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Chapter 282.2 - No Hurt Would Occur If There Was No Competition

Immediately, the starting price had already reached a staggering price of 30 million credits. After Gaia made an offer of 50 million, a few figures on the same level of status who were familiar with him refrained from bidding against him in order to avoid hurting their relationship. The people who were below him did not even have the guts to do so. Even taking out the starting price was an impossible task for them. This quickly led to the 4th and 5th items being brought out.

A grade S Ice Crystal Nucleus was displayed. This made the grade 2A Fire Nucleus that Ma Dong had contributed look like a pile of waste, with the final price unexpectedly being a large stretch of land.

As of now, there were not many items in excess within the Federation. Of these, the most numerous were desolate lands. The Federation simply did not have that many soldiers to clear and establish these lands. Therefore, in formality, they would sell large plots of territories to the various large families to allow them to personally use their personnel to clear and manage the area.

When this began, the point of buying and selling of land was undoubtedly to curb losses and gain profit, however, as those families started to invest, those established territories had yielded fruits and a standardized model had appeared a long time ago. Their great amounts of money came from generation after generation of hard work and capital, coupled with mankind increasing in strength as a whole.The most famous of them would be Stuart City, which used to be a stretch of desolate land. Currently, it had already developed into an important great city ranked high up within the Federation. This had caused many families to become interested in desolate lands and naturally, one had to see what kind of barren wilderness and potential of development these lands had before investing in them.

There were too many families in the Federation that had power and money. The better lands that had potential for development had long been occupied by the various large families. Now, wanting to obtain a piece of good land was already an extremely difficult task, however, no one imagined that the Assassin Family would toss out a piece of land like this.

"Rabbis Highland hill range. Three hundred kilometres east of Saint Mongol City." Tony pointed at a map that was opened by two slender legged beauties. "The total area is 436 square kilometres with a grade D small scale city stronghold in its center. There are 162 long term residents present, with the entire boundary of the hill range being forested land, resulting in an abundance of wood. As of now, a verified grade B iron mine and a small scale coal mine present underground that has yet to be opened up. The alert index for the desolate wilderness is at 2nd grade. The starting price is set at 10 million credits, with minimum increments being set at 1 million."

A few of the large aristocratic families could faintly discern that from the looks of it, the Assassin Family was indeed turning its importance towards Tianjing. Seeing such a piece of land was part of accumulating capital. Furthermore, when they truly turned their core focus on this place, the piece of land at the Federation's northern area would slightly be too far for their influence. However, the most important factor was that they still lacked the capital.

This time, John and Campbell were the ones that took action. Other than the face of Tumo Assassin, the two had agreed to come over due to their interest in this piece of land. There was no pressure or inner conflict between the two, as being able to afford the price was based on their own ability. Upon opening their mouths, they had immediately doubled the price. Their terrifying wealth instantly caused the slightly careful people to completely shut their mouths. After all, both of them came from the ten great families. The rest of them from small household families could not even match up to a regional governor. Finally, the sky high price of 56 million credits caused everyone to be dumbfounded.

Sighs of admiration and congratulations rang out within the grounds as the atmosphere had been hyped up by the climax. Naturally, the people who managed to get ahold of the items they were interested in were rather satisfied. One had to know that the majority of these items that were being auctioned were not things that could be simply purchased by money. They could only be obtained from special occasions and events, or when some families had a shortage in money.

"It should be Ma Dong's turn now. He's actually placed after Teslan. Could it be that he could bring out items that are even more expensive than what has been auctioned?"

"I've heard that the arrangement of who goes first was something that they mutually decided. I feel like Ma Dong is being silly. If his items aren't comparable to those that were auctioned earlier, it would truly hurt his face, and also insult those great figures he invited."

The hums of discussion continued to ring about in the grounds. Frankly speaking, after seeing Teslan's items, the people that Ma Dong invited were not feeling confident anymore. In fact, it could be said that they felt a little awkward. The only thing that brought everyone some hope was the appearance of Darwin and Musk. Since he was able to move those two gigantic supports, Ma Dong might have something astonishing in wait. After all, absolutely no one would believe that Ma Dong had any personal relationship with those two figures. Thus, the only explanation possible was that he had something in his hands that could attract their attention.

The first item from Ma Dong was a trio of Sealed Earth. These were from a high grade restricted region. Other than being able to nurture special plants with the dimensional energies inside them, it was an extremely precious omnipotent medicine by itself. Similar to the longevity medicine brought out by Teslan earlier, one could consume and refine this earth as a medicine. Due to its production quantity being extremely little, with high grade restricted regions being harder to find than others, this earth was a fabulous item in the eyes of knowing people. In any usual auction hosted by the Assassin Family, rare and precious materials like this Sealed Earth would be the easiest to spice and electrify the atmosphere. However, as of now…

Compared to the previous items that had been auctioned off, this had absolutely no effect at all!

As opposed to the first item that Teslan had brought out, the longevity medicine, the status of the Seal Earth was quite low, with the price starting at a mere one to two hundred thousand credits.

Regardless of how the businessmen on Ma Dong's side caused the price to explode, with the selling price stabilizing at 3.2 million which was far, far above the price of those three sets of Sealed Earth, in the keen eyes of some, this was just throwing away money by yelling.

"The good stuff should be coming later. After all, his turn has just started."

"I wonder what the second item is."

An ancient Rheims crystal skull was brought out. This was a mysterious object that had existed since the glorious era. It was said that there were only a dozen of these in the world and they all possessed a mysterious energy that was completely unidentifiable by the scientists. In the past, they were held as national treasures, however, since the arrival of the dark era, this crystal skull gradually lost its mysterious shroud. After all, it was not much when compared to the mysteries of the hyperdimension. The only thing that could be said about it was that the patterns on its surface were very much like runes, something that could be used in research.

It was just a collector's item and its attractiveness was clearly unable to rival that of the drugs that Teslan had brought out. The more an item was used for research, the less that people outside of certain communities would find interest in it. Therefore, the price of items like this were not usually inflated too high.

Other than a few figures rooting for Ma Dong by adding their round of bids, it was indeed Old Potter who took action. The final selling price was 5 million credits. The third item that was auctioned was a seventh grade mutated beast's crystal…

Were these all high grade items? Definitely! One would definitely not see a seventh grade mutated beast crystal in an ordinary auction, as possessing such a thing was not a result of killing just one seventh grade mutated beast. That was because there was bound to be fights between mutated beasts which would result in accidental deaths too. Adventurer groups would be able to pick and gather them, though being able to return safely was naturally considered to be luck given by heaven already.

In the current context, however, the use of such crystals have yet to be established. Although the energy with this was pure, it did not contain any attributes, which served to further limit its uses.

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