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Chapter 237

Chapter 237 – A Noble’s Game

Do what he wanted to do and do what he could do.

But this wasn’t something just anyone could do. Scarlet was an example of someone who couldn’t just ‘give in’ just like that. Ordinary people would go about and try to socialize. This wasn’t just for themselves, but for Tianjing Academy. After all, it was a rare opportunity for Tianjing Academy to even come here, and for those like Lily and Colby this was a heaven-sent chance. It was only natural for others to disregard them as Tianjing was indeed insufficient in strength compared to the rest. Even so, they could at least leave a good impression to some of the experts here. After all, they did make it here in the end.

While the combat prowess that Wang Zhong, Emily, and Barran showed in the area of gluttony was indeed astonishing, the other squadrons still remained prudent and reserved as they tried to keep the slightest bit of face and manners if they chose to eat. Although the meat being provided was extremely delicious, they weren’t able to break through their embarrassment and go for a second serving. In comparison, Barran didn’t give a single care and had immediately taken five servings… if one just looked at Barran’s build, there were were quite a few who were even larger than he. Nevertheless, everyone else ate with small bites and appeared extremely refined.

As such, seeing this scene being played out by Wang Zhong and his group made everyone else look dumbfounded at them. They all whispered to each other, and upon knowing this was the group from Tianjing a few began to sport ‘knowing’ expressions.

Being simple-minded people, Emily and Barran didn’t care for any of this. Wang Zhong, however, was able to see and feel every single gaze falling upon his head. Knowing this, he truly wanted to laugh out loud. Why do people always want to find reasons for putting up appearances at this time?

As he thought this, Mu Zi and Aioros came to mind. Aioros was at most in his twenties, while Mu Zi appeared even younger than himself. Their strength, however, was definitely too high for them to be placed within the younger generation of the Federation. Compared to those present here, one could say the stronger one was, the more sincere they would appear.

“Cough, cough. Captain, are you going to eat that…” Barran’s gaze was clearly lusting over Wang Zhong’s plate, which made him momentarily absent-minded. Wang Zhong quickly stuffed the small, well-done piece of steak into his mouth.

A savory golden-brown exterior hid the ample juices within. As Wang Zhong explored the taste with his mouth, the meat simply melted apart. He had never before imagined that beef could reach such a level of deliciousness. The great name of Copperfield Cattle indeed deserved its reputation. He could even feel the ample energy contained within. Such good stuff! Paired with that special barbeque sauce which gave it such an appreciating flavour and the delightfully chilled and refreshing highland fruit juice, and he felt as though his quality of life had suddenly risen another level.

Student Sully suddenly appeared with a couple people in tow and a glass of red wine in hand. Due to him chatting with others, he hadn’t noticed this group of Tianjing fellas before him. It was only after the chat that he turned around and noticed Wang Zhong bringing a big one and little one to eat as though their eight generations had been starved. They were completely throwing away the face of Tianjing. This group had clearly been squeezed into the last train here, yet were still unexpectedly unaware of their status!

If it were someone with a normal set of brains, then this squadron at the very bottom would have taken the initiative to provide complete service to the other squadrons.

This naturally included being lackeys and buttlicking. It was the right attitude for weaklings, yet this group from Tianjing actually treated themselves as the proper guests!

“Captain Wang Zhong, I didn’t notice you here. You didn’t come over to greet us?” Appearing extremely familiar, Sully walked over and spoke with a grin. “I was chatting with some of my friends about you. Captain Wang Zhong, what exactly did you do to make Captain Laura throw such a huge fuss?”

“Are we really that familiar? Don’t you know it’s extremely rude to interrupt other people’s meals?” Emily snapped back at him.

Sully naturally knew Emily’s identity, so while he was secretly unhappy with her tone he still gave way due to her status. Even so, this little lass had truly gone over her head. “Haha. Little Miss Emily, you seem to be treating this place as though it were St. Mongul, huh? Could it be that the Assassin Clan never taught you the manners an aristocrat possesses? Or has your standard dropped to Tianjing’s level after entering that city?”

Bouts of laughter immediately sprung up in their surroundings. Naturally, due to each of them possessing a bit of status, some portion had faintly guessed that Emily’s free rein was due to her low talent within the Assassin Clan.

Emily’s face immediately turned red. Seeing this, Wang Zhong quickly waved a hand and said, “Sir Speaker Sully. I will have to convey your evaluation of my honoured city back to our academy. Never would I have imagined that there would be such a great figure in this special training that would actually treat the entire Tianjing City as worthless.”

It was a pity that Ma Dong wasn’t here. If he was then he would have made sure this fellow choked to death on his words. Having learnt a few moves from Ma Dong, Wang Zhong naturally didn’t stay disadvantaged.

Hearing Wang Zhong’s snappy reply, Sully immediately gawked before coughing drily a few times. He knew he had acted overly pretentious, but in the end he didn’t care much about it. So what if Tianjing was unhappy about him?

“You must be joking, right? Captain Wang Zhong? Is this the first time you’ve participated in an event like this?” Sully said with a smile, “In fact, this night party is a tradition that includes all the previous training classes. Us students aren’t really the main show. Instead, those within the large hall are.”

With an amused look on his face, he pointed at the splendidly done, candle-lit large hall and spoke with a grin. “With Captain Laura’s status, the people that will be there will definitely be a part of the true upper class aristocrats of Copperfield City. Interacting with even a few of them will be extremely helpful toward our future growth.” Looking at Wang Zhong’s steak, he spoke in an extremely benevolent fashion, “Haha. I suggest you not eat too much, Captain Wang Zhong. What if they call for the captains of the various squadrons to go over and meet with those big figures? If you wear a face covered in butter, you’ll just appear too awkward before them. Right, Captain Wang Zhong?”

The few squadron members beside him immediately guffawed. “Haha! Senior Sully is so kind. In fact, that wouldn’t matter at all. Since there are ten squadrons here, all of the captains will definitely be called in. How can those big figures waste time talking to everyone in detail? I guess only a few squadron representatives will be paid attention to. Let’s not speak about this Student Wang Zhong and his mouth covered in grease. Even if he had a clean mouth I doubt Sir Captain Wang Zhong would be paid attention to. Haha! Sorry, sorry. Sir Captain Wang Zhong, I spoke too hastily there.”

“Let it be. Don’t speak like that. They aren’t on the same level as us. Sorry! My friends are too frank and outspoken!” With a smile, Sully stopped his squad members from speaking further.

Placing his steak down, Wang Zhong threw Sully a faint smile as he replied, “I heard only weaklings love to blabber and shoot their mouths off in order to prove their existence. Would that be correct, Vice-captain Sully?”

Sully’s complexion instantly changed. He had originally wanted to mock Wang Zhong but now felt he himself was acting like a weakling. Nevertheless, he kept a smile on his face as he replied, “Captain Wang Zhong truly knows how to talk. But this place does rely on one’s true ability and not on an empty vessel. Let’s go.”

Declining to respond, Wang Zhong once again stopped Emily who had been eagerly awaiting her go at them. Such people did exist in this world, people who, like Sully, desired to find reason for their existence by propping up their superiority and belittling others.

“I really want to sock him, senior.” Even Barran found it hard to hold it in and he voiced his thoughts out to Wang Zhong.

“While a dog can bite people, people might find it harder to bite the dog back. Although they’re arrogant, those people do have some slight ability. We just have to see their real side on the battlefield. For now… let’s keep eating.”

Unable to hold back her smile and laughter, Emily said, “You really can’t tell a good joke, Big Brother Wang Zhong.”

At a party like this, with such a large group of people he was unfamiliar with, why would he bother to carry a glass of wine and greet others respectfully? If one wasn’t familiar with others, then what was the use of giving such a respectful greeting in order to partake of wine-scented discussions? In fact, Emily was completely disinterested in Sully, but she felt completely different while by Wang Zhong’s side. This extremely relaxed feeling of safety, along with being so close to Wang Zhong beneath that clear night sky. These feelings that were mixed together with the little slivers of happiness made her petite heart jump. She almost felt a bit drunk off it.

If only this night could last just a bit longer! Although there was this one small incident, Emily just used her optimistic personality to get over it.

But before Emily could wake from this perfect dream, Wang Zhong had already been summoned over with the others.

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