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Chapter 229

Chapter 229 – Laura in the Bath

Copperfield Academy had already arranged for a teacher to specially welcome the Tianjing side. She was a young female teacher there on an internship and spoke in a fluent Tianjing accent. Her family was from Tianjing and she was only 24-25 years old. There wasn’t that large of a generation gap between the students and she, and with her youthful and beautiful appearance it didn’t take long for everyone to get acquainted.

After enthusiastically arranging their living quarters, she informed them that they were allowed to move freely in the city before the official start of the special training. Anyone who wished to join one of the classes in Copperfield Academy only needed to decide on the class or professor before acquiring a admission slip. Also, at the end of next month early morning at 6 am, they would need to gather at a specific location for the special training’s gathering ceremony.

As today was the 29th, there were still a few days until the first of next month and the start of the special training ceremony. After sending off their enthusiastic female teacher, everyone decided to conduct a proper sightseeing tour of Copperfield City. None of them were in the mood to listen in on any of the classes, and it was a hard to come by experience of visiting one of the Ten Great Cities. Would they be able to forgive themselves if they didn’t properly enjoy this moment?

They had all heard tales of the spicy dishes that Copperfield was famous for. Due to its high altitude, the city’s specialties was focused around its spicy food and intense wine. Although everyone had tried imitations of such back in Tianjing, they felt it wasn’t as ‘fiery’ as the tales seemed to show. But they also heard it was because the imitations were changed to suit Tianjing tastebuds. Now that they were here at the origin of those dishes, they really had to give them a try.

Wang Zhong only accompanied his group for a few glasses at noon before halting his sightseeing and detaching from the rest. After closing up for three days without working out within the armoured train, his entire body felt stiff and tingly. He sent a message to their assigned teacher and got the location of Copperfield Academy’s training room via skylink. Rushing there, he thought the majority of students would be in class but found it wasn’t as empty or quiet as it should have been.

The various other elites from the Eastern Area here to participate in the special training and some were already present in this part of the academy. Although a few were running about through the city in order to sightsee and tour, quite a few chose to head to the training rooms. In fact, Wang Zhong even met with one of his acquaintances from this morning. With a grin he greeted Sully.

“Captain Wang Zhong,” Sully said with a very warm smile. “Weren’t you accompanying Student Hymin and rest in sightseeing this historical city?”

“After relaxing in the train for the last two days my hands grew a bit itchy. Seems I had to come here and train,” replied Wang Zhong.

“Captain Wang Zhong is truly hardworking! Such a good role model of hard work!” Sully said with a grin. “But it’s hard to train quietly on the first floor. In a while some students from Austin and Lennon Academy will be arriving. They have quite the heavyweight celebrities in their ranks. I’m afraid many female Copperfield girls will start shrieking and run over.”

Someone beside him teasingly said, “Aren’t you also a big celebrity, Brother Sully? Everyone’s in class now, but when class ends there will definitely be a number of shrieking girls coming for you.”

A modest expression appeared on Sully’s face as he waved his hands hastily. When Wang Zh

ong heard his words, however, a frown appeared on his face. He really did want to move his body, but it would be uncomfortable doing so when it was too noisy.

Glancing at his surroundings, Sully put on a helpful expression as he asked, “Is Captain Wang Zhong really in need of some training? Why don’t you head upstairs? The third floor is pretty quiet, and there are very few people going there. It also has a complete array of facilities.”

As he looked at the ‘sincere’ smile on Sully’s face, as well as the strange expression his two lackeys sported, Wang Zhong couldn’t help but join in with a hearty chuckle.

While he didn’t understand the entire thought process going through Sully’s mind, Great Captain Wang could still recognize those piercing and fiery eyes. Ma Dong wore such whenever he was forced to train. Plus, the smile that Sully showed was simply too fake. With such a low level of proficiency, he couldn’t even compete with a fraction of Ma Dong’s skills.

As for that little matter on the armoured train, everyone normally spoke a few words. Revenge and hatred couldn’t even be brought up. But in the end, what did it matter if this fellow wanted to send him up to the third floor?

Were there experts on the third floor? Ones who would beat up anyone who entered?

Wang Zhong felt this entire matter to be a bit childish and laughable. Of course, this was only for Sully’s thoughts and plans. As for those experts who loved to fight, just thinking about them made Wang Zhong’s heart itch. Extra training was never as comfortable as a bout with an expert.

Furthermore, for someone like Sully, if he gave trouble then one had to confront it. If one just backed off each time, then he would treat one as weak and gullible.

Wang Zhong wanted to take a look and see what ghost is on the third floor. Naturally, if those on the third floor hung a ‘no entry’ sign, then he would give up. What Wang Zhong wanted to do the most was to move his body a bit, so if there’s an expert willing to fight then he would be happy to oblige. Even though he broke past a hundred grassos before boarding the train, he hadn’t been able to test it on anyone since.

“Thanks,” Wang Zhong said with a faint smile. Ignoring this pile of odd and peculiar expressions, he turned and walked up the stairs.

Unlike his initial thoughts, the third floor wasn’t much different from the others. It was just a bit more austere and desolate. The entire floor was empty of life with not a single person present. Nevertheless, the training equipment there was abnormally complete which made Wang Zhong doubt himself in his thoughts about Sully.

Shaking his head, he carried his little pack and walked straight for the changing room. As he pushed open the door to the changing room, a curvaceous figure wrapped in a large pink towel was currently drying her hair within.

The girl gawked, staring at Wang Zhong who had suddenly pushed the door in. Wang Zhong mimicked the look.

Sully had truly swindled him. Wang Zhong had been convinced there was some ruthless expert present here, which meant a person he could test his skills against. At the same time, he would be able to conveniently stop Sully’s plans and everyone would go back to what they were doing. What he didn’t expect was to bump into a girl bathing!

What kind of person bathes in the academy training room!? Did they assume this was their house? Wang Zhong felt some slight remorse as these thoughts ran through his head.

As a matter of fact, this truly was a person’s home.

Their beautiful teacher who acted as a tour guide for Wang Zhong and the others was a bit muddle-headed. She was tasked by the academy to entertain Wang Zhong’s group purely on the grounds that she was a Tianjing person. Therefore, this little muddle-headed teacher forgot to inform Wang Zhong that there weren’t any open public training rooms in Copperfield Academy. All of the ones usually opened to the public were currently filled with students in class at the moment!

The ones used to entertain those elites of the special training were naturally not those public grounds where they could be easily disturbed by others, but rather, they were assigned the training facilities of the Wild Beast Society!

As the society’s president, Laura sacrificed the first and second floors to those so-called elites of the special training and let them play around there. However, since the establishment of the Wild Beast Society up till this day, the third floor had always been the private domain of Great President Laura. Even Anlor and Arnold wouldn’t dare take a half-step here without permission from her. As such, after doing her workout she felt it wouldn’t be overboard to take a bath. It was actually quite normal for her to do so considering such a matter had lasted for so many years.

She had originally felt she should lock the doors of the third floor because those people from the other academies were arriving today and she didn’t want any unnecessary incidents to occur. But due to her habit built up over the past two years, it had slipped her mind after she last thought about it. Who could have imagined she would actually be seen almost naked by someone!

These were rules that should have been explained to Wang Zhong by the beautiful female teacher. Yet, she was, in the end, muddle-headed. Furthermore, when Wang Zhong arrived at the training room and desired to go up, someone should have stopped him. But it just so happened to be Sully who spoke with Wang Zhong. With anyone else such a matter shouldn’t have happened. In the end, that vice-captain of the third ranking squadron in the Eastern Area suddenly wanted everyone else to see something interesting and lively.

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