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Chapter 281.1 - This is just the start!

John couldn't help but exchange glances with Campbell.

How could the measly Assassin Family attract such great figures?!

The two of them were here due to owing a favor to Tumo Assassin while they were in Saint Mongols. Regardless of the Assassin Family's status, they could not be completely unassuming in front of this duo, right? Furthermore, even if the Assassin Family wanted to establish themselves in Tianjing City and obtain some territory here, there simply wasn't any need to alarm figures of such status!

Even Old Potter, who was usually calm, was also somewhat moved. What are those two doing here?

The entire auction grounds became abnormally quiet upon the entrance of the two. Even if the two men were not recognizable, their family insignias pinned on their chests were certainly well known. The Stuart Family and the Musk Family were terrifying existences that could shake the Federation when they stamped their feet.

"May I know which one of you is Mr Ma Dong?" The voice of the middle aged military male sounded incomparably clear, resounding across the entire grounds. The most important point, however, was the title "Mr", which had stunned everyone.

Exactly how was a person like Ma Dong able to have such a great figure to show so much respect to him???

"I am!" Ma Dong exclaimed in reply after choking on his saliva. He hastily walked over, trying his best to prevent his heart from beating so ferociously.

"I heard that this auction of yours requires and invitation to enter?" The other male spoke with a smile. "Is it possible for you to give out two more invitations? We came from a far away place just to attend your auction."

"Naturally! That is no problem at all! May I know how I should address the two of you?" Ma Dong's usual carefree and even crazy attitude was replaced by slight confusion. Wang Zhong had told him that there was a possibility for great figures to attend this auction, however, that was something he could not confirm. Truthfully speaking, Ma Dong did not have high hopes. Even the arrival of Old Potter was a massive surprise to him and it had already exceeded his boundaries of happiness. Now, he was truly frightened, in a good way.

"Darwin Stuart," replied the middle aged general with a faint smile.

The casually dressed, slightly older man also smiled faintly as he said "Disse Musk."

Upon hearing the names, Ma Dong was instantly dazed, along with everyone in the auction grounds.

Unexpectedly, they were truly from the Musk and Stuart Families!

Furthermore, the two that came were actually Darwin Stuart and Disse Musk!

Although they were also part of the ten great families of the Federation like the Bella Dean, Potter and Torresto Families, there was a clear distinction of status between each family!

The Stuart Family was known as the strongest family within the Federation. Although there were a few hidden families in the underground that possessed strengths that could contend against them, they were indeed the strongest on the surface. They were the most extensive within the territories that the Federation had set foot on. Regardless of work, agriculture, military, business and various other aspects, they were universally recognized as the uncrowned kings.

As for the Musk Family, they were known as the monarchs of money. The Federation banks were set up by the Musk Family, with their eyes and hands reaching far and wide, possessing exceedingly high statuses. The members of the Musk Family never made friends with the prerequisite of having money, since they had no need for it and were a family that had played with money to the very extreme.

The combined statuses of these two great families absolutely eclipsed that of the Bella Dean and the newly instated Torresto Family. Besides, look at who had come to represent them!

Darwin Stuart. This was a name that 99.9% of everyone present had heard of before. This was a name that appeared the most frequently on the posters of the Federation military in the Skylink. Previously one of the top ten military geniuses of the Federation, he was also the youngest and most outstanding major general! He wielded authority in the military and was a cornerstone of strength in his family. Compared to him, John or Campbell were undoubtedly much more inferior, as they only held middle level positions in their respective families and were arranged to contend for a small region.

On the other hand, Disse Musk… he was one of the permanent members of council for the Musk Family's council, and one of the ten most famous presiding judges of the hyperdimensional adventurer bases!

Upon noticing the two entering, even John and Campbell felt their scalps turning numb, let alone Teslan and the other small characters.

What had the most importance in the Federation? That would definitely be the hyperdimension resources!

One only needed to see a gigantic family like the Assassin Family and what they had accomplished for the sake of a baseless spatial fissure to understand the importance of the hyperdimension in the higher ups of the Federation. Furthermore, of the two who had shown up, one was a major general that who controlled the might of the Federation's military in the hyperdimension, while the other was a presiding judge in an adventurer base… it was not an exaggeration to say that the fates of many families were laid in the hands of these two.

Every single person that knew about the identity of Darwin or Musk was involuntarily dumbfounded. In face, even Tumo Assassin who was "hiding" on the second floor could not help but stand up.

"What is Ma Dong auctioning today?" Tumo Assassin could keenly sense something was going on immediately.

The steward beside him instantly understood his master's thoughts. "From the itinerary he had submitted, there's a trio of sealed earth, a piece of ancient Rheims crystal bone, a seventh grade mutated gem and a Darnassus demon sword…"

Usually, these could all be considered pretty good auction items, however, none of these could possibly catch Darwin's interest. From Ma Dong's first reaction when he saw Darwin, anyone with a bit of judgement could tell that the former didn't recognize the latter at all.

The steward hesitated. "Could it be that they were invited by Headmaster Scoffer?"

If one was talking about face, Scoffer Potter definitely had the capability of doing so as he was the vice headmaster of the Federation's Institute of Sciences, the brother of the family leader of the Potter Family and the only great elder of the Potter Family. However, Scoffer Potter truly did not care about family business. If one was to rank the people currently present on seniority, he would be one of the ten venerated people in the ten great families of the Federation.

Even if that was the case, this was an impossible matter as it involved the sensitive business of mutual benefits after all. Inviting Darwin to such an auction was not as simple as inviting him to a meal. Furthermore, Scoffer was clearly directing his conversation with his granddaughter and those beside her, with Ma Dong being just an accompaniment. It was obvious that Ma Dong did not hold much importance to Scoffer. For the headmaster to come down personally was already an extremely monumental task for him, yet to also invite Darwin over? Tumo Assassin was not that old to have turned senile.

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