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When Baoyi opened her eyes, she realised that she was lying in a dark place.

Her body moved instinctively and weightlessness attacked in an instant. She subconsciously increased her breathing rate before feeling the dreariness in her chest and stopping her breathing. Not only did the situation she'd thought of not come into play, she also severely choked on her breath.


Upon falling to the ground, a dreadful sound could be heard, anyone who hears it will find it heartbreaking.

When others travelled through time to Ancient China, which of them aren't awoken by a beautiful maid, maybe lying on the bed……or at the very least, they are lying on the ground! Why is it that once she's arrived, she's free falling?

Baoyi touched her backside that had almost split into four segments due to the fall, enduring the pain while trying to get up. However, she saw a pair of sapphire blue brocade boots halt in front of her eyes. She raised her head and was immediately faced with a male's sinister and ruthless gaze.

Handsome facial features, deep eyebrows, a set of dark reddish purple embroidered clothes, hands clasped behind his back. This is a very young man, it's rare that he'd be able to control this kind of countenance, flashy but not bewitching, expensive but not vulgar.

"Shi……Shizi[1]?" Baoyi called out in an attempt.

She remembered that this face is her current target.

"What are you doing?" Zhou Yunxi glared at her coldly.

Baoyi blinked a few times then suddenly squinted her eyes and sternly said, "This subordinate is protecting Shizi's safety!"

Yes, she is indeed an amazing shadow guard!

The prince's residence has a total of thirteen shadows guards and she is the sole female guard! Moreover, she is ranked first for achievements and Shizi has always trusted her very much.

Yes, this is a pretty good character.

Sure enough, after hearing Baoyi's reply, Zhou Yunxi raised his brows slightly. The words he blurted out next made Baoyi's back feel chilly. "Thirteen, why do I[2] feel that you yourself, are a danger?"

Thirteen is her nickname and as a shadow guard, a moment ago, she'd fallen to the ground near the tip of his nose and was an inch away from smashing onto his head.

Baoyi was filled with fear and trepidation.

Zhou Yunxi looked at her, then at the spacious roof beam.

"How many times have you fallen?"

"This is only the fifth time this month." Baoyi felt wronged.

It's two falls lesser than last month.

"Only?" Zhou Yanxi smiled and said in a tone that wasn't particularly friendly, "Go and ask One to Twelve, how many times they fall in a month."

There's absolutely no need to ask, the answer is……none.

There isn't a shadow guard that would doze off during duty. If there is, they would've been disposed of by their master already.

"Thirteen," Zhou Shizi[3] seems to have used his life's last bit of patience, "if not for the little bit of contributions you've made in the past, with your present actions, do you think that I need to keep you by my side?"

"In reply to Shizi's words, this subordinate feels that it's necessary!"

The tip of the Zhou Shizi's brows twitched faintly.

Baoyi smiled apologetically, "After all, this subordinate has been by Shizi's side for many years and knows Shizi from the inside out. Shizi's eighteen types of sleeping posture, even the timing when Shizi will kick the quilt away, what time Shizi will toss in bed, to the timing when Shizi will wake up — this subordinate understands all these very well. This subordinate is so loyal and devoted that if she is replaced by someone else, she fears that Shizi cannot feel at ease."

She uttered a death-seeking speech as if she were speaking of something awe-inspiring and righteous.

Zhou Shizi's expression turned dark, his fury a contrast to his smile: "In the past, I didn't know that my bodyguard is this kind of person — someone who can talk cleverly in an ingratiating manner, and turn arrogant when relied and doted on."

"Shizi has wronged me, this subordinate isn't arrogant. Besides, when did you ever dote on me……"

In order to become arrogant due to being relied and doted on, there must be "doting" right?

Even though the last sentence was kept in her mouth, it still caused Zhou Shizi to be stumped for words.

It seems like he hadn't thought that his own bodyguard would suddenly act like a spoiled child. He measured the young girl in front of his eyes in a new light.

Thirteen is a bodyguard personally assigned by Imperial Mother Concubine to him. She's the most outstanding in Duan Wangfu[4] and is also the only female.

It's just that sacrificial soldiers like them have been instilled with the concept of protecting their master since childhood so they have no regard for life or death, much less gender. Therefore after so many years, Zhou Yunxi had long forgotten that his own personal shadow guard is a female.

From when, did his Thirteen start growing up?

"You wish for me to dote on you?" Ridicule flashed in Zhou Yunxi's eyes.

Baoyi's body shook, evidence that the shock she received was not small and immediately shook her head fiercely.

"You don't wish for it?" Even though he didn't have any hidden intentions, his own bodyguard's attitude of avoiding him made him a little displeased.

Baoyi just smiled sweetly, her smile brilliant to the point that it's a little dazzling, "Replying to Shizi, this subordinate does not dare."

As a eighteen or nineteen year old young lady, she has already fully blossomed and without noticing, she already has womanly charms. Due to her work-in-the-complete-dark livelihood as a shadow guard, Baoyi appeared to be fair-skinned and young. Though not common, just by her appearance, she looks a few years younger than her actual age. Zhou Yunxi now starts to take note of her small face the size of a palm, refined eyebrows and big eyes. Along with her delicate and elegant features, there's a bit of a heroic spirit of someone who practices martial arts, her looks are pleasing to the eye. If she wasn't normally as silent as a shadow, he would've noticed her.

It's just that the Prince's Duan Wangfu had spent many years, vigorously cultivating Thirteen to become his life insurance during crucial moments. If she were to change into a foolish woman who would go crazy and die for a guy's sake, that would be quite a pity.

Zhou Yunxi's expression sank and he asked, "Thirteen, if this Shizi permits that from now on, you will be assigned to my room to be mine, along with your current duty to be taken over by others, would you be willing?"

Baoyi was overjoyed at the unexpected good news, "Has Shizi taken a fancy to this


The corner of Zhou Yunxi's eyes twitched.

This girl, why does she speak in such a vulgar way!

"…… Passable looks."

"That won't do either." Baoyi smiled joyfully, "Even if this subordinate receives Shizi's approval and mood becomes even better than getting three months of vacation, your subordinate believes that duty is duty and personal feelings are personal feelings. Shizi and I are master and servant, mixing up these relations will be detrimental to this subordinate's official duty."

Zhou Yunxi saw that Baoyi's expression was composed and her bearing calm. It's either she's thick skinned or those were her sincere thoughts.

A shadow guard's training is absurdly harsh, the survivors are not mediocre persons but similarly, the concept of supporting their master to greater heights is engraved into their marrow. Even though Thirteen is an eccentric person, these words of hers are very credible. Originally, Zhou Yunxi had some suspicions that all the things that transpired today is Thirteen's method of attracting his attention but as he's facing that foolish-looking smiling face, he suddenly felt that this thought is ridiculous.

"I suppose you're smart."

Zhou Yunxi rejoiced slightly, rejoiced that even though his Thirteen is a woman, she is not stupid.

"Shizi, if there's nothing else, I will retreat." Baoyi is very well-behaved at this moment, the appearance of a filial shadow guard.

"Where to?"

Shadow guards have to remain by their master's side constantly.

"This subordinate will on the roof to guard Shizi's safety at all times……"

"You're not allowed to go! Just stay here!" Zhou Yunxi's facial expression suddenly darkened.

Why does she need to go up?

To make a better record of falling 6 times?!

"Blame the girl for wandering into Prince Duan's Wangfu and turning into the tyrannic Shizi's close servant. By chance, she encountered her past affection friends, the Third Prince. Thus, she believed could get out of the abyss of misery. Unexpectedly, the tyrannic Shizi intervened. Not only did he imprisoned the female lead, but also use it to threaten his political opponent, the Third Prince. In addition, amidst of heartbreaking oppression, he called in love with the female lead. The female lead was confined to a difficult predicament. Finally, she had an emotional breakdown and committed suicide."

"After the female lead's death, the two men became ruthless. They fought till both sides suffered losses and were ultimately eradicated together by the Second Prince. Numerous readers commented that this is too fraudulent."

Baoyi is an "Executive Officer". Her mission is to remedy the plot holes found in various novel-derived spaces.

*Sigh*! This is not some kind of love game.

In the future, science will prove that: The tragedies in human's works will generate a type of negative energy that is extremely harmful to the universe. An accumulation of this negative energy will lead to an energy imbalance, setting off explosions in space. After many explosions, the human race will be finished.

For the sake of the continuity of mankind, the future humans who've grasped space technology thought of a method: By dispatching "Executive Officers" to intervene and rewrite the story plot of the derivative space, the negative energy generated by the host world can be offset.

——So to say, works should be written carefully as one could accidentally become the sinner of the entire human race, alright?!

For the sake of world peace, Baoyi's mission objective this time is to allow the female lead and the Third Prince to be together.

As for why it's not Zhou Yunxi?

That's because Zhou Yunxi's heartbreaking oppression towards the female lead is too much, giving him a very bad reputation which the readers dislike.

Look, some leeway must be left when doing things. If you do not believe, raise your head and see, has the Heavens ever forgiven anyone!

The point Baoyi had arrived in should be where Zhou Shizi just discovered the shenanigans between the female lead and Third Prince. Right now, Zhou Shizi merely thinks of the female lead as a useful chess piece and has yet to be sincerely attracted by the female lead's "perseverance". Baoyi's identity is of the female supporting role who'd accompanied Zhou Shizi since childhood, the shadow guard, Thirteen.

In the original story, Thirteen died for the sake of blocking the sword for Zhou Shizi. After her death, like numerous shadow guards, her death was not known to others and she didn't even have a gravestone.

In the original story, Thirteen died because she took a stab for Zhou Shizi. After her death, like many shadow guards, there was no news and she didn't even have a gravestone.

Such a pitiful young lady.

However, Baoyi is now the pitiful young lady.

Baoyi directed her vital energy, realising that the vital points all over her body had been obstructed. Unexpectedly, she'd already been severely injured for many days and this probably affected her nervous system, causing even her sense of balance to be abnormal.

No wonder she kept falling from high places.

This matter must be dealt with secretly. If others were to find out that Zhou Shizi's personal shadow guard and life insurance has now lost all skills, she feared that she won't have a way out.

Shadow guards know too many of their master's secrets so there's no other alternative but for a useless shadow guard to die.

Baoyi originally thought that infiltrating Zhou Shizi's side with her identity as a bodyguard was a good choice. She only had to stealthily rescue the female lead and send her to the Third Prince who will then use his infinite resources to randomly create an identity for the female lead, completing her mission.

She didn't expect such an error to occur.

With her current ability, not to mention sneaking a grown living person out the Wangfu, even she herself can't leave.

This is a little troublesome.

While she was deep in her thoughts, the sound of someone's movement travelled from inside the study. At this time, Zhou Shizi will be heading for the study.

According to the plot's development, the female lead is currently cleaning the study room and because she saw a full rack of an entire collection of books, she thought about her well-read father who was a magistrate, evoking mixed feelings in her. Zhou Shizi saw this scene as soon as he entered the study room and immediately noticed the female lead's difference.

In a fitting manner, she retreated. A servant girl who's well-read in Confucian classics, no matter how you see it, she's a crane standing among the chickens[5]. Zhou Shizi only needed to do a little check to find out the female lead's past and her relationship with the Third Prince.

It is best to prevent him from noticing the female lead now!

Seeing Zhou Yunxi exit, Baoyi immediately followed. When Zhou Yunxi heard the slightly heavy footsteps behind him, he felt that his household's shadow guard's presence is too strong today but didn't say anything, walking towards his study room.

It's a pity that his disregard did not let a certain simple-minded shadow guard know to retreat. Just as Zhou Shizi turned the corner, he heard someone behind him shout: "Shizi! Are you going to the study room?"

Thirteen was usually deliberate in lowering her voice when speaking, first to decrease her own presence and second, to convey absolute submission to her master. It's a pity that Baoyi didn't have time to consider these, her high voice held the bright characteristics of a young girl, immediately attracting the attention of everyone in the garden.

Luckily, Zhou Shizi was famous for having an unpredictable temperament so once the servants discerned the situation, they immediately lowered their heads and rushed to do their work, not daring to stay.

Zhou Shizi turned his head to glance at Baoyi, his eyes already revealing his suspicion.

Baoyi was not nervous at all. Instead, the corners of her mouth drew back into a smile: "Shizi, look! The flowers in the garden have bloomed. How beautiful!"

Zhou Shizi followed her line of vision to see the garden full of Yulan Magnolia trees. The petals were like snow, clustered together, clearly the purest colour but they bloomed ostentatiously yet angrily, full of vitality, seeming to devour the world.

Baoyi's clear and melodious voice held a little yearning: "Shizi, this subordinate still remembers. This subordinate's first meeting with Shizi was under a Yulan Magnolia tree."

Zhou Shizi stared blankly, his facial expression slightly relaxed. His handsome looks were set off by the Yulan Magnolia flowers, losing much of his daily gloominess and gaining a bit of warmth.

"Which tree?" Zhou Shizi asked.

How would she know which tree it was?

Baoyi hesitantly walked forward and randomly picked one with the prettiest flowers, patting it sloppily: "This one!"

Zhou Shizi nodded, then without warning, his facial expression sank.

"Someone, dig out this Yulan Magnolia tree including its roots for me.”

The author has something to say:

Everyone knows what transmigration is.

The main purpose of this novel is to be funny and melodramatic. Even though the male lead seems to be a little schizophrenic but its always been one person. The same applies to the female lead =3=

Although the novel is full of arcs, the main storyline is still there and it'll be presented as the story progresses.

About updates, as much as possible, it'll generally be daily updates within an arc, there may be rests between each arc and there'll be about 15 chapters per arc.

Lastly, hello to the new and old angels, I am Shang Guan Chun Shui (上官春水), XOXO=3=

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[1] 世子 (Shizi) means (1) Crown Prince, (2) Son of a Prince or (3) Heir of a noble family. It depends on the era and dynasty. I can't tell what dynasty this story is in but Zhou Yunxi is most likely the son of a Prince. From here on we'll write it as Shizi (It's easier for us that way). By the way it's a title.

[2] 本 (Ben) is used by people of status to refer to themself. It's used in front of their title (E.g. 本世子 Ben Shizi: Is how Zhou Yunxi refers to himself)

[3] 周世子 (Zhou Shizi) where Shizi is his title and Zhou is his surname. Format Similar to 周先生 (Zhou Xiansheng) where Zhou is the surname and Xiansheng (Title) means Mr Zhou.

[4] 王府 (Wangfu) refers to a Prince's residence which is a palace. Duan is the name of the Wangfu. There's many Princes so there's many Wangfu and each Wangfu will have a name. The name won't necessarily have to be related to the Prince's name or title.

[5] Manifestly superior.

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