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Chapter 116 – Canned Food

Professor Moore shook his head. He held boundless admiration for the Laforgue Infinite Crosswheel and viewed it as an exceptionally unique weapon. However, the reality was that the crosswheel had numerous intricacies that made it difficult for the general populace to master. This filled him with pity and regret: regret for a runic weapon that had left its name in the annals of history.

He knew that not one of the students before him could genuinely train in the crosswheel, moreover master this particular weapon. The only reason he had brought up this topic for discussion was to ensure everyone would understand and appreciate this runic weapon.

There were currently many people who ridiculed and tarnished the name of the Cross Wheel whenever it was mention. As one who truly loved runic weapons, this attitude was simply intolerable.

One can choose not to train with it, or even disregard it. But one can never disrespect it! The name once represented something incomparably glorious and great. When confronted with such an outstanding weapon, a relic of ancient times belong to a great hero, all should hold respect in their hearts.

The students kept quiet as they could easily sense the mood of Professor Moore. However, they did not feel any sympathy for the current state of the crosswheel. Amidst the silence, Wang Zhong asked the question that was on everyone else's mind. "Professor Moore, does the once glorious ten great divine weapons still exist in the current era?"

At this moment, Ma Dong started to salivate slightly. "Use your brain a little. If they still exist to this day, how much would those divine weapons be worth?"

Professor Moore was very fond of Wang Zhong as he was the top student in his class. As long as Wang Zhou asked a question, Moore would take the time to answer and explain in great detail.

" There are some weapons whose whereabouts are currently unknown, like the Laforgue Infinite Slash Crosswheel that I've just mentioned. Of the ten great divine weapons, only a couple of them have been, every so often, made available for public viewing in the museum. Most of the divine weapons around today are in the hands of some of the great families. Anything similar to the ten great divine weapons would not only have exceptional combat capabilities but would also contain unique auras of their previous wielders."

"If the successors to the weapons are able to comprehend the auras when using the weapons, it is said that they would be able to attain the same level of proficiency and state as their predecessors and gain extremely important benefits. Such an inheritance would be unique, and the great families would only use the weapons to nurture the most elite of their younger generations. Naturally, even if you disregard these weapons as a form of inheritance, a divine weapon by itself is a significant representative of history and often viewed as a spiritual emblem. It is also a priceless treasure of our Freedom Federation." Professor Moore replied while shooting a somewhat stern look at Ma Dong.

" These relics should absolutely not be seen for their monetary worth. Anyone who tries to sell them for a profit would be seen as a sinner of not just the Federation, but the whole of mankind! They would be the lowest form of human!"

Everyone in the vicinity stifled their laughter and President Ma Dong hurriedly shrunk his neck back, not daring to meet Professor Moore's gaze. I'm not to blame for asking about its monetary value, I was only asking a question as I was just curious… he thought.

With a stern look on his face and his gaze sweeping across the crowd, Professor Moore announced, "I'll end the class here. Class Dismissed!"

The class had indeed sparked the interest of everyone towards runic weapons, especially those students in the runic department. The ranking of the academy did not have a huge impact on them, for their department had been ranked within the top ten in the federation in terms of runic technology.  As such, quite a number of people had come to the academy in hopes of obtaining a custom-made runic weapon.

All the various great academies had this kind of "scholarship". In comparison to the other top academies, the success rate of obtaining such a "scholarship" for students in Tianjing was higher by quite a bit. In addition, the facilities provided by the Academy were also really good. The high rate of "scholarship" acceptance and excellent facilities were the main reasons why Reeves had chosen to study here.

"So the crosswheel that you've been training in was actually that awesome. You can do this! The glory of the Prodigy Society rests on your shoulder!" Ma Dong said with a glee.

Upon hearing that, Wang Zhong rolled his eyes and replied, " You're the president."

"A president is supposed to serve everyone. Maybe the one that I've bought was the one that Laforgue had originally used, ha ha."

After hearing those words, Ma Dong couldn't help but laugh. Out of ten weapons that were claimed to be original, nine would be counterfeits. As a member of the Assassin clan, he knew that the ten great divine weapons were either missing or kept by powerful families. They were not something that an ordinary person had access to. Even those displayed in the museums were counterfeits, albeit of a higher quality. 

In the eyes of the Freedom Federation, with the exception of their own cities, many places were considered wild, brimming with danger and death.  This was indeed true during the early periods of the Great Calamity. Many adapted to the harsh environment and survived. In the new world, they were like a fish placed back into water. The strong adaptability of mankind was a critical reason why humans had eventually become the overlords of Earth.

The North American continent was under the sole control of the Kaiser Empire. The other scattered powers had aligned themselves with the Kaiser Empire in order to survive. In this regard, the Rothschild family's strength was not something to look down at. The current goal of the Kaiser Empire was to develop and expand and therefore coveted for the advanced technology that the Federation possessed.

Having achieved his goal during the negotiation with the Stuart Family, Solomon had completed his tour to the Freedom Federation. They agreed upon the twelve armor transport railway tracks, very important in strengthening the empire. Additionally, the negotiated twenty runic cannons were seen as an even greater gain, as combat prowess was a critical factor for survival in this world.

Naturally, Solomon would be naive to believe that they would give him to the most advanced model. Most likely he would receive those already retired from service. However, this was all within his calculation as simple possession of these weapons was already a huge improvement for the Empire. Possessing the runic cannons could strengthen the regiment as well as advance research. After all, the technology that the empire possessed lacked a solid foundation and trying to catch up to the same standards as the federation was an arduous task. However, there would be a day when they would reap the rewards of their hard work.   

"Our world is still the best as it's brimming with life." said Yi Nuo with a faint smile. He didn't quite like the Federation, as he felt that the people and issues pertaining to it seemed too ordinary and dull.

"Do you find them too weak?" asked Solomon.

Yi Nuo nodded his head and replied, "They're living in a well, not daring to face the outside world."

Solomon could not help but smile. "Indeed, however… as of now, we are still not their opponent."

Combat was not simply a battle between soldiers. Combat between armies required teamwork, numbers, techniques and skills. In these regards, the Kaiser Empire still paled in comparison to the Freedom Federation. If it was a small skirmish in specialized combat in a specific region, the Kaiser empire might be able to suppress the Federation.  However, in an all-out war, the Kaiser Empire would not stand a chance of winning.

While the pressure of war was low, every day the continental plates moved closer and closer. Coupled with the rapid advancement of technology, there was a possibility that everything that they knew of would change….and Solomon looked forward to the arrival of this new era.

The South American continent was widely regarded as a large tropical rainforest in the old era. Due to the influence of the dimensional energies, the vitality and life force of this place had become even more vigorous and exuberant. A vast majority of the humans were living within the rainforests. Once a place of nightmare, the rainforests had undergone a transformation into the beautiful place it is currently. The Amazon Empire and the Pampas Empire were the two strongest powers on that continent. With the assistance of the Freedom Federation, the Amazon Empire had established itself as the number one power and was continuously expanding. Among the four great continental plates, the South American continent was the continent with the most intense state of affairs.

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