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Chapter 211 – The King Phenomena

Those who were watching the video because it was one of the few top trending ones would be held spellbound by the various instances that were a touch amusing as well as the final climax of the video. Added to the mix were the immense contrast between the video images and background music, leaving anyone watching the video captivated by its development.

On the opposite end of the spectrum were those who paid huge attention to the actual contents of the video rather than merely admiring its artistic values.

The first half of the video, while amusing at first glance, was riddled with lots of information with regards to the background behind All Mouthy King. Every single death of All Mouthy King in the OP was accompanied by the time and date of his death. Brother King's first death was dated back to over a year ago, and it was followed by a string of countless defeats throughout the entire year. This was the evidence that disproved rumours about All Mouthy King being an expert that originated from a hidden aristocratic family. Any thoughts about him having hidden his true strength were completely erased from the equation, for no expert would be willing to endure such a torrent of defeat for an entire year. Additionally, in all those death scenes, it was obvious to anyone observant enough that the current All Mouthy King was different from the one a year back.

Having achieved his current state was the results of not just his boldness and ingenuity that was artfully weaved into his skills and techniques, but also of his strong and tenacious heart to follow through with his actions.

Take for example his Ghostly steps. When it was first developed, it was unstable and haphazard, which made sense considering that it was formed from an amalgamation of ideas that were basically plucked from thin air while evading enemy attacks. Although his Soul Power was low and thus insufficient to allow him to connect those movements together into the terrifying steps that he currently possessed, his creativity still shone through. What this fellow had used wasn't the orthodox Ghostly Shadow Steps that were used widely within the Federation. Instead, he had added in a couple of random steps that made him seem as though he was retreating and in turned created a new set of movements! Though at first glance, the two steps may seem similar, his Ghostly steps lacked any redundant movements whilst still included more "accidental steps". Clearly, it was much more practical in a fight.

His steel-like body was another example of his ingenuity. In the past, all of All Mouthy King's defeats were one-sided. However, he was especially tough and could really take a beating. In fact, killing him was an extremely troublesome matter that required immense efforts. Attacks from weaklings would require an extremely long time before they could kill him off. His tenacity also led him to suffer quite a miserable fate, for he would suffer various kinds of pain and suffering for a long period before he would die. At the end of the match, every inch of his body would be battered beyond recognition. It was no wonder why Brother King did not even bat an eyelid in response to Brook's "Death by a thousand cuts" technique. If anyone was to be subjected to the same plight, such a technique would similarly not elicit a response as they would have long since gotten used to it. Well, that is if the individual managed to endure throughout the entire year in the first place.

Thus, people had gradually came up with an acceptable answer, one that made everyone reminisce for a little but had not dared to believe in.

This fellow had truly defied all odds as he rose from the bottom to reach the top, and was definitely not some ace from an aristocratic family that was operating in the shadows.

Perhaps he had underwent a secondary awakening that granted him immense powers, or he had consumed some miracle elixir, but all in all, his Soul Power had skyrocketed as compared to his previous level. Due to this sudden expansion, he metamorphosized from a being with little strength but had great theoretical ability to the current him, invincible even under the toughest of challenges.

Such an explanation was not easily accepted by the masses and was viewed as the epitome of absurdity. There was no such thing as a free meal in the world. Success was often the result of experiences that involved a hint of reliance on numerous external advantages such as bloodlines and resources.

To the eyes of a careful observer who would scrutinize over every aspect of the video, the video was one that involved immense dedication and huge investment of time and energy to make. The successive defeats, the times when he was not even able to launch the simplest of attacks due to his low Soul Power…no matter the adversities, he was always trying his best to study and learn various kinds of combat skills and techniques. It was clear that he was severely at a disadvantage, constantly suffering defeat against others time and again. Yet, he had not given up and had instead continued to endure and hold on.

There are many who "die" in the OP everyday. However, not many would have the tenacity to continue struggling to their deaths when faced in a situation where victory was far out of reach. All Mouthy King was the exception. Not only did he endure his defeats, he did so

for nearly a hundred battles, with every single fight ending in the same manner! His resolution was so overwhelming that it silenced anyone that dared refute against him.

Shortcuts do not exist on the path towards success. Rather than simply judging things based on their external appearances, people ought to pay attention to the dedication that others had placed in the past.

The number of people participating in the discussions that revolved around All Mouthy King grew steadily larger and larger. Slowly, these discussion had expanded out of the discussion forums, propagating throughout the entire continent. All Mouthy King now became a beacon of hope for those who were deemed to be weaklings, a ray of light that signified that all was not lost and they still had a chance to become gods themselves.

The number of people who went along the craze and started learning the cross wheels had also expanded by leaps and bounds. However, not many truly enjoyed using such a weapon.

There were numerous news of people making slight improvements with the weapon before they suffered decapitations due to their usage of the weapon. News like this were so commonplace that it became no longer interesting after a while.

Additionally, even if the individuals were intelligent enough to comprehend a number of theories after watching the control techniques displayed by All Mouthy King from the video, they were all only just scraping the surface. The theories behind the five depressions along with the physics behind the revolutions were things that cannot simply be understood just by watching and mimicking others in the OP. The most they would achieve was to use the cross wheels as slightly stronger boomerangs.

However, those who possessed greater intelligence as well as those who truly wanted to improve would have gain enlightenment from the actions of All Mouthy King. Firming up their hearts and minds, they started to genuinely learn the way All Mouthy King had trained himself. Instead of pursuing the fancy cross wheels, they had used even higher pressure and cruel battles to temper their bodies and minds.

An example would be Adolf Academy, many members of which was in a slump. Recently, they seem more reserved and closed off from the world. They had even rejected the invitation from the Eastern Elite Special Training Class. Red words were painted on the large doors of their training room, saying the following: "Pay respects to our idol All Mouthy King! Without destroying Tianjing, these words will remain here forever!"

Such a fervour support for All Mouthy King was seen within the various academies in the Federation. With just a single battle, All Mouthy King had become the spokesperson and super idol for all those ordinary students in the Federation. The essence of the king will be everlasting.

A new phrase was born, "The phenomenon of a King"!

The educational agencies of the Federation also had favorable reactions to such a situation. Some of the more remote academies had even broadcasted public announcements about All Mouthy King's past deeds. Regardless, this was something that was deemed beneficial to the Federation. The only person to have come out "unlucky" out of this was the esteemed lady Divian. The magnificent dragon queen of spears, the outstanding and famous brother Lan, was now someone else's background for today. However, Divian seemed to not personally mind it.

At this moment, her voluptuous chest was faintly heaving up and down, with droplets of sweat rolling down her forehead.

There were not many that can render Divian to such a state in a match. However, Carolyn was definitely one of those. The two of them could be considered as good friends,and can even be considered as bosom friends. However, they decided to not adopt such conventional terms as they do not wish to engage in redundant activities that were deemed suitable for a lady such as hiding in their rooms and gossiping all day.

Both were deemed to be the elites of the quasi Hall Division, and the strengths of the two of them were exceptionally close. When they had nothing to do, they would meet up in the OP, before doing engaging in unorthodox combat. For example, placing a limit on the number of weapons available to three as a rule. However, all of this combat exercises revolved around a single ideal, which was to use various kinds of different ways to challenge and stimulate oneself, to improve one step further to reach the peak in their pursuit of strength.

The fight ended with Carolyn winning by one move. Casually sending a message over the Skylink, she asked, "Look's like you're slightly out of it today. It is because of the loss to that All Mouthy King?"

"Nah. It's just certain things dawned upon me during the fight and am now faced with a bottleneck. Perhaps, I be able to quickly make a breakthrough." replied Divian quickly. It was merely a lost in the Op. To a person who possessed strong mental fortitude and strength, it was not even worth a mention. What's more, there was the comprehension gained from that fight, which had indeed been a great help to her. Experiencing a bottleneck was a good thing, as breaking through it would grant an immense improvement in strength.

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