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Chapter 279.2 - Various Kinds of Divine Methods


Although that person's face was not easily recognizable, the name sounded extremely familiar. That Scoffer?

Everyone was shocked as they immediately remembered the name from the Federation.

In the entire history of the Federation, there was only person named Scoffer who could cause a figure like Gaia Terandor to lose control over his emotions!

Scoffer Potter! The vice headmaster of the Federation's Institute of Sciences, the headmaster of the Copperfield Academy, the great elder of one of the ten great families, the Potter Family! His string of titles was more than sufficient to blind the eyes of everyone who was present.

Noticing Gaia, Old Potter nodded in greeting. He usually disliked attending such events and would not have come if it were not for the treasure being Wang Zhong and reputations of the other godly old men.

Instantly, the grounds fell into an absolute silence. Although first grade families were extremely powerful, they were still only first grade. There was no comparing them to the Potter Family, a gargantuan monster and one of the ten great families in the Federation.

"It really is Scoffer Potter… Oh my god! This card of Ma Dong is truly heaven reaching!"

"We've made the right bet!"

"The status that Mr Scoffer carries is something that Laura absolutely can't match. This represents the will of the entire family."

"True. Furthermore, Mr Scoffer is the vice headmaster of the Federation's Institute of Sciences. Just this title alone is enough to scare people shitless. I've heard that many of the old figures in the Federation's military would always mingle and drink tea in the Institute of Sciences, all for the sake of getting an advantage in military research. Those great figures in the Institute of Sciences possesses extremely high and powerful statuses!" The previously depressed Tianjing businessmen were extremely emotional, with Ma Dong feeling the same! Just looking at Gaia and the rest of those rampant people had left him feeling embarrassed. At this moment, however, all the unhappiness had instantly dissipated into thin air.

Sharmie was also stunned dizzy by this as she stared resentfully at Laura. Ever since their face to face meeting, the competition between the two goddesses had not stopped once. She's too devious! She actually called an elder from her family to gain bonus points! This made Sharmie feel slightly wronged in this loss. "What a good move Laura. I didn't know your grandfather would also come. You've really gone quite the way to help Wang Zhong out, huh. You must have thrown quite the tantrum in front of your grandfather, right?"

"As if I have that big of a influence," replied Laura with a smile. "My grandfather is here due to Wang Zhong's invitation. That grandfather of mine views Wang Zhong as more of a treasure than this granddaughter of his."

"Ah? Wang Zhong?" Sharmie's eyes widened. Although she and Laura were both competitive against each other, she knew that the latter was definitely not the type of person to casually lie about things like this. Did Wang Zhong actually possess such a big face? Even if he was the All Mouthy King, a figure like Scoffer would not care much about that. Those in scientific research shouldn't even have any interest towards fighting and killing, right?!

"Wang Zhong, you better not be late again this afternoon, okay? I'll wait for you to make tea from old Moore's collection!" Old Potter, Greene and Moore sat down beside the four youths. Right now, the research in the life of runic patterns had already entered an important phase, with quite a few critical questions that have yet to be deciphered and explained. It was not yet the time to unveil the fruit of their work. "I only discovered today that this old fellow Moore has hidden some things away. An old grade Tie Guan Yin (tea). Truly worthy of one that creates runic weapons! He managed to obtain quite a bit of the goods!"

"Cough Cough…" Moore was typically more serious, being unable to completely let go in front of the juniors, unlike Old Potter. "What are you saying in front of these young children…"

"Don't be so uptight!" Old Potter smiled. "Furthermore, Wang Zhong can be said to have the same level of seniority as me."

This was something that Moore was slightly unable to bear. On the issue of research problems, he was still able to haggle tooth and nail with Old Potter. Regardless of what Old Potter said, he was still Moore's superior. Furthermore, no matter how high ranked he was as a research member, he was just a member while Old Potter was a vice headmaster.

"They're just youths. Which one of them will become Wang Zhong's girlfriend? I want to call out my younger brother's wife. Can't I?" Old Potter blurted out. At this moment, he was truly devoted to Wang Zhong, any thoughts that brought benefits going straight to Wang Zhong. Nevertheless, this did not seem like a good place to say such things.

Moore, Greene, Scarlet and Sharmie all opened their mouths in shock as Laura's face flushed beet red. "Grandpa! What are you talking about?!"

If it was said by someone else, it would have been alright to ignore your seniority and call out your younger brother's wife, however, there's still your granddaughter Laura over here!

This is so embarrassing.

Having realised the problem with his words, Old Potter softly coughed twice before hastily changing the topic. Sharmie was also completely at loss by what she had heard. What research are they talking about? It couldn't possibly be dry old research, right? Also, isn't Laura's grandfather too open minded?

Old Potter's arrival had undoubtedly caused a wave of uproar, giving Teslan quite a bit of shock. Originally, he thought that Gaia and the group of people his uncle had invited were already quite scary and he was afraid only of being compared to them. At this moment, however, he could clearly feel his side being suppressed as he looked at the people on Ma Dong's side chatting and laughing.

"How is Ma Dong able to move Scoffer?! Is it because of Laura? That's not possible! Although he and Laura can be considered to have a bit of connection, it's impossible for him to achieve this step! Even with Laura, there's no reason why he could move such a large Buddha!" Teslan tried his best to keep his voice down, yet his gaze was roaring. This was a fight that he absolutely could not lose. Originally, he assumed that his by inviting the big figures on his side would lead to an invincible victory against that piece of garbage. With his uncle having invested so much in this, if there was any mistake against his uncle's temper, Teslan felt that there was a possibility for him to lose everything!

"What are you panicking for!" Asima shot a cold warning glare at Teslan, slightly unhappy about this display from this nephew of his. In the end, he had yet to see the true face of the world. "Do you job properly!"

Asima himself was also shocked, having originally assumed that their win was already concluded with the appearance of Gaia and his group. He had even guessed that elder Greene and Moore would help Ma Dong, however, he had never imagined that the latter could actually move such a large Buddha like Scoffer.

Absolutely unexpected!

Asima's mouth formed a trace of a sneer. Ma Dong ah Ma Dong, you truly are a surprising little fellow. It's a pity that your luck isn't too good!

At this moment, the Skylink in his hand started to ring, causing Asima's eyes to light up and he quickly led Teslan out.

Within the semi-transparent room with French windows, a pair of seemingly deadpan eyes were sizing up the situation in the grounds below.

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