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Chapter 214 – The Trick to Cutting Space

When he returned to his dormitory that night, Ma Dong wasn't there. Wang Zhong took a bath before laying on his bed, unable to sleep. Although he was unwilling to get dragged back into the hyperdimension to get ravaged and trampled upon, he did yearn for the adventure of being transported to a mysterious new world. Especially after he had met up with the strange and odd little baldy.

For him, the Fate Stone had dragged him into the place. So how did the little baldy enter?

He could feel the other person had also entered the hyperdimension with his soul. Wang Zhong had taken the time to look through all of the data on the matter. Although the information was limited, he was able to faintly discern and understand these so-called 'Frontlines'. There was an extremely high probability that the Federation was within the hyperdimension. But the way they entered was through the spatial fractures was through brute force methods, or maybe with methods involving science and technology.

Unfortunately, Wang Zhong couldn't gain much information. This seemingly 'free' Federation placed many restriction upon the people, with severe consequences if those restrictions were broken. If one recklessly came into contact with secrets that shouldn't be touched, then it was easy to assume they would end up as a 'menace' to the Federation.

The Fate Stone… for a long time, Wang Zhong had assumed it would only be his shackle, a restraint on his strength. Recently, however, he began to comprehend that it was an existence that had perhaps saved him. As for how precious it was, it was an item that even the higher dimension coveted and lusted after. He himself did not benefit from it, so it really did seem like a waste.

Every time he was summoned to the higher dimension, the Fate Stone would radiate with light. If he looked at it from another perspective, higher dimensional energy couldn't enter the lower dimensions so how could it 'drag' him in?

So perhaps it wasn't so much as the higher dimension 'pulling' on him, but instead activating some property or intrinsic ability of the Fate Stone.

Without doubt, Wang Zhong's mind and thought process was exceedingly open and unrestricted. He dared to think and consider bold, imaginative thoughts.

The summoning from the higher dimension was actually quite weak. Even the number of summonings had lessened over this period of time, while the suction force declined in strength each time. But this was still the first time it had become this weak. A gentle and fluttery feeling flowed through Wang Zhong as he felt his soul leaving his body. Just before he was completely pulled away, the power seemed to get cut off.

This was the first time Wang Zhong used a different frame of mind as he took a look at the Fate Stone. He didn't allow for any contradiction or conflict to influence his thoughts and mood. Manipulating his soul power to slowly come into contact with the Fate Stone, he found he wasn't rejected. There was no resistance, but some substance to the probing. This should show he had some affinity with it.

A second later, the Fate Stone lit up. Energy radiated out, seeming to hide the skies and cover the earth. Wang Zhong, however, felt the energy was just a projection. The object's true might didn't exist in this space. Like Simba had said, his body might merely act as a mysterious balancing node for it.

The Fate Stone lit up and he began to 'fly' once more.

He remembered the time when he and little baldy Mu Zi had met. They had previously discussed some stuff related to the hyperdimension, a place that was purely a soul perceived world. It wasn't just he and Mu Zi in this world, but many humans with the ability to come and go. There was no need to feel afraid, mystified, or even confused by it. The mere existence of the hyperdimension proved that there was definitely some connection between it and the human world; a very close connection at that.

With his soul currently outside his body, perhaps he could now try to take the initiative and sense where he was going.

Eyes closed, Wang Zhong relaxed his consciousness and allowed it to freely spread out in search for the hyperdimension. He remained stationary for quite some time before his consciousness seemed to gather suddenly. Wang Zhong suddenly felt a ray of light shoot down from the sky, gradually pulling him upward. He rose slowly, until he reached a point where…

The gentle fluttering of his soul disappeared as a feeling of weight returned to him. Rays of scorching sunlight shone past his closed eyelids, making him feel incomparably dazzled.

Following suit, his body started to rapidly fall.

Wang Zhong resisted the eye-piercing sunlight and opened his eyes with difficulty. Just as he felt himself drop dozens of stories toward the ground, a small hand gribbed a large bundle of his hair and desperately pulled. At the same time, a sharp shout rang from beside his ear. "What happened? What happened!? Ah! It's so high! Are you trying to scare Simba to death!? We're going to fall to our deaths! Ahhhhhhhhh!"

That was Simba's voice, which made Wang Zhong feel both angry and amused at the same time. But dozens of stories high!?

The howling of the wind rushed past his ear as Wang Zhong continued to drop like a stone. Although his fleshly body was very strong and he wouldn't die from the fall, it would still lead to a heavy injury. "The one to cry should be me! You can fly!"

"Ah?" Simba had simply been grabbing onto Wang Zhong's hair as though his life depended on it while screaming and screeching as they feel. But when he heard Wang Zhong's words, he reacted quickly and let go while saying, "Oh right, I can fly!"

"Drag me up then! Where's our brotherhood!?" Wang Zhong felt he was about to explode. What happened next, however, wasn't a collision between body and hard ground and the false feeling of body and bone shattering. Instead, a pair of slender, yet incomparably strong arms replaced the hard ground to grab hold of him.

One glowing, sparkling light bulb of a head appeared, radiating a smile as it said, "What a coincidence!"

This was very coincidental. They were actually able to meet up even though they were worlds apart. But the arm strength of this fellow really was very powerful.

"Hi!" Wang Zhong also revealed a happy smile as he greeted, "Long time no see."

Above him, Simba rushed down with an excitement as though he had discovered a new continent. "Is that you, baldy!?"

The smile on that little baldy's face was still as radiant as ever as he replied, "And how are you, pet?"

"I'm not a pet! How many times do I have to say it!" Simba shrilled in reply. "You're not allowed to call me like that!"

"Oh. Okay, pet."


"I shaved my head, so I'm not bald. You're still a pet though."

"You're a baldy! Ten-thousand years later and you'll still be a baldy! Come, let's fight!" Simba was going batshit crazy. In fact, to be able to talk to a person other than Wang Zhong was a novel experience for him and made him quite curious. It was even enjoyable. Too bad this blady was too childish with his words.

The little baldy gave a hearty chuckle. Even with all the baldy name-calling, he was indifferent to it all. It was just that he felt these two new friends were quite interesting. Within the Tutankhamen Empire, the soul tool on his back meant he didn't come into much contact with others. But with the absolute lack of restrictions in the hyperdimension, he loved the feeling of talking with these two newly-made friends. As such, he continued to wag his glib tongue and said, "Pet, let's be friends."

"No! As if I want to be friends with a baldy!" Simba opened his eyes wide and stuck out his waist. With his high and arrogant nose poking through to the heavens, he said, "I am the most noble and greatest, the one and only Fate Trickster, Simba!"

As he watched these two fellows wag their glib tongues, Wang Zhong also felt amused. He knew Simba should have a rather positive feeling toward the little baldy, else he wouldn't speak so many useless words.

When he took the time to look around him, all he could see was a vast and expansive desert. The sand present around him seemed to blot out the skies, while the sandstorms twirled violently around. Close to the three was an incomparably enormous stone structure that towered several hundred meters high. Its base was spacious and wide and the entire thing was shaped like a triangular prism. Even after the corrosion done by the countless sand surrounding it, one could still see rune remnant marks that faintly reflected the sun's golden rays.

This was so close to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. Wang Zhong had only seen picture of the pyramids on his skylink. These mysterious structures managed to stand tall even after experiencing the dark era. Currently, they were deemed the most sacred divine temples within the Tutankhamen Empire. The Freedom Federation was the fastest to break out of the dark era, so all of the vestiges of culture and civilization from the old era became objects for their research and analysis. Information on these aspects were publicly release. Like other youths, Wang Zhong loved to read about such stuff and yearned to learn more about them. After all, not just anyone could adventure to the other continents.

But this was the hyperdimension. How could such a man-man structure exist here?

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