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Chapter 263.1 - Fierce and Brave

"Everyone pay attention!"

Aioros suddenly shouted in warning.

As his voice rang out, the darkness before them turned dusky. Shadows appeared as countless dimensional life forms rushed rapidly towards them.

Clutching Wang Zhong's ear as tightly as possible, Simba nervously shouted, "Not just the front, the sides too! They're also coming from the back! Bad auras!"

From the sides and the back?

Turning his head around, Wang Zhong noticed the terrifying paintings on the walls and the statue at the back had started to distort.

No… It was the mysterious runic patterns on the walls and statue that were twisting about. These patterns were originally added as decoration, akin to ornamental designs on picture frames, however, these ones were now corroding the wall. Powerful strange energies radiated from them and bestowed life to the paintings and statue.

Living Runic Patterns! Not only that, they're even more profound! Wang Zhong was unable to understand these energies that animated the paintings of soldiers, wild beasts and dimensional creatures. From a flat image, they became three dimensional.

Rumble… suddenly, a struggling hand burst out from the wall followed by countless others, creating an eruption of something akin to a tropical rainforest made of arms. Furthermore, this wasn't the terrifying part! It was a genuine threat and danger!

First there were arms, then legs and now bodies. Monsters of strange races started to struggle out from the walls. In the dim light, their bodies radiated with despair and killing intent. There was no trace of intelligence that these "lifeforms" should possess, with only darkness remaining and a thirst to devour anything in its sight.

"Life Bestowers! Aioros, this depends on you. We'll be finished if we're trapped in here." Turning his head, Mu Zi looked at the changing environment. The existences born of darkness filled the path they were on and even the front and sides. All of them were wriggling and squirming under the mysterious energies from the living runic patterns."

"Leave it to me!" Aioros nodded seriously at Mu Zi before turning to look at Wang Zhong. "Follow me closely."

Wang Zhong nodded to show he was prepared… to be destroyed. Frankly speaking, there was nothing he could do in this situation.

In the dim light, the unidentifiable dimensional beasts lunged towards them, revealing their faces which were completely unlike any Wang Zhong had imagined. Within the flames, their bodies were translucent with black and white bones inside, while an unknown clear liquid circulated around. One after another, runic patterns controlled these strange monsters that defied the laws of physics and unleashed attacks towards the trio.

"This is a kind of half essence, half physical dimensional beast made from combining a spiritual body with a corpse. They're extremely rare. Never expected to see so many here!" Mu Zi's eyes were shining, causing him to appear eccentric and strange. This was proof that there was a direct proportion of the value to danger for this pyramid.

As he spoke, Mu Zi strode forward. He spread his hands out and a faint shiver shook through them as inaudible words escaped from the corner of his mouth. With difficulty, Wang Zhong barely recognised the language as ancient Egyptian. It was also commonly referred to as the language of the curses.

The curse of the ancient Egyptian words attracted the surrounding energy and caused the earth to shake as a tornado swept up in front of Mu Zi. Raising his hands forcefully, he swept hidden energy into the vigorous tornado, fusing together an open passage to an unknown dimension. "In my name, Mu Zi, come forth, Ham Sausage!"


A furious roar rang out from the disappearing tornado as a figure started to materialize, standing in front of Mu Zi.

"This is my pet, Ham Sausage."

Even though Mu Zi was preoccupied, he didn't forget to speak to Wang Zhong.

Hearing that name, Wang Zhong's mouth dropped in surprise. Ham Sausage… what a name full of personality.

Simba felt otherwise. What's more, why did it seem as though it was trying to compete with him?

Do a favour for this mighty Simba and take a good look at this. What is this thing? Although that little thing is bigger, that's just temporary! Compared to other dimensional beasts, this thing is like a teddy bear dog!

Its appearance was quite exaggerate with a fierce growl revealing dense, pearly white rows of teeth. Still, it couldn't hide the fact that it was just a dog.

"Wang Zhong, this vulgar thing is a dog right? How can it be compared with the mighty Simba. I'll give you a chance at glory by being my mount."

Ignoring Simba, Mu Zi gestured at "Ham Sausage" as Soul Power enveloped the "little dog" like a sausage.


A gale of wind howled as sparks erupted from Ham Sausage's body. Roar!

From the size of an average dog, Ham Sausage's body and head began to expand dramatically. As its head split into two, dark flames burst all around its body!

Accompanied by dark, red flames, Ham Sausage transformed into a giant two headed monster.

On Mu Zi's command to attack, it sprinted forward!

With a shriek, Simba scuttled behind an astonished Wang Zhong, clearly frightened by the giant, ugly, twin headed monster. This monster was identical to the Twin Headed Hellhound listed in the Federation's database. It's said to be the gatekeeper for the underworld!

Aioros took a step back as this wasn't the first time he coordinated with Mu Zi. Taking a deep breath, a faint gold Soul Power rose up from his body at irregular frequencies like the luster of a gem. Completely different from Mu Zi's eruption of Soul Power, this golden coloured life force radiated from his body, appearing as though it was a living organism full of vitality.

At that instant, the Twin Headed Hellhound shot through the flames like a comet, crushing everything in its path. Those half soul, half physical beasts weren't weak, it was just that those red flames were clearly their nemesis!

Wang Zhong spread his Soul Power out and was amazed that the flames did not show any normal characteristics when it made contact with the half soul, half physical beasts. On the contrary, he could feel energy fluctuations akin to those that radiated out from his little dimensional pouch. It was clearly fire, yet it was also a spatial energy?

So strong! Moreover, that was clearly just casual usage of the flames and not the full force of Ham Sausage's energy. The reason for the destructive power lay in Ham Sausage's terrifying physical strength. Bringing momentum along, its claws, teeth and tail swipes destroyed a monster in every attack.

Despite this, the half soul, half physical beasts showed no signs of retreat, their numbers continually increasing instead. On the walls, those strange life forms had already emerged, appearing in various shapes and sizes with no limitations. Wang Zhong even saw humanoid figures among them, causing a thought to spring into his mind. Perhaps the three of us aren't the first humans to have entered this pyramid! Those that failed might have become part of the paintings on the walls, sealed up by those mysterious living runic patterns…

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