don't let me look down on you!" Hymin's voice instantly resounded across the entire training grounds. Big sister Hymin's pluckiness cannot be restrained, regardless of the venue.

The laughter coming from the surroundings grew even louder, with even Mo Chen and the others also bursting into laughter. Who's violent girl was this! She really was too ferocious.

However, amidst the laughter coming from everyone, Barran suddenly turned calm. Seeing this, Wang Zhong raised a thumbs up sign to Hymin. Although he too was anxious about Barran, he did not know what to do about it. What's more, he wasn't able to speak out about it, as the more he does so, the more nervous Barran would become. However, it was a different story for Hymin.

A smile appeared on Cole Joseph's face as he took in the scene before him. Even he knew about the performance about that fellow, Barran, as there were too, too many people that have been eliminated due to nervousness. Therefore, he had felt no need to scold the latter.

Barran stood before the strength evaluation machine.

"Ah, don't he need to widen the distance?"

"Haha, he has to protect an old lady. There's no need for him to widen the distance."

At this moment, all of those voices coming from his surroundings had become unimportant to Barran. During summer vacation, Hymin had delivered food for Barran. After eating halfway through the food, Barran had mustered the courage to say a few words he had never, ever dared to say before. "I will protect you." He had thought that his senior sister had long forgotten about it.

He was used to be non-existent. However, ever since arriving in Tianjing, he had "existed", he had become "important".

He is Tianjing squadron's chief heavy soldier -- Barran Gestalt!



An intense shockwave exploded out in all direction, causing the hair of the surrounding participants to get blown about. In the next instant, beeping sounds rang out from the large screen by the machine.


The first S rank evaluation from the heavy soldier arena in Grozny City Competition Zone.

The entire training grounds turned so silent one could hear the drop of a needle. This….how is this possible???

That waste is the first person to get an S rank?

All of the soldiers present were utterly dumbfounded, the ridiculing smiles on their faces having completely frozen up. At this moment, Hymin was already pumping her fists into the air while shouting, "Nice one, Barran!"

This was quickly followed by the cheers of Ma Dong and the others. Casio, who was already prepared to walk over and sprout words of ridiculement had no choice but to halt in his steps. However, Ma Dong did not plan to let the former go. "Oh? Isn't that captain Casio? Why are you showing off your intelligence yet again? So, that's our heavy soldier. We gave you the first test to show you all that when Barran get serious, you guys are nothing!"

Hearing that, Casio's face turned ashen, appearing as though he had been given a few slaps to the face. "Don't get cocky too soon!"

"I just like to laugh that early, and will continue to do so! So, are you gonna bite me?"

After finishing this strike and obtaining an S- rank evaluation, Barran was finally able to take a relaxed breath. Nonetheless, he didn't care much about it. To him, this was just an ordinary run by the mill performance by him. However, it had already attracted the attention of Mo Chen and the others. How did this blockhead...

Even Cole Joseph was extremely surprised by Barran's performance, as he had unexpectedly an error of judgement. Although the heavy soldiers on the Mo's List were tall and burly, it was extremely rare for them to be too tall or too burly. That's because an overly powerful external strength would reduce one's perception and comprehension of one's soul power, resulting in one's output of strength being overly simple and lacking in might. However, this Barran waspossessed a perfect body, with perfectly flowing musculature around his body. With such a suitable body, wanting to accomplish an S ranked impact while being in the Casted Soul Stage would mean that he had definitely used a combat technique.

Tainjing squadron?

This was slightly interesting. An obscure little place had unexpectedly produced such a talent. It'll be all the more amazing if Barran had comprehended all of this by himself.

Although Barran's combined score for the 2 tests was not comparable to that of Mo Chen and the others, it was already more than sufficient for the Tianjing squadron. As he walked out, Barran received a hero-sque applause from his squadron. While this was happening, Scarlet and Milami were sizing up Barran and Hymin, "… could it be that this brat likes Hymin?"

The heavy soldier arena held in the Grozny Competition Zone had rather early, with participants still undergoing the arena in the other competition zones. The competition was the fiercest in the Heaven's Fate Academy, as 4 of the Mo's List's 5 great heavy soldiers were there! That's basically the gathering of the heavy soldiers! While other academies were still worrying if they had sent qualified heavy soldier up to participate in the arena, Vasilyevich Academy was struggling on the issue of deciding which of the 5 great heavy soldiers they should conceal up. This was something that was inevitable, as there were 2 of them in their squadron, something that caused envy, jealousy and hatred to surface in the hearts of others.

Seer Academy's Jormungandr, Divine Dragon Academy's Zhao Tianlong, Vasilyevich Academy's Noriba and Pomo, as well Oli from another competition zone that had astonished the jaws off everyone in the Thousand Hammer Formation!

Being the only female heavy soldier within the 5 great heavy soldiers, Blazing Angel Academy's Oli appeared as though she was the incarnation of the goddess of war. Heading into the Thousand Hammer Formation, she stood in a relaxed and carefree position, while a corporeal, sun-like item appeared around her body like a golden light barrier. She then proceeded to close her eyes, standing quietly at the same spot till the end of the test 60 seconds later. Regardless of how strong and numerous they were, the energy bullets were only able to form tiny, tiny ripples on the surface of that golden light, before plinking away. They appeared just like little stones being tossed into a vast and wide lake, completely unable to affect its calm and tranquil nature!

Such a holy and saintlike appearance coupled with her completely impenetrable defence instantly caused her to gain countless new fans. Even the heavy soldiers on the Mo's List had no choice but to admit that having such an impervious defence was indeed BUG-like. Even they weren't able to completely disregard the terrifying might possessed by the energy bullets that were fired out at the final 10 seconds of the test. What's more, Oli's light barrier could change in size and volume, which made it clearly suitable for group battle defences. Although all of them were able to obtain the S rank evaluation after lasting 60 seconds in the Thousand Hammer Formation, Oli had without a doubt obtained an evaluation that was definitely higher than all of them.

As for the aspect of offence, Noriba had pushed the fiery competition to its peak.

He and the Divine Dragon Academy's Zhao Tianlong both walked up to the strength evaluation machines. Under the gradually increasing flames of the competition, when the latter managed to obtain an S rank evaluation, Noriba's fist appeared just like a war axe, chopping down from the air, slicing the entire strength evaluation machine into 2….the lethality of his blow had already broken the horizon.

When footage of this competition zone was uploaded, it had blown the minds of all the people that were paying attention to the heavy soldier arena held in Heaven's Fate City. Even Wang Zhong and Grai could feel their fighting spirit rising a little upon seeing it.

That wasn't just some simple hand blade. When Noriba had raised his hand, one could clearly see the air around his fist warping and distorting, appearing as though it was being pulled and stretched by some terrifying force, leveraging upon the entire stretch of space!

One could already see the shadow of the Soul Domination ability!

Wang Zhong loved to watch these kinds of video highlights, as the experts shown within would display many splendid abilities and techniques in them. An example would be the killing move displayed by Noriba, which got Wang Zhong extremely interested. If a war axe was present in the latter's hand, he might be able to cleave the heavens and split the earth apart. That fellow's definitely was a martial fanatic.

What's the Soul Domination ability?

the various kinds of Soul Domination abilities and just talk about its basic form. It was a force that exceeds the laws of physics and matter, relying on one's soul power to pull of power from the dimensions! It was a system that was higher than the usage of Soul Power! Wang Zhong could be considered to be the peak at his ability to control the vibrational frequency of his Soul Power, though that was due to him exerting such control while doing some fairly basic and direct combat skills and techniques. This meant that he has to develop the adequate specificity in the original skills and techniques that he had created.

There were many people out there claiming that Heroic Soul Soldiers would possess Soul Domination abilities. However, as long as one was able to break the barrier of the Casted Soul Stage and cause one's Soul Power to experience a qualitative change, one would be able to display such abilities!

Nonetheless, there were also difference in the might of the various types of Soul Domination abilities, with some of them truthfully not being that strong. However, the most essential factor about these abilities was the comprehension one would gain during one's Casted Soul Stage. It was precisely this comprehension that would determine how far one would be able to reach when one ignites their Heroic Soul.

It was the comprehension of his Heroic Soul that Noriba already had while still being in the Casted Soul Stage that was the most frightening aspect of him. Once he ignites his Heroic Soul, he might become an overlord that would dominate in all directions.

This was the Mo's List!

It was impossible to imagine what kind of spectacle would occur when they were to duel against each other.

At this moment, there was already very little that Wang Zhong could obtain from the OP, while his status within the hyperdimension was too, too low. Although he had managed to obtain some victories due to luck and fortune, the rewards and benefits reaped from those were something that he was able to comprehend. The things that were displayed in this CHF was precisely what he urgently needed during this period of time.

The comprehension of every single soldier would contain the understandings and accumulation of comprehension of a genius that spanned over a dozen years. While people could only identify the simple skills and techniques used, Wang Zhong was able to gain a much, much more fulfilling experience through what he had seen. However, just at this moment, Sharmie had unexpectedly called in.

"Captain Wang Zhong, congratulations for passing through the first elimination round. I'm going to participant in tomorrow's area. All the best to you all, and I anticipate our meeting in the final matches." said Sharmie with an eager expression via the Skylink.

Hearing her words, Wang Zhong didn't know whether to laugh or to cry as he replied, "I'll treat your words as encouragement then."

After recovering for the past 2 days and coupled with Hymin's round the clock full body special abilities rejuvenation, Scarlet was able to recover 70 to 80% of her full peak condition. Since yesterday, her mental condition was already rather good and had confirmed her participation in tomorrow's range soldier arena.

"That's right, aren't you the captain of the Flame Academy squadron? Why are you participating in the Range Soldier Arena? Don't you need to participate in the last arena for all the captains?"

"Tsk. What a shit elimination round! Why the need to create so many rules and regulations! Who cares about them! What's more, your elder sister has geniuses in my squadron!" Sharmie replied with a rather overbearing fashion. "With geniuses around, one can be that rampant!"

She hung up upon finishing her reply...she indeed was very unruly. Nonetheless, Sharmie always had such a bustling and energetic character. In the current situation, the Tianjing squadron was still located in the middle pack, a favourable location for them.

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