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Chapter 167 – Where Did The Lightbulb Come From?

Editors: Argos Yesu, Fuyuhime171

"Ahhhhh! Big Brother Wang Zhong is so strong! I really like this side of you!" The first thing Emily did was toss her broken dagger away before lunging up to hang onto Wang Zhong's neck. This little girl was ecstatic beyond belief. She always knew Wang Zhong would someday have the opportunity to shine so bright that he would bedazzle everyone around him. Now, that day had finally arrived.

"Wang Zhong…" Scarlet was both shocked and astounded. She typically had a clearer understanding about Wang Zhong's strength as compared to the others, and had sensed it during her rather often conversations with him. Yet, she had never once saw him launch an attack before. As such, she was not aware that his strength had reached such an extraordinary level.

The attack that Wang Zhong had just showcased transcended all limitations she thought he had. And even after that astonishing display, she was certain that he had yet to reach the limits of his strength. He had clearly held back some. If not, everyone would had ended up with broken bones rather than broken weapons.

Hymin joyously walked over and gave Wang Zhong a pat on the back. "Why didn't you bring the crosswheels along during our trip through the forest you brat!? You could have saved us alot of trouble when we were fighting those beasts!"

"Wang Zhong, don't you think you're hiding things way too much" Milami finally spoke after having her mouth hanging wide open for a while. "Are you trying to act as the pig in order to eat the tiger? What grade are you actually in within OP?"

Wang Zhong smiled as he said, "I'm still in the cannon fodder division. It's only recently that I've gained some comprehension over this weapon. I'm still quite unfamiliar with this style of fighting."

Upon hearing his reply, everyone's expression turned slack as they stood there dumbfoundedly. His display just now was him being 'unfamiliar' with the crosswheels? If he got any more familiar, there would be no need for everyone else in the squadron? But after thinking it all over, everyone felt this was a good discovery. After all, Wang Zhong was their squadmate, not their opponent.

"You're always full of surprises." Scarlet smiled and continued, "When Teacher Grace left, she tasked me to take care of the squadron temporarily before letting everyone decide who would be the true captain once everyone understood each other's specialties and combat styles.

"Now, I nominate Wang Zhong to be our captain. His personal strength has already been affirmed from that previous performance. Furthermore, I feel that he's the only one in the squadron that can make proper combat strategies. What do you guys think?"

In reality, Scarlet wasn't very suited to be the captain. It wasn't that she lacked outstanding abilities, but there was the absence of the overbearing, domineering air necessary to control the group's training. Wang Zhong decisiveness during the group training's critical moments was entrenched deeply in everyone's minds. The only problem had been his lack of strength. Now that that wasn't a problem anymore, there was no doubt in everyone's mind. This was especially so on the Prodigy Society's side.

As Scarlet was the one to take the initiate to voice out this out, the matter was smoothly handled.

Emily continued to shriek in excitement while everyone else started to shout out their votes of approval.

Wang Zhong didn't try to argue with this decision. In fact, he had truly wanted to become the captain. Only with that status would he be able to properly apply all of the ideas he had learned. Practice and experience would be the best teachers.

It could be said that the Tianjing Squadron had received one good news after another. Although they had encountered trouble with Reeve's interference in the beginning, they had rebounded from that and were currently in their prime. Everyone held hope for the future, especially so with Wang Zhong, Grai, and Scarlet forming the three sharp points of Tianjing's trident.

While they didn't try to pursue any ridiculous goal, they had decided to give a good fight against the others. Right now, Tianjing's battle formation had officially been arranged and was completed.

After attending classes in the morning, Wang Zhong had spent his afternoon with Scarlet in the library. During their meet up, they discussed the future direction their group should take, such as the allocation of roles for the squadron members as well as the content for the group's future training.

When evening arrived, Wang Zhong continued to practice his crosswheels, trying his best to control it based on his comprehension. Right now, the Tianjing Squadron viewed them as their secret weapons.

After completing his training, Wang Zhong returned to his dormitory. He had recently noticed that that fellow, Ma Dong, hadn't been sleeping there for the past two weeks. His house was located in Tianjing, but Wang Zhong wasn't certain that he was staying there either. He could be fooling around outside, but Wang Zhong couldn't get an answer out of him even after making some indirect inquiries a couple of times. All he got was an asshole reply of, 'Great President Ma's intentions are deeply hidden and also very crafty, something mere members like you would not understand!'

Before sleeping, Wang Zhong felt somewhat nervous. Yet, it was impossible for him to keep his eyes wide open throughout the entire night. In the end, he fell into a deep slumber. However, something was amiss. His consciousness suddenly felt slightly fluttery… Fuck this shit!

"Fuck, why did I return back here again!"

Opening his eyes, he found himself on an oh-so-familiar island with an oh-so-familiar vortex floating above it. Beside him was the innocent looking small and white-faced Simba.

With a frown on his face, Simba glanced at him and coughed, saying, "Simba, being the responsible person he is, would like to inform you that this matter has no relation to me whatsoever! I. Am. Innocent!"

Wang Zhong was also bursting at the seams. If this was a dream, then there should be no reason for it being identical to the one last night. So it looks like this was the real deal? When he looked up at the vortex that seemed to have condensed back to its original might, Wang Zhong felt the fine hairs on his neck stand at attention. Anyone who was present for this situation wouldn't be able to endure the mysterious, unfathomable environment.

"This again? Why do I always arrive in this place after falling asleep?"

"According to the great Simba's analysis, this should be a problem that exists in the consciousness of humans and their positioning. While awake, they might view things in the Fourth Dimension. But upon sleeping, the dimensional grade they can view improves by one level…" Upon seeing the ill intent expressed on Wang Zhong's face, Simba hurriedly waved his hand and continued, "But there would definitely be some wear and tear from this kind of dimensional summoning! This wouldn't always happen. As such, we just need to keep enduring until it's all over!"

Wang Zhong nodded in agreement. "In that case, don't you dare run later! Let us good brothers share in the suffering together!"

Simba's nose trembled as he said, "That's not good. Look at me. I'm so weak and fragile; shouldn't you protect me?"

The reply made Wang Zhong unsure of whether to laugh or cry. He couldn't do anything in the slightest, however. Since young, his fate had never been his to control. Originally he had thought his life had settled into a sort of normalcy. But from the looks of it, he was still too young and naive.

But what had to be experienced must be experienced without letting up in the least. When the two descended to the ground, they both felt a pressure beating down on them. It was like it hid the skies and covered the earth with its immensity. Wang Zhong's All-Mouthy King name should've been given to Simba, but neither made any sort of move.

Not too far away from them was an enormous, slumbering dimensional creature. It looked like a tortoise—if a tortoise was both immense and made of stone. This fellow was about 20 meters large and gave off a thick pressure that could only come from a Level 7 dimensional creature. Fortunately, with both Wang Zhong and Simba having soul powers in the 'very weak' side of the scale, they were akin to two small, insignificant pieces of grass. Dimensional lifeforms possessed a vigorous, overbearing defense. The threat the two posed to it amounted to zero.

With their many years of understanding toward one another, Wang Zhong and Simba developed a mutual understanding that prevented them from gasping out in awe and shock. This wasn't the first time they had come across such a situation and their keen senses told them they were very lucky this time around. As long as they were quiet, they could sneak away and stay alive long enough for the summoning force to quickly dissipate.

After all, any normal person wouldn't have any interest in dying repeatedly. As Simba gripped onto Wang Zhong's hair tightly, Wang Zhong slowly and carefully crept away.

Slowly, slowly, very slowly. He was afraid he would alarm this Sir Dimensional Creature. This was a dimensional creature that looked a bit like the rock beast-type creature found in the huge information database. The only problem was that this fellow was definitely the ancestor of those rock beasts. Its thick, intense earth energy fluctuated out with each breath. One could sense that just a single roar from this thing could shatter its foe to pieces.

If this had been a documentary video, Wang Zhong would have no problem studying it seriously, researching its details and mysteries. But in this place, he was unable to muster up such studious desire. The experience of death had indeed ingrained itself into the core of his bones… it became something he bitterly detested.

The two were experienced with this kind of situations, which translated into their careful demeanor. Simba, who was usually very rampant, didn't trash-talk at this point of time. Gradually, the distance between them and their doom increased. By now, the gigantic thing was 20 meters away. Just a bit more and they would be able to quickly escape this dangerous place.

Suddenly, a deep-blue light appeared around five meters from their location. A coffin burning with rune lights appeared out of thin air.

Wang Zhong and Simba's eyes widened. What the fuck is that thing!?

They stared with wide eyes, unable to comprehend what the hell was going on. According to Simba's explanation, this should be a place even more overbearing than the hyperdimension. How could such a thing appear here? Could it be a higher dimension creature!?

After a moment, the coffin gently swung open like a door. A small naked baldy walked out from within.

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