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Chapter 166 – Ruthless Crosswheel

"Are you kidding me? This president is only in charge of public relations. Never will I actually join the fight!" President Ma Dong had felt quite depressed recently and just shook his head. "In my opinion, it would be better if you gave up on this unreliable thing. It's better to train up your archery skills.

"Wang Zhong, don't listen to this fellow's nonsense. To have interest in weapons deemed useless in today's age is also good. However, you shouldn't obsess too much and put too much effort into it." Milami was currently acting as the mediator between them and spoke her thoughts out loud.

When Wang Zhong defeated Lu Zhan Tian in the past, everyone had only assumed that his win was due to his prowess in archery. The victory itself had many factors and elements influencing it. These presumptions about Wang Zhong persisted until he successfully escaped from the clutches of the Level 5 mutated spider king. Regardless of what he did before, this feat had placed him in a new light in the eyes of everyone.

With such a mainstay in the squadron not properly training and instead spending time on those useless and gaudy crosswheels, everyone felt that Wang Zhong was wasting what time the squadron had left.

Feeling helpless, Wang Zhong spread his hands and said, "Actually, I think the crosswheels can be quite strong, given the proper implementation. How can we know if this is true without trying it out, right?"

Hearing his reply, everyone rolled their eyes.

"I'll be the first!" Barran was the first to jump up.

Since Senior Wang Zhong said it was formidable, then it must be very formidable indeed. Why didn't everyone believe that?

Wang Zhong hurriedly coughed and gestured at the excited convalescent. "You've just recovered so never mind then. Just let it be."

"Alright, then I'll do it!" Emily exclaimed while jumping up with excitement. "If you're lacking a training partner then just call me, Emily!"

Grai smiled faintly and said, "Count me in too. It should be enough with the two of us, right senior?"

Everyone was shocked by Grai's words. This fellow is really too frank and honest. They had all been joking around. No one really wanted to make Wang Zhong lose face, but why Grai trying to do the opposite?

Grai was the trump card of the squadron! Honestly speaking, after the group training Grai became the undeniably strongest person in Tianjing. His appearance, strength, and character made him incomparable. But this…a sudden two versus one battle? Couldn't he let Wang Zhong have a bit of fun?

Wang Zhong, however, was still quite serious and thought for a while before adding, "Lily, Colby, please join in as well. My control over these crosswheels still isn't that great yet."

The two shot a look at each other as they didn't take Wang Zhong's words seriously. They felt that Wang Zhong simply wanted to harmonize the squadron's atmosphere so they nodded their consent. Everyone then proceeded to enter the field.

Great President Ma felt a bit scared to watch. He had spoken out to cause a bit of trouble for his brother just for laughs. Now that things had ended this way, he couldn't help but feel troubled for causing this situation to arise.

The next moment, Wang Zhong's eyes were focused and as deep as a bottomless well. He quietly touched the crosswheel's five indents with his fingers. Each wheel started to revolve, causing gentle ringing sounds that echoed, like turbines working in tandem. Wang Zhong's heart melded with the soft sounds.

Emily still had an excited face while Lily's and Colby's stances indicated their relaxed manner to this whole affair. Only Grai felt that something was off.

Wang Zhong's mouth suddenly curled into a faint smile as he whispered, "Careful!"


The crosswheel left his hand and shot forward like a meteor! It tore through space and headed toward its first target, Lily!

Lily's pupils violently contracted.

The speed of this attack exceeded her expectations. Its astonishing momentum made her subconsciously lift her heavy sword in an attempt to directly block it.


That terrifying metallic sound rang out as Lily felt a frightening force slammed into her. She was almost flipped over!

Fortunately, she had quick reflexes. She breathed out and lowered her waist to forcefully squat down. She stiffened her body, making it as sturdy as a metal board. Regardless of her efforts, however, she was still violently thrown back two to three meters. The blood in her chest instantly churned and roiled as she felt incomparable shock!

She wasn't the only one shocked at the attack. Everyone else was staring dumbfoundedly, their mouths wide open.

Lily was Tianjing Academy's number one heavy soldier and the current squadron's absolute shield. Yet, she was unexpectedly thrown back so far back with a single blow?

"Ha ha. Here's another one!"

With a light turn in the air, the crosswheel launched its second crazed attack on its next target. The current attack was even more threatening than the last, and had even greater speed!

Colby moved to dodge the oncoming blow on reflex. But even though he'd made his move with excellent judgement, he found that the crosswheel was still flying toward him! It was like its aim was locked onto him. When he noticed that, he hurriedly raised his dagger to try and block it.


The collision knocked Colby back six to seven meters.

They were all still in shock. How was this possible!?

Grai was the first to make his move. Like a specter, he headed straight for Wang Zhong. The latter, however, was already deep in his own world, his mind completely on the crosswheel. The moment the second crosswheel was about to move, Grai's body flickered away. Yet, the crosswheel had locked onto him and had to quickly raise his longsword to block.


Grai was sealed!

With even greater speed, the crosswheels returned to Wang Zhong's hand.

Three attacks flew out in succession. The expression on Grai's face changed as he saw the incoming onslaught and he rapidly retreating back. Emily, who was at the sidelines, became more and more intrigued by the ongoing spectacle before deciding to act. She immediately sprinted in from the side, hoping to surprise Wang Zhong with a sudden attack. However, as she made her way towards Wang Zhong, she felt an impending sense of danger. The crosswheels flew across and suddenly turned.

The crosswheels were once more in Wang Zhong's hands, their rotations maintained.

"It's time to get serious!"

Colby and Lily shot a look at each other and unleashed their soul power before moving forward. Lily was in front, acting as the shield while Colby followed behind as her shadow. On the other side, Grai also made his move and Emily followed closely behind. The four launched their attacks at the same time for they had sensed that something was different from the previous round when Wang Zhong was trying things out. .

When he saw this arrangement, an excited smile appeared on the corner of Wang Zhong's mouth. He genuinely wanted to test the results of his comprehension.

A hum sounded out before the two crosswheels were launched out with a howl.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

The sounds of metal colliding with metal resounded throughout the training grounds. They had echoed out with such quick succession that it turned into one continuous sound!

Countless cold sword images criss-crossed as everyone surged forward. Soul power was added to the attacks and erupted from all directions. Colby emerged from the shadows to launch a sneak attack, but discovered a crosswheel heading straight for his face. Grai and Emily, the two quick attackers, were unexpectedly halted by crosswheels. Wasn't Wang Zhong only using two crosswheels?

There were seven to eight wheels flying out at the same time!

An ear-piercing howl ripped through the air before the images of those revolutions stopped. The entire field was left in total chaos.

Emily and Colby's daggers had been shattered. Lily's greatsword had slipped from her hands. The only one left in a good condition was Grai.

Silence pervaded the entire training grounds. Everyone was staring hard at the crosswheels in Wang Zhong's hands. What the hell was that!?

How can such a weapon even be possible!?

"Formidable. Weapons would typically halt upon making contact as they would absorb the rebound force. Those crosswheels, however, are able to convert that force into extra momentum that added on to their next attack. As long as the user can control that force, the crosswheels can potentially have an infinite increase in speed, an infinite increase in its revolutions. This is the essence and initial form of the Laforgue Infinite Slash. Senior, you're awesome!" Grai had explained it all with a radiant smile blossoming on his face.

Ma Dong's eyes had almost turned into slits as he fiercely swallowed his saliva before laughing evilly. "Muahahaha! I knew you were a genius! I dare to bet that even All-Mouthy King's crosswheels aren't as godlike as yours! This will be our trump card! You'll be the frontman of our Prodigy Society!"

Only then did everyone in the training field regain their thoughts. This engagement had been too shocking, too astonishing! No one was disappointed by the results of their loss against Wang Zhong. Instead, their expressions were filled with joy. They never imagined such an expert would actually be hidden within their squadron! With a specialist that could launch such terrifying long-ranged attacks, what squadron couldn't they fight!?

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