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Chapter 197 – I’m Just Strong!

To actually be able to use such a method to break apart Patelufu's Spiral Dash would require extremely keen eyesight and exceptional control during the execution of the technique. How can someone be this terrifyingly outstanding?

Cecil's eyes became clouded with doubt and disbelief.

"Captain Cecil, could you use something a little…new?" asked Wang Zhong with a gentle chuckle. "You shouldn't keep using those same old moves!"

Cecil uttered not a single word, his eyes focused onto Wang Zhong. He had planned to not reveal too much of his true strength during the competition, even during the group battle as the CHF had always been his main aim. However, his decision had ended in their loss. This was the main regret he held in his heart. If he had decided to go all out from the start, the results might had been different. This was the reason why he had confronted Wang Zhong and requested a duel with him. All to win back some face!

Unable to refute Wang Zhong's words, Cecil slowly pulled back his right hand, which was wielding the sword. Entering into a half squat posture and slightly lowering his centre of gravity, he started condensing soul power within him. "I didn't plan on revealing this trump card during this exchange," replied Cecil. "Wang Zhong, you are pretty good indeed. You've actually managed to conceal much of your true strength. But you're still not my match!"

At this moment, the sharp and incisive aura that surrounded Cecil moments ago faded away, as though he had sheathed his sword back into his scabbard. However, it was immediately replaced by a dense and imposing aura that placed such immense pressure on Wang Zhong that it was akin to a lofty mountain bearing down from the sky.

Amateurs would only judge based on it appearances, while experts would break down techniques into its underlying martial skills and critical components. Experiencing the shift in aura, Wang Zhong became more excited, with fighting intent oozing out of his every fibre and pore.

"Heavy Sword Style!"

Cecil gave a low and muffled roar as he took a slow step forward while raising his sword.


A deep and muffled sound of a sword strike rang out in the large hall.

There wasn't any of the explosive and rapid dashes that were seen previously present, nor any dazzlingly and swift sword movements. Yet, the speed of the sword was enhanced rapidly in a blink of an eye upon execution of the technique!

He only applied strength when it was merely a couple of inched from his opponent. Despite the short distance, the the speed of his sword became far faster than any of the moves he had used previously. What was most frightening was the power behind his sword! Wang Zhong had underestimated the force of the attack, which almost send the rune sword in his hand flying away!

Followed closely behind his first strike was his second sword!

The second sword attack had terrifying power behind it, causing Wang Zhong to lose control of his sword. Additionally, with such sword attacks executed so closely apart, it left little time for his opponents to dodge away or counterattack.

Concealing one's true strength within a weak move!


Wang Zhong was sent flying back by about seven to eight meters back.

Scarlet's heart, whohad relax slightly after much difficulty, tightened up once more. The Heavy Sword Style!

What kind of monsters are they?  Scarlet knew that this was a sword technique that can only be grasped once you reached the level of Heroic Soul stage. The basis behind it was slightly similar to the One Inch Punch ancient fist technique that belongs to the Potter family. Turning the complex into simplicity. This could only be achieved once one truly understood the force and speed of one's soul power. This wasn't simply a sword technique; it signified the elevated level of understanding Cecil had in his sword, which could only be obtained by combining his natural talent and hard work.

"Your soul power's too weak. How many more moves can you resist?" declared Cecil, his footsteps drawing nearer and nearer. "Try dodging this then!"

"You're thinking too much."

Stabilizing his centre of gravity, Wang Zhong flicked his wrist. With a twist of the rune sword, a humm rang out as his sword started to vibrate.

Cecil's Heavy Sword Style had finally gotten him fired up. Frankly speaking, although OP was an optimal platform for him to test his theories in a real life setting and improve his combat techniques, battles like this was what he really longed for. Perhaps, having only pondering about combat in a theoretic context had raised the thirst to experience real combat to a crescendo. To Wang Zhong, the uncertainty of battles where individuals had to place their own lives on the line stimulated him to a fever pitch.

Yes, its this uncertainty. This is the feeling of being alive! This is not like when I was left in a dark and endless reverie.


As the two swords collided,Wang Zhong's sword seemed to strike against his opponent's heavy sword like a whip.


Cecil was send a couple of steps back and his rune sword was almost knocked out of his hand. Wang Zhong, on the other hand, had held his ground and had not moved an inch backwards. This left both Cecil and Scarlet flabbergasted. Cecil's soul power was approximate twice of Wang Zhong's. Although it wasn't as absolute as one plus one equals two, such a huge difference in soul power would typically mean a one-sided suppression against Wang Zhong.

And yet, the sword that had instantly yielded was Cecil's Heavy Sword Style…

Scarlet felt as though she had hallucinated the entire proceedings.

Staring straight at the rune sword held in Wang Zhong's hand, Cecil could tell that the vibrations were caused by the application of excessive soul power into the sword. Could it be that the soul power I felt was merely just an illusion? Did he concentrate his soul power into his attack, which resulted in his defenses to have weak levels of soul power?

Does his soul power has the ability to disorient others? This wasn't something revolutionary, for there were some that specialized in utilising abilities that could mimic soul power.

Bang Bang Bang…

Cecil, who had exerted all of the soul power within his body, had almost collapsed under Wang Zhong's third strike. Wang Zhong swung his sword for the fourth time. When his strike came towards Cecil, he let loose an explosive roar. Extending his left hand forward with force, a brilliant ray radiated out from his palms and struck Wang Zhong!


A invisible force caused Wang Zhong's entire attack to be deflected in another direction. Though the force was not too strong, it was enough to cause his sword to become slanted. This left Wang Zhong wide open, and it was then Cecil counterattacked with his direction changing quick strike!

Repulsion special ability; this was Cecil's hidden trump card!

It was best to not reveal such a thing like a special ability as much as possible, for it could become the decisive factor between victory or defeat when used in the opportune of moments.

Just as Cecil's sword seemed to have made its mark, Wang Zhong swayed his body. Swaying Steps! Using that to evade the attack, Wang Zhong then launched a riposte

The strange repulsive ability was directed at him again, gently deflecting his sword away. Relying on the momentum of his sword, Wang Zhong rotated his body to send a fierce kick towards Cecil's back.

This time, Cecil was unable to unleash his repulsive ability in time. Wang Zhong's rune sword had attracted too much of his focus… To think that he would use his foot to attack me!


The powerful kick sent Cecil stumbling back for a couple of meters. A metallic taste filled his mouth as he spurted some blood out upon receiving the attack.

However, before he could stand and stabilize himself, a sword came howling down from behind.

Cecil was completely stunned. Never did he envisioned that his greatest killing move, the special ability that he had kept hidden for a full year, would be of no use. On the contrary, the moment he had used this ability, his fate had been sealed.

He couldn't care less about the blood spewing from his mouth. Turning around in an attempt to counter, he forced out yet another ray of his special ability.

It was a pity that his strong techniques were of no use and his special ability was rendered ineffective way too easily. Wang Zhong's attack was simply a feint. Gathering his soul power, he unleashed a vibration throughout the sword which deflected the repulsive force. In a blink of an eye, the tip of the sword was pointed towards Cecil's throat.

The large hall finally returned back to silence.

Cecil froze completely, with the rune sword in his hand maintaining its rotating action. At this moment, it appeared as though his entire body had turned stiff, the only movement was his sword-wielding hand trembling at the outcome of the match.

Ever since his loss to Laura last year, he had secluded himself and train himself up for an entire year. He had been proud of his achievements over the past year, and had wanted to display his full might in the CHF. He was quite confident that if he were to meet that terrifying beast woman on the battlegrounds, he would be able to defeat her in both solo and group fights. Yet, to think that he would have lost completely before even reaching the CHF.

Having suffered a defeat against the academy that was ranked last, their squad had seemingly fell apart. They were already tiptoeing on the verge of collapse, and Cecil, as the leader, had challenged Wang Zhong to find back the fighting spirit for his members. However, never did he expert that even his own honor and self-confidence would be shattered this black night.

His pupils gradually grew dim, the fire of self-confidence gradually faded away. The corner of his mouth trembled slightly a couple of times, as though he were say something. However, in the end, not a single word left his mouth.

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