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Chapter 2484 - First Level, Puppet Country

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

His voice was deafening.

The sky seemed to resonate with him.

Over ten thousand Magic Tribe s stared at Long Fei, their eyes fierce like wild beasts.

He stopped abruptly.

The crowd instantly quieted down, and a pin drop could be heard.

Demon Suppression's voice sank, and he coldly said: "Kid, I told you, arrogance requires capital!"

"If you dare to be arrogant in Magic Tribe, there will only be a result!"

"He died without a complete corpse!"

"Hahaha …"

He began to laugh maniacally.

Long Fei revealed a look of astonishment as he looked at the Demon Suppressing Pagoda, and at this time, he also walked towards it step by step, "So you were the one who said that?"

"Arrogant people need capital. Today, I will show you what capital is!"

Long Fei finally found out who the Transformers was.

He had thought that they were the four clan of suppress devil Elders that he had killed, he hadn't expected them to be this Great Clan Elder.

"We'll see how you die in there."

"Let's enter the tower!"

Long Fei walked in front of the gigantic Devil Tower, and looked at the opened door. Inside the door, the darkness seemed like the gaping mouth of a prehistoric beast, devouring everything.

He didn't look back.

He took a big step up the stairs and stepped into the pagoda.


The moment Long Fei entered the Demon Pagoda, the door closed.

The first floor flashed with a dazzling black light.

"It's starting!"

"The ten-storey devil tower test has begun."

"This kid can last for a few minutes?"

"A few minutes? I think we won't be able to hold on for a few seconds. When Master made his move, he was instantly killed! "

"Hahaha …"

… ….

The Demon Emperor's gaze tensed up as he stared at the first level of the Demon Pagoda. He thought to himself, "The first level, Puppet Nation, is guarded by Master, Puppet Magic Tribe. Kid … How long can you hold out? "


The Demon Emperor felt a great pressure.

The feeling of never coming out.

When he found out about the positions of the ten great Master s, he vaguely guessed what the test of the Demon Pagoda was. It was too late to remind Long Fei now.


The Demon Emperor was abnormally shocked.

He had just guessed the ten-storey devil tower's test, but... Long Fei had already guessed it three days ago. Otherwise, he wouldn't have refined so many trash.


"I didn't make a mistake, it's just …" The Demon Emperor's heart tightened, Long Fei guessed that the ten-storey devil tower's test would not change the outcome, because it was too strong.

The Master s of the ten tribes were too strong.

They were all at the pinnacle!

Long Fei was only a Arrogant Form cultivator, how could he be a match for him?

The Demon Emperor said, "Boy, you must come out alive. No matter what the price is, you must live on. Even if I am expelled, I must still take you in as my disciple! "

"Hahaha …"

The Demon Emperor wildly laughed in his heart.

He dared to do anything he wanted to do.

even if it meant betraying the Magic Tribe.

… ….

Beneath Magic Mountain's feet.

The princess sand moon said slightly: "The test of the Demon Pagoda has begun."

He clasped his hands together and silently prayed.

Transformers paced around anxiously, his heart started to worry as he thought to himself: "Boss, you will definitely win, you will definitely win."

Kai Linna flapped his wings and immediately flew into the air to observe.

… ….

In the pagoda.

After Long Fei stepped into the Demon Pagoda, he was slightly shocked, "This is the world of Secret World?"

"That's right!"


A voice rang, and the dark Secret World turned into day in an instant. An old man dressed in a blood-red long robe stood not far away with a staff like spirit artifact in his hand.

The old man stared at Long Fei, his entire body releasing an extremely powerful Qi, and said coldly: "First level, Puppet Country!"


"This test will be a competition of Puppet Technique!"

"As expected!" Long Fei was secretly shocked, "My guess is correct, it's all a competition of supporting skills, because no one in this world can achieve the Tenth Perfection."

"There is no such person."

He had Alchemy, smithing, and he could even make formations. He also knew Puppet Technique?

It did not exist!

No one would be able to cultivate so many support skills, and it would be impossible for them all to reach an extremely high realm.

This was also the reason.

No one could pass the ten-storey devil tower's test.


Long Fei was excited.

Long Fei said: "Alright, senior, please!"

Puppet Demon Captain said: "This is the Puppet Country, everything here is in my hands. Don't blame me for not reminding you that various situations might occur during your puppet refining process. Are you ready?"

He was the Tower Lord.

He was the ruler of this Secret World.

Long Fei extended out a gesture of invitation and said: "I'm ready!"

Puppet Demon Captain slightly said: "It's starting!"

With that, the Puppet Demon Captain's eyes suddenly became sharp, and at that moment, the staff in his hand quickly moved.

Within a second.

Even shorter.

A golem appeared in front of him, a golem that looked like an evil spirit.

The staff moved.

The evil ghost puppet pounced towards Long Fei, its speed extremely fast, like lightning.

This kind of Puppet Technique technique was too fast!

A cold smile appeared on the Puppet Demon Captain's face as he said: "Not many humans understand Puppet Technique yet, and only a brat like you dares to challenge the ten-storey devil tower?"

"You overestimate yourself!"


The evil ghost puppet turned into a blade and slashed at Long Fei.

However …

At this moment.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A silhouette descended, instantly blocking that evil ghost puppet.

Puppet Demon Captain's gaze tightened as he said in astonishment, "Puppet … You! You! You can refine a puppet in such a short period of time? "Impossible!"

"Kid, cheating in front of me will result in very serious consequences."

Long Fei grinned: "You can refine a puppet in a second, why can't I?"

"Without a few, how would they dare to climb Mount Liang?"

"Today... This ten-storey devil tower of yours, I'm definitely going to challenge it! " Long Fei's gaze tensed up, power surging from his body, as he channeled it into the puppet.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A strong collision occurred.

In an instant.

The two puppets fell to the ground.

The clash this time was considered a draw.


In that split second, Puppet Demon Captain's technique was like a god's axe, he created another puppet in an instant, and during this time, he kept his gaze on Long Fei.

He wanted to know whether Long Fei had cheated or not.

Because …

No one had been able to create a puppet in such a short period of time.

When he saw Long Fei's hand speed, he was extremely shocked in his heart and could not help but praise: "Good kid, as expected, you're extraordinary!"


"Kid, it's useless to rely on just your technique."

"More importantly... The battle power of these golems. "

"Bring it on!"

With an angry shout, the puppet in his hand burst out. This time, the grade of the puppet was even higher, from the grade of the grade eight puppet just now to the grade of an Earth Ranked puppet.

It was like a demon beast rushing forward crazily.

Long Fei frowned, the idea moved, "Charge!"


He also charged forward.

"Hualala …"

The two puppets collided once more, and the parts on their bodies fell to the ground.




Again and again they collided, again and again they tied.

Continuously, the Puppet Demon Captain became more and more shocked. At the same time, he lost his patience and said: "Kid, this time …. "A Divine level puppet!"

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