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Chapter 282.1 - No Hurt Would Occur If There Was No Competition

Apart from the fire nucleus, there were quite a few things that had attracted Wang Zhong's attention. In fact, halfway through the auction, he even saw a so called "dragon egg" which was actually a mutated python egg. Nine times out of ten, this thing originated from the empires. If it hatched, it would become a quasi soul beast that possessed considerable combat capabilities. Furthermore, it was extremely luxurious to own one as it was the most expensive and extravagant pet. The sky high starting price of 10 million credits caused a small uproar to erupt within the auction.

Guests from both sides had summoned sufficient energies during the bidding wars, quickly setting new records in history for the Giant Axe Auction grounds. Generally, a final bid reaching 2 million credits would already be an extremely satisfactory result, however, this auction's finale wasn't even close and yet the prices had already reached 3 million!

One had to say that the Assassin Family had committed their hard earned capital to this auction. Tumo Assassin was extremely satisfied that everyone was eager to showcase themselves after being stimulated by the environment, even if it was just for the sake of leaving an impression to the great figures present. If the Assassin Family wanted to start constructing a spatial pathway, it was clear that they would need even more funds and capital. Being the family leader, this was the most important decision he had made, and was critical in the fight for the sake of promoting the Assassin Family up the ranks within all of the families in the Federation.

The finale finally arrived, the special performance segment from each side!

The first one was Teslan's show.

An alluring lady held a little tray as she walked up the platform. On the tray was a bottle of unknown fluid that alternated in colour between red and green.

"H2D9 medicinal compound!" When Tony announced the name of the substance, the entire audience became silent.

Currently, the Federation's level of technology in biological sciences was much more advanced than mankind in the glorious era. H2D was once the research project of longevity that the Federation had once conducted. Although the research had failed in the end, it still left behind many useful things, with the H2D being the most famous. It was able to stimulate and increase the regeneration of new cells at an extreme rate, causing normal people to reverse up to 5 or 6 years in age. Naturally, the more one used it, the greater the resistance ne would have to its effects, with the results becoming weaker and weaker. There was no problem for ordinary people to live another 20 to 30 years more, however, any longer would be just a dream. H2D9 was the 9th iteration of the drug.

Although its production method had long been published, there were only a handful of places within the Federation that were genuinely able to produce it. Firstly, it required extremely advanced technologies and methods. Secondly, the materials needed were difficult to find, resulting in supplies being unable to meet demands. This made it such an extremely precious and luxurious item within the higher ups of the Federation. It was an incredibly rare sight for it to appear in such an open fashion like an auction.

"The main ingredient for this drug is the blood from a mutated old tortoise at least thousands of years old. After undergoing certification by the specialist council, the efficacy of this drug is grade 3A. The starting price is 5 million credits, with increments of one hundred thousand at the minimum."

"5 and a half million!"

"6 million!"

"7 million!" By now, the eyes of quite a few people had turned red. The rate of increase in price was completely different from before. The only way that ordinary businessmen and even some government officials could come into contact with such a thing would be by chance. Compared to their lifespan, money was not worth anything to them. Within a span of two to three minutes, the price had already exceeded that of the quasi dragon egg. The people from Ma Dong's side were the first to yield. After all, this item was part of Teslan's act. Raising the price too high would be akin to putting the cart before the horse. In the end, the final price of 20 million still shell shocked a large number of people.

"The second item is three vials of Heroic Soul medicine!" When the adorned beauty raised the set of vials onto the platform, several people below were excited to the point of standing up.

All along, this era belonged to those Heroic Soul Soldiers! Possessing strong and powerful martial strength, having a lifespan that was one third longer while still having a youthful appearance, these were traits unique to the Heroic Soul Soldiers!

It was a false assumption that the Federation had many Heroic Soul Soldier due to their tens of thousands of elite divisions in the Frontlines where these Heroic Soul Soldiers were the baseline level. The rate at which an ordinary person became a Heroic Soul Soldier was not even 0.01%. Even if there were many outstanding talents who have been handpicked by various great heroic soul academies and were all experts at the peak of the Casted Soul Stage, only 10% of them would successfully cast their heroic souls after graduation. From this, anyone could tell the difficulty of the last step before breaking through to Heroic Soul. This Heroic Soul medicine could let a person at the late phase of Casted Soul Stage to immediately breakthrough to the Heroic Soul Stage! For those who have been stuck right at the doors of the Heroic Soul Stage for their entire life, the value of this item absolutely exceeds anything in this world!

Furthermore, there were three vials! This is akin to having three Heroic Soul Soldiers! With such strength, one could already establish an extremely powerful family! Such an item was virtually priceless in the black market, and there was actually three of them for sale right here.

At this, quite a few people were unable to suppress their sighs in admiration of the Assassin Family's might as they hastily took action. It was estimated that they would never have a second chance to come across such a situation where they could buy three vials at once. For financial groups without support from big families or influences, the most important thing for them was to establish their own power. Due to this, the bids soared crazily, before a local businessmen invited over by Ma Dong gave sky high bid of 36 million credits! This had already surpassed the value of the potion itself a little. The highest price the Heroic Soul Drugs had been sold for in the black market was around 7 to 8 million credits. Naturally, they had no market price!

Teslan had started with two considerably high grade drugs right off the bat, causing the audience to almost go crazy! Even some of the people from Ma Dong's side could not resist bidding. Extending one's life and becoming Heroic Soul Soldiers are matters that are usually controlled by the higher ups in the Federation. The majority of people have only ever heard about them as they are extremely rare, no matter how much money one had! Even if they were to lose their position as it could be considered that they were helping Ma Dong's opponent, they were unable to repress their hearts' desire. After all, these were matters concerning their lifespans and personal strength.

The following items were also drugs, a set of regeneration drugs that included those that regenerated a collapsed soul sea and those that cured various internal injuries. In total, there were seven of them, known as the "as long as you are alive, one of these medicines will definitely save your life" set.

Such a complete set was an extremely rare sight to behold, even for the various aristocratic families and superiors of the Federation. A long time ago, the Assassin Family had stolen various kinds of precious items and resources, auctioning them off as a means of income. This family that had once lived in darkness were already quite well versed in their standards and attainments of various undetectable poisons. After reforming, the Assassin Family had established themselves in the upper echelons of the Federation as a producer of high end medicine, especially in recovery drugs. Being renowned in the Federation for hundreds of years, their legacy was enduring. Having this conveniently easy to carry complete set of medicine equates to one being able to buy their life back.

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