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Chapter 217 – Three Different Civilizations

Mu Zi looked abashed upon receiving the compliment. "My little bit of strength isn't something worth mentioning about. Aioros here is the true expert," pointed out Mu Zi to Wang Zhong. "We'll be depending on him during our venture into the pyramid."

Aioros laughed heartily, before extending his hand up for a shake. "Being too modest will make you seem much too arrogant, Mu Zi," commented Aioros. "I enjoy getting to know new people. Call me Aioros, or Aioros if you prefer!"

Wang Zhong shook his hand with a grin on his face before greeting Aioros. "It’s my pleasure to meet you!"

Aioros's presence was like a ray of sunshine to many, bright and warm. Compared to Wang Zhong and Mu Zi, he seemed to be older than them by about seven to eight years. His face was filled with the boldness and enthusiasm that was characteristic of the Amazons, and his voice always bright and cheerful. He possessed a unique charm and charisma that drew many to his side.

Beside them, Simba could no longer wait. "There's also me, Baldy!" yelled Simba. "How could you not introduce the most important member, Simba?"

Before Mu Zi could say anything, Aioros had already turned his attention towards Simba in amazement. "Ah! A pet that can talk?"

"…"  Speechless, Simba's face fell. The previously excited Simba had become sullen, his shoulders slumped in disappointment.

The little baldy nodded his head before chiming in, "You see, I told you that you're a pet. Everyone who sees you who think that way too."

"I'm Simba!" cried out Simba in a thunderous roar. "The almighty Simba!"

"Simba huh…this is really incredible. A pet that can speak, and even has its own name." Aioros clicked his tongue in astonishment. "Is it yours, Wang Zhong?"

"I! Am! Not! A! Pet!" shrilled Simba. Simba initially had a favourable impression of Aioros, but to think that he was like Mu Zi, calling him a pet. Indeed, birds of the same feather flock together!

With a smile, Wang Zhong spoke out, "He's called Simba, and he is my friend."

"My good and beloved brother" sobbed Simba, who was on the verge of tears. "Looks like my Wang Zhong is still the best! You lot are simply the worst!"

"Wow," exclaimed Aioros, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. " Such an interesting dimensional life form."

Spreading out his hands, the little baldy looked at the sky before saying, "I've approximately five more hours left in here. We've to hurry up."

The pyramid seemed to be constructed entirely from large rectangular blocks that were made stone, and there was no door at first glance. The runic makeup inscribed onto its surface were more elaborate compared to that of the pyramids on Earth. Interestingly, the runic patterns were lit faintly, as though they were reflecting the light from the sun, causing the entire pyramid to sparkle with golden light.

Aioros seemed to be concentrating on carrying out complex calculations as he walked around the pyramid while observing the runes on the surface of the pyramid.

Wang Zhong also seemed to be intrigued by the runes that adorned the pyramids. Wang Zhong could also be considered a scholar in runes, having done extensive research on it in the past. After all, Tianjing Academy had achieved vast accomplishments in the field of runic technologies. As such, Wang Zhong had read and analysed many various literatures published by the professors from the Runic faculty. Despite his expertise, however, the mysterious runes of the pyramid stumped him. He could not decipher the most of the runes; all he could discern was that these runes were part of a runic array composed of pure energy. Furthermore, there were numerous runes that were similar in nature hidden within the array itself, making it even more profound and harder to decipher.

Clicking his tongue in amazement, Aioros stood at a particular location along the walls of the pyramid. He then extended one of his hands and placed his palm on the surface of the pyramid while the other hand continued to draw rune after rune to form a pattern.

His actions were carried out with such skill and speed that anyone not paying attention would be unable to follow with their eyes. Within a short span of time, he had drawn out another runic array, causing a golden light to pulsate from the runic patterns on the pyramid walls, before rapidly condensing at the place where he had planted his hand.

Crack Crack Crack Crack

The sounds of shifting rocks rang out, and the giant stone block he had placed his hand on was slowly sinking into the pyramid. Before long, a gigantic door appeared in front of him.

Wang Zhong had gain much insight in from this experience. Everyone had said that the brave continents were extremely lacking in terms of their intelligence. However, what Aioros had just done would put runic specialists to shame.

With a smile, Aioros beckoned them forward. "Let's go inside!"

Upon passing the stone door, they were met with a narrow path. Each of them entered the pyramid, with Simba being the last to enter. Once all of them had entered, the giant door began to close back up, resealing the entrance once more. At the same time, countless golden runes that ran along the walls lit up, bathing the originally dark path in golden splendor.

There was only one path presented before them. Hence, even though they had no idea where it led to, everyone had no choice but to follow the path. The path was one devoid of dangers, their surroundings quiet and tranquil. Aioros and Mu Zi appeared extremely relax considering their situation at hand.

It was a long and windingpath.

Unable to keep silent any longer, Wang Zhong spoke out in a hushed tone, "Aioros, you're really formidable. Those runic patterns are extremely complicated. Were you able to comprehend all of them?"

Aioros shook his head in reply. "I had no idea what any of them meant," said Aioros c.

"What?" Wang Zhong was completely dumbfound by the answer he received.

"Each and every rune has a life of their own," replied Aioros with a smile. "As long as you can understand how they connect, any secrets they hold will be made privy to you. Our growth and combat styles, when compared to the Federation, are much more different that you would like to believe. What we seek is the origin of power, rather than fully understanding the mechanisms through which power is achieved. Based on this, our ways of comprehension may not be suited for someone like you."

Wang Zhong smiled and replied, "Being able to see this with my own eyes is already more than enough for me."

Upon hearing his response, Aioros could not help but gawked. He smiled before saying, "You're different from other people from the Federation that I have met. What an interesting fellow you are. Well, the Federation's understanding of the soul is much shallower than the rest… as evident by their reliant on spatial cracks to enter the hyperdimension."

"Actually, I only managed to enter this place by accident ."

"Is the Federation's cola really that tasty?" Aioros had actually asked the same question Mu ZI had. "It's extremely rare for me to meet people from the Federation who was willing to talk. Okay then…bring some cola for me and Mu Zi next time we meet.""

As surviving was of utmost importance in the Pampas Empire, Aioros would naturally not waste resources on a luxury item such as cola. Furthermore, these luxury goods were monopolized by the Amazon Empire in the Brave Continent, making it even more expensive and hard to come by.

"That would not do. After all, cola's really expensive, and you can't even buy it with money." Mu Zi felt slightly ashamed but even so, he truly wanted to drink it.

The requests from the people of the empire rendered Wang Zhong speechless. Exactly what is the Federation doing? They had actually made a thing like cola so famous to this degree. "Cola's very cheap from where I'm from. I can get it easily enough. However, this is the spirit world. How do I bring it here?"

Aioros and Mu Zi looked at each other with a grin. "That's simple. While it is hard to transmit a living entity into this world, it is extremely easy for non-living objects. How else did you think the Federation and empire trade resources? I'll teach you a simple runic array later on. As long as you place the object into the runic array in the physical world, you will be able to have access to them once you have entered the spirit realm."

"Dimensional space array formation!" Wang Zhong's eyes almost popped out of their sockets in amazement. That was one of the biggest secrets in the Federation!

The Federation had something similar to this, and Professor Moore was a specialist in this field. However, their array formation was clunky and much too complicated to be utilised easily. Even if all the professors in the entire runic faculty were to work together, they might not be able to complete a single drawing of the intricate giant array. However, Aioros had said that it was a simple runic array formation. Could something so complex be so easily done by people who were deemed to be behind in the field of science and technology?

"It isn't like what you know. The understanding is completely different." Aioros replied. "Although science and technology, on the usage and understanding of soul power, its actually going on taking an inappropriate route."

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