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Chapter 1160: 1160
Chapter 1160: Well-Known

“Heh heh, Junior Brother, you are too considerate . In the Land, there are no eternal friends or enemies . If you are talking about close relations, the Fire Demon Race was once close to the Heavenly Shell Race . But now, aren’t we on the edge? You have to look forward . In a cruel environment like the Land, the resources and benefits you receive are much more important than one or two promises or so-called feelings . ”

Lao Wang stretched out his hand and waved it while he shrugged his shoulders . “Perhaps you are overthinking this . A small figure like me does not have the qualifications to discuss cooperation with the Heavenly Shell Race . ”

Phumetheus laughed, and there was no surprise on his face . On the contrary, he flashed a smile . “As expected, you are a very interesting Junior Brother . ”

“You too . ”

“My persuasion assignment is complete . Up next is what I truly want . ” Phumetheus took out a fiery-red letter and placed it on the table .

The letter was not closed, and Wang Zhong immediately saw the golden words written on the letter . There were only a few words .

10th day of the 10th month, Life and Death Arena Battle . Contractor: Phumetheus .

“Senior Brother, do you think that I will go? This does not align with the rules . ” Phumetheus must be joking . Even though Lao Wang had just comprehended his dragon’s breath and was full of confidence, which of these freaks who were able to survive in the Celestial Honors Class were not powerhouses? Furthermore, would they fight just because he wanted to fight? What gave him the right?

At the very least, Wang Zhong understood the rules of the Heavenly Gates . Challenging someone of a lower level was typically not allowed .

“You are very smart . However, it is a pity that you are too smart . Every rule has an exception . This is a level-8 Life and Death Battle Contract that goes beyond the rules of the Heavenly Gates . Even though it is slightly embarrassing, anything that involves the image of the Fire Demon Race is taken seriously . Your recent deeds have been excessive, so you should think about it . ”

When he saw Wang Zhong remain silent, Phumetheus smiled . “Junior Brother Wang Zhong, you still have ten days to think about it . ”

As he turned to leave, he waved at Wang Zhong . “You either come with me to the Heavenly Demon Realm and receive great benefits, or choose to fight in the Life and Death Arena with a 10% chance of winning… I just hope that Junior Brother will not make a decision that he will regret . If you decide to go to the Arena, I will not give you any mercy . You’ll be on your own . ”

His steps seemed very leisurely, but he left very quickly . As he finished his last sentence, his voice seemed to have condensed and drifted over from a distant place into Wang Zhong’s ears .

Lao Wang picked up the fiery-red contract . The paper felt extremely tough, and the back of the paper was weaved from fire cobwebs . This was the Pulling Thread Paper that was specially used for various official contracts and documents of high standards . Meanwhile, Phumetheus only used up half of the space meant for the contractors’ names . The remaining blank space was left for Wang Zhong to sign on .

Lao Wang carefully recalled the Star Alliance laws that he had seen in the Law Enforcement Association . He faintly remembered that he had seen a clause regarding the level-8 Life and Death Contract . This was a privilege of the high-leveled civilizations . After all, the divine territory was a world of ranks .

He would have to adopt measures appropriate to this situation . Ever since the day he stepped into the Heavenly Gates, he had never thought of having a smooth-sailing journey . If he wanted to survive among these high-leveled civilizations, where murderous intent was everywhere at all times and he could not avoid the traps, he could only engage in combat!

Ten days left Wang Zhong with enough time to prepare… Now, he had to ponder how to pull in the profits .

After just two days of silence, Phumetheus received the signed Life and Death Arena Contract . Then, Phumetheus laughed . A Void Core had dared to accept a challenge from a Solid Core . One should know that he was also a member of the Celestial Honors Class!

Phumetheus had returned . Two batches ago, he was undisputedly the top student among the 56th Batch of the Violent Demon Era and a supreme genius from the Fire Demon Race . Even though he was still in the Solid Core Realm, he had completed the series of Heavenly Demon Realm Celestial Honors Assignments with a 100% completion rate . He could rank among the top 10 pupils for completing this assignment with the lowest Realm in the entire history of the Heavenly Gates .

This was a record that generations of freakish Celestial Honors Masters had broken in the entire history of the Heavenly Gates, revealing the depth of their talents . It was said that the Internal Gates would reward him with 300% of the assignment rewards . This spread rapidly throughout the Heavenly Gates . He was unparalleled, and there was a faint sign that he would be the new leader of the Celestial Honors Class .

However, before everyone could finish digesting this stunning topic, another even more shocking topic had emerged . However, it was still related to this Celestial Honors Master from the Fire Demon Race .

On the 10th day of the 10th month, Phumetheus and Wang Zhong would battle at the Combat Cultivation Hall’s Life and Death Arena . Everyone could not help but want to watch this .

When the entire Heavenly Gates heard about this, most of them were stunned? Wang Zhong? Phumetheus? These two people did not seem to have any interactions, right? What hatred or grudges did they have to reach the point where they headed to the Life and Death Arena?

Furthermore, Wang Zhong had recently been extremely impressive in the Heavenly Gates, regardless of whether it was his countless life and death battles, his sharpness in pill refinery, or breaking through the norms to enter the Celestial Honors Class as a Void Core . However, regardless of all these dazzling records and deeds, in the end, he was still a Void Core . He could easily defeat minor figures like Balor and Gorst, but his opponent this time reached unimaginable heights .

What kind of existence was Phumetheus? Before this, very few people among the new batch knew about him . However, once this incident emerged, as long as they asked around in their race, they would be flooded with various rumors and information regarding Phumetheus .

Ten years ago, he was already called the top Solid Core expert in the Fire Demon Race . He possessed the Ceremonial-Fire Greedy Soul Sword, which was a level-4 weapon . After experiencing various training in the Celestial Honors Class for 10 years, he had eliminated several civilizations for the Fire Demon Race by himself . Among these civilizations were genuine level-6 civilizations that were guarded by Gold Cores, and they were even eliminated by him alone! His spiritual power was extremely pure, and his true form was terrifying . He had already perfected the Soul Devouring Technique of the Fire Demon Race and did not seem to have any flaws . Furthermore, not too long ago, he had even broken a historic record and completed the Heavenly Demon Realm Assignment as a Solid Core . Furthermore, he had achieved 100% completion on the assignment . This was enough to put him among the top 10 pupils in the entire history of the Heavenly Gates!

Even though such a being was only a Solid Core, ordinary Gold Cores were no match for him! But he was actually going to the Life and Death Arena with Wang Zhong, a mere Void Core…

How crazy!

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Regardless of whether it was Phumetheus or Wang Zhong, this world was mad!

In a quiet room in the Internal Gates…

“Superintendent, Wang Zhong has landed in this suicidal situation because the Heavenly Shell Race pulled him over to our side . How can we be impervious to the misfortunes of others? If we allow Wang Zhong to die in Phumetheus’s hands, who will dare to rely on the Heavenly Shell Race for help in the future? Superintendent, please think about it again!” Celeste knelt on the ground with a stubborn expression on her face . Even though she had already faced rejection from the superintendent, she still did not give up . With the Fire Demon Race using a level-8 Life and Death Contract, if they wanted to save Wang Zhong, there was definitely no other possibility than Superintendent Erza personally stepping in and discussing “conditions” with the Fire Demon Race .

Superintendent Erza smiled . “Ask yourself . If this is the case, are you really considering our race?”

“Superintendent, is it because you are afraid of suffering losses from negotiating and dealing with the Fire Demon Race? Is a genius ally who is overflowing with talent and is extremely friendly with our race not worth the price?” Celeste gritted her silver teeth and stubbornly said, “The Fire Demon Race simply could not accept that result . As long as we give the Fire Demon Race an out, we do not have to make any unnecessary investments . There is actually a lot of space for negotiation in this matter…”

“You truly disappoint me greatly . ” Erza simply interrupted her and calmly scanned her . “Your foresight stops at the benefits and losses that the Fire Demon Race and the Heavenly Shell Race will make on the surface and at the superficial grudges between us . Do you really think that the Fire Demon Race, who have established their footing in the Land over countless eras, only have such low tolerance? Do you simply want to regain some face by provoking this matter?”

Celeste lowered her head and did not say anything .

“You are so concerned that you are confused! The Fire Demon Race will not give way in this matter even if I actually go and personally negotiate with them . This is not a problem of benefits and losses or reputation . Furthermore, Wang Zhong destroyed the Fire Demon Race’s plans for the Ocean Empire Planet and is now seen as a part of the Heavenly Shell Race faction, easily putting him on the must-kill list for the Fire Demon Race . This is also a way for the Fire Demon Race to explore our attitude . If they can use the threat against Wang Zhong to force the Heavenly Shell Race to compromise this time, even if we compromise in the end and the Fire Demon Race gives up, what will happen next time? Don’t forget that as a level-8 civilization, their level-8 Life and Death Contract privileges are unlimited . Are you planning for all the alien races that have relations with the Heavenly Shell Race to become methods for the Fire Demon Race to control and threaten us?”

“But Wang Zhong—”

“So what about Wang Zhong?” Superintendent Erza calmly said, “You think that he is very outstanding and a great genius, but in the long history of the Land and the divine territory, there have been many outstanding members from other races like him . Their weak backgrounds resulted in boundless tribulations . This is the only path that geniuses from these low-leveled civilizations can choose . If they are able to succeed, they will fly high, but if they do not succeed, this just means that their talents are not freakish enough or that they are not desperate enough . Why should the Heavenly Shell Race change its principles for a fellow who does not have enough talent? This is not simply a trap by the Fire Demon Race but also a test by the Internal Gates for Wang Zhong . If he does not go, that is his life and his choice . However, if he actually dies in Phumetheus’s hands, relax . The Heavenly Shell Race will make the Fire Demon Race pay a price . We will also ensure that his lineage on the Earth will last for at least a few decades . ”

“But this is not a form of training! Furthermore, if Wang Zhong dies, does it matter to him whether or not the Fire Demon Race pays the price?” Celeste anxiously said, “Phumetheus was already the top Solid Core ten years ago . Even in the entire Celestial Honors Class, not many people can win against him . Wang Zhong is no more than a Void Core . To him, such a test will result in certain death . This is no more than an excuse by our race . We are not willing to pay the price for an alien race . Superintendent, you were the one who promoted Wang Zhong . You—”

“Enough! So, you also know that Wang Zhong is from an alien race . As one of the future heirs of the Heavenly Shell Race, you definitely cannot allow your personal feelings to affect your judgment of the race’s interest . Such a leader will only lead the race to destruction! You should reflect properly . When you go back, copy the oath that you took when you became an heir candidate ten thousand times and send it to me in three days! For every copy that is missing, you will be locked up in the Introspection Pagoda for ten days!”



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There was a trembling sound, and Celeste simply felt a wave of great power sweeping past . Then, the things around her changed rapidly, and the scenery flew forwards, eventually leaving the quiet room in the distance . When she calmed herself down, she was standing outside the Internal Gates .

“Superintendent!” She shouted loudly at the open space as she knew that Superintendent Erza, who controlled the entire Internal Gates, would definitely be able to hear this . Deep down, Celeste was a stubborn person, just like Wang Zhong . If not, there would not be many common topics between them .

“Foolish child…”

After standing there for a full night, she finally heard a sigh in her mind . It was Superintendent Erza . A glint of joy flashed past Celeste’s eyes . “Superintendent!”

“As the Superintendent of the Heavenly Shell Race, I cannot agree to your impolite request . But as your aunt, I can tell you very clearly . ” Superintendent Erza paused . “The only chance that Wang Zhong has to survive is if he does not go to the Arena . ”

Not going to the Arena?

Celeste was slightly dumbfounded . The level-8 Life and Death Contract issued by the Fire Demon Race was not something Wang Zhong could reject . How could he not go to the Life and Death Arena? This was not something that he could decide .

If someone else had said this, Celeste would simply think that it was nonsense . She did not even need to ponder deeply about this . Anyone who understood Phumetheus’s strength would know this extremely well . She had come to look for the superintendent as she hoped that Erza would step in and stop this life and death battle, but Erza had declined .

However, when the superintendent personally said these words, they seemed slightly different .

Celeste simply recalled the words a few times in her head and very quickly grasped the important points in her words . Then, joy emerged in her expression . “Thank you, superintendent!”

At first, the battle between Wang Zhong and Phumetheus in the Life and Death Arena made Jhonas fiercely excited . He had heard that even though Phumetheus was a member of the Combat Cultivation Hall, he had not been able to break through to the Gold Core Realm .

According to Jhonas’s understanding of the Life and Death Arena, his Boss was really skilled at abusing enemies of a higher level . When he heard that Wang Zhong was only going one step higher to fight a Solid Core, Jhonas never thought that Wang Zhong would lose . As for his opponent’s identity as a member of the Celestial Honors Class, Boss was also from the Celestial Honors Class, and it canceled out! It seemed like Boss was bored of bullying the weaklings in the Combat Cultivation Hall and had started to bully the Celestial Honors Class . Jhonas was extremely pleased with this .

However, he only maintained these thoughts for a few hours before he was no longer able to smile .

Firstly, he had heard various groundless rumors from the Heavenly Gates pupils . It was said that Phumetheus was a very impressive being, even in the Celestial Honors Class .

Then, the Illusion Race elder personally contacted Jhonas and asked him about this situation . The elder’s tone was rather serious . In fact, after hearing Jhonas’s description of the situation, his elder gave a clear instruction that could be considered a warning . “Do not participate in this matter . The Illusion Race will help Wang Zhong to send the goods that he passed to us two days ago to Earth, but this will be the last time, unless Wang Zhong is able to survive after ten days…”

Jhonas might not believe what others said, but who was the elder? The elder was his uncle and was famous for being courageous in the Illusion Race . Back then, after being convinced by Jhonas, the one who had actively requested for other races to open up trade with the Earth, the one who had done favors for Wang Zhong, and the one who had even personally taken care of everything concerning Earth was Jhonas’s uncle — Elder Cabos! He could be said to be an absolute supporter of the Earth . But now, he had started to beat a retreat only after hearing Phumetheus’s name . He had even hinted at his advice to temporarily draw a line between Jhonas and Wang Zhong with his words .

“It can’t be, right? Uncle? I’m not someone who does not value loyalty . ”

“Silence . ” Cabos’ expression in the video was unusually cold and stern . “Wang Zhong and the Earth are simply rootless duckweeds . However, they were simply too dazzling and stole the limelight . If they are able to smoothly grow, then so be it . However, once Wang Zhong dies in the Life and Death Arena, there is no need to wait for the Fire Demon Race to step in . A large bunch of hungry wolves from the level-5 and level-6 civilizations will immediately shred the Earth into pieces and devour everything and will not even leave a bone behind . It will be a grand feast! The Illusion Race is already shockingly wealthy, causing people to remember us with envy . If we dare to actively participate in this matter, once we give others an excuse and a method to attack us, you and I will not be the only unlucky ones . The whole race will fall into misfortune, and it might be a disaster that eliminates our race!”

Jhonas furrowed his eyebrows and did not say anything .

Cabos glared at him for a long time before finally sighing . “I know that you have good relations with that Earthling, but if you have that intention, you also need the appropriate amount of power . You cannot participate in this matter . Even if you don’t care about your own life, do you not care about the entire race and all your relatives?”

“How about this? I will send some detailed information about Phumetheus to you, and you can privately send them to Wang Zhong . At the very least, he will understand his opponent better . As for the Earth, I will do my best to point out a way for them to survive . However, this is on the condition that you absolutely will not be too close to Wang Zhong for the next ten days in the Heavenly Gates . You must even show a distant attitude . Remember, you do not represent just yourself, but the entire Illusion Race!

“Also, I heard that Phumetheus personally went to find Wang Zhong before announcing the life and death battle . The Fire Demon Race probably has intentions of pulling him over to their side . You can advise him…”

Not long after Cabos hung up, an urgent express document had been sent to the Equipment Refinery Hall .

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